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Marijuanursery Rhymes by Rik Hunik Marijuanursery Rhymes by Sep. 14, 2018 1,350 words Read a sample
The title says it all. Nineteen nursery rhymes rewritten with a marijuana twist. Plus a bonus poem.
Anti - Fuckin Love by Kennie Kayoz Anti - Fuckin Love by Sep. 13, 2018 1,210 words Read a sample
Love makes people do at times crazy and stupid things, at times you put yourself 110% into a relationship and you don't always get 100% back. You feel like the other person doesn't seem to be into it and just don't care about you the way you care about them. These are my poetic stories about the same situation
MissLead_Bleeding Memory by Theodora Oniceanu MissLead_Bleeding Memory by Sep. 12, 2018 5,580 words Read a sample
Based on a project meant as an homage brought to victims of abuse of any kind, this collection gathers some pieces of writing that include particles of journal-style writing, a bit of poetry and rhythmic and rhyming pieces through which the puzzles of the entire picture not fully created send their vibes and generate sensations for the readers to interpret and understand through their own selves.
RIp This Off by Marshall Zann RIp This Off by Sep. 11, 2018 100 words Read a sample
Seriously, I dare you. Put it in a rap song that you know I will hate. It's ok. I want to hear these turn up here and there. That's the fun part of all this.
Философ Хмурая Морда by Aliaksey Danilau Философ Хмурая Морда by Sep. 11, 2018 11,590 words Read a sample
Книга включает в себя самые бескомпромиссные стихи. Включены те, которые были написаны недавно. The book includes the most uncompromising verses. Included are those written recently.
Una vida en Poemas by Jaime Barrios Una vida en Poemas by Sep. 10, 2018 8,250 words Sample 20%
Poesía que brota de lo más simple del alma y que rebosará tu mente de sensaciones
Белорусские сияния by Marco Codognotto Белорусские сияния by Sep. 10, 2018 940 words Read a sample
Сборник стихов по пейзажам и народу Беларуси, художественная гимнастика и вдохновленные фотографиями Павла Сущёнка. Чувства, эмоции, сердцебиение сердца между очаровательными природными и городскими пейзажами северо-восточной Европы, нежные взгляды и магические гимнастические движения.
Hypnotizing awakening by james milano Hypnotizing awakening by Sep. 09, 2018 7,810 words Read a sample
Hypnotizing lives of seemingly clarity we live, dive into poetic thoughts and emotions of soul, heart and dreamy wonders.
Internal Screams by Kennie Kayoz Internal Screams by Sep. 08, 2018 3,050 words Read a sample
Many things that go on in life make us scream, then there are just as many things if not more that make us scream internally as we hold it in because we don't want others to hear those screams. This poetry are the results of internal screams
HYMNS by Benoit Smith HYMNS by Sep. 08, 2018 1,370 words Read a sample
Green Fire Rains by Robert Zwilling Green Fire Rains by Sep. 08, 2018 6,450 words Read a sample
Material life poetry that explores interactions between the three dimensional virtual world we have created and the infinitely dimensional Natural World that created us. Everything free floating in the Anthropocene sphere is traveling on the old factory nervous highway straight inside our heads providing a holistic taste of the world, proving that a little does indeed goes a long way.
Mohlodi wa dithothokiso by Thabang Tsolo Mohlodi wa dithothokiso by Sep. 07, 2018 9,160 words Read a sample
Thabang Tsolo o qadile ho ngola dilemo tse hlano tse fetileng. Empa o ne a so phatlalatse dibuka tseo a seng a di ngotse.Dingolweng tsa hae o tsepamesitse maikutlo ho batjha,e le ho ba rotloetsa hore ba ithute maleme a bona e leng puo ya lapeng.
EYE  for-eign  EYE by RJ Williams EYE for-eign EYE by Sep. 06, 2018 1,500 words Read a sample
12 free verse poems by wrtiter/artist RJ Williams.
New Spring:A Compilation of Poems by Parth Mehta New Spring:A Compilation of Poems by Sep. 06, 2018 1,140 words Read a sample
A collection of poems that light topics such as family importance, importance of reality, motivation etc.
Tiger (a Poem) by The Paradox Tiger (a Poem) by Sep. 04, 2018 370 words Read a sample
Something is stalking us!
Συν Ουσία by SearchingTheMeaningOfLife Συν Ουσία by Sep. 03, 2018 6,960 words Read a sample
‘Θέτεις τις κατάλληλες ερωτήσεις σε όνειρα βλέπεις απαντήσεις τις δένεις με μύθων παιδεία ανακαλύπτεις των πάντων την ουσία ένα σύμπαν σε συνουσία’
Quiet Ramblings by Charlieseram Quiet Ramblings by Sep. 03, 2018 8,630 words Read a sample
Quiet Ramblings is a collection of poetry, prose, and quotes about the relationship between God and men and in particular, the response of man to God’s love. It also contains poems about the spillover effect of the same love on the part of man towards fellow human beings.
a collection of bad metaphors, abandoned thoughts and poetry removed from the book 'rules.' ideal for screenshots and sharing on the internet. by jonathan m. stewart a collection of bad metaphors, abandoned thoughts and poetry removed from the book 'rules.' ideal for screenshots and sharing on the internet. by Aug. 30, 2018 2,120 words Read a sample
read the title.
Trauma by Alexus Brown Trauma by Aug. 29, 2018 5,500 words Read a sample
Trauma is a collection of poetry. It talks about the reality of physical, mental, and emotional trauma through relatable issues.
Unfaithfully Yours - Poetry Sugar Free by Anthony James Day Unfaithfully Yours - Poetry Sugar Free by Aug. 29, 2018 22,700 words Read a sample
The fifth book of poetry written by Anthony James Day. Themes include the nature of time, friendship and love.
Растение. Избранные стихотворения, повесть, рассказы by Andrey Yanukovich Растение. Избранные стихотворения, повесть, рассказы by Aug. 24, 2018 73,710 words Read a sample
В книгу вошли двести избранных стихотворений автора, несколько ранних рассказов, а также мистическая повесть «Растение».
Seeking God by Empress Kelly Seeking God by Aug. 23, 2018 540 words Read a sample
This short collection of poetry seeks God and our walk with Him. It magnifies God and His importance in our lives. The poems bring you closer to him and wraps you in His presence when you are feeling down.
Poetic Maze: Preface by Matthew David Carroll Poetic Maze: Preface by Aug. 22, 2018 220 words Read a sample
Introduction to series.
Eternally, Yours by D. Lyra Vega Eternally, Yours by Aug. 22, 2018 5,030 words Read a sample
A collection of poems and quotes dealing with anxiety, loneliness, and hurt, all leading to the part where Love comes in and makes it all better, A love in God.
Beauty Within - A Collection of Poems by Tim Green Beauty Within - A Collection of Poems by Aug. 22, 2018 8,460 words
Beauty Within is my collection of poems and a short story that I've written. The last thing that I ever imagined about myself and that was that I'd end up writing poetry. Who knew that not only I'd end up writing poetry but enjoy writing it. I write because I enjoy writing and I make an effort to practice, practice and practice to become a better creative artist. Enjoy!
If You're a Poet, We Want to Know it! Volume 6 by Kapiti Coast District Council If You're a Poet, We Want to Know it! Volume 6 by Aug. 20, 2018 3,200 words
The sixth annual Kāpiti Coast District Libraries poetry contest – If You’re a Poet, We Want to Know It -- invited poets once again to submit up to three haiku (reprising our successful haiku form competition from 2017). Haiku is a traditional short Japanese poetry form which has enjoyed popularity around the world.

文学白痴 by 冰英王子 文学白痴 by Aug. 20, 2018 1,100 words Sample 20%
诗人之所以是诗人 , 是因为他所写的屎, 都是香喷喷的。
Life Imitating Stars by Robert Zwilling Life Imitating Stars by Aug. 18, 2018 8,780 words Read a sample
Poetry illustrated with verbal brushstrokes that explores the hidden interactions between the virtual world we created and the multidimensional Natural world that created us. The style of writing is bold and does not use first person accounts to relay observations of the many worlds we find all revolving about the same axis, each invisible to each other but interacting on any number of levels.
Deserto Lunar by Ana Teia Deserto Lunar by Aug. 16, 2018 8,440 words Read a sample
A vida é um mar de experiências. Algumas boas, outras más. O seu conjunto forma aquilo a que chamamos "uma pessoa". Deserto Lunar fideliza numa expressão poética os largos anos de experiência da autora como pessoa.
The Impetuous River and Other Poems by Richard Batchelor The Impetuous River and Other Poems by Aug. 15, 2018 6,170 words Read a sample
The Impetuous River is a gripping, harrowing and magical tale of two otters on the run whose homeland becomes riddled with jealousy and destructiveness. The poem is composed entirely of serious limericks. As one reader commentated, 'It’s kind of Richard Adams writing Othello while sponsored by Greenpeace.'
Umthombo wobomi by Hlumeka Dumezweni Umthombo wobomi by Aug. 15, 2018 2,630 words Read a sample
Le yincwadi yesihobe equlathe imibongo eyinkuthazo kwaba ngenathemba, ebopha amanxeba kwabophayo, ezisa inkululeko kwabo babotshwe ngamatyathanga obu bomi futhi inika nomkhombandlela wokuhlalisana ngoxolo siluluntu kwindawo esihlala kuzo.
Bumnandi Ubomi Noxa Bunamahla Ndinyuka by Nonzwakazi George-Benenengu Bumnandi Ubomi Noxa Bunamahla Ndinyuka by Aug. 15, 2018 1,460 words Read a sample
La ngamabali amafutshane ayingqokelela yeziganeko ezahlukeneyo, ayalumkisa, ayayala amanye ayabulela.
La Leyenda de Hércules III by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) La Leyenda de Hércules III by Aug. 14, 2018 8,980 words Read a sample
Aventuras del héroe griego Hércules. Actividad sin fin. Luchas épicas. Beligerancia de dioses y mortales
Imágenes de mi alma by Luz Victoria Díaz Imágenes de mi alma by Aug. 14, 2018 5,480 words Read a sample
Esta antología de 30 poemas refleja vivencias y percepciones de sentimientos como amor, gratitud, imaginación, reflexión y adiós. Tengo la motivación de ayudar entre versos a decir mucho con poco, y de poder tocar con amor esos espacios donde hay tanto en común con otros, despertando sensaciones que explican por qué tan fácilmente está mojada el alma de felicidad y de tristeza.
Alternative Lyrics - Book 3 by Tam Sturgeon Alternative Lyrics - Book 3 by Aug. 12, 2018 7,700 words Read a sample
This is a collection of poetry inspired by the Canadian Rock Band, Nickelback. I have spent a while working on several Artist’s works, as seen in Book 2. The guys in this band are true Rock Stars, and I thought it would be nice to show them that they are appreciated, even if the Haters give them a hard time most days.
Butcher Shop by Kennie Kayoz Butcher Shop by Aug. 08, 2018 2,340 words Read a sample
Going through life's troubles Kennie gives a glimpse into the darker side of his brain. Staying true to Canadian Poetry as well as touching on various darker subjects including the final piece which is rather lyrical called "Story Of A Bitch"
Mindscape by Wesley Hesketh Mindscape by Aug. 07, 2018 7,780 words Sample 10%
The range of a person's thoughts and imagination, The range of a person's thoughts and imagination, regarded as a panorama capable of being, contemplated by another person; mentally. A meaning of the world of the mind. This is a story about a man stuck in his mindscape.
Fall Leaves Cast Into The Whispering Wind by H.L Dowless Fall Leaves Cast Into The Whispering Wind by Aug. 07, 2018 20,040 words Sample 10%
This work is a collection of life poetry. This poetry has been featured in, Alpoetry, and in a number of college poetry journals over the past five years.
Nights Like These by Quintin Fortune Nights Like These by Aug. 05, 2018 880 words Read a sample
A small collection of poems reflecting life, love, and everything in between.
The Parasitic Phantom by Kiki Kay Lee The Parasitic Phantom by Aug. 05, 2018 1,620 words Read a sample
Poetry about a girl tortured by the voices in her head. "They detour my thoughts and force me to regret loving myself. I’m against all odds, for all I can hear are the voices, themselves. I reason with them to no avail. It’s noted from them to me just how many times I fail."
The Girl In The Mirror by Kiki Kay Lee The Girl In The Mirror by Aug. 05, 2018 10,080 words Read a sample
A book of poems and life experiences about a girl that lost her identity. "For, that girl in the mirror is me. That life was filled with joy, but it was inevitably ripped away from my small grasp. My heart, my soul will give me the strength to take back what is rightfully mine. I solely believe I am here for a reason. I am whom I once was. I am the girl in the mirror."
Kennie Over Everybody by Kennie Kayoz Kennie Over Everybody by Aug. 03, 2018 1,960 words Read a sample
Tired of putting people ahead of himself it's time for a change in his life and this change shows that Kennie Over Everybody where he begins to put himself first and ignores others who have ignored himself.
Ashes of the Enslaved by Abdul Sami Ashes of the Enslaved by Aug. 03, 2018 2,000 words Read a sample
Dealing with loss, pain, war, and suffering, the author of the highly rated book “Pseudo Man” is back again with a new version of spectacles, allowing you to view the world through his eyes. Following is a collection of poems that will reignite the wounds that were buried by the sands of time. Proceed with caution.
Remedies & Tragedies by Rodolfo Eduardo Remedies & Tragedies by July 31, 2018 13,210 words Sample 20%
Remedies & Tragedies is a collection of poems and illustrations on love, success, and growth. Included inside are haikus, rhymes, prose, and other poetic forms that cover three overarching themes: the self, the heart, and the universe. Depending on the mood you're in, my hope is that this book will help you find what you're looking for and leave you better off.
A Numbing Wind by David Francis Jeffery A Numbing Wind by July 30, 2018 1,080 words Read a sample
A book of new, short poems, most of them barely stretching to three lines long.
TRIÁNGULO, poemas para suspirar by FERMIN DELIZ TRIÁNGULO, poemas para suspirar by July 30, 2018 3,790 words Read a sample
Pareciera ser un convenio, un contrato entre tres; acordado consciente y voluntariamente con la intención de obtener los mismos resultados para todos. Mas no, no se trata de ello: son emociones, sentimientos que se conjugan entre sí involuntariamente, como si fueran actos de magia. ¿De qué forma, por ejemplo, interfieren en nuestros pálpitos y pensamientos la naturaleza, la mujer y el amor?
Dana-v - Another empty inkwell by Anthony James Day Dana-v - Another empty inkwell by July 30, 2018 8,780 words Read a sample
The 4th book written by Anthony James Day. In a change of style for Anthony this collection of work reads like a series of small letters, observations, opinions and memories. Topics covered include past relationships, suicide, dreams and the meaning of self!
Alternative Lyrics - Book 2 by Tam Sturgeon Alternative Lyrics - Book 2 by July 29, 2018 8,250 words Read a sample
These poems are all inspired by songs recorded by well-known Artists. It is a varied collection, exploring many feelings, but all have one thing in comment. They were all created by a bipolar writer. I’ve never taken my condition literally. Why Bother? Nothing can change me, I am what I am and, sometimes, that reflects in my work.
Troubadour Of The Old 108, The best of poetry 180 on by H.L Dowless Troubadour Of The Old 108, The best of poetry 180 on by July 29, 2018 24,450 words Sample 10%
This work is a collection of life poems, and descriptive adventure
Haiku From An Art Gallery by Mae Rennox Haiku From An Art Gallery by July 28, 2018 400 words Read a sample
During a tour through an art gallery I was struct by the subjectiveness of art. Every artist, be they musician, writer, visual, or other, incorporates meaning and voice into their work, but how it is consumed and interpreted varies so much that I decided to document the voice I heard from each painting in my own way. This was the inspiration behind Haiku's From An Art Gallery.