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By Blake E. Woodruff

To Adventure

Sometimes, you have to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons


This is a recollection of adventures. A story of lovers and wild dogs; concrete and city lights. Just a tale of a foolish hound looking for a place to call home.

***** Believe

i believe in love, reflecting.

i want you to see my strength,

not in my arms, but in the

reflection of my eyes.

***** Dayna's Hand

i was so afraid that night.

Why did i drink?

What the hell was i doing?

In the midst of the panic and the cops,

i reached out and held Dayna's hand.

My entire life i have been making the right decisions.

Efficient and milking the most out of my circumstances.

But standing there that night,

with all my hard work and vanity on the line,

i found what i really needed.

Your hand...

***** Shore

i find myself in this sea of your words,

sinking deeper inwards.

The sea is so vast and free,

swallowing my soul, erasing my


Here there's nothing but echos...

Thoughts and dreams swept under memories.

i find myself slipping further in,

away from the shore.

i want to lay here and die in this

unknown warmth,

so peaceful and close.

i know there's no such thing as forever.

But this feeling, i want this to be as close as it can be.


We are not artists.

We are not poets.

We are just voices screaming at the World,

We shall not be forgotten!

***** An Autumn Grey

Dead awake in an ocean of bliss,

legs tangled, eyes open, hearts adrift.

i smile as i watch the autumn grey fill the room.

A reminder that this wasn't a dream, neither were you.

With each breath you breathe i try and recite memories.

The cold air from the lake, the vastness of the sea;

i wondered for so many years what lied across those waves,

what was waiting for me?

i feel my body warm as my cold

fingers touch your skin.

The pale warmth ignites those youthful dreams again.

For a moment i can finally feel it stop,

that wild sea of endless thoughts.

Across that river,

around the bend,

everything i was looking for,

it was there on that shore.

On the other side of that ocean.

On the other side of you.

***** Concrete

Our hearts are like concrete,

cracking and breaking with each beat.

Your hands grip me as we kiss,

i must be still alive because i can feel this.

The city is our love.

wrapped and stretched over countless back streets.

Your eyes burn like the skyline,

inviting me on never-ending journeys.

The lights rekindle memories of your smile,

As my hands travel your body, mile after mile.

i find myself lost,

yet always with a new home.

For so long have i wanted to wake up in a place like this,

wrapped only in your scent.

In this city of steel and concrete,

all i have as a guide is your hand.

i'm still so small standing next to these feelings.

Their shadows continue to eclipse me.

***** Share This Light

i'll be honest, but what does honesty mean?

All i can say is what i am feeling,

but even something so pure has its lies.

i want to be the person you don't need words for.

i want to be the shadow that dances across your face in the morning.

i want to be the book that your

fingers gently cradle.

i want to be honest but all i have are these feelings.

Like drops of rain they fall,

one by one i wonder how i could

provide a truth,

an unbreakable promise to you.

Is not each word, each feeling, a stroke on this canvas?

Every lie, every mistake, every word i can't transcribe. They already belong to you.

As i watch you smile, as i smell your skin,

i learn these words, the ones i never want to speak again.

i just want to lay here beside your warm body.

i want to tangle our flesh and share this light.


Her tongue is like satin.

Her words like honey.

Those sweet soft whispers cover my body,

encasing me.

These feelings...

They expand.

They grow.

They explode.

The morning brings with it the sun's ambrosia;

a waking scent, a soft caress.

i lay in the light.


born-again in the warmth of your body.

***** Ember

i sit here swimming in my thoughts of you.

Trying to figure out your intents,

the meanings of those words.

My head spins as it tries to find the people you've been.

As i drown myself in fear,

a single thought floats to the surface.

"Of all these days she lived, she must've cried through many."

Soon my judgments fade.

For the greatest gift you gave was


The things i wish to know aren't thoughts,

but your feelings.

They burn quietly like an ember.

Silently lighting your days.

***** Happiness

"Remember, neither happiness or sadness lasts forever... Or something like that."


***** Ra

She was an artist without an art form.

i was a wild dog.

We ran like misfits into the night,

our curly hair tangling in the wind.

Her bed became a canvas and our bodies, paint brushes.


i don't understand this lost.

i don't understand this sick taste lingering.

i don't understand why i dream of you.

Still this heart is burning,

set aflame by your embers.

It hurts to look inside.

It hurts to be awake.

Even so...

i forgot your scent,

drowned out by the passing sadness.

i hate you for making realize i was so small.

i hate you for showing me just how faraway i was.

But without you, without this burn,

where would i be?

***** Awake

You know... They say the moment you wake up you don't remember anything. Your name, where you are, even why you're there. Each morning you wake up a blank slate, for just a few seconds you're free. Then that fucking mass of tissue called your brain starts up. Why is that memories have to go and shit all over our second chances?

***** Fragmentation

i was sitting here so long just trying to understand,

"Where are these lies taking me?"

Sleeping in their beds, dreaming the dreams of strangers.

Why is it so easy to lose your way?

The light comes through the window in fragments,

breaking across the floor and staining the room.

I've become pale... When did this happen?

i sit, waiting for that call, that

acknowledgment of my existence.

My throat is dry for conversation.

i want to taste your words on my tongue.

The crisp sound of your voice.

The gentle re-verb of the telephone.

The light dances across the room,

the shadows in its wake are the only keepers of time here.

These walls confine hope,

these walls allow me to pretend.

Silence echos in the scream of my thoughts,

These words never come unless you’re here to hear.

The light leaves.

Alone i huddle back into my lies and


***** Tabula Rasa

Our lives are black.

These memories,

they are stars,

illuminating our hearts.

Your smile is trapped,

locked deep inside of my memories.

Yet i am the one who yearns to be free.

This love will never end.

Quietly i beg the stars to die.

To erase these memories,

to return to me the night.

But my voice will not rise,

and these words...

These feelings that burn,

they mean nothing.

i need to feel you.

i need to taste you.

i need to know that i am alive.

That this night is not a dream.

That i did survive.

This gravity,

the thing we call love.

It locks us together,

in revolutions of sex and pain.

Are we but dreams?

Lies to fill the sky of our empty space.

Can i exist without your thoughts?

Will you remember me even if i forget?


Everyone is a stray. We're all looking for a place to hang our hats. Sad truth is, the closest place to home always seems to be a stranger's bed.

***** An Honest Girl

The older you get the less honest you become.

Those mistakes and failures get

rationalized to success.

Endurance is colored with delusion.

If i screamed would that be enough for you?

If i hit you would you listen?

If i ran and hid would you understand?

These emotions that were once so pure and honest,

become cultivated and deformed by age.

Was i blessed with such silence in my youth?

Is that why i yearn so passionately for honesty now?

How many times will i have to learn the same lessons?

How many times will i forget what i vowed to remember?

How many times will i forget her words?

***** Train

i found myself mourning my childhood in the mirror.

Crossing that fine line of age...

At what point did i begin to contract and stop expanding?

***** Choose Tomorrow

i'm dying just for some sleep.

A soft bed and your hands to caress my body.

Instead i find myself buried in vanity and self-image.

These good fights and noble deeds,

are just excuses to validate me.

And every night i look at this wound,

the only bandage is rationalization.

i dreamt awake again,

i could see your face in those mythic city lights.

i want to touch the ground there,

breathe the air in those dreams.

i begged you to stay,

but you left anyway.


You finally learn what courage is when you watch the smallest voice in the room become the loudest.

***** Canopus

We ran to the end,

37 degrees south, promising never to return again.

Each shade of light that touched your face,

each word that left your mouth,

i felt something rising in me.

Why is it that i only find honesty in strangers' beds?

i used those feelings as an excuse.

Too afraid to run into the darkness alone, yet brave enough to love someone i didn't know.

i tried to go home, but some days it feels like i never left.

That night when i saw the Pleiades above your bed, that day i woke to you singing Joy Division,

i learned the most beautiful thing.

When you left me alone i saw what it was that gave birth to these dreams.

That beauty came from those brave enough to seek the dark.

And i'll stay here till i can make it shine.

***** Bleeding Out the Pride

i swear i got to beat this.

We all do.

My skin is covered in scars

and none of this makes sense.

I'm willing to fail.

Willing to bleed out all this pride just for a second chance.

None of this makes sense and the foolish thing is that i knew it from the start.

"Live," that voice cried so loud.

But so bad i wanted a reason,

so bad i couldn't live with myself.

Even so, that fire hasn't gone out.

And in the depths of these feelings i can finally shine that light.

The ugly creatures i ignored i finally stand face to face with.

It’s not about defeating the beast, you have to become it.

Compassion will swallow the violence.

There is no reason.

There is no justice.

There is no right.

There is no wrong.

There is no truth.

There is me.

***** Katherine the Great

i'm still a boy in the dark filling his head with quarter notes.

Always alone in the dark but when you bring in that light...

Each letter represents your voice. Each line connects to your face.

Over and over i fill these pages with our feelings,

coloring your laughter in unknown hues,

twisting sentences into memories.

i was listening those nights, the ones that you swore the world was ending.

i was there standing with you.

i was always there loving you.

So please smile for me.

i want you to shine.

Just promise you won’t give up the fight.


A sea of sand,

a sea of stars.

an open sky,

an open heart.

I'll meet you again on that unbeaten path.

Back in those days when we were nomads.

This road leads to freedom,

the price is everything.

could I deal with what you gave for me?

Each step now echos your breath.

the beating of this road,

the pulse of an unbreakable heart.

The gentle kisses of the rain,

the embrace of the sun,

the chill of the night...

I find myself drifting back into old habits,

found myself singing that song again.

the one that was always locked in your head.

I keep second guessing,

keep wondering about what could be.

How can a man be free if he loves?

How can a man love and be free?

These sacrifices we make...

these dreams we long to believe...

they're etched in scars on my skin,

on your body buried in the sand.

between the lines of a man and a nomad.

***** Salt

These whispers echo,

alone in ourselves we recall those words.

We learn to paint this blackness with salvation.

We open these wounds to the salt called reality.

“You cannot love if you live,” she said,

“To love is to suffer endlessly.”

Then i shall die with each kiss.

Let your sadness return me to the same fate.

Again and again, i shall exist only for you and this moment.

***** Tori

You are the face that burns my soul,

the voice that echos in the hallows.

Alone i'll wait in this distant land called our memories.

The bird will fly,

my voice is its wings,

your thoughts its heart,

and this vast distance is our pain.

Over these new horizons will i see your face?

Your back burns with my burdens.

Your hands stain with my deeds.

Your eyes pale with my failure.

Please speak to me,

for i worry that your journey grows far too long.

This bird, it struggles to fly.

Your silence is the harsh wind.

My doubt is the dark night.

And this vast distance continues to grow.

My love, please forget your worries and return home.

You who seek the end of the world,

the one who bleeds for the truth.

i shall open my hands,

reaching to you.

But please know,

i can no longer hold you.

***** The Big Apple Heartbreak

If i could only have one memory,

i'd want it to be of you.

At night it looks as if a million stars fell from the sky to illuminate the city.

As a child i remember dreaming of these lights, and some long nights while i was driving, i'd pretend i was here.

Traveled 630 miles, 13 hours and 19 years.

So as i take my bite out of the Big Apple, i'm wondering what's it all for?

i watched fireworks on the ninth and

realized i regretted coming here.

i am stubborn, obnoxious and


i stare out at this city as i hear the sirens roar.

A city built by man, buildings that scrape the sky...

i guess this is suppose to humble me but it does not.

i hold your picture up to the city and try to compare.

It hits me.

True this city is beautiful and amazing but i've built something too.

Something that i believe is bigger than these buildings.

Our friendship.

The truth about The Big Apple heart break is...

You don’t change New York,

New York changes you.


Into the black,

into the unknown.

Don't go,

stay until you create something beautiful...

***** Summer

All I can truly remember are those humid nights.

Those nights we ran as bandits through our adolescence,

stealing away our place in the world.

I don't want to forget,

but everyday I'm facing the realities of letting go.

Did you hear that melody in the grass,

those quarter notes beating in my heart?

Sitting here, just a little bit older,

I'm wondering if it was such a good idea that we rushed to discover the mysteries of life.

Without that wonder the world seems so empty now.

But those nights...

Locked away in my car,

the radio singing beneath our ever emerging philosophies,

they still make me smile.

***** Communication

Maybe one day I'll let you in and we'll sit in the dark.

We wouldn't have to say a word.

We'll write our feelings on the ceiling,

we'll communicate thoughts with our bodies.

And we'll let the song do all the


***** Beauty

The most beautiful thing isn't what you're going to become,

it’s what you are.

***** See You There

I was born a time bomb,

or perhaps a fine wine.

I really can't tell at this point.

Desire twists and turns my insides.

And in the end I am not what I was.

But what I was meant to be.

I'll see you there,

in the rains of Japan.

I'll see you there,

chasing fireflies at the Isle of Man.

I'll see you there...

It hurts, like a million deaths that will not end.

But they shall, as do all seasons.

And from this winter I'll find Spring.

I'll rise my head and breathe deeper.

I'll touch that sand,

I'll see you there.

On the shore of success,

in the waves of triumph,

with the breeze of freedom,

the warmth of love,

and the truth of life.

I stand as an explosion,

as pure intoxication.

But more importantly, I can stand again.

***** Orange Sky

That look she gave me, it set my heart on fire.

Emotions overflowing,

our bodies collide like clouds meshing into each others’ souls.

I'm chasing this dream and that stare,

rushing beyond expectations,

I'm sinking into you, I'm becoming part of you.

The beat of passion like rain upon your shoulders,

this feeling burning a hole in the sky and my heart.

I want to let this out,

I want to let you in.

Can you hear my voice?

I know what I want and it's you.

This love she gave me, it set the sky on fire.

Burning so brightly like an ember,

Falling so fast into a dream,

into this feeling,

into her arms.

Chasing passion trapped in her eyes,

loving a girl under an orange sky.

***** Build You Castles In the Sky

If you close your eyes and send a wish,

if you laugh this one time,

if you don't forget.

You'll find your way with these words,

I don't know where they lead,

but I know there are better days


This feeling it lies north of despair

south of joy,

and far from you.

If I could I would sail The World to find it for you.

Seal it away in a letter and have it unlock a smile.

Somethings are so precious we can't forget.

Somethings we shouldn't.

I want this hope to be seen,

to be heard, to be felt.

I want there to be a reason to go on,

I want there to a be a reason for me.

Yet I cleverly know that, that answer will come far too late.

***** Grey Skies

Last night's rain dries on the pavement,

like the tears you left on my shoulder.

Time is running out...

but I'll make it.

I always do.

If you'll be waiting under the grey sky,

I'll come back one day.

Walk again with you in the rain.

Though time may change,

my feelings will always remain the same.

This path must part.

you'll go left, I'll go right.

we'll take a piece of each others' hearts.

In a past that's never forgotten

our hearts will always be one

chained together in friendship.

If you'll be waiting under the grey sky,

I'll come back one day.

Walk again with you in the rain.

Though time may change,

my feelings will always remain the same.

Scream with no mercy your feelings.

Shout out to me your worries.

I'll answer.

Our hands may part but our hearts never will.

Embrace my thoughts and memories,

And take me to the places where we were children and free.

Take me.

Just close your eyes and listen to the rain. Remember always, that’s the way we communicate.


We fight hard because the journey never ends.

We fight hard because the dream burns on our skin.

Let's face tomorrow with a proud face,

even if we can't see the sun, let's smile.


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By Blake E. Woodruff

©2012, 2017


Smashwords Edition

Don't be afraid of the truth.

It is honesty, and that alone, which will lead you to me.

Open your eyes!

For I have stained your past and will color your future.

Know, no matter time or place I will always stand beside you...

For I am Love.


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