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My Dear Sister


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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Recently, a friend of mine asked me, ‘Can you tell me, who is the unhappiest man in the world?’ My answer was, ‘An honest officer in a dishonest department. He is not liked by his juniors, not by his seniors, not by his relatives and above all, he is not liked by his family members, his mother, father, wife and children. In the process, he became the unhappiest man in the world.’

He agreed somewhat; but not entirely. Then he said, ‘To be a brother of a rogue sister is an unhappy man. Then when his family, including his mother supports the sister, not him, he becomes unhappier. Then, when she starts telling whole world that, she is a victim of her brother’s arrogance and success and other relatives believe it because of their own selfishness, the hapless brother became the unhappiest man.’

Then he told his side of the story, about him, his childhood, his relation with father, mother, brother and finally about his sister. He requested me to write something on him.

Keeping his request, I try to project his side of the story in a poetic verse instead of a prose form. However, I did not write something which goes against the dignity of the unknown sister.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


Her Arrival

She was cute like an angel;

A gift from God;

Became bone of contention between the brothers,

Who would take her first;

On his lap.

She was the prettiest gift for her parent;

After two cute and smart sons;

And just after an ugly duckling;

Not smart, dumb in action;

Repulsive in look;

As they say thousand times;

In front of him and behind him.

She was the cynosure;

For the parent,

For the brothers,

None felt tired of describing her beauty;

Nor her slightest action as a child.

She was given the impression;

She had two loving brothers;

And another one;

Ready to provide her needs;

And needs of the family.

Two brothers were for love and affection;

Another one was to be humiliated;

In private or in public.

He was forced to cook,

At an unimaginable age of four;

He was forced to be an independent cook;

Before the birth of his sister by six years’ younger.

He was forced to be matured before he reached his teens,

His sister was treated as a kid;

Even after she became a mother herself;

Till their mother died.

She was made a little spoilt kid;

As her arrival made us happy,

One and all.

Her Teen

She blossomed to a lovely Teen;

Envy for her peers;

Not only for her beauty,

But also for having an intelligent brother;

With a tall muscular physique,

And a dream man of substance for every girl around.

One day she confided to her brother;

Every girl says about him only;

But she loves not more than the other two;

Still expecting all attention from him,

Because she got the impression from her parent,

He was to serve her but not to question her action.

He did not comment on his sister’s preference;

But till today he remembers;

Word by word what she said.

Her statement proved once again;

His parent want him to grow as a provider

Of goods and services to his siblings only.

Father used to blame him,

For all foolish actions by his siblings;

In front of him, behind him;

Thousand times, for years together.

It may not be her fault,

The liberty what his sister got;

Spoiled her to the core,

Still lucky to have a good result;

Had gone to her head;

She got the licence to do all the nonsense.

Supported by her mother;

In all her deeds, good or bad;

She became rogue of sorts.

Still her mother thought;

She was an angel;

To be protected by her brothers;

From all the outcomes,

The mess she had created.

Her mother thought,

Any good advice given by her brothers;

To be rejected outright by her;

Because she had the licence;

To create only trouble for self and others alike.

Her Dazzling Youth

She was dazzling with her beauty;

With a dumb head on her shoulder;

Never became matured, even after crossing her teens.

She was given immunity by her mother;

To do anything under the sky.

The brother confronted her;

She cried and abused him;

Mother supported her,

Both, morally and financially.

Mother always justified her actions,

Due to immense love for her daughter.

The Duo thought;

Everyone was at fault;

Whoever dares to question her actions.

Mother wanted to pass on the responsibility;

Of the rogue daughter,

With the impunity for not asking any question;

On her omissions and commissions,

By the brother, who was supposed to provide;

Goods and services to her.

Finally, the provider of goods and services,

Revolted to his mother;

Refused to take responsibility,

Without the power of asking questions,

On her actions, which are unbecoming of a girl;

Of a family with some repute.

Both walked out of his house;

Never came back for the same reason again.

But mother always sided with her daughter;

Never tried to understand pain of her son,

As all thought, he should live only to support them;

Without slightest ‘Oomph’;

In his voice and actions.

Victim Card

She had an embossing impression;

Given by her mother;

She can do any misdeed.

The brother whom they never loved;

As much as the others two;

Is duty bound to untie,

Every mess she will create.

After the revolt by the brother,

She accused him of arrogance;

Being financially better off;

Being successful in his professional life.

She ridiculed his every success;

In front of all unsuccessful lazy sycophants of her.

She never looked back her actions;

In a judicious manner!

She used to write absurd stories;

Implicating his brother;

Showing him always in the bad light.

She always describes;

Shadow of success;

Never glorifies the success of her brother;

After all she thinks,

She is a victim of her brother’s success.

She Wanted to Ruin His Married life

She vowed to ruin his married life;

In a collaborative manner with her mother;

With a subdued support from her father,

Staying in his house;

Telling his wife about his past love life to

His physical shortcomings;

Praising her other brothers;

Who stopped her entry to their homes.

After all they are for love and affection,

This brother is to serve only.

The duo even dared to criticize the poor brother;

In front of his in laws;

And relatives of his in laws.

The sister also got married to a boy one day,

She told her husband;

She has two loving brothers

And another one with arrogance,

With unhelpful attitude;

Whose success has gone to his head.

But the poor brother cannot retaliate;

To tell her unruly past to her new husband;

Due to unappreciated love for his sister.

He cannot play like his sister,

To try his best to spoil her married life,

Following her footsteps, what she had done earlier.

As a brother, he cannot tell his brother in law about,

Her past, to ruin her life,

As he still loves her as his little sister.

He can never tell her husband;

Why her brother avoids meeting his only sister;

He always speaks less to him, not like her,

Who tried her best to spoil his married life;

From the day of his marriage,

A few decades ago.

He could not be vindictive brother as vindictive, as she is.

But instead of being grateful to the poor brother,

She labelled him,

An arrogant, unhelpful to the core;

A sister is to be ashamed,

To have a brother like him.

Her Point of View

All the failed siblings united to criticize;

The success of this brother;

In his professional life;

And on the financial front.

Younger one tried to flinch him when she was young;

The elder ones try to flinch;

The ugly duckling;

At the ripe age of fifties.

The ugly duckling refused to succumb;

May be due to his arrogance,

May be due to feelings keeping in his minds for years;

Nobody knows except him.

But for her,

He is arrogant;

Never cares for his siblings and other relatives;

Unhelpful for his brothers and sister.

Only God knows;

Who is correct and who are at fault!!!!!


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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