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Songs From A Suitcase

by Leslie Smith Dow

© 2015 Leslie Smith Dow

All Rights Reserved


Silver Queen

Monet Hesitates on the Japanese Footbridge

Prayer for Two Voices

Girl Lost on the Ice, 1914

Brown Trout

Looming Under Nyiragongo

The Eternal Forest

No Mayan Epic


The Amazon River

Sweet Edie



Fairhead Soul


Margaret's Road


To Whaleback Shoal




The Lake

Bless the Virgins

Real Estate




Thirty days I walked her shadow

following her rocks her streams

hills of silver are what I seek

flecks of it in her jet-black hair

Spokane is mountains behind me

only Raven knows the way

dropping sticks in my path like totems

to great deeds remembered, left undone

Too far I’ve been lured by fortune

my hammer divines for home

the ashes of my fire scatter

at the apex of this last day

Down I lay under

her full belly of shimmering dreams

a witch’s moon, rising magic

twilight mountain-wrought

I am a hundred dreams of silver

dusty hooves and clanking metal

men digging the earth into a deep blue sky

I heard the mule train rumble by

Into stillness I woke

bathed my fire in icy starlight

streaming water of silver and gold on my skin

she’d hung my clothes to dry

Her gifts were berries and salmon and sun

wrapped in Raven’s fur and shining dawn

I lay in her arms like beauty

Deep and deeper into dreams she wove me

through forest-deep days and nights

she carved her riddles on my skin

The cottonwood groves sung her words

sung them up high as a hymn

how hard I believed on this lost path

I’d found my way

Only on later clouds did whispers start

rippling across the ice-cool lakes

her voice called endless through the pines

deep and black as thunder

On the edge of wonder

she has bruised me

under her shadow and twined

me in her web of forest sleep

My mouth is a trout on her twisted hook

her face is the rising moon

I am the howl of the midnight wolf

her voice is the Raven’s wing

She rumbles like an illness

sifting sandstorms running through

Silver Queen she calls to me

I only want what’s mine

Two times I saw the rainbow

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