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Two Faced
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2018 Coyotes Publishing
Smashwords Edition

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Living In Agony

I remember you, you always tried to keep me down.
Everytime I tried to change my ways or act more positive.
You found a way to dump on me.
Sneaky or upfront you always found it.

When I finally had enough, I raised myself from the ash.
I left it all at my feet as I continued to look up.
Knowing that better was out there.
Might have taken me a long time, but I finally did it.

It wasn't a easy process, at times I get pulled down.
But not to your level, I have risen above that.
I continue to watch ones foolish mistakes.

Living In Agony
Wasn't meant for this man.
Your head games were overcame with greatness.

I have let go what you have once made me believe
No longer I'm living with agony


Reflective State

Spending days in reflective state
Some tell me it's wrong and I shouldn't do it.
I reflect more than I converse.
Reflective state of mind, at times is my only state of mind.

Another weekend, another reflective state.
Spending time alone, time alone I'm spending.
This appear to be what's natural for me.
Like hibernation in the winter.

Perhaps I'm a soloist, spending most of my time alone.
It's becoming a better part of my life.
Might as well strap in and prepare for a long stay.
This is my life.

Reflective state, as my body sits starring at a video screen.
I put up the reflectors , might look like I'm deep in trance
But I'm deep in thought, usually about something else.
Time to return to my reflective state


Nothing But Darkness In This One

I see nothing but darkness in that one.

All secretive will everything and always has been.

I tried to listen and take her into the light.

But clearly she refused.

No hope for that one.

She can't be saved.

Just had to walk away from her.

Not sure how one could live life like that.

Her two faces come out more often now.

She doesn't think that I don't see her.

Living a secret life, nothing new.

I suspect that she always have.

I think she is better off living that lie

That she fantasizes about.

Her small group accepts her.

Clearly I have always seen through it.


False Prophets

False prophets do exist, I've seen them.
Trying to detour you off the path that you have set for yourself.
A real friend will support your dreams
Trying to lure you away with false promises.

Temptation might be the key to lure one away.
If one is tempted it's not your fault.
But sooner than later the falsehood will become clear.
Things will change, it's up to you to gain the strength to overcome.

To move away from the false prophet and find one who you can love and trust.
Who will support what you do more than anyone else.
One who will brighten the path that your on.
Making you feel like a better person, more than ever.

Giving you strength when others try to put you down.
It's important to push away from those false prophets.
Life is difficult enough without the weight of hate.
Anger and frustration pushing down on you.


See Through You

It took me a few years but then I started to see.
You became spotted like swiss cheese.
The holes I seen were like glass.
I began to see through you.

Didn't want to believe it at first, kept questioning things in my mind.
Kept telling myself that it wasn't true, I have to be missing something.
But as the time floated on those holes got bigger.
Still I began to question is it really what I'm seeing.

Turns out, it was. I seen how you were.
Around me you were one way, your parents a bit different.
Around your friends was a different side of you.
A side I didn't see as those holes got so big I could practically climb through.

It was no longer my imagination that I was questioning it was no longer my doubts.
I took you to meet two friends, that's when I really seen it.
Those holes covered your body like there was nothing left of the one I thought I knew.
It took a long time to get to that point, I questioned things I trusted my own judgment.

I had to go while I still wanted to live.
Being drowned in your darkness.
Just couldn't stand anymore
Said good bye to that.

Now my eyes are really opened
I seen what I was missing all this time.
No longer having to trust my judgment
No longer having to worry.

I'm now moving on


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