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Poem Shop

By Prakash Hegade

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2017 Prakash Hegade


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Preface Thoughts

Poems have the ability to speak the thoughts in more than one said way, touching various levels of depth. While the poet pens down with individual perspective, the reader has a freedom to give the concluding thoughts.

For me, poems are happiness. This book is the fourth one in series of the poems I have pen down. The first one was ‘P for Poetry’ which gave me the ‘go good’ feeling. Second one ‘Poetic Desk’ gave me the ability to see and pen down poems with depth. Then came ‘100 Haiku’ where I enjoyed writing haiku and the stories they tell in three lines.

This one, ‘Poem Shop’ has most of my favorites. There are around ten limericks too which make up to a total of 25 poems. There is no specific genre of titles. It surrounds the emotions and thoughts of day to day life. I hope reading these poems will bring you joy.

Item ID One

Don’t Write Poetry

Emotions might get unreal,

Mind could fly to a world of illusion,

Beliefs might fling,

Life might seem amusingly beautiful,

When words might find solitude,

Lines might jazz,

Sadness might mourn,

Expressions might bleed,

Darkness might disappear,

One might see the fictional steps,

To the fairy land of dreams.


Don’t write poetry!

Item ID Two

The Inner Sounds

That inner hasty sensation,

That puzzlement,

That petrified reflection,

That fright of trailing,

That relentless spirit,

That marvel psyche,

That misplaced disorder,

Just needs a talk!


There is always A but!

Item ID Three

The Writers Love

For some it’s THE day,

For some a day,

While some are for,

And some against!

A day,

Like every day,

Still a day,

Not like every other day.

No complex terms,

Nothing intricate,

Just that utterance,


One who loves,

To write – writes,

Celebrates the day, everyday,

The best possible way.

Item ID Four


Lush? Where’s that?

Asked the muddy clog.

Lush? When’s that?

Asked the murky land.

Lush? What’s that?

Asked the opaque lines.

Lush? Who’s that?

Asked the ignorant dark.

Underneath that lush,

Was muddy and murky.

Beyond that lush,

Was ignorant and opaque.

From underneath to beyond,

Within and amidst,

Flashes and sparkles,

The lush, the real lush!

Item ID Five

When the Dreams Cry

When the dreams die,

Burst inside,

Flame within,

Chaos the interior,

With unheard howling cries.

When the dreams die,

The deceased diverges,

Intellect shatters,

World looks hideous,

The water cries.

When the dreams die,

Is like a half carved statue,

Undefined shape,

Just stand ugly,

And the meaning cries.

When the dreams die,

Tears decide to stay in,

Finding inner more beautiful,

Silently dries,

While the heart cries.

When the dreams die,

Rest is all Babel.

Item ID Six

Owl, Who?

An owl disguised as a crow,

Barged in at day light,

Soliciting superfluous questions,

Crafting pointless propositions!

It wanted to seize a trade,

Forgetting dark was its arena.

It wanted to rule the light,

As a self declared king!

Where poise flew excess,

Uneven mind lost its conviction,

Even its fart smelled perfume,

Loyalty had left the room.

Fellow owls had a meeting that night,

No one could track its fate.

For it was not seen by any,

That day was end of its many!

Item ID Seven

Ands and the Ends

If you aren’t dead yet,

It isn’t the results of end bet,



Ready, steady, get, set!

Item ID Eight

Sleep, is Just Not Sleep!

Enjoyable flashes,

The outline of contentment,

Gushes around,

Sleep, is just not sleep!

Some unwanted howls,

Worry of its kind,

Plays peek a boo,

Sleep, is just not sleep!

The daily on goings,

The bumpy routines,

Rests along,

Sleep, is just not sleep!

Life is to learn,

Sleep, has only it,

Life has to learn,

Sleep, is just the sleep!

The matured mind,

The work tired body,

Calls it as,

Sleep and just the sleep!

Item ID Nine


Some are low, some are high,

Some are there, don’t know why,

Reality slaps,

Struggling laps,

It’s not easy, to learn to fly!

Item ID Ten

Water? Whoops!

Nature’s trek, friends and me,

Water, water, endless we see,

Heavy rains,

No complains,

And in pants we pee!

Item ID Eleven

The Story of a Story

Fiction, real, illustrations I send,

Plots, incidents, literature’s blend,

Listen or read,

Generations breed,

Some of me just never end.

Item ID Twelve

Over the Years

Varying numericals, changing patterns,

Tools and techniques, enlightening lanterns,

Fossils and inventions,

Unexplored dimensions,

Humanity and love, question of concerns!

Item ID Thirteen


Weirdest of thoughts,

Rushes with tears,

Perplexed heart beat,

Restless the mind,

Surplus hiccups,

Intellectual ache,

What the FISH!

Is life doing to me?

Item ID Fourteen

Out of the Box

A box of boundaries,

A box of limits,

A box that boxes,

Hits and misses.

A box that was a gift,

Has one end open,

Space to rush out,

Where world needs a shout.

Box is for the end,

Where body we send,

It is not a limiting space,

To mean a dead end.

Jump out of it,

For no one holds,

Box is not to stay,

For it is to make a way.

Item ID Fifteen

Horror, Sincerely

Human being is a paradox,

Lies, horror and hoax,

Sincere blunders,

Hidden under,

Mask and makeup box!

Item ID Sixteen

Smoking Celebrations

Smoke rings, from the weeds,

Too much of alcoholic deeds,

Evil celebrates,

Darkness deliberates,

Decease, nearing at speeds.

Item ID Seventeen

Satisfaction Volunteered

While I take the walk,

Heading at a unknown destination,

In search of unknown,

Hate volunteered.

Hate had the ego,

Taking away the happiness,

Wicked got the mind,

Anger volunteered.

Anger had the stress,

Turned the good to ugly,

Unsatisfied was the soul,

Sadness volunteered.

While the party started,

Hate, anger and sadness rejoiced,

Darkness and the disco hall,

Depression volunteered.

All of a sudden I see the path,

I see the destination,

I understand the boundaries,

I see the disguised guests.

I volunteer love,

Welcome peace at will,

Home all the happiness,

Satisfaction volunteered.

Item ID Eighteen

They Tie the Ends

Too far from ends,

To the never ends,

Each other’s sole,

Single soul,

Two best friends.

Item ID Nineteen

The Painted Me

I want to paint myself as a candle,

Glow with happiness, bright and shine,

Burn myself and stay divine,

Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself as a pen,

Unlimited ink, thoughts so pure,

Into the paper, into the heads,

Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself colorless,

Go invisible, go unseen,

Go to the mountains jump with joy,

Well, that’s not me!

I got colors, the painted me,

There is some white and some black,

For a change, I change every day,

Well, now that must be me!

Item ID Twenty

A Tasty Marraige

He liked it spicy and hot,

She liked sweetness a lot,

Tasty differences,

Varied preferences,

Marriage, a blissful jackpot.

Item ID Twenty One

House and Home

Amalgamation of bricks,

Cement and sand,

A little lime,

Iron’s a prime.

Windows and Doors,

Rooms and partitions,

Tiles and the taps,

Pathway and the gaps.

Nesting of items,

Chairs and comforts,

Shelter and craziness,

House, our favorite mess.

Aura of love,

Guidance and the solace,

House gets a life,

Then it becomes a home.

Item ID Twenty Two

The Goodness Dilemma

In the fleet of time,

While life got hard,

Celebrating the disconnect,

The good got bad.

One missed goal,

Hundred still achieved,

Picky society,

The good got bad.

My own life,

My own rules,

Because I say so,

The good got bad.

With the pressure unwanted,

Grew weaker mind,

Though it’s still good,

The good got bad.

All the praises,

Are now the complains,

Life is moving on,

While the good got bad.

Item ID Twenty Three

We and Almighty

The muddled up mob,

The complicated psyche,

The language of anguish,

The seek for happiness,


He said, “there is a twist,

Wait for it!”

The days of no clue,

The zig’s and zag’s,

The many open opportunities,

The seek for happiness,


He said, “there was already a twist,

Didn’t you see it!”

The morals on the grounds,

The thrashed lives,

The unspoken solitude,

The seek for happiness,


He said, “it’s still not late,

Please see it!”

Item ID Twenty Four

The Void

From the lights of sun,

Glows the entirety,

Presenting the days,

Glows the locality.

Prison the winds,

Prison the air,

Fools you around,

Escapes everywhere.

As the water flows,

Changes no color,

Lucid and transparent,

You own it or rent.

Housed by the soil,

Food and the bed,

The land lushes green,

Even and serene.

Under this even share,

All equal and fair,

Originates numerous lies,

Rests the dirty human game.

Item ID Twenty Five

The Freedom Within

The wings to flutter,

The wings to hallucinations,

The wings to realize,

The complex phenomenon.

The wings on sale!

The fall and fly,

The jump with joy,

Like own the sky,

Determinations high.

The wings on sale!

A tiny peek,

Inner self’s deep,

Know the truth,

The wings within.

The wings of freedom!

About the Author

Prakash Hegade

Academician, always a research student and blogger who loves to read and write!

Twitter Handle: @itsPhTweet


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