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Why Blame Others


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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It is a general tendency to blame others for own failures in our life. We want to have a scapegoat for every failure in our life. It is wrong, we all know, but still we do. How to avoid this tendency? Few poems for highlighting this particular problem are presented in this book.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


Chapter I: Why to Blame Mom

I might be crying;

She put her nipple in my small mouth,

To feed me;

Or to stop me from crying.

She was hardly 22,

She was shy,

To feed me in public;

But she was not given any option by me;

I was crying for the divine milk;

My only food;

Till I became six month old.

She used to pass her night without sleep,

For days together.

I pissed on her;

At early morning of a cold night,

To make her shiver in the chilling dawn of a winter.

Many a times, I passed my stool;

On her best dress;

For which she did never complain.

She saved money for my schooling;

Killing her own likes and dislikes.

But once I had grown up;

I blamed her for;

Not bringing me up like

The neighbor’s son.

Once married,

I wanted to dump my mom,

Blaming her for siding with my sister;

Or for her chronic cough.

Today, she is no more;

I ask myself again and again.

Why I blamed her;

When I grew up,

And she had a fragile health?

Chapter II: Why to Blame Papa

He carried me on his shoulders,

When I was weak enough to visit the doctor.

I was in his arms whole night;

Due to High temperature.

He never mentioned about those chilly nights,

When he had go to neighbor’s place;

To pick me up;

Despite of the fact;

He did not have talking terms with that neighbor.

As teenager,

I looked at my friend,

He had a better dress than mine;

I was angry on my father;

For not giving a better dress.

I never realized;

Even for that inferior dress,

He had to sacrifice something;

That he needs more than anyone else.

I was not aware,

How he managed to send;

More money than his known income;

To foot my hostel and college dues.

Once I became independent;

I start questioning,

His intelligence and ability;

As a man and as a father.

I start blaming him what he could not give me;

Rather praising him what he had given to me.

Today, he is no more;

I ask myself again and again.

Why I blamed him;

When I grew up,

And he had a fragile body and mind?

Chapter III: Why blame my Wife

I always had a feeling,

I have never been understood by my wife;

This is the most complaint;

For even for your wife;

Or against for your husband.

I am blaming her regularly,

Not taking my care for my daily needs.

Always I have a feeling;

She never reciprocates my love;

Forgetting that;

She had left her home for good;

For my sake.

I blame her for not taking care of my parent;

Never ask myself,

How much I care for her parent?

She brought up my children;

Always as our children.

For every bad result,

For every bad etiquette,

For every misfortune,

Of our children,

I use blame her and her parent.

I never want to correct myself;

I never want to discard my bad habits;

But always blame her for nagging me.

Am I waiting for her death,

To realize her importance in my life?.

Chapter IV: Why to Blame Siblings

The proverb says;

My brother should not die;

But should be poorer than I.

He should progress,

But not more than I.

Same applies to my sister.

I blame them for my poorness;

I envy their fortune.

I told everyone;

How they have cheated me;

How they become rich at my cost.

For every failure in my life,

I blame them.

Become happy at their failures,

Or failure of their wards.

Am I waiting for their deaths,

To realize their love for me?

Chapter V: Why to Blame Teachers

When I got good marks;

I did score it.

Whenever, I got a bad score;

The teacher deducted my marks without any reason.

I always blame my teachers,

For their love for the most intelligent boy in the class.

I always blame my teachers,

For taking extra care of the beautiful girls of my class.

I never bother to know;

Why they never liked me?

I never tried to correct myself,

Taking their advices for me.

For every less mark scored in my life,

I always blame the teacher,

He deducted my marks;

Because I did not have cute face like the girls;

Or the habit of buttering the teachers.

Whole life I have been a confused man,

With the meaning and differentiation of

Respect, Good Behaviour and Buttering!

Chapter VI: Why to Blame Friends

Devika refused me;

Because she loves Amrit, my friend;

Amrit is a betrayer;

He stabbed me from my back,

I used to tell all my friends.

Vikram edged me out,

In an interview for a dream job;

I blamed him for that;

Not realizing that,

He had better suitability for the job.

I try to blame each of my friends;

For every misfortune in my life,

In presence of them.

I always blame them for not helping me,

Forgetting that I had never helped them.

How long I shall blame my friends?

I do not know.

Chapter VI: Why to blame others

For every unsolved problem in my life;

I always find a person to blame.

I always find a scapegoat in my life.

As all of you know now;

Have I not been a son of poor parent,

Have I not been a husband of a nagging wife;

Have I not been a brother of jealous of siblings;

Have I not been a student of partisan teachers;

Have I not been a friend of unhelping friends;

I would have been the most successful man in the world.

Then why should I not blame all of them?????

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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