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Surfing or Suffering ~ Together

Sense * Consciousness

Fields of a Body

With Streams and Stars of Hearts

Sunny Jetsun

* You are a little Planet in Space *

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Surfing or Suffering ~ Together

Sense Consciousness * Fields of a Body

With Streams and Stars of Hearts

Sunny Jetsun

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This book is arranged from Surreal notes made from

Inspirational conversations with friends during

the 2006/07 winter season in Anjuna, Goa.

Thank you all” ~ Om Shanti, Shanti


In Lak'ech'

Is Mayan for ‘I am another yourself’

A powerful concept embracing the notion that we are

all connected through the Energy and Flow of the Universe.

The galactic code of honour is to manifest and demonstrate harmony

by whatever means possible. Always playing by the rules of harmony at the same time respecting local intelligence. The code’s chief command, to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness.


Jose Arguelles ‘The Mayan Factor’ 1996 (p.58) & Wikipedia.

Surfing or Suffering ~ Together

Sense Consciousness * Fields of a Body

With Streams and Stars of Hearts

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Revolution at the barricades

The purpose of Mindfulness and the four sublime states was

to neutralise the power of the ego that limits human potential.

Instead of saying “I Want” the Yogin would learn to seek the good

of others; Instead of succumbing to the hatred that is the result

of our self ~ centred greed; use compassion and good will.

When these positive, skillful states are Cultivated with Yogic

intensity, they can root themselves more easily in Unconscious

impulses of our Minds so becoming habitual. The Four Sublime states

are used to pull down the barricades we erect between ourselves

and others in order to protect the fragile ego.”

(‘Buddha’ ~ Karen Armstrong)

Bhakti Baba.

Living Life Free

Free free free free free free free free free free

Watering the seed, growing the flower

Cosmos of Stars in blossom

Filled with desire ~

Deep Inside you

blissful fire

Kali*Maya can drive anyone Mad!

I got a Text from England

Daffodils * blooming ~

Blackbirds are laying eggs

Longer days and Golden Sunsets

Find the Space

Allowing the FORM to be

You are the action ~

Free whirling, helping them go on the journey.

Everything is simple ~ natural

as a Rock * Is God

Raw Chocolate

10 times Stronger than the most passionate Kiss ~

You can do Amazing things with your Imagination.

Making conjugal, coital bliss, together high in Taipei.

tracked down by a passionate Angel on a love mission.

Umbilical tube Attached to North Goa (to Psy Baba)

One of those sorts of personalities & laughing Osho.

A Heart of Gold

Detached from the Turkish delight ~

Free of those Quantum strings, naked on the beach.

Need to find our true sense of self.

Does it have the Pull?

Me Oh My’

Music ~ Spiritual House

Breaking it down more, nice melodies

Not just a beat, repeating a chant

Om Om Om Om Om Om Om

Seen through it ~ Don’t want to get stuck in a game.

Meant to escape from fear & desire, at least be aware!

And enjoy what life brings as a Conscious human being.

You got to live your Life otherwise you’re dependent.

Do You know what it is to be a True Queen?

A Love that Never dies

Taj * Mahal




§§§§§§§§§§§ Away from extinction §§§§§§§§§§§

It’s all goin’ on in Goa ~Tao, being here now ~

light gravity, light density, right now it can an also be

shattered dreams on the broken backs of crimson butterflies

< Buddha Is A Concept >

Developed in the Mind; Where else? From Outer space!

Is energy a concept, is Life, is feeling, is Love for you,

Is Vibration, is birth, is death, is God, is the Universe?

Is it Cosmic boundlessness, consciousness of nothingness?

Everything Manifest is a ‘concept’ of what? Receiving Maya!

Where does it Originate? Into fields of sense consciousness,

with streams & stars of hearts * through dying processes ~

Is that a concept too?


In the land

of the blind,

the one eyed

man is king”


If you are the biggest Weapons manufacturer on the Planet.

You will need to Sell those new Weapons of ‘Mass or Meno’

destruction to someone! You will Need a Reason to USE them.

Know the unknowable ~ merge into Impermanent Brahma”

Subliminal Probe

Can she take you seriously after crashing your

new rickshaw that you got in your dowry?

Enjoying Hampi just after the Monsoon!

Touching hot Russian Sputniks last night.

That subconscious Old Chestnut!

Getting wound up with nothing ~

Party drug, do or die; In chill out huts.

I use them, don’t let them use me”

From the Twilight zone of her Terminal Pain.

The will to continue to Live for her young children,

when you have to let go on a Morphine Cocktail!

Chick on a stick

Made to Order’

blah, blah, blah

doing things with sheep,

ba ba ba”

A precious drop of self-survival

A Clone Shock

To leave Goa very insular ~

Would you take your wife seriously

if she wore human skulls around her neck?

She’s not a biter taking his face off!

Aiming for the Heart.

A crack in the dream

Mirror of my feelings ~

It’s a shock to the brain!

Tunnel vision of Love in a chain gang.


Adopt Another Highway’

Radio Atlantis

Amrit laya’ > the Stateless State

Nectar of Immortality ~

Feeding the Universe

Beauty in the Mind of a Beholder”

OK are you overworked and underpaid?

Surrounded by ecstatic, Quantum Angels

Witch Doctor Style!

Can take you out of your mind’

And it’s a natural high! Drumming…

It says something about the messenger ~

Got stuck in Anjuna travellin’ around India!”

What makes the Giant Sequoia trees grow so big?

Isis Bhakti Osiris Bhakti Aphrodite Bhakti

Eros Bhakti Orpheus Bhakti Venus Bhakti

Shakti Bhakti Shiva Bhakti Jesus Bhakti

Still waters run deep’


Who said, “One shouldn’t cry over spilt blood?”

Underneath the laughter you can find your tears.

Understanding of the eternal Mind; Is it possible?

We like dropping them but don’t like them dropped on us!

7/7, 9/11’s is everyday in the Middle East; have the people

lost their rights like in the US? Terrorists left, right & centre!

Bombs dropping around your head makes you really dead.

Blown to bits again; Not in Baghdad but Birkenhead ~

You could go out in the Blackout without being mugged;

the Luftwaffe blew up my mother’s house and Sweet shop!”

Tag * A Perfect World

Entrance & Exits, a revolving door “This is what comes through to us”

Have to listen to the Silence ~ “be open and it will come naturally”

better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all”

That’s not true because you never lose in deeper vibrations.

Melt down fear, body die ~ Atman fly

Over the edge of the Milky Way

Full Space: Words invoking mantras, incantations * incarnations.

Bombarded by spells in your cells. mixing genes & chemicals.

From being at the Top to being dumped at the bottom, hard!

It’s a great feeling; get ripped apart, have to repair your-self.

Everyone gets this test Universal, the test is realising that

Your greatest attachment can be your deepest Pain!’

Lotus flowers in a pond * bitten by a snake on the arse ~

A Hyper-Myth

Just to say, ‘this is how I feel’

& I need to express it to you ~

Reconnection, It’s already there.

Free spirit in the moment ~ Released.

Be happy ~ with what you choose to do.

Fear of rejection is an unrealistic response.

Paradise Rushing

I thought if I closed my eyes, I wouldn’t wake up!

Being catatonic in a psychedelic room wondering

If this place would ever change again in my Mind.

A delusion of a black hole, have to let it go ~ flow

It’s not a Brain seizure, heart attack or mini stroke.

Separated my*self from myself, scary detachment.

Lost in space but you knew it’s a trip ~

Rio’s Gay Parade

A couple of our lads, have been mugged there!”

Cocktails on Copacabana, ‘Universo Parallelos’

The best lookin’ lesbians, transgenders in the World!

She gave me freedom to do what I wanna do”

Single life ~ can be great, for meeting angels

Fucking for Money

If it’s someone you like, a Massive bonus!

I Love travellin’ on my own. ‘Gift her a Monster cock!’

The girls there all on ‘Ice’, crystal Meth. chaotic Moods!

Worse than Heroin!

Can you bake a chocolate chip cookie?

I Like Reality”

Never doing a line of powder without a beer”

He knows what it’s like, getting stuck in a Coke corner....

Angels’ New Vegalistas Light

Tree’s Axis of the World

Caduceus’ symbol of Divine Life & ~

Patriarchs from the Genesis taken command!

Golden Serpents incarnating forces of nature,

life principles conquered by a Rationale cut ~ off.

Shamans diving deep into molecular sweep of currents

Reactions ~ being of Inspiration & Wonder

The Point Is there is No Point It’s always changing”

Music is the path to the spirits” ask Anatta for directions.

Zeus came with his daughter, Princess Dream Sequence.

DNA. on her tongue rolling round your spacious Neocortex.

Gaining access to knowledge of the Vital Principle’

Embracing the Universe as an ‘Ideology’ of Cosmic humanity/humility

Estimated observable atoms in the Universe 10 to the power 30.’

In All living species Proteins are made up of exactly the same 20 Amino

acids (small molecules).“If we stretched out the DNA. in the nucleus

of a human cell we’d get a two yard long thread that is 10 atoms wide;

it is one billion times longer than its own width. DNA. is approximately

120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light”

(‘Cosmic Serpent’ ~ Jeremy Narby)


How you use it or abuse it…..” You’re taking the piss dear!

Chemical marriage Alchemy ~ resonating * Hydrogen exploding.

Dualism of the Sun & Moon inside one Universe.

Source streaming only reflections of the sunlight

turning white blue into golden auras.

Then I stood up and asked, “where is your heart man?”

The Military says, ‘it’s only an optical illusion, step back, go to sleep’

that 1km spaceship landed in the kitchen! I don’t believe them,

it’s hovering, Orange glowing lights outside on the tiled roof.

Orgasmatic-Mind mirroring back the radiance of basic truth.

Russian UFO. Technologies & Buddha field harmonies ~

Dukkha Disharmony

He’s not feeling as he used to feel”

I might as well talk to the wall”

This doesn’t belong to me, let go tight grip on Pride & Ego.

Come to stage of detachment, witness the Mind from Itself!

Change of growth & decay, blooms in your lovely bouquet.

Watching the disintegration of a mountain, cycling of birth,

death; seed becomes a sapling becomes a tree unending.

No permanency of the seeming unity of being ~

Tendency to change is inherent in all things”

It’s got a life of its own ~ electrons spinning in orbits

Multi*dimensional Expansion at the speed of light..

Golden Pagodas illuminating 100,000,000 Galaxies

Sustaining every plant and animal, thank You Sun.

Earth Our Jewel in the Sky

A flirting Mare

Roxanne riding on the back of Tantrically tempted Aristotle.

If she can do that to me Imagine what she can do to you

my King?” He decided to come to India for the Spirituality.

Came with a lot of slave girls from all around the Planet

to impress a naked Yogi, who’d renounced even himself!

Fragrant Persian lust walking alone in her Palace garden.

Where is the path of true happiness your royal highness?

Culture Slash

Live and Let Live in Empathy’

Brilliant Indian respect ~ aspect.

Where is the Spiritual Programming?”

Rays from the Stars

Waiting for Shiva ~

Heart beats in the Sky

Glib disclaiming democratic doctrine

Only wanted to be at the top table, with Bealzibub.

Blame, complain, shame of a wrong sexy Dossier;

fed from the BBC, all the News Stations stating Untruths.

Medea’s Labour Government run by corrupt, ‘illegal’ Idiots.

Speaking for view of a New World Order’s Global Empire.

A Cabinet of greedy buffoons with no Real awareness ~

Mindsets, now looking for excuses, an escape from

The Total Corruption of Power’ – ‘Disaster Looming’.

Dysfunctional footprints ~ giving No answers

Making It all up as they went along!’


Definition of Spiritual ~ Why not have what you like…

And let the Universe support those little swimming tadpoles?

Can get into trouble, don’t need any bleach on the beach!

Planet’s gonna blow up, Nature’s gonna fuck up;

floating downhill with a dizzy blonde, thank God!


Be Alert! they never knew it anyway, people forget, they never

saw it coming from around the next corner; expecting anything!

Nice to wake up with blue skies & trees, shimmering greens.

Everyone knows of Psychedelic Krishna & the telly tubbies.

Step off the carousel and become a Buddha”

Angelic Devas enjoying the light

I feel brighter every day”

Why believe the stuff that marches us to War?

Live and Let Live” ~ simply so other’s simply live.

Is that your Password?

The longer you live here, the more you get it, Goa.

Spinning at speeds of light inside your ‘Mer ka ba’.

Vortex shortcuts to Heaven on a golden ball.

Fast Track etheric body channeling ~

Consciousness not Information’

Everything Is Allowed

Tiarés of Infinite Joy

She was wearing a pareo of gardenias ~

Labouring with Love all the way from Tonga.

Brought contraband across dark gigantic waves.

Excitement building around the fire.

What happens the Morning after?”

Going for the 80% Incapacity Benefit…

Pretending to be a shaking forklift truck driver!

21/11/2007 £50 Million Aid to Palestine, millions more to Africa

And our Pensioners get a £1 a week rise from the Government!

15/2/2003: One Million people marched Against the Iraq War.

Lies, spinning the ‘Truth of Real Politick’; Absolutely No WMD!

Blair’s new fascism, blood All over his hands; believed in War!

The people we were fighting decided to fight back!”

Extraordinarily rendered we were led down the GB. Swanee, Oh Yeah!

Owning up to A Massive Betrayal - In the Grip of FOX TV. BBC News!

Ignorantly he channeled the Devil’s dark Magic, here’s your host Dr. Faust.

Solar needs & seeds

Temple of Full Love ~ Atlantis

Ascended Masters living in Innocence ~

Lady Nadar appeared with an enneagram on her brow.

Drawn upon the Uncensored Creative

Impulses of the Unconscious

Time’s Up Ali Baba

Backing a ‘No Plan’ is Criminal Negligence of Intelligence!

A history of ‘Criminals against Humanity’, off White House.

Robbing all the Antiquities of our Babylonia ~

Were there that many vases being looted?”

They let a country of 25 million Collapse!

The Phone Exchange was bombed by a B52

No Protection, No Communication, Anarchy!

On the streets of Baghdad, they let the rats run wild

Please don’t Break an Occupied Country

Imposed by deadly force sanctions for 10 years by the UN.

Destroying All the Goodwill in their hearts & Minds ~

And starved one million children; A Complete Failure!

To be seen that everyone is treated equally under the Law’

Four million people, 90,000 children, 6% of population on a

DNA register, the first and biggest in the World, Mein Fuhrer!

What about the young woman from Qataf; Saudi Arabian who

was gang raped! The Judge asked if she was wearing her Veil

and ordered her to be lashed 200 times for making an appeal!

Is It possible to achieve absolute mental, physical clarity ~

neither perception nor non-perception in a Yogic trance?

Found No release in asceticism; took them to the Ultimate

Level and still failed ~ Enjoying, be happy in truest sense.

A moment of Spontaneous Compassion had helped lead

him outside his own selfish ego into sweet fulfilled Rapture.

Suffering brings a Spiritual maturity, if you want to accept it,

not suppress, repress, oppress, obsess, deny, reject it. Facing it

the preoccupation with the Self ~ the prison of our own Ego.

Letting the Identification, conditioning, austerities, dissolve ~

Way to enter the depth of the Psyche ~

1st Jnana ~ ecstasy in the Uruvela forest…

Selfless empathy brought him a moment of Spiritual Release,

experiencing the coolness of Nibbana under a Rose Apple tree


Shouldn’t fight it ~

make Peace with it”

Osho’s Bluebirds

Love is a bridge ~ cross it don’t build your house on it.”

Love turns to hate in an instant.’ Shiva’s Gratefully Dead track.

Goa where to go to get the free Madness amongst friends…

I’ve Lost My Mind!”

Pure Delight

Nothing much to do with greedy craving but having the Awareness

of it ~ Is there a need to Fight your Human Nature as an ascetic?

Distrusting Joy, Why? Habitual behaviour ~ Your Upbringing…

Working with Human Instinct, not fighting against it ~

Amplifying States of Mind Conducive to enlightenment.

Needing a Sense of seclusion for Trance, be of it not in it,

fostering such +ve states of wholesome Mind (Kusala).

Disinterested Compassion, cultivating energetic +ve attitudes

Promoting Spiritual Health, gentle harmony, Loving Kindness.

Right talk, countering feelings of ill will and Violence.

Take Delight in Possessing the bare minimum ~

2nd nature

Could be Self-Destructive

No emotional self indulgence or extreme ascetism ~

Mindfulness scrutinising his behaviour, emotions, feelings,

consciousness, witness the rise & fall of Material body & mind.

Anicca’ ~ Not neurotic, Compulsive, Obsessive Introspection.

Get to Know Your Nature

Dukkha’s’ Views of suffering & distortion seed.

Leading you to enmity, guilt & ravenous greed ~

When our desires clash with the cravings of others,

gives more Selfish desire, hatred and misery darling!

Clinging to things not giving any lasting satisfaction.

She’s constantly discontented with the Present ~

Insights of new clarity from Samadhi Concentration.


See you later alligator

See you later Indian Tiger

See you later Elephant ~

See you later Yangtze Dolphin

Malevolence - See things as they really are!

Banishing hatred from his body, mind and heart ~

No ill will & full of compassion through Meditation.

Metta’ ~ Love feeling of no hatred. Purify your Mind ~

Non-attached & Transcend in acts of Total Compassion.

Fill sense conditioned energy fields with love & kindness

Not possessing us in Needs, desires, wild ecstatic coitus.

Meditation, helping us to be clear ~ seeing the distractions

depriving us of Peace. Darling do you realise our ephemeral

intercourse, the nature of these Invasive thoughts and cravings

in your breast; tending to Identify with them less & less emotion.

Seeing them as ‘Mine’ so they’re less disturbing to you & me.

Being blind doesn’t mean you have to be Unaware ~ ‘Anatta’

Travelling in Your Mind’s Eye

Expand the Mind, setting the Mind Free

Infinite Consciousness of eternal Space.

Release the Mind From the selfish Cravings ~

Poisoning us in my needs and Desires for you!

Seeing my life as part of the human race schema.

As part of the Planet Earth, as part of the Cosmic ~

Enjoying it for what it is ~ Glorious & delirious Maya!

With real laughter, real Innocence, real truth & Love

Everything in the Universe is Alive

Each day dreaming into being, making it Sacred

* in Zero Point fields ~ of a Nature Power place *

Magic sleeping in the Earth waiting for its release.

Stepping on the bridge between the scene & unseen.

Caressing your juicy matter & your panting spirit darling.

Inside the Palace of the Pimp, you can buy the best Opium

from the Royal guard! Or from the Kashmiris selling up the road.

Observing through a key hole ~ he could see the Karma Sutra

Unfolding, he’s a Yogic sage, beyond all senses, Sat chit ananda

Cups of Magic Revolution

Reached Senanigama by the Neranjara river ~

Happily playing under a Bodhi tree with Sujata.

Reality transcending his rational understanding.

The last drop ~ apprehended directly, profoundly.

Identified ‘Dhamma’ Integrated into one’s own life.

Egotism makes us horrible to others, distorting vision.

Still living with the relative pain in perfect equanimity ~

Getting rid of the cravings & Ignorant States of Mind.

Direct Knowledge of a ficus leaf & the Coitus Lotus.

General Colin Powell - Top Dog at Calamity Central

What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions

based on solid Intelligence”- Duck, flying Spuds!!!

Shocked & Awed alright!’ & we’ve Launched Your

Worst nightmares in Less than 45 seconds!

They’re running the World!” If you let them.

That’s what I call a very diabolical, dark Spark!

& She was to be flogged for calling a teddy bear Mohammed.

Put behind bars for fuckin’ blasphemy! What does that tell You?

Bodh Gaya, late spring 528 BC

Becomes perfectly human ~ not reacting, liberating himself.

Modulated into his 1st Jnana under a shaded Banyan tree.

His ‘Yathabhuta’ ~ his Awakening, free from Samsara.

Took a rest at the 3 stations, ‘Sila, Samadhi, Panna…

Things as they Really are ~ Dhamma par excellence.

Atra’ ~ With the Insight of Peace and fulfillment

Elucidated fundamentals governing ~ Life of the Cosmos.

Seeing it and Knowing it through experiences & searching

for the Truth, be HAPPY in Yourself, Super Energetically.

Does it really work? “This is what I’ve got to work with ~

A Spirit of total Self-abandonment; it makes perfect sense


Or Falling Apart!

So don’t lose touch with this inner centre.

Oriented * Artists becoming fully Creative

When did you see the Oceans Rust?

Facing to the East on an Axis of the Cosmos ~

In Peace, perfect balance, without Limitations

Final fight of Maya ~ a delusion not to die!

Axis Mundi Point where all * contradictions are balanced

Do I have these Qualities to Live by; Am I Real, is it true?

Touching the ground, Mother nature, with his right hand,

deepest Affinity between Earth & Selfless human beings

in tune, channeling the basic laws of Universal existence.

Two passing meteorites falling in subconscious bliss ~

Live from the Heart ~ blazing in their Cosmic kiss

Brahma’s Ahimsa Projections

Feeling the pain & suffering of others ~ empathically,

deepening yourself, so realising this noble truth.

Truest essence of dhamma ~ feeling compassion for others.

Open to the Direct Knowledge until being one with it darling.

Nibbana’s Gates Open to Everyone ~ wholly Integration

One with it ~ Into Infinity

A compassion & kindliness offensive, diffusing hostilities.

Qualities of an Arhant, feeding the river ~ fresh flowers

A Logic Bomb On Oxford Street

Stenography’ ~ hiding something in plane sight.

Taking down the Global senses of satellite systems;

I’m not asking for Permission!”

She’s dead, whatever you say now doesn’t matter ~

In the face of Adversity having the latest Intelligence.

Waiting on a Dirty, Radio Active Bomb for Xmas!”

Found out she was a double Agent!


To besiege, to haunt, preoccupy the Mind of ~

To trouble (as an evil spirit)

Adding to your Wish List

Partnered to support a Common cause

Organic bouquets sold where 5% goes to ‘Adopt A Minefield!’

Isn’t that Surreal, as Dorothea Tanning’s visual poetry?

You can find Diego Rivera’s ‘Flower Sellers’ at a Target,

near you! Those Hallucinatory, Projected elements.

Calla lilies sold in the markets of Teotihuacan.

In Lake‘ch’ ~ “I Am another yourself”

The Mayan Code of Honour

Global Demeter

My mother goes to Ireland for her homemade bread

Light emerging needs & seeds of Lotus eaters.

Sparkles of a mirrored bauble, 3 dimensional

jade head of the Sun God found in a maize field.

Hunahpu & Xbalanque bringing them back to life ~

Their father came out of a cracked open Tortoise shell.

Could have been worse, could have been born in Belsen!

And Mother was born in a sweetshop by the Dolly mixtures.

Sirian Archaeologists found a Blue Tooth buried in the sand.

You’re all right lounging about on a beach all day, yapping”

I knew you were going to come up with that one sooner or later”

Representing a Divine entity, Pachamama called being here now.

Welcome to the land of Chac * Mool eating Charley’s heart.

Dishing up an offering from the Red Jaguar throne.


Think what you like! ‘Free Ticket’ > Conditions Apply!

Capitalism > ‘It does the trick’ for Soros not for davidicke.com

Mega profiteers Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Bildebergers etc.

Dodgy Carlyle Capital Corp; defaulted $16.6 billion. 6/3/2008.

Being involved not attached

All the World’s media complicit in the fake, official 9/11 narrative

Bringing in the Patriot Act, Homeland Security another Terrorist War!

Trying to instill Martial LAW without naming it that, no rights in a Police state!

Governing by a clique of Masons; Admirals and Chief Constables’ night out!

Secret Societies, Insider Trading, lift the stumps and take it for a ride.

You can get to a point where you don’t think about that other person.

This is a song I wrote at my ranch with an old aborigine living on it.


Hi-Tech Neutron bombs, very subtle ways of killing us all!

Krishna now he’s got all the amore not Jihadi Johnny!

He opens his mouth and says ~ “I am the Universe”

There’s five million people walking around America

dressed as a super-hero, one on every corner!


They have their minions who don’t know what’s going on.

You have your rights but here you’re in their Legal System.

I can help you but I can’t help you commit a crime me Lud.

Caution me and tell me what crime I have committed.

If you’re caught there is a procedure, none of it is true.

It’s a game of Legalese, you’re there by deception.

You’re read your rights, you have the right to remain silent but

everything that you say will be taken down and may be used


The Dog’s Bollocks - We the people for the people

They wrote the American constitution on Hemp!

It’s done by consent, protecting us from a nasty Empire.

I’ve carried this seed around in my spirit since I was born.

It’s all bullshit, the Mars’ landing was filmed in Alaska, USA.

A $multi trillion fraud, NASA, Pentagon, Weaponised business!

Continued Investments in the biggest Global ‘Death’ Industries!

I’ll have you removed

You’re a Public servant, taken an Oath to Protect my Rights.

You sir have duties and responsibilities whilst in that uniform.

They’re all in the Law Society everything is about procedure.

Challenged the Judge so he couldn’t go through the procedure.

You can have your opinion but I’m talking about the Law of the Land.

He’ll leave as he has no jurisdiction if you never committed a crime.

They’ll never show you the game, blatant deception, hidden reality.

If I suffer a loss someone’s committed a crime, robbing y/our energy”

They can kill us all with a push of a button, by flicking a delete switch.

Natural Law, the Law of the Land Not Maritime Law, Law of the Sea ~

It’s Commercial Law and doesn’t apply to us, as you well know me Lud!

Oppressing us with our Ignorance, paying the system, voluntary rip-off!

If you don’t say anything that’s accepted as consent, joinder.

This is my jurisdiction not yours now fuck off!

Mindset: A /14C -1

They tested my dad for asbestosis & Mesothelioma.

People, forget all about the Rations, the Conditionings.

The War’s over my Sovereign! Raytheon-can you hear?

Fear is a sickness, infection don’t let it under your skin”

Tune into Cosmogony, to Polar Bears, dolphins, Tigers,

Honey Bees and All the other endangered species ~

Transmuting Amazonia into a barren Atacama desert.

OK if you like only camels and scorpions with no Oasis...

Living in times of perpetual foggy mirage and burning clouds.

Red hot children ~ with Crocidolite in a crimson Death Valley.

Myth: Perfect God Teflon fights Irresistible Queen Karma

Even Superman had his Kryptonite factor No. 7

Achilles his heel, Narcissus his super Id ego,

Henry had his eight wives’ heads to sort out!

Salvador Allende his Kissinger & Pinochet shadowy ghosts.

Tony Blair’s Hell, his zeal to invade & conquer, ‘Righteously!’

More Astronomical*Cosmic Info

Krishna’s Celebration not your Mind’s suffering

take the Unconditional path if you want to go ~

The only time when a man was enlightened

On a battlefield!”

In only 18 verses, Krishna sang it.

She was part of you, nothing else ~

Krishna lives in Virginia in the Taj Mahal of the west”

He’s not meditating on anything, he is the whole.

Sounds of the Magic Flute in the forest.

Just got a smiley from my Bhakti App. ~ sent me an SMS.

Why Choices, was it like this or like that; who cares?

Visual poetry not Steganography

Nothing to do with Womb Magic

A moustache promises authority in Mid East & Mid west!

Meditation ~ Emoto’s magic quality of Intentional Images.

~ distorted treatment of perspective, of reality.

Surrealists jetting chance elements into their work ~

feeling Inspiration from the first line of a love poem.

& disconnections ~ cut a bunch of bananas inside a glass office.

Nude woman in a Red armchair’ reading the ‘Auto*biography

of an Embryo’ ~ Liberating sexual convention.

Sensuous physicality, ‘Freedom from Tradition’

Unplugging > the Mind

Beyond Supra*Realism

1936, London International Surreal Exhibition’.

Francis Bacon’s ‘Figures in a garden’ Rejected ~

as insufficiently surreal” ~ Reality even only a line -

Out of context * Giving shocks to the habitual system.

Zen enlightened moment on a Miro canvas, being Alive.

Twombly’s lovely colour fragrances of abstract seasons

Liberated from the Competitive Conditioning Programme

Time marked by dehumanising conflicts - switching gears.

Reflection of something, is that a new idea? Control by fears.

Freud had a view of Primal drives or was that a girl in tears?

I liked Jung’s Archetypes, more like Osho’s Celebration.

New sense of the human propensity for Brutality; Jesus!

Cultural psychology or aestheticism of Art for Mr. Klimt?

Such a beautiful painting of an abstract Orange orchard.

Did it have something to do with the New ballet of Atoms

existing in your Imagination or knowing your real brain

has a life of its own & likes to travel into forest corners?

Did you understand any truth from ‘The Golden Flower’,

feel a new moon rising in ‘Le Poète Allongé’ de Chagall?

But Art is not the same as Cosmic Spirit is it?

Man or Star? Ask a Mayan

Giotto came to Padua and Orvieto

Raphael’s poetry, Signorelli’s Apocalypse ~

Italian customs making Dualism into Art & Opera

And a Roman Temple looking sublimely beautiful

from every vantage point of a Villa Rotonda.

Verdi & Puccini creating ~ Unknown eternal essence

I’m not just a drop ~ I am the Ocean”

beyond the limitation, within & beyond

bubbles bubbling ~ You are

no need to do anything.

No Plans, Dead Peace, Revelation.

New identification ~ not identifying

with the senses, even the Mind-Yours.

Realisation of No Separation

Immaculate Completeness’


CCTV > ‘In Court for Obstructing a Train’

Had a drink like! Yu knoooww....”

All Equal

No big

no little * parts

On the Ocean

even the Mind is a sense.

Where are You ~

Master’ of our own Mind

what we have to learn?

Don’t constrict Yourself

Can’t find a Point

Where You start, begin or end

Perfect ~ You are no body, ego less

no competition * being the Rock too.

You are the In-dweller transforming.

Can’t define ~ putting a boundary

around is a Limit, a restriction.

Willing not to know ~ Judging it

Separating their feelings from other’s


Mindless (being happy)

A no Knowing

just a being

Without any Me ~

no need to be better

no competition, struggle.

Milarepa jumping off a cliff - what dies?

Energy leaves your body

You lose nothing ~

Broke his body of Light

Smashed all his Illusions.

Too caught up in Egosyntonic Identity

disorder (No need to commit Suicide).

You’re a process of living ~ dying”

A Fuck, a Cook, Cleaner and a Nurse

Three people standing there ~ vibrating

Nature’s sounds in the depths of the forest.

You can’t hide anything on the dance floor ~

Best not to know because we don’t know anything

We only think we do! Dark energy Space is what?

Identifying with all their suffering, driving the Ego.

A perspective pointing at a pure perception.

Rock my world Baby; We are the Best!

When it’s the right time for us it’s the right time.

Fuck everything! They got the Black Box…

Its full Love ~ eternally changing

Modern Warfare

There is Abundance ~ it’s all been hidden.

They’re into taking as much as they can out of it for themselves.

Try not to believe anything you’re told.

Manufactured consent coming from the Insiders.

& they get their food and wood from the jungle ~

Sleeping on a bamboo mat,

Live & Learn.

Cosmic Debt

Being robbed blind, making the most ‘Lawful Rebellion’

You’re classified ‘Dead’ now owned by the Government.

I am a LIVING PERSON I have my Divine Given Rights’

Once you get your head through that veil of Holy Bullshit!

It’s a construct, web, matrix, we’ve all been stitched up!

We’re all heads of our own State, God made all of us.

Taking back our Authority, sharing, communicating it.

She’s shaking her Spear at the Dragon of Ignorance!

First glimpse

Mind, Mind, Mind.

Do not refer to

what you think.

Witnessing rather

than A Separating ~

the Identity has to be Smashed

that’s the Pain ~ ego’s game

breaking the Illusion, delusion

Pierces through the Rock.

Om is not really a sound ~

Mantra getting into a pattern

where there is no mind ~

As long as it’s nonsense,

terrified to let go

and play in Space.

I’m exhausted

Want to Know

What’s Real


Reality is based

on the past

future ~ wave is a notion

present ~ wave is motion

we’re all waves

of the Ocean

The Pain teaches

no stepping out

be in it

In the middle ~ of the pain

there is no pain * beyond the senses

Ocean Waves

No past, no imaginary future

no Universe ~ apparent Illusion

Emptiness * Space is the Real…

As soon as you make yourself breakable

You are weak! Developing Information

to destroy ‘Knowledge’.

You Are Reincarnated

Right now ~

In everything

truth within

Plighted to ~ A Diamond

Sleeping with Venus in a high Power point

holding the deep Red crystal in your heart

Conscious of the Limits

of the Sense body

A Shell ~ then it goes

changes to the True essence

the true being ~ of no fear dear


Bella Lucrezia Borga in the Aphrodisiac Palacio at Mantua.

We express what we feel

the last Fantastic supper.

The Observer of the Mind is Me, I am not the Mind”

Whose Gorgeous Bomblet!

The Dow Company of Michigan, USA ~ made ‘NAPALM!’

Their most (In)famous Death Product; what can you say?

So much of it dropped on people by Your Government!!

Why couldn’t they keep giving us ‘Saran Wrap’ instead?

1967, 500,000 US. troops in Viet Nam, feeling it in the air!

Soldiers coming home from the battlefield….

Going with the change

Where is the end of something?

Knowing when it’s time to leave you darling!

Using mirrors at the right place of no separation.

What makes something unique? nothing at all!

Enjoying Tao ~ Ego of joy, knowing same, same difference.

Training an Ego for a Virtual reality Identity, take your pick!

But it’s inhuman to drop cruising nuclear bombs or napalm

demonic clusters with no daisies, on your wedding cake!

Are you discriminating? What values are you creating

in your mind now? ~ ‘Truth is all one’ ~ It Is * As I Am

Naturally Sunreal <:> in Front of the Sky

A nano-second, sleep-walking above the steelwork’s high cranes at night.

What’s the difference between a human & a feeling Android from Venus?

It’s a Rocket fired from out of an underground bunker called CyberSaiBaba

A man’s life falls apart and he throws himself off a suspension bridge!

Putting the pieces together, prescribed ~ a Wonderful Life is Heartfelt,

not for a Vengeful Gladiator enraged at a feast of Jealous Tyrants!

The scope of bloodlust is Unbelievable even to a normal Maniac.

Why did you try to stop a war Krishna if it’s all the same?

Looking into something from the Cosmos ~ (big window)

Life Time Reflecting Light

Moving energies into magnetic prairies

Stardust falling through every pore & more

effects of dark matter * full of faerie magick.

What’s the most open in Creation ~ Sahasha

Comes from the guts, comes along the main Ghats.

Open Mind ~ Closed Mind Changing Mind Still ness.

How much music of the spheres is in subatomic skies?

Opening to Rose petals, Open to miracles of birth & death

Open to transcendental ~ heart feelings in Cosmic strings.

Infinite expansion infinite expansion infinitely

Embracing All of You

Celebrate life in all its forms

Ego just let it be ~ naturally

Shit Happens If you want it to

being happy Psy-trance * Shiva’s dance

even for a nano-second be in Space

Step off your bed of rusty nails

making something out of nothing with your life.

Photons of light streaming in ~

from behind the neutron curtain

Patterns of a day of sunshine

blossoming in your open heart

Co * Existing

Celebrating life in all its Forms

I married an infatuated egoist

I divorced a selfish narcissist

forever & ever & ever


Putin’s Moscow Rules

Vote for who You Trust”

Depends to which Standard you are being held up to”

A very low turnout for a Landslide!

Brazilian Bombshell, wet & free

Promise of an exotically glamorous land ~

populated by beautiful women full of Samba

and bananas, growing as big as their nipples!

Ethnically loaded by virtue of her gleaming skin.

A descendent of Slaves, she emerged out of the big dipper.

Her Mother’s name was written in a Mayan Star Sign

An easy going Paradise, not political but totally human”

Did you ever listen to just the sound of waves?”

That Qatif Girl’s Lips Are Sealed

Revealed, caught in the wake of a human rights disaster.

Sharia laws keeping Riyadh executioners’ swords sharp

in this age of Blue tooth, seems medieval & very uncouth.

Male Predators getting away with Gangbanging a girl

in daylight and taking digital film on their mobile phones!

It certainly wasn’t meant to be like that was it, Prophet?

This Ordeal condoned by Saudi Arabian Misogynic life.

She was Raped and suffers more intolerable, cruel strife.

Ordered to have 90 lashes, rose to 200 on appeal; Unreal!

To be flogged by a prison official with a Koran under his arm.

The Judge of Appeal Court said he’d have given her Death!

Her brother tried to kill her for the family’s name shame.

A Woman’s crime under ‘Khalwa’ law, of being outside

alone without a male relative ~ dictator to oversee her.

You see she broke the ‘law on Mingling’ begetting evil”

Demonised by a fanatic, intolerable Police ‘Commission

for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice’

Authority’s using rape and torture to control a population.

It looks like the woman banged up in Sudan for calling

a teddy bear Mohammed, got off too lightly; screaming…

Many wanted her executed for blasphemy, in God’s name!

Perfect Law of Liberty

Meditation ~ on the Courage,

to take the risk ~ of devotion

Kaam & Rati * life happens

Life It continues through the sexual act

Its Purest energy ~ Creating Life ~

That’s how the Universe gets its Life!

The Goddess goes out into the Cosmos ~

Shiva residing in the Crown Chakra of everyone.

Raindrops in the Ocean

No Wing Diktat

There was no time anymore ~ just me floating along”

Why not give them away, sultry, naked Cro-Magnon women

walking through a noetic land of enchantment and dinosaurs.

You have a highly developed sense of beauty, erotic & exotic,

& are extremely intelligent, visiting the Acropolis, Theseion,

Temple of Jupiter, the tomb of Socrates, Heliopolis, Giza.

It was poetic and of no time or place known to man,

the boat itself was the only link to reality”

At that moment I was Free of possessions, Free of all ties ~

Free of fear, envy and malice” - “Out of this fiery anarchy

came the lucid healing, metaphysical speculations which today

enthrall the world.” Henry Miller, at the Colossus of Maroussi.

I could have passed quietly from one dream to another,

owning nothing, regretting nothing, wishing nothing.”

Magic is never destroyed the most we can do is cut

ourselves off, amputate the mysterious antennae

which serve to connect us with forces beyond our

Power of Understanding”

Being communicated over and above language,

over and above personality;

something Magical which we recognise in dream”

I had everything a man could desire and I knew it”

My blood was roaring with desire, full of pollination.

Went to the roots of a wild Olive bowed before a fruitless War


Streptococcus Pneumoniae’ living inside a bacteria haze.

Smoking chillums ~ “keeping your mantra” transcendence.

So why bother, why do it? ~ ‘Got married on the battlefield!’

Kaleidoscopic wizardry, breaking the magic spell of language

Succeeding in destroying the power of illusion, took a nice trip.

Near death experiences; Sphinxes telling us to Snap out of it!

Deeper harmonies, deeper fulfillment, deeper joy in you.

How to be Fully alive <:> Spirituality is in perfect harmony

What Do You want to Manifest?

Things come and go, Space remains forever & forever ~

The Bible, the Pyramid with a diamond on top of its Apex.

The Parthenon, the Coliseum, a heap of bleaching bones.

A Gothic Church, a Cathar Massacre enacted on its steps.

A Blind Pope’s Telescope, for the Sun and Constellations.

A Mona Lisa, without her enigmatic ~ smiling at you.

A remodernised Guernica, a Rock & Roll Band

Yoga headstand, looking in a five-way mirror….

Debbie turning up on Venus with a Taoist genius.

As a nothingness


They discovered how to light a fuse under ‘Ideal light’ Vishnu.

They learnt how to Direct market share of Shiva, Shakti, for the

factory & decided ‘Rationally’ to fully Exploit ~ Globally Brahma.

People needed a large chunk of money to sacrifice to their Egos.

Gave everyone a ‘Free’ bonus of Everlasting need for greed.

Hanging their hearts like dead animals in the Sun.

Inter-Active Seaside

Perfect fit, fits Perfectly, Perfectly fitting.

What are you doing with your time; Spending it Wisely?

Yin & DNA Yanging, Third Eye*No Eye, Dhammapada.

Our Life Is the Creation of Our Mind”

Celebrating being Alive inside a Sequoia forest ~

light effects glistening on a torrential flowing river.

Liberation is not upset by Happiness or distress”

Consciousness can’t remember the past or future,

too frightened to open the curtains for a peak.

Everywhere is good if you have the choice.

Are we falling asleep while we’re awake?

I could Live here, a place called Paradise ~ it’s not too quiet.”

20% weight is in its heart * 40 million year old hummingbirds.

Enter the Palacio Retina

Return of the Angels, Return of the Star Travellers ~

Return of the New Atlantis, Return of New Mayan birds.

Mexican boys picking lettuce in fields at Quetzaltenango

exotic Guatemala girls playing in emerald pools at Tikal.

Fell to Earth from a Sun, tripping on red Stargazer lilies

full of fresh air ~ prana currents, energy, clarity, lucidity.

Lovely colourful auras spinning through your pulsing rhythms

Albino Redwoods

All beings visible & invisible to be liberated in Big Sur”

In the dimension of Real Illusion & ‘Psychology’ Dr?

Fantastic Brain washing, glorious Brain Worshiping,

stepping out of the physical and mental XXXX box.

Having Microscopic heart surgery in a satellite

not enough chlorophyll, needs a host.

What stops the animals eating it?

Sacred DNA.

Civil War Cornucopia before the Tree of Life!

Celebrating a Bastille Day; Nobody wants to be ~

A Slave; who said you were naked in Paradise?

Egalite, fraternite, what’s the other one? Eternite!

I think ~ therefore I fell from the tree of Knowledge.

Life is the Creation of your own Ego-Mind!”

Very difficult for those Master, Slave owners to let go!

Shattered Mirrors of Your Reality; deranging harmony.

Making it Us & Them - Reaction to our Separation

bringing on another disorder, lost in complete Ignorance


Cell phone talking in the car,

Time is Money ~

don’t waste a dime”

Don’t make the ego such a big deal

It is what it is ~You are as it is, boundlessness, infinity ~

I Am, if you choose to be the Inspirational light, of Shiva*Shakti.

Try some life affirming actions, practice Yoga, devotional Bhakti.

Finding your own Inner guru in peaceful grace & generosity.

Don’t worry don’t sell your*self for money in too much hurry,

don’t lose your*self respect or independence; Look beyond

the dark nightmare enjoy the pleasure of the Cosmic dance.

I love your spontaneously beautiful smile ~ the innocence.

Feeling compassionate, spiritual, natural, social life, being

Human ~ by witnessing your mind & rejecting ego’s strife.

Live each moment as if inspired not down in dire denial.

Many go home to the light”

No repression, suppression, oppression, depression, deception;

Agitation of Arthritis, evolution of innumerable ‘disorders’

The History of Martyrs and Slaughterers; Who is Whom?

Brainwashing artifice by a London based Oligarch,

that white baby sucked you dry” spinning Medea.

You’re soldiers, it’s your duty to Kill” Obeying orders!

Slaves of the East India Company have no caste ~

they can be sold & resold by the British Raj!

Break the dominant spell, throw these demons in a cell.

You dare insult an Officer of the Raj for raping a woman?”

He who pays decides”, new Rules Against everything!

The Rising Up’

We’re Living It

Down loading * Solar distribution, uploading chemical pollution.

Endangered Mantra Rays in Oceanic colors enlivening our days.

Sonic movements in deep trenches coming to the surface for air ~

Took my honeymoon in Florence, took her to a sacred fountain.

Made a Cosmic journey round to the dark side of the mountain.

I’m not resisting anymore”

Me & thee, it’s Right ~ Paradoxical.

Why denial of your own narcissistic superego ~

denial of yourself and your beautiful relationship?

It’s dangerous for you and me; Is it the end of romance, love’s fantasy?

Is the idea then to be left with nothing? Just witness your mind in action.

How to take out your wanting, your Personality completely, every

little last bit and then there’s unknown Karma from aeons before ~

The designer of your every thought and action which is rational and

not accustomed to Quantum physics’ views from Outer*Inner Space.

It’s psycho*logical, mental, physical & emotional extra*terrestrial

entities not knowing much Intuition ~ it’s Very dangerous.

Like being stalked by an extinctive Tiger in a panic room,

a virtual Jungle playing inside your mad head in a cloud.

Questioning every move, observing every choice,

reacting to every sense …


Can make you Suspicious, superstitious,

give you an introduction to fearful Paranoia

and take you to the Front line of Schizophrenia ~

Lead you down the path to suffering & Intense pain,

despairing, worry, stress, negative depression, denial;

can be very dangerous for the dreamer in your cells Cupid.

Looking for your God in a wilderness can even lead to acts

of Violence, to aggressive demagoguery this mind construct.

A Selfish, greedy, ignorant, cruel personality called humanity.

Inside your heart, to be destroyed by you can be Perilous,

it will take you to the bottom, can make you starve, naked,

be living in sorrow, rejection and failure, having nothing,

given it all up in the hope of truth, lying defeated alone,

under a tree until you broke apart at the end of nothing.

Expected Happiness & feelings of ecstasy are a delusion.

A weakness; Reality itself is an Illusion, very dangerous.

We resonate more living equanimously in the heart...

Or it can break the will of your unique holistic being

and can attack your spirit with hypnotic delirium…

Yet you’re led to still believe this is the way of truth,

to Salvation, enlightenment & Holy Grail of Liberation.

You can be broken down like a Crack Addict, a junkie,

you can be self abused, accused, tortured like a ‘Godly’

Warrior, Fanatic lost in the grip of a Tyrannical Saviour.

Lost in the ‘Righteous Crusade’ for Omniscient Power ~

Is it your good Karma to Destroy millions on a battlefield?

Depends on your might this Psycho-Mania for a Holy fight!

Over time you develop a horrible Monster Inside a Cage ~

It can be a devil full of boiling rage ~ in our own environment

with other slaves (captive elves, pixies & fairies)& big beasts!

Pharaohs, Caesars, Generals, dictators, despots, paid Tyrants,

corrupt politicians, false propheteers, popes, predators & priests.

It can be very dangerous, can break you into bits unless disease,

poverty, crime, nano-poisoned food, alienation do it to you first!

Can be dangerous, this belief & faith in Religious thirst ~

this Ignorant brainwashing can be a terrible lasting curse.

You’ll have to break your superego isn’t that the point of being here?

You’ll have absolutely nothing left except yourself, is that what you

are really looking for even though feeling needing, wanting more?

It’s a very Powerful, independent choice to take this road

to make this quest there’ll be no more unconscious rest ~

Considering breaking your own Mind’s self-ego, Id, Identity.

Simply witness it for what it Uniquely is, let it be Cosmically.

Embrace nature’s Celebration, embrace your life, open, free,

being here now miraculously for what it is, the master key!

Being humble and content and overjoyed not separatedly.

A part of the living tree ~ in tune with Earth, sky and sea

in touch with all the birds and bees, flowers in harmony.

It can be dangerous, can be a wonderful experience.

Take Your Pick!

Sub Atomic Horus ~ Doing the Business

Looking through tinted windows at Guadalajhara

surrounded by Landscaping of a ‘Genprobe Complex’

$ multimillion ‘creations’, passing a Pet cemetery.

Profit lines of ‘black glass temples’, Mira Mesa Blvd.

Cloning mothers’ chromosomes, looking into future’s

mega eyes, living another dream dreaming itself.

I’m calling about the next wave”

the bird guy, the one with wings


At the Gateway to the Heavens

Your Life is the Creation of Your Mind”

Swimming against the current repressing emotional

pain, wants & fears. Travelling through time & space

travelling with the stars, Intuiting higher intelligence ~

fell into a conceptual, galactic crevasse, facing any anxiety.

They dropped a German Astronaut at the Space Station

made three walks into orbit, spinning 186,000 miles per sec.

Having Incan coffee in the Sputnik café, 150,000 stars above

your head. My wife came from Atlantis’ Psychic crystal ball,

passing through blue holographic frontiers of intense radiation.

We still kiss, lights from inside a Cosmic horizon”

Attached to my ego in the centre of the Universe”

Hatred in a Whirlpool on the magma stream of Life!”

Mindfulness is a direct experience of life, not the concept”

Distant drum * Yin Yanging

Whatever It’s meant to be; She’s on her way through

light years on light years of sensational rubbish dumps.

At the intersections of Immeasurable & unfathomable,

taking the shuttle. Dynamic microscopic * macroscopic.

In the parking, met a Sufi without his zooming Frisbee.

Changing Polarities & Realities?

Somewhere on a Pacific beach ~

It means something

The most metaphysical but it stopped in your Mind ~

Incomplete, can’t feel the movement, change in Time.

Misunderstood the meaning of what it’s meant to be ~

Of who I am, of who we are, conveying an inner spirit.

It’s never too late’ ~ there’s something there, effecting.

Great hope for the future in a house of flying chopsticks!

Let’s hope the I Ching thing is right

An Alienated Fabergé egg

Elements of Chance, innovative, improvising, in sync...

The Mind of America, the Mind of Modern Persia, Islamic

Republic of Iran in heat; The Mind, Roman Empire in defeat!

Mind of a practical multi*hemispherical new Chinese dynasty.

A Mind of ‘The Chosen’ separated Zion, Holy Isolated, Israel!

The hidden Mind of forbidden Tibet

Planet Hemp

Expressions of a Brazilian Survival Cornucopia ~

Carnival of Apartheid’ - the Arrival of Angolan Slaves!

Expensive, commercial, contemporary, lost black rhythm.

Singing Samba, reggae bhajans in Salvador de Bahia.

Did you ever listen to simply the sound of the World?”

Bringing the poetic element into the Funk street baile’

All beautiful rhythms, beautiful dancing, beautiful people.

Looking for the Perfect beat ~ mixing, “what do you hear?”

OK you will find your song”

Didn’t want to be ‘Knockout Ned’ Shot in his head, finale!

Living in shanties, a tough reality ~ ‘In Ciadade de Deus.’

Creating Percussion & dance not crazy gang ~ Violence!

Going back to their roots, samba morro, hip hop, reggae,

fusion, funk. Favela not for rich cosmopolitan Bossa Nova.

Blade Runner in the Tropics ~ fuckin with a Volcano Vivo!

Bringing the Revolution, coming from the Source of Life ~

Front Page - One day in the Press - 27/07/2006 LA. Times.

Residents of the Lebanese Port of Tyre rushed to the site of a multi-

storey apartment building said to be the home of a cleric with ties

to Hezbollah which was flattened in an Israeli air strike!

A UN. aid convoy reached the city ~

with a supply of flour and medical kits.’

In Ruins

Camp Victory’

An officer shoots a boy holding a replica Toy gun….

House to house fighting, dozens of Israeli tanks and

bulldozers backed by missile firing drone aircraft!

Three young children killed including two sisters ~

1400 Rockets, 30 Dead, Israeli shells killed four UN Peacekeepers!

Spider in the web, butterfly in the net regardless of whose nationality.

Cross Pollination

Same Cones from different trees

One female seed has to mate with a male seed

carrying all the DNA; creating a Giant Sequoia.

Freezing sunsets ~ Pressing the Panic Button!

Kat ^Usher’s Pocket Rockets!

A cease fire opposed by the US. and the British.

That special killing relationship in action again!

If it’s not dropping Atomic Bombs, its inhumane

sanctions, indirectly starving one million children!

The city was pummeled, houses razed to the ground.

She resisted the entreaties of nearly all of her European

and Arab counterparts plus the impassioned pleas of ....”

What a Horrible activity Politics is, the way monsters play it!

The US & UK representatives stood virtually alone in opposing

an Immediate ceasefire haggling over the word


Militias dismantling their Ford Galaxy

Eleven Kassam rockets reportedly hit Israel injuring....

Sirens Wailing at the shrine, the US. UK. view prevailed!

Israeli Operation dubbed ‘Sampson’s Pillars’ of corruption.

Incursions targeted orange orchards and olive groves ~

Said to be sites for launching Spuds, rocketing attacks!

50 Tanks & Bulldozers down the center of Shaaf Street.

Against the Wrath of the IDF they are Primitive! “Shalom”

Buzzing of unseen drones overheard ~ “We’re not scared!”

Children used to the Idea of death, playing hide and seek.

Sometimes they hit something, sometimes they go backwards.

We launch them the rest is up to God!”

Rare Chinese Shakespeare

Better than 10 Holy Mountains, with hills of tea.

Dali with the surreal hats in forests of glittering snow,

climbing through a Haiku desert, mango sea on LSD.

It’s never too late” changing structures of physics.

So the Spirit’s in the trees, Devas inside DNA.

the essence of everything Cosmic

E Sense

Not ESSO, EXXON, Non-Sense but Essence.

The ‘Real Thing’ not Coke but Cones

I am loving it”

Condition of the Cone ~

not the conditioning of the Coke.

Little wings on seeds detaching and flying away.

American Minds will be opened to other Ideals ~

deceiving the insects to land on them and pollinate.

Absurd beyond belief’

Lost in a wilderness of shattered mirrors’

Venus is shining ~ “I believe in the Sun”

A Challenge

Saw marrying you, Love, full desire not ‘Terror firma’.

But ‘Terra amora’ it is ~ for Dhamma seeds to grow!

Oldest tree in the world, the banyan at Anarudhapura.

Every moment is your teacher” very deep and beautiful.

Plug into it ~ reaching up to the top canopy

The Apsara Series

downloading a wet, 3D Vagina ~

Super imposing it with Photoshop,

expressing the essence ~ abstractly.

Kid you came out of one of those trees.

What are they telling us?” It’s Photosynthesis!

These Devas all sitting here on the Ancient Earth.

Long time ~ vibrating energies ~ histories in rings.

Hunger Striker

Saddam Hussein broke his fast, eating bread and fruit

and drinking a can of Coca Cola, a US official said – ”

Charges of Mass Murder; Unwarranted citing precedents.

Amazing Product Placement, it must be ‘The Real Thing!’

Take the Pain!”

Easy Path this ~ in my memory

It’s as if his Mind has left him ~

got rid of all the flawed metaphors…

Good, bad, winners, losers, rights, wrongs, dualities!

Sharing Cosmic Consciousness in a current stream

Vibrating frequencies under the same hot Sun

May all beings be < Free > of Pain > Resonating.

From sensations of hate, desire, Ignorance, suffering.

Don’t you see? “Everything is Created in your own Mind”

May all beings visible and Invisible be ecstatically happy”

And live in Brazil sipping cachaca with a girl from Ipanema.

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