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Green Eve

*Don’t Lose the Light Vortex*

My Brain’s Gone on Holiday~

Free Flowing Feelings

Sunny Jetsun


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

* We have this Jewel Together *

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Green Eve * Don’t Lose the Light Vortex *

My Brain’s Gone on Holiday ~

Free Flowing Feelings


Sunny Jetsun

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This book is arranged from Surreal notes made from ~

Inspirational conversations with friends during the 2006/07

winter season in Anjuna, Goa “Thank you all” Om Shanti.

BG: ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaoa

Green Eve * Don’t Lose the Light Vortex *

My Brain’s Gone on Holiday ~

Free Flowing Feelings

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We’re All Stardust ~ This body is our Temple

What is Really out there * Space, Known, Unknown & yet

to be discovered of our ‘Human Condition’ ~ this Fantastic

realisation that we’re from a Quantum, infinite Cosmos

We now have a New concept of how to view, evaluate,

react, believe, having a relationship with our*Selves here!

Who are we, where are we from, where are we going?

Is it all in our genes that were always evolving into existence,

we just didn’t know it! This is true of Unimaginable states still

to be found as we continue consciously on our eternal journey

as sub*atomical dimensions of Energy, Psyche, Mind, Identity,

Conditionings, Programming, Memories, fractal patterns of ego.

Karma ~ Our ‘dis/orders’, endless, awareness to be witnessed!

How to transmit a ‘Universal concept’ into a ‘human’ Sense?

How do we seem to have progressed so far, Signor Galileo?

Krishna says to grief stricken Arjuna on a bloody battlefield,

While speaking learned words you are mourning

for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise

lament neither for the living nor the dead.” (BG.ch. 2.11).

How/what is this Realisation based on? He teaches that essential

Knowledge is witnessing the difference between Materialistic and

the Non-materialistic, Spiritualistic phenomena ~ being here now


Realising this is a Sense Conscious body of boundless energy ~

caught by an Ignorant, false Ego, thinking Mind, creating ‘FORM’.

All sorts of Attachments, delusions, illusions (Maya,) trapping us.

We condition our Selves and are conditioned by other forces.

Our bodies & Minds working in energetic fields manifesting

disorders’ are not ‘normal’ to society so deemed ‘Anti’ to it.

They fit you in their box to treat; You live in that box or not.

How would you ever have any idea, clue to transcend the box

you’re told you belong in? And others will never Realise either

and will continue to react outside to feelings they’re unaware of.

We all inhabit this World & respond in our turn ~ being here now

Partial List of Mental Illnesses (Wikipedia)

Acute stress disorder, Adjustment disorder, Agoraphobia, alcohol and

substance abuse, alcohol & substance dependence, Amnesia, Anxiety

disorder, Anorexia nervosa, Antisocial personality disorder, Asperger

syndrome, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Autism, Autophagia,

Avoidant personality disorder, Bereavement, Bibliomania, Binge eating

disorder, Bipolar disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder, Borderline

personality disorder, Brief psychotic disorder, Bulimia nervosa, Childhood

disintegrative disorder, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Conduct disorder,

Conversion disorder, Cyclothymia, Delirium, Delusional disorder,

Dementia, Dependent personality disorder, Depersonalization disorder,

Depression, Disorder of written expression, Dissociative fugue, Dissociative

identity disorder, Down syndrome, Drapetomania, Dyspareunia, Dysthymic

disorder, Erotomania, Encopresis, Enuresis, Exhibitionism, Expressive

language disorder, Factitious disorder, Female & male orgasmic disorders,

Female sexual arousal disorder, Fetishism, Folie à deux, Frotteurism,

Ganser syndrome, Gender identity disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder,

General adaptation syndrome, Histrionic personality disorder, Hyperactivity

disorder, Primary hypersomnia, Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Hypochondriasis, Hyperkinetic syndrome, Hysteria, Intermittent explosive

disorder, Joubert syndrome, Kleptomania, Mania, Male erectile disorder,

Munchausen syndrome, Mathematics disorder, Narcissistic personality

disorder, Narcolepsy, Nightmares, Obsessive-compulsive disorder,

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, Oneirophrenia, Oppositional

defiant disorder, Pain disorder, Panic attacks, Panic disorder, Paraphilias,

Paranoid personality disorder, Parasomnia, Pathological gambling,

Paedophilia, Perfectionism, Pervasive Developmental disorder, Pica,

Postpartum Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Premature

ejaculation, Primary insomnia, Psychotic disorder, Pyromania,

Reading disorder, Reactive attachment disorder, Retts disorder,

Rumination disorder, Schizoaffective disorder, Schizoid, Schizophrenia,

Schizotypal personality disorder exist in the auras in y/our fields of energy.

We are all susceptible, to life ~ Allowance of the Experiences in your Chi

Yogesvara ~ Master of all the Mystic Power

Recognisance, Renaissance, Transcendence of ‘Reality’

Isn’t it true Ancient knowledge was based on this Sub-Atomic,

Quantum, holistic, fractal, genetic sub/Conscious Realisation?

Taught in many environments ~ ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ is famous,

O lotus eyed Krishna is ‘The Cause of All Causes’

The Source of All Illumination”.

Shows his Transcendental * Universal eternal formula,

entering into his Material Manifestation to teach Arjuna.

Every living Entity is only a Spiritual Spark” Not ‘disorder.’

It’s Impossible to understand by mind this Unlimited Infinity.

Discerning Material Form and all pervasive Spiritual Reality.

Revelation is not possible for those of Mental Speculation

but meeting through devotional service, not being attached

to a Tourettes’ glitch the ‘disability de jour’ tickling your box!

Syndromes, chronic disorders, out of Sense perceptions.

I give you divine eyes to see my mystic opulence.”

Seeing the All Expanding, Unlimited Universal form

(BG ch. 11.13) not with Mind but Spiritual eyes ~

to see, don’t change your Mind, change your vision

as if 100,000 inexhaustible Suns arose at once.

Blazing radiance in the sky * heating the Universe…

Sitting in a Chariot with Krishna observing the Wondrous

Playmates of Krishna

Attracted by loving features not displays of wealth.

Immersed in pure Love ~

Immeasurable like the Sun

Brahma sitting on the Lotus flower

Shiva playing with his divine snakes

Unlimited the Origin ~ no end or beginning.

(BG ch. 11. 25-32) ‘The law of nature is non attachment’

(BG ch. 2. 11) “Knowledge is to know Matter & Spirit ~

And the controller of both”

It’s All Existence.

Four million assembled on the Kurushektra Battlefield;

10 survivors! & what about HIV in Africa or India today?

TB, polio, trauma flashbacks from Class-room attacks,

and living as a blind person how do you see any light?

Their own body is ‘Immaterial’ they can’t see ‘disorders’.

Feeling the essence shining inside with golden radiance.

What about recidivists, many types of diagnosis, let it go ~

Never was there a time when I did not exist; there is no you

nor all these kings, nor in the future shall any of us cease…

to be Alive in the heart of every living entity” (BG.ch. 2.12).

All are eternally Individual beings both in Liberation and

conditioned situations”, always in existence so don’t lament.

The supreme is separated by the cover of Illusionary Maya.

Awareness is merging into Brahma’s impersonal, infinite aura

of continuous immateriality ~ Impermanent Buddha vibrations.

Take your pick once through the veil ~ (a metaphor for sacred).

Being liberated from diagnosis, separated Conditioned States.

Self-realised not being upset by changes of a body or ‘disorders’.

It finally transmutes ~ the body itself (life’s relative imperfections).

Rejoice at the rejuvenating of this living energy” ~ Are you ready

for the more superior enjoyments of this material existence?

Physical & mental phenomena are human definitions. ‘Quantum’

is intrinsically transcending all the ‘disorders’ and imperfections.

Always changing, non-permanent; death is the end coming from

Sense Perceptions ~ tolerate them without being disturbed.

(BG ch. 2.15) “Liberation is Not upset by happiness or distress”

I know words are very easy compared to the ‘Reality of Pain!’

Being ‘Cosmic*boundlessness’ ~ ‘Spiritual is Impermanence’

Mind/body is permanently changing ~ that’s Nirvana brother!

Changing Matter ~ Spirit is Eternal, Knowing the difference.”

Being Self Illuminated * Spiritually existent back in your semi!

Removing this dual Ignorance of Spirit & Matter (BG ch.17)

That which pervades the body is Indestructible”

It’s Always Changing

Climate change is a blip for Mother Earth but be Aware ~

(BG ch. 2.17) ‘Consciousness is spread all over the body’

Conscious of pains & pleasures ~ of the body/mind’s limits.

Don’t know how you feel darling but it was great for me!”

Only this Material body is destructible, embodied beingness,

we all will die somewhere under a sub atomic, starry lit sky.

Never commit Violence to anyone, it is abominable”

Arjuna’s engaged in killing for Religion’ It’s hard to accept!

A thrill to wind you up’ Source of energy from the Heart.

You are engrossed in ontological anxiety, moroseness.

Captivated as the enjoyer of the fruits of the mind’s tree ~ Eve.

The Material body, I like to enjoy the life, witnessing its reality.

I’m not a monk and need to experience full human happiness ~

Enjoying Osho’s insight & wit in this Mirage Controlled Reality’

coerced in us by masters of political power & fundamentalists.

Have to have time to relax, chill out, travel, enjoy her kisses ~

still witnessing (not forgetfulness) streams of consciousness.

What do you Believe? Embrace a divine doctrine of devotion;

Loving Kindness & Compassion taking you to transcendence.

Find the Unmanifest, No Form* Space before or after human life,

but you have to be detached from any Identity, any Programming.

However wonderful it may seem, remember it’s all a deep dream.

Be the Cosmic witness and enjoy full Psy*trancing in Anjuna.

Feel the butterfly flying freely in the clear blue summer sky.

I say enjoy a smile from your heart & from her soft lips.

Importance to be able to flow above the Mind, being kind.

Remember lying in your arms, ‘I Am’*‘AS IT IS’ Spiritually.

Opening for us the doors to Heavenly Planets * Galaxies.

To do your duty without Expectation Arjuna; everything is done

for Transcendental Consciousness, the highest quality of Action,

of being, so No Reaction from Mental Activities, just Surrendering.

No longer attached to sense gratification, definitions of joy or illness.

Realising the distinction between Spirit & matter * simply beingness

The Greatest Warrior Commanding Elephants

Seeing you in wonder off the battlefield

All perfected ~ your body is Immaterial.

Sitting, feeling Kundalini ~ lava rising in your Yoni

and Individual Star crossed lovers of eternal entity.

Kama Sutra Yoga free from bondage, being bliss ~

Living without the fruit of a throbbing Karmic tree.

Samadhi’, from the Vedic dictionary, ‘A Fixed Mind’

When the Mind is fixed for Understanding the Self.

It’s not possible for those captivated by the senses,

condemned by the processes, of Material Energies.

Be free from all dualities, from any gainful anxieties;

Be established in the self (yoga). Have no guilt feelings,

pain & fear because you’re Attached to the Sensations!

Lovely reading the poetry of Vyasadeva, dancing at dusk

Om a Starlit beach

Lila Pastime

Her disorders are only sense perceptions’.

Met her in a State of cosmic trance ~

In ecstatic dance * flux of hot Romance.

Don’t grieve for the destructible body by knowing,

Inconceivable, immutable, Invisible, all pervading

eternal energy ~

Always existing, undying, primeval

free by witnessing, not forgetfulness

swimming in streams of consciousness

She is spread all over you ~

Changing in front of your eyes.

& Inside of you.

We’ll change and meet in another body ~

I’ll kiss pure spirit on your smooth moist lips.

In another destiny we’ll mix our energy

Eternally you & me ~ forever free

Saumya ~ Vapuh’ Sanskrit: The Most Beautiful Form

Surrender Your Self, Your Mind, Your thinking Ego ~

Use your Mind and body to do this especially when down.

When the ego is weak, at the rock bottom, in a mess, zero,

lost with no hope. Surrendering becoming Humble, for once

in your life. Use this Experience to let Mind’s ‘disorders’ ~ go.

This is a Unique special moment although you’re too busy in

Suffering to see it, to go beyond any Pain. It doesn’t have to

be a full, complete tragedy. This is the silver lining, it takes you

through the Gates of hell ~ Like Arjuna not wanting to fight a War;

Krishna told him.

The wise lament neither for the living nor the dead” (BG ch.11).

Knowing the Unknowable, Absolute Truth from a surrendered soul”

Time for ‘Reconditioning’ You see Krishna through

Spiritual ~ the non material eyes of Revelation

The Interaction of Energies

Krishna ~ ‘the Cause of All Causes’

Ordinary people came to know why he appeared

on Earth and executed such Wonderful, Amazing acts.

Coming to know ‘bhakti’ ‘devotion’ Spiritual*Consciousness.

Relieving a person from all problems, their ‘disorders’ of Life.

If a Man is Suffering it’s due to his Forgetfulness of his Eternal

Relationship to Krishna Spiritual Consciousness

Relationship ~ Activities but don’t be Attached to the Result.

Do it with Spiritual Consciousness of the boundless space.

Birth and death are limited to Material, mind/body worlds ~

(nama/rupa), not spiritual awareness or Krishna consciousness.

Frequencies, densities, gravities, less worry, less anxiety.

Fear is due to one’s absorption in Illusory energy”

The human body is meant for spiritual Realisation”

(BG. pp. 171/2) Brahma is the Original creature ~

Hearts & souls submerging at the lotus feet of Krishna

Supernatural * Omniscience

Releasing the Brain ~ Indefinitely

Being here now is * Infinitely*Infinity ~

Learning to detach from this World Form.

A process of elimination & witnessing.

And what is the use of words?

Razzle Dazzle

The Mind Screams

I hate you > always!”

Tell the Mind to Love her.

Mind got the Order

Eliminate the Word

Tuning ~ (with her)

beyond No-mind, Space


Razzia’s Dispassion

Can there ever be too much compassion?

Weaken the leash (drop the shields),

conflict in the Inner being.

True energy fields ~

Kissing electromagnetic juicy peaches

on a Priestess of Venus’ ripe wet lips.

Diving to the depths

up to the surface.

In the end

You gotta go through it alone ~

No teacher, no master; found your Inner guru.

Stolen from Africa brought to America”

Even voted them back in, the Warmongers!

I’m dealing with my reality, the best I can

my friend…

Inner beauty

Karmaless Krishna

To know the Eternal Spiritual life, free from Materialism ~

Free of Mental Speculation, friendly to each living entity..

The source & All Pervading energy, Master of all Mystery

Free from being selfishly attached. (BG. Ch.18. pp. 51-53).

One always in trance is detached & free from false Ego’

On the Krishnaloka Planet in the Spiritual Sky

To Know What Is Spirit & What Is Matter! “One should not spend

one’s time pondering over how to make money”. (BG) ‘Brahma-

Bhuta’ ~ Oneness with the Absolute Transcendental Krishna

Consciousness. Elevated to Self-Realisation helps you put the

Human Condition, our reality, Y/our ‘disorders’, y/our fears,

y/our neighbour’s Suffering, their Anxiety causing ~

distressful frequencies of disease into the Full Context.

Pure Devotion, no negativity, ‘Bhakti’ is a State of Liberation.

What to do with your crazy son? Real illusory attachments ~

of a mother & father, while words are relatively easy to give.

Night Watch’ - A Russian Horror Film!

Are the Ingredients Important or the Effect?”

The World hasn’t changed, just You”

Spiritual Eyes

Seeing Krishna in Your Heart, with a clear Mind at Peace.

By Love and devotion can’t see anything else. (BG ch.11).

Reached the Supreme Planet after leaving the body”

Be transcended ~ become Perfect while doing your work.

Anything done for Personal Sense Gratification is a Cause

of Bondage ~ but I love my daughter’s birthday too And

Celebrating at Goa trance parties with beautiful Russian

dancers, juggling fire sticks on a full moon beach ~ ‘Dada’

Have to let the dogma go too and be cool with yourself.

Realising Space to live in peace with purring Radharani

Ambient Radiation ~ in the air we breathe invisibly.

Man Made fields Electronically ~ Wi-Fi. flowing digitally

You can convert to any religion, doesn’t bring you closer to God”

It’s easier to apologise than ask for Permission.”

Just go and do it again; dishonest Corruption!

Not to be a slave; Programs of the Sun ~

There goes my little flower * win win situation.

Transmutating ~Turn that energy in the right direction

by getting detached from the wrong direction, thing!

Love is only for the Divine being forever ~ changing.

Nobody’s desires are fulfilled, so you want a rebirth.

Trapped by your own free-will, it’s called MAYA.

She is the Goddess’ energy of all your Illusions ~

and desires, impossible to resist her in your mind.

Maya doesn’t disturb the meditation of Shiva ~

Although she’s always trying to get his attention


It’s not a dog or a cat it’s a soul!”

Accept, step out of the conditioning

Don’t be with demons be with the present

not the consequences coming to haunt you.

You should have no goals you are it, let the I AM go too.

Tricks you into believing you are it, I AM; IT’S NOT YOU!

I am everything going beyond your mind’s Form of identity,

beyond the Universal manifestation into dark matter ~

Shakti, Parvati, she runs the world, she’s the energy

Beyond that experienced as mother nature….

Beyond that of the intellect and rational brain.

You wanna follow your blind faith?

Temptations like the Devil.

Accepting Our Beingness Not a Computer Programmed Neocortex

Is there any reason so many of us go out of our Minds ~

in the wrong way without knowing why, and how we can

once there, deprogrammed, explore the Spiritual Cosmos

instead of dying with Addictions, obsessions, guilty DNA;

stress disorders no one knew the names of or their existence!

Yet many go through life with sad strife, or as his mad wife

who never knew she had ‘Reactive Attachment disorder’ ~

No blame or shame, being lost in this judging, diagnosis game.

(see Disorder lists & levels of consciousness on pages 52-53)

Your ‘Borderline Personality disorder’ friend & your ADHD fun!

Making us react to abuse; expectation wants the perfect son.

Your ‘crimes’ are not seen as ‘Passive Aggressive behaviour’ or

even ‘Oppositional Defiant disorder’; needs more than defiance or

Zero tolerance, needs psy*trance dancing to transcend these perceptions.

How to ascend, align with these Mental-objects-movements; to consciously

get a glimpse of Mr. Buddha’s friends & Miss. Radha’s Quantum hologram?

How to respond freely with your mum’s cancer, to hold her hand, to just be ~

connecting through our 3rd eye ~ witnessing, being the observer of your ego,

of our ‘Apparent Reality’, of all segregated material manifestations, identities

Creating an image for our contaminations until we Realise our divine essence

Keep your Mantra alive ~You are Not this Form in Streams of Consciousness.


Your seeds of life ~ keep growing up into the Spiritual sky

Pervading in the heart of every atom to re-establish their

relationship with Spiritual world. Recognising synchronicity

in Schizophreniform disorder, Seasonal affective disorder,

Self Injury, Separation anxiety disorder, Sexual Sadism

& Masochism, Shared psychotic disorder, Sleep disorder,

Sleep terror disorder, Sleepwalking disorder, Social phobia,

Somatization disorder, Specific phobias, Suicide Stereotypic

movement disorder, Stuttering, Tourette syndrome, Transient

tic disorder, Transvestic Fetishism, Trichotilomania, Vaginism.

Transcending interpretations, mind, fears, enjoy being here now.

I’ve never had it this bad Crusher

Absolutely has to be a threat for Love to Conquer All...

They Fucked me in the Mind!” Get yourself a New Robot.

You are bigger than this, seeing it in a Relativity context ~

Practical, look for a Positive in a Negative ~ it’s all impermanence.”

Re-establishing their Spiritual World of changing*transcendence!

Inheriting a ‘neurological disorder’ at the onset of childhood from

genetic, environmental factors but the exact causes are unknown.

Not a good medical prognosis unless a bodhisattva tells you it’s illusion!

It came on a caravan with a bunch of miming Coprolalians in dreamtime.

Arriving on the battlefield at Kurukshetra for an amazing Spiritual lesson.

Welcome Shiva*Destroyer of the Material Universe.

I’ve surrendered to a daughter of Brahma Kumara ~

Another tended devotedly to Krishna’s cows at Surabhi

Rasa’ * in your face, reflections of a lovely sunbeam ~

Her true Love fell from radiant sparkling stars of the Supreme.

The last words of the Buddha, “everything is impermanent, work

out your own salvation with diligence” seek no refuge but yourself,

your inner guru; Krishna & Buddha’s blessings shared with everyone.

Teachings of Transcendence ~ through Bhakti, devotional service,

Loving Kindness & Compassion.Bodhisattvas would rather allow

themselves to be killed than to kill, to keep the peace and right karma ~

knowing this body is an illusory FORM of your Mind’s (dis/orders) reactions.

King Asoka did his duty and realized after witnessing his destructive powers

that it’s essential to know the difference between material & spiritual states.

Sitting under a sacred Peepal tree in Meditation, freaking out in a War Chariot

or kissing long, puffy nipples at the Temple of Venus in tantric contemplation?

The giant egos of a Darius, Caesar, Alexander, Ramses, warring catalysts!

Why accept, who needs them? What’s the definition of a cult of Sociopaths?

From the Stoners Age to Now ~ hologram, quantum, nano, zero-point galaxy

I‘ve lost All My Power!” “Freeing up the Mind!” Processing human delusions.

Before coming onto the battlefield ~ Cosmic Alchemysticism

Living Life

People think they have to Judge ~

Interpret, identify, react to, do or die!

Stopping it all by feeling inner Peace.

Peace Is In You

A Transcendence ~ of Form.

We react to the Object of the Mind.

The Subject is its live essence

If it wasn’t that nothing would be.

The dream is the happening

the plane of reality allowing Consciousness.

You gotta deal with yourself * wherever you go.


In the Zone

I don’t believe in Aliens; what the fuck’s just happened?”

There’s something going on here, that’s OBVIOUS now!

They have hidden stuff, corrupt accounts all over the World.

Prime Minister it’s all heading in paranoid directions, correct?

Swept through a Vortex of emotion that I couldn’t control ~

Thinking about something wrong, I had to get to the bottom

of before I worked it out. That’s where we all end up, fucked!

A thought is such a simple thing, then you realize, understand

this fantastic thing that we are is not what you imagined it to be

Inflexible * Full of Vanity

Open your legs like a butterfly,

put the ignition key in ~ ”

Innocence live from the Heart

Blazing in their Cosmic Kisses.

Judge us not for our weakness but for our Love”

Kashmiri Space ~ Is this Paradise?

Qu’est ce que c’est?

You don’t want to watch movies about Psycho-women.

Sexually frustrated wankers are scared of hysterical women!”

By 2050 there’ll be more plastic in the sea than fish!’

Quantum Reality * blinking in and out of existence

In every moment

We can cease to manifest it at all

It’s an hallucination but it feels real.

Ants won’t cross a line of cinnamon.

Owning your own deeds of Chaos & Cause

Always making it ~ now, touching out to Neptune.

Sowing and reaping in Synchro*Parallel Universes.

A long distance for morality, evil & Love to travel ~

Just being here & there in your Merkaba Spaceship.

Light years from a previous condition that came into

Existence in your Mind

Ahimsa for Sociopaths

No one will come out of a Nuclear war alive!’

Ask Shiva, what the fuck happened at Fukushima!

These are the Corporate Governments of the Apocalypse!

Poisoning, irradiating, traumatizing, alienating, murdering

Our Planet, our Mother Nature and our Children’s future ~

We sit on our hands and whine about the idiot in the Palace.

Get a fuckin grip people!

Ponds Need Feeding

Make an Indian girl Miss Universe creating a new product, market

for the Corporates to enter and sell her essential whitening cream!

Being manipulated through Maya, selling us images of beauty humans crave.

Taught us, brainwashed, diverting our attention to next crisis, abyss, terrorist!

False news, pseudo intellectuals working for Matrix, controlling y/our thoughts.

No Heart, No Feeling ~ only has a hungry pussy!

Kali Alaikum

Bring it on full power giving our energy to the Governor

of fear; she brings you beyond Time ~ ½ Shakti * ½ Shiva.

Male & female, containing every energy; Divine Mother, Ma.

I love that little sexy phone; ‘a brighter side of Neptune’ “Salam”

Stay in eternity everything is Meditation ~ witnessing it all change.

Flowers of life, no need to force, by the Grace of God, Revolving

Inside the macroscope*inside the microscope ~ Spiralling heart’s

Cosmic milky ways of expanding love.

Arriving at an island, spent the weekend with a proper wallah.

Life is sweet, jumping into a cenote of Love, working with violet

flame channels (not throwers), in lands of the dove. Visions from

above ~ In a spaceship with Indigo children. Allowance to unfold

eternal moments ~ transmitting vibrations, transmuting reflecting

frequencies ~ Now the mirror’s getting very strong ~ into beingness.

Earth’s heart chakra makes the circle round * multi-dimensional

beings in human form, at the poles ~ the Earth goes inside itself.

Psychic Cyber AI. war on many dimensions, love friction ascending to

higher revolutions * LSD * Certainly I don't need a plasma HD. 3D. TV.

Like fire moths*all drugs changing ~ of a culture; football fans pilled up in

ecstasy ending the mindless, ugly violence, brawling on the tribal terraces.

Mad drunken aggression, cocaine & amphetamine made it extreme again!

Psychedelic chilling out on tropical beaches ~ blissful in Aphrodite’s arms.

Who’s going against Nature’s grain, chaos within the heart of a hurricane?

Sai Baba calling in dreams; showing me streams of consciousness to swim,

deep channels to surf ~ Falling into the Pools of Love’s Imprint. Reflexions ~

Spirit shining in this energy, awakening, freedom burning, Inspirational lives,

evolving, regardless of ego-mentalist, dramatic ~ Object Time-Space bombs!

Who is nurturing Mother Earth? We’re here interacting as the biggest Blessing.

You have to Love yourself to be able to Love others”

And to be Free in the Love ~

Relating truly in the moment’

Natural relationships ~ everyone shares, not being a Slave!

Who has to pay for joy? You/we/me make y/our own Realities

At the Bad Boy Bar

Each moment ~ comes out of the boundlessness as your creation.

Realise multi energetic dimensions * everything will be fine because

there’s No judgment, no more fake material, ego frame for the flame.

A Magician’s own reality, electromagnetism changing Planetary

polarity, giving juice to Mother Earth. Overpopulation or less ~

It's all in the heart but it's always passing through the dual Mind

You’re Mindful * Mindless ~ Observe its changing as a Witness!

We are only energy cells, nothing gets lost; being omnipresent.

Manipulations of Mass/Time & Space crossing on the tides ~

don't wait for no wo/man, no race, simply relax in omniscience.

That Mind Set ~ about the Planet, your breath, Om your path.

Dionysus on Dialysis

Deep brain stimulation; Monitoring, someone covertly watching!

What do I know, What does s/he know, What do they know?”

Ad Infinitum ~ NOW we understand what you’re doing NWO!

I’m home ~ where you are, where you can be Yourself.

Not many Train spotters on platforms collecting numbers

Monkey with a Mind, Conquering Monkey; #1 Awareness

of the Consequences! A chemical Reaction Conscience ~

Whose ‘Visions of the Liquid Earth’? Bottom line living

with yourself ~ as soon as you think you understand it

You’re Lost! If people only admitted they didn’t know

or have a clue! “I’d be the first to do that.” Natural Lips.

No numbers, Cosmic Petals, Free Spirits*Infinity Airways.

A Good Mantra, Why Not, Why > definitely on the bridge.

Cosmic Cruiser’s floating, it’s everywhere ^ have a laugh.

Making black Kali Chillums; progression not another Test.

No Judgment>the Old Programming ~‘gently down the stream’

Dreaming not screaming, guard my heart when a lover goes ~

I wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t Insane, I wanted to get lost.”

Lose 20 kg. become a thin, insomniac speed freak; No thanks!


Carlos Castaneda was an Anthropologist but also

a Conceptual Artist flying on surreal cactus fuel.

I am not a poet painter essentially I’m a Creative Artist ~

Not being Scientific, not making sense, being Abstraction.

Manifesting Surreal, expressive and perceptional Intention.

Came across an ethnopoet from the Huichol of Oaxaca.

carrying a bunch of radiant psychotropic ‘Power Plants.’

He got a doctor’s degree for his ‘Teachings of Don Juan’

A Separate Reality’ & ‘Journey to Ixtlan’

God is everywhere and in everything”

Met a Yacqui Shaman at a bus stop in Nogales, New Mexico.

Spiritual rhythms, symmetry, fractal patterns of synchronicity ~

The Blue scout in a blue mosque, pure light, pure Cosmos

Visual Landscapes of Beautiful Nature, Divine Being ~

Spontaneous marks reflecting Inner unity from Chaos

Psychic strings to Universal sympathies

getting in touch deep within ourselves’

You have to Inhale

Taking shamanism seriously, into hidden mystic worlds.

Plants have a spirit, they can teach us what they know.

Took Peyote, flew as an owl into the Emerald Cactus

Met an ancestor of the ether, scared out his Mind ~

turning into a howling, iridescent black dog.

Met a native, took the ‘Intention Training’

All the Universe is going on in his Mind

Observing being an expanding Participant

Skill of divination * hallucinatory visionary Sorcerer.

On a journey to the Pass of Mental collapse.

Biology breaking down his defences, his Identity,

his self conscious conditioning, his world view ~

different Insights ~ realities between dimensions

to save his sanity

Predators Lost in Irony

Anyone Remember Check Point Charlie, the Bay of Pigs?

Halle Berry for La Presidente of a Paranoiac Tinsel Town!

We’re cranking out Missiles like sausages”, Khrushchev.

Outspending them on Bombs - to Stop The War!’

Strategy of the Great Game’ do you see the Irony?

Capped him, “You only pull out a weapon to use it”

Amazing to envisage it’s all just frequencies ~

You got three cherries in a Row’

Bar Bar Bar

7 7 7

We’ll believe until the last instant.


Rocket * Tree

Is there a Key

Is it Locked ~

Why isn’t it Open?

Love affair ~ with longevity

nobodies complaining

about 42 years of happiness


for me it’s just fuckin....

Why Imagine any barrier, any Lock?”

Bring me the crazy Generals!”


Independent but workin’ as a brickie, family of 4”

Attached * always attached, Not free to be ~

Let the attachments go, dissolving into detachment...

If you let the Mind go ~ lets the pain go with the Ego.

Detached, non attached, to something holding you.

Then you’re in that Zone but keep it Real too!

Outside all the definitions ~ Somewhere.

I’m always going to try to bring it back

to being frequency

In a Depression ~ Looking for Lucidity

Safer behind a Virtual Big Wall, Separating Them from Us ~

You’re allowed to do this but not that. Not allowed to go here but

you can go there, thank you! Controlling, splitting your whole being,

making a separation between who has water or not, who can work,

who can travel, study, pray, who has life! Right & wrong, up & down,

yesterday & tomorrow, friends & enemies that you’ve never even met.

Killing them cruelly with your ego for us! Laws, Criminal Justice Bills’

which stop you talking to neighbours & your kids playing in the street!

Is it any wonder we’re dysfunctional with a splitting personality,

Afraid & paranoid? Intentions & Motivation of forces giving you

perceptions of Yourself and Reality in which we all must survive!

What happened to ‘Les Droits Humains’ with Crimes Against Us,

Humanity? Your Medical Records are being scrutinised, you can

be sectioned, your private self is usurped. You lost your sense of

your own true Identity. Had a break down, naturally got AA for my

Brain disorder. ADHD; Short term memory loss led into Dementia.

When you left I went Insane affecting my behaviour, emotionally, my

nerves, brain; don’t know any more. Putting the pieces back together.

Woke up in nightmares sometimes had panic attacks. How much do

I allow myself, how do I understand My*self & You in this landscape?

Obsessions, Addictions, Cravings, Fear, Madness all around;

Insecurities, they’re all dimensions of ‘suffering’ to a Buddhist.

What’s the answer? Look at all these ‘disorders’ accepting the

World is a dangerous place, having to develop Consciousness

to put it into true perspective, to let it go into the spiritual realm,

happily on its way ~

No Expectations, Liberated & Enlightened

From the Patterns * grounding us in this ‘Reality’

Non-Transcendence; Live ~ being the 1000 petalled Lotus.

What’s the modern definition of a Militarised Police State?

These ‘disorders’ put into context ~ of ‘Zero Tolerance’

We’ve lost the Quatrain ~ ‘On Heavenly * Mountain’

Blame Supplements

Need to boost your Serotonin levels, try 5-HTP herbals!

Friend Van Gogh, Bi polar ‘disorder’ exorcised in his painting.

al-Qa’ida deserving death more than you desire life.” Nutters!

Use the Drone!” Confirming our ‘Intelligence’… Where’s it at?

Washington bound, ‘No Due Process’ An Enemy in the house!

The World is Paying the Price of these Maniacs & Usurpers;

Their Cluster bombs are Indiscriminate, Legal Collateral Evil!

Criminals presenting Psy-Ops, lies; ‘Yellow Cakes’ to Congress.

Put it in his ‘State of the Union’ address, ‘Uranium from Africa!’

UK intelligence, Co conspirators spreading untruths, Iraq to Niger.

Paradise is what you make it

What’s wrong with that Judge?

Hopefully I just broke that ‘Virtual Mould’

Who I was for Who I am, just havin’ a go ~

I’ve always been following a twinkling Star from afar.

Never giving up all my freedom to give you only pleasure.

Inscription of a Traveller, being happy, always changing.

All waves coming together simultaneously, so loved up!

Creativity becomes more fulfilling ~ complete.

Freeing yourself from the chains of a Master!

Free Inside ~ Outside the Concepts of a Mind.


* Embracing the Universe *

Took me there showing me the possibilities.

This is what I do…

We’re here, nothing better, than now ~

Clean, clear and fresh, the total inside line.

No discrimination; I’m in Love with a woman,

rings through her nose & lips. The real ones.

Right here in my head banging away.

Let the Love Talk

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left of Ego’

UK’s. DNA. Database has 3.7 million samples; 6% Pop.

More than One million taken from people Never, ever

convicted of an offence (20.01.07 Independent, London).

The 1st from 1995; now this is shared with multi-national

databases. All new born babies from 2007 to be included.

The World’s most ambitious Identity scheme!” Thank You!

Need to Relax our Privacy laws, gauging the public reaction.

Central metadata; each movement Filed In their Perfect field.

Hiding in the mountains ~ go there first and make Shanti Om.


There is some nudity ~

Hospitality as a sacred duty...

She took him straight to Paradise

Lava lamp

The Mind can’t do it >I don’t know < What Mind Is?

Clean and Clear ~ we know intuitively, what’s right

& wrong. Truth as a basis of reality * Synchronicity..

Tao rattling on with the monkey ~ Feel it, Keep it Real.

Shiva’s India embracing the Universe, no more Time ~

Met a Spacewoman who likes being chatted up, why not?

A golden horizon; Sky giving them ‘Reality’ on Satellite TV.

Opium eaters, spent 17 years in a Banyan tree, observing ~

Fields of Marigolds & Strawberry forests seemingly forever.

I’ve given up on it ~ helps, floating in seas of no stressfulness.

Xtending it until Swept overboard.....

Pure Expressionism

Pretty chilled, Jim wanted them all to go through the Doors.

Together we could all be sexy angels, being high in the sky.

We’ve all got a Jackson Pollock hiding in us somewhere mate”

Let them know we’ll go! Not scared of a fight to get the honey.

Darkness & Light

You can only get rid of Unconsciousness

by Consciousness, not a poisoned heart!’

Asleep you’ve got to wake up ~

Generated by illusions of the mind.

Problems from the past, in the future ~

memories, Imagination running wild!

What about being here now!

Not caught up in the head

causing pain. If you know

then just project happiness.

Inspiration’s deep Inner Space

Very deep and beautiful

and one day he wanted to fuck off to Paradise!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is

just to love and be loved in return.”

Transcending through the heart the part

of man connecting with woman’

The village gave him a young wife

the first day he got there ~

Most people ate the cake.

Yeah everyone!

Lust Bulbs!

They got you by the Heart*chakra

they can turn that into a black hole!”

Your own Mind is controlling, it’s all made in You.

You can’t help it ~ in Kali’s Space it’s full of Maya.

Enjoying life as a human ~ that’s happening naturally.

A SLAVE TO MY SENSES or not ~ Chillum central!

Running after Sensual desires just satisfying your own Ego!

Tantric Gurus retiring to Shambala with their sexy Queens.

A pink candy striped skittle

With a woman called Fushia and her daughter Cerise, leaving

a club called Spots (in Leicester), were attacked by N F. yobs!

Helped by a Pakistani Taxi driver…..

pushed by a drunken bum in the street.

She was standing next to a bobby

in a doorway on his walkie-talkie.”

Allowing free expression

Seriously ~ “Suggesting colour equivalents of Cubism”

Releasing your sentiments from Natural Catastrophes…

Bondage, Pain, suffering, crazy losses brawling with ignorance.

Reconfiguring yourself to be liberated ~ from the Attachments.

Playing without thoughts ~ naked carnival dancers in ecstasy

Punk Protection

She Stepped outside the Frame of reference into no-man’s land.

He was a nano-Robot with Asperger’s; elemental and relentless!

Living in the UK where 90% of heroin on the street comes from

Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Opium production, with mobile-labs

Increased in 2007 by 1/3rd in only one year! How is this possible?

7,000 British troops have been fighting there for five years!

Kali * Maya can drive anyone mad

I got a Text from England

Daffodils blooming ~

Blackbirds are laying eggs….

Longer days and Golden Sunsets.

Find the primordial Space

Allowing the Form to be

You are the Action ~

Free whirling helping them go on their journey

Everything is Simple ~ natural

As a Rock*Is God

Hot Geranium

What’s the carbon footprint of a Tank?

400 tonnes of depleted uranium bullets and shells!!!!!

Fragments exploding in the air poisoning everything alive!

Abandoned days making a lot of new, holy shit crucifictions!

Not for the man who escaped from a straight-jacket ~

by balancing on his head * the cherry pie was empty!

What about the pheromone attractions?

I pissed on a jellyfish!”


I am Idle!”

How many Idols can you look at?”

Make me your God and I’ll make you my Queen.

Worshipping anything; a guy nailed to a piece of wood!

It’s no good being offered loads of money

If you’re not alive to spend it!”

Where’s the burnt offering mate?

Need something for a sacrifice to God!

Is this the Divine?

Cycles of Unconsciousness

Pleasure is your inner nature ~

Having the wrong ideas because of the Mind & its five senses.

Its function is to keep you from realizing the Divine pleasure!

Keeping you trapped in your desires until you die ~ then rebirth.

They’re kept in the biggest Maya; Money, too little, never enough!

You want petrol for your car you gotta work for it!”

Mind’s reason for existing is to hook you on something.

You start Loving Your desires.

You could be in Love with your gold tipped new pen!

The Mind will make you swoon; it feels sexy, so good!”

Tropical water source

Sweet frangipani * gorgeous yellow hibiscus flowers.

Solomon Islands selling live Dolphins to Dubai, sheiks!

What is the Design for the holy of holies in this Gulf?

Global Infrastructure & Communication for a Prophet.

Channelling energetic friends ~ Opening closed shells.

Stops you doing things when there is a Curfew brother!

Not nice corruption, local mafia politics, closed societies;

doesn’t want to be harassed for being a beauty full heart.

Salam Alaikum’ ‘Alaikum Salam’ ~ our sister and daughter.

Other Bio*options

I don’t need the structure but more Creative Space ~

It’s already happening, encouraging friends to free paint.

Not to fixate on a 10pm deadline but to tune in & relax.

Take it smooth, dance the energy, feel the harmony ~

Spiritual environment for feeding the heart & Infinite.

Fruit trees, water wells, how will it grow in her arms ~


straight into the Ocean

What happens in the Monsoon?

Season of Rainbows on Venus

There’s large explosions on Mars

Full dancing & singing on Saturn

Exotic Pagan festivals on Gaia Earth

Energy regenerates on Pluto’s crystal shores

Creation blooms in Neptune’s parallax Moons

Storms are flowing over Uranus’ drifting dunes

Jupiter hosts a Star picnic for the Shamans of Sirius

Migrations beginning on the hot planes of Mercury.

My friend who stayed said he loved its beauty ~

Very natural with his Incan Sky Goddess

I Can’t see why You Would Want to Do Anything Else”

No motor Skills” nicely smashed ~

You only have so much of a Floodgate

that can be Opened! A freak show in your street.

Breathe, observe your mind, let the universe do the rest’

You’re the Driver of the Spaceship ~ As funny as Hell!

Sending you to the olive tree, there’ll be 72 virgins

waiting for you ~ “What a fuckin’ Jihad that was!”

A Taliban Retainer slain by Perseus

We were sitting out there in the Gobi desert

thinking we shouldn’t Operate it. Use a Proxy!”

She had to keep him on a tight leash that weekend.

Every Conqueror, sociopath puts up their own ideas.

Celebrating blowing up 1,700 year old Buddha statues!

We progress erasing the memory of those before?

Avalon Ballroom’s Magic Show on continuously ~

Venus Erotica pushing creative boundaries in Berlin.

Dialling up anything you can think of in 15 seconds”

Fully fuelled up Predators, switching off Adult Pin Codes

Sirius’ Instrument

Kali Karma personified for 6 million Jews et al”

Their Shiva lingam is a bullet, bomb, missile!

Yoni is the 5 elements creating the material ~

Space is ether, Shiva is the Spirit, left & right

jogging along beside a string of comets ~

Connecting to the higher self in a hippie house

White Dwarfs on holiday, gone to a secret Planet.

Already very different, disguised as black Apollo with Gopis.

Timeless associations of a Star colony beyond any geometry.

Turned up in a Palace of Surreal, Unreal, Super light clarity.

Love, dream world of Tantra, intra * dimensional mating ~

Oh no, she was spiked! Trusting in your mantra; fully Shanti

Where did you learn your ‘Detention Techniques’?

Forbidden to have mosquito nets in the Red mosque.

We can’t hear the monks chanting only screaming!

They shot him 7 times in the head, ‘A Hard Stop’

Used ‘124 grain’ ammunition. Dead to Brain > before

the body could react to hold up his hand & say, “porque?”

What about the ‘State Peace and Development Council’

a Genocidal junta in the land of dhamma, like so many?

And the World, UNO. sit on their hands again; Useless!

Models of War ~ Guantanamo Bay to Abu Ghraib Prison.

International Laws all flew out the windows; when they

let General Pinochet walk out of the court a free man!

When Demons are left excused, corruption lives in us

My home is in Tuscany

A dreamy house amidst rolling hills & countryside.

Light Assignation in beautiful, atmospheric Firenza.

Nymphs discovered dancing on Etruscan carvings

lying in village pools outside Sienna.

Swans wildly animated by her scent.

Leave all your troubles behind”

Keep that breath for Planting trees ~

if they cut one down; they won’t listen to me.

We are here for a reason; thought I was being Mad.

Keeping the balance, stepping into gorgeous Umbria

A bridge ~ crossing through a renaissance of energies

Kama Sutra Yoga

69 Asanas with an Indian Tantric Goddess ~ Rati.

Multi fingered, six armed, dancing Nataraj in full heat.

They’re not infinite creations, they’re finite Self creations.

Children don’t quench his thirst for spirits of the World ~

Your life is the creation of your Mind” Now Looking out

to the Stars * Polishing his lingam in the naked Sun

Streaming Banner on Free Hotmail (4/10/2007 UK)

We know you’ll get around to getting a T.V. license eventually.

We just don’t want our Enforcement officers to get to you sooner.”

Easier to pay - Harder to Avoid’ ‘Click here to get a TV License

And get your name off our visiting list’

Do you people need to put up with vicious, coercive threats any longer?

Pay more taxes to Authority, subliminal control in a Police State Culture?

Or you’re already so lost, negative and depressed you don’t really care?

This shows they’ve won your soul!

Rise & Shine * E = MC squared * Firing

Stick the baby on your heart. How far from Basic Instincts!”

Multi Dimensional ^ Someone Please help her to her feet!

Goa ~ *Mind Expansion with or without Psychedelics *

Recognising Incentives Not Penalties but see the Predators’

How do you get a fallen bird into bed? Piece of cake”

Not cocktails of ‘Class A’s. We’ve all got something of everything.

If you’re happy with yourself you can live that”

Bhudevi’ Goddess of Nature * Got the Sun in my eyes ~

Nature is not found at the Ritz Carlton but in this Ocean Pearl

Crises, Incidents, Conflict, Troubles-Everything but the Sink

Everyday rip offs, worries, depression of your nerves plus

Bailiffs can now enter your castle and there’s a War on ~

Just another regular day for a burnt out brain to deal with.

In partnership with a World Class Cunt” Don’t be too hard!

Stressed Manic; as he left he taught her a Magic spell…

She felt an immense transcendental affection ~

and prayed to Glorious Saint Atomica*Radianta.

God forbid you can speak your Mind here” Uh!

Amazement on the lips of a peaking constellation

If You go above Rishikesh You see Shiva, for sure!”

Have your films changed people’s Minds? In which way?

Hollywood is an Unconscious billboard on a hot dry hill.

Vivendi, Viacom, Sony, AOL Time Warner, Disney’

Spinning yarn to make a brand, writing jokes, clichés,

screenplays for Banks, Donald Ducks & Corporate sucks.

Don’t have a Hedging, Mutual Fund; do you have any Trust left?

The have it all and the have nothings’ What does Buddha have

to say or Jesus or Krishna or Mr. Smith? Anything to do with only

securing National Interests not the People’s; are they surprised?

Nice to talk to the World from the bridge of Utopia”

Integrity & Dignity behind Two Way Mirrors

Left Yale, went to Jail for embezzlement; what to do?

Didn’t have a clue; Captured our boy & beheaded her.

Al-Quaida proxies destroying the land of the two rivers ~

Protecting Tyrants yet we oppose Personal land Mines!

Dropped 3000 tons of munitions on Baghdad’s Town Hall

Rwanda & Darfur; Predators stalking by you in the midst.

The World only looks on in feigned surprise; what to do?

What are local power brokers doing to their own people?

Sitting in their Palaces counting their gold, oil & new slaves.

Coveting their neighbours’ resources, possessing the means

to destroy, to destroy, to destroy ~ What’s its real worth?

Terrorism at the Coliseum

Now we return to Jihad News with Images of War ~

some of our viewers may find distressing” but most of

our viewers are used to them as they see them every day,

here on their favourite Award winning, Global TV. Station!

How many must die for Caesar to become Great & Greater?

More desensitised, homicidal spectators of a broad Spectrum.

Who Really Owns the other top Corporations, Conglomerations?

Ultimate Release is in Realisation

Oh it’s good to be Alive!

Psy*Clops’ Illegal, covert, Psy-Ops; Shining Strobe lights ~

On every pigment ~ of colour in barren, earthy Olive fields.

You had a Different Program that’s why you had to go ~

travellin’ through densities of a red cubist’s likes & dislikes.

Introspection, Insights. Order your ‘disorder’. If you break it!

Trust is very hard to find and to put back again, ma cherie.

Your mood swings and behaviour drove me fuckin’ Mad!!!

Thankfully I had weeks of Meditation in a silent, empty cell,

knew some real stories of Buddha and the Bhagavad Gita!

Where did you get Your ‘Normal Cultural Programming’ ~

which Government sponsored educational Establishment?

Brainwashing’ is another reason NOT to define oneself

by Any Label ~ Put it all into a bigger * Cosmic picture.

Don’t be caught by any of Your ‘neurological disorders’

Don’t get Captivated by any Desire; there’s a Big list!

Connections, Inter*Relations do you feel Undercurrents,

do you Realise your True-Self from genetics Spiralling

up into a Spiritual Sky not a Materialist Universe dear!

Humanity is changing ~ has a dying body & eternal spirit.

You’re separated from your godhead by Maya of Illusion.

A covering, a veil, a mirage, your Ego ~ Self in distress.

All part of it consciousness of the Senses giving you pain.

Your Attachment; Believing it really Exists in body & Mind!

Let that delusion go ~ let your disorders resolve into infinity.

The Mix

Ultimately regardless of the Myths, religions we are only

a speck in the infinite universe * The ‘Tao butterfly effect’

Wise wo/men lament neither for the living nor the dead”

Don’t get caught in the illusion of ADHD however Real!

How to realise this in your world of suffering & delusion.

Words are easy, this pain is unbearable & the pills help!

Realises finite Material world & infinite Spiritual Cosmos

You Are Flat Out – Flat out of your Mind!”

Psychedelic’s effects on your neuro * transmitters

Relationship ~ 5 – Hydroxytryptamine ~ Serotonin

A hormone produced by the brain used as a chemical

Messenger between brain cells * ‘Psilocybin’

Only 50 millionths of a gram needed to start!

*You know that ‘Reality’ is distorted by LSD *

don’t confuse ‘hallucinogenics’ with ‘Reality’ here ~ now.

Actions of a Psyche delicious Agent, free from gravity

Beyond My Wildest dreams ~ Sacred flowers, plants

In a Cosmogonic Ayahuasca natural Universe.

Dancing twins with eagle feathers in their hair.

Inside the Brain of a Quetzalcoatle

Multi dimensional * Hemispheres

Mythical & embryological

Beginnings of esoteric ~ Time

Scientific concepts & Shamanism

Inside DNA; outside the fiery Dragon.

Firing flames of the Ayahuasqueros.

Given a molecule of life ….

Containing genetic information

Is the same for all species.

Everyone came from Brazil.

The best lyricist met her on a beach at the break of dawn ~

Dancing Samba; ‘Garota de Ipanema’ she goes walking by,

discovering double helixes on her soft pink, wet, sultry lips.

Coded in four letters, animate, essences dissolving a Coup d’

Taken over by the Military not the World of sacred Plants!

Somewhere in the Creation myths of Indigenous peoples,

Life’s Cosmic energies ~ divine Perceptions of plumed

Serpents in heat, disintegrating their Solar crystals.

Revelations on the Ladders between Earth & Sky

Gods come down natural beings go up’

Happiness Monopoly

Like Pigs in shit. Ergot on rye; St. Anthony’s fires in Salem.

Government Mafias got you over a barrel of global taxation!

There should be no more suffering, lay down a heavy burden’

Sad death, Mozart ended up a man buried in a common grave.

Head of Counter Terrorism becoming a Witch finder General.

Guilty by Association, brother in a Red Mosque, flood of blood.

Assumed guilty before being proven Innocent’, lost all credibility!

Why not Tests of fire or water, remember those times preacher?

Radiant denouement please forgive me asking for habeas corpus.

The dignity of servants as human beings in an oppressive, feudal time.

You grow up listening to War every day, hearing hearts breaking, crying.

Poetry is the Door to Music’ & ‘ius primus noces’, what the fuck was that?


Manipulating Shares in Apple Pie & Virtual Hedge Funds!

Performing Americans with Global Elites & Carbon gains.

Class War from above; demanding higher & higher profits!

Aug. 22, Started a Bull Market running through the street.

Commercial Oligarchy living in the city, secured by A Wall.

Booming Management, do anything to keep wages low down!

Living on Peanuts is not a myth of nickel & dime workings.

Wearing a name Tag on your chest, ‘No Free Lunches’, ok!

No Free Time ~ in return (No time to realize who you are).

Living on a thin Line - of Credit (sub-prime, rising crime).

Supplying & Demanding, what comforts of these Riches?

Laws of Nature, Laws of Economics, Corruption of Greed.

What about the 75% of humanity in this World in dire need?

USA’s biggest exporter of Capitalism overseas & UK. no.2!

Who owns the Citibank, who are the Invisible Predators?

Which ‘Vested Interests’ from the Middle East to China?

Who are ‘The Middle Men’ with an Abundance of Poor?

Changing Ignorance, Kali Yuga ~ ‘In A Perpetual War!’

Reality Cheque; “Is this Paradise?” asked an innocent child.

Money Makes the World Go Around’. So they say…..


Keep aiming your Mind



In the process connecting your Mind with your soul.

Relativity ~ Seeing & Inspiring your World interpretation.

Soul’s vehicle for Spirit, personal connection to source ~

So Hey Ho” falling so high into the Terminus, deep abyss.

I’m goin’ in; I’ll see you on the other side.

Getting to know you ~ never finished…

Everything is in our soul * Planetary fields

Connected * Intuition is the key not a Zombie.

Not dependent on drugs, horse tranquilisers for a Buzz!

Glimpsing is not an indulgence

KO ~ heart on Charly Chang

Everybody’s Amped

when you put it in four walls!

Dive, dive, dive; Tin hat!

Where’s your bunker ~

An Atomic Bomb

There’s more to it than meets the eye.” Last words of Buddha,

Impermanent are all compound things, work out your own

salvation (deliverance) with Mindfulness.” ~Take Your Pick!

At the House of Commons; full of terminally sick, squawking Parrots!

I’m sharing in rainbow gatherings, sacred memory, loving ceremony

Poisoned * Diamonds

Terrain ~ their Reign of Terror…

Humanity discovered the structure of its DNA.

A Revolution ~ Mercury blowing in on the wind.

Everybody’s talking ‘bout the same, same thing ~

Because there is only one thing ~ Unconditional Love.

Scoring, soaring into the 4th dimension of your heart

Oppression of Respect

Arm the monks ~ “Fight Back!”

Against a Cossack army perpetrating the same conditions

that are existing today under the fascists’ gun in Myanmar!

Nothing is sacred to this Junta of cruel despots and Tyrants.

World Political Powers turned blind eyes to their terror rising.

That’s how it Flux when they’ve something we want more!

Where does it end? With the Vatican City on Fire!

Blindfolded the Geneva Convention & castrated U N.ocks!

Secret Units’ black Room > Evil’s Camp Nama. Check GPS.

More Atrocities than Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay together!

Lost all credibility with their Task Force 6-26!

The military’s most highly trained counter terrorism unit.

There’s No Rules for the Pentagon, No Codes of Conduct.

Those Secret CIA. detention camps around our New World.

Even off-limits to the Red Cross, how inhumane, Mr. Rep!

Now can’t throw stones at greenhouses in Burma, Senator.

I can’t even imagine why!” Ask (NY Times 19.3.2006).

Ask ‘The Director of Our Human Intelligence Agency’.

Where Special Operations Command works in the dark.

Militants, their most highly trained Killers, “Salam Alaikum”

Called it a ‘Conflict’ in Iraq, 50,000 locals leaving a month.

Do you remember rebooting your crazed RAM memory?

You just had an ‘Invasive Procedure’ by the M.I. Complex!

Who made you Paranoid, delusional, gave you Dementia?

Found a Clandestine former Iraqi Torture Chamber,

now a US. Interrogation Cell ~ ‘Welcome to America!’

Welcome to ‘Extraordinary Rendition’, being Proud of

the American Civil Liberties Union making a Freedom of

Information Request. Too little & much too late senator ~

Covert Mind Warfare, Inside My Head, can’t be true can it?

Don’t take any calls; who makes this policy, fake Democracy?

Resurrected Dracula at the NSA…..

World Nomads at Arraial D’Ajuda

Nature beyond comprehension

Halloween Queen shimmering in emerald green.

Dodging that bullet ~ go with the punches.

Brought that species to extinction.

Plant a seed for Happy Daisy

New Marriot in the Artic.

I’m happy I came but glad to be leaving”

gotta jet dude”


Full Acid colours at the Palio horserace ~

They’d send out their famous, beautiful

blonde women to meet visiting dignitaries”

Loving it in Sienna

I’m Fearless, Gorgeous

That’s an Image, that’s a myth, a Legend and Cliché!

We came from a different Space, Mothership ~

The Chimps still in trees, left in the disappearing canopy.

Found a Rebel group of Angel fish, we’d arrived too late!

Turned up for a Mojave sunset with dolls from Budapest.

Wind kite surfing ~ under cobalt blue Neptunium Moons

A Walkin’ Product (hooked on lovely long Pearl legs)

You need it, without it you don’t exist!’

Into branded names. (known 400 of them by the age of 12)

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