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By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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Contrast is the key word for modern world. Some countries are full of abundance and some are lack of bare minimum. Within the country, one has everything, another one has nothing. However, my poems in this book are based on scientific advances and social stagnation in human developments parameters and few psychological contrasts. In my poems, I try to raise some issues on scientific progress and social dogmatism prevailing in our Indian societies. Some of the poems are appeared to be little vulgar and therefore I want to mark it as ‘adults only’.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


We Have to Think

I attended a party;

A few years ago;

As she stood first in her MBBS final examination,

In an elite medical college,

Of the largest city in India,

With all modern amenities.

She is beautiful,

As beautiful as Madona of the mythology.

Again I have to attend her marriage party today;

She happened to be the only daughter of a close friend of mine.

I asked him,

Hope, no dowry you have to pay;

For your beautiful and intelligent daughter.

He smiled with a pale shade of sorrow,

Rather I have to pay more;

Finding a matching groom

For an intelligent girl is tougher;

Than getting a son in law for an uneducated girl.

I asked myself;

Should we stop our daughters;

For going to an institution;

Highly specialized and expensive;

To save our money for giving a hefty dowry

At the time of her marriage???

Big Issue on Small Tissue

One film star in India commented;

Virginity in India is,

A big issue on a small tissue.

After taking a degree,

From Oxford or from Harvard;

In nuclear science or in management;

At the time of marriage;

He wants chastity membrane of his wife;

Yet to be torn;

That privilege should be enjoyed by him only.

If her hymen has already been torn;

Her character is doubted;

May ended with a divorce;

If lucky;

Next fifty years she would be humiliated,

On the slightest pretext.

Degree from Oxford or from Harvard;

Could not change,

The mentality of an Indian MCP.

The degree from these Universities,

May fetch a big salary;

But never illuminates the heart of the Indian MCP.

Long live Indian MCP;

At least till then,

Robot takes over the humanity,

From the lesser mortals like us!

The Philosopher

He is a true philosopher;

He was a master of philosophy;

Before he is a doctor of philosophy.

He delivers best of the lectures;

On modern life and science;

He had thousands of fan following in FB.

He is a man of knowledge;

We all admire.

He is a man of social science;

He wants eradication of all evils in the society.

He is a strong advocate of widow marriage.

But when his son wanted to marry a widow;

His advice was pragmatic.

Go and enjoy the hapless lady;

But never bring that used whore;

As your wife or as my daughter in law.

If she sheds few drops of tears,

Throw few bundles of currency;

Without showing any miserly attitude;

Towards the so called lady love of yours.

He remained a philosopher for the mass;

And pragmatic father for his son.

Rape or Consensual Sex

A young girl of thirteen;

Raped in broad daylight;

Law says

Under certain age;

Even consensual sex is also a rape.

All the defending lawyers are trying to prove;

She was above eighteen;

When the crime was taken place.

A thirty five year lady has been gang raped

By a group of young boys; half of her age.

All the rapists were

Between eighteen to twenty;

Lawyers defending them were trying to prove;

All were below eighteen;

So that they can be tried under sections of Juvenile law;

That will give them sufficient elbow room;

To get minimum punishment under the existing law.

What a strategy;

To save the rapists in India;

Sometimes increase the age;

And sometimes reduce the age!

Chapter V: Physician and His Roving Eyes

He is a physician of repute;

He is a true professional in his chamber;

Has never done any un-professional thing;

Which is against the ethics of a doctor.

He knows;

Breast is nothing but a combination of,

Few nerves, tubes and an ounce of fat.

But very sight of vibrating breasts,

Under the cloths makes;

His manhood hardened.

The same feeling never disturbs him;

While he examines the breasts of a patient;

By putting his hands on

Those vibrating breasts without any cover!

His friends accuse him,

Of having roving eyes,

On every beautiful lady;

With vibrating breasts;

Under the T-shirt,

Under the blouse,

Under the tantalizing bra;

Or under the cover of an Indian saree.

He is a man of contrast,

With roving eyes outside the chamber,

And a true professional physician;

Within the four walls of his modern chamber;

With a full length bed;

For the patients with breast cancer!!!

Chapter VI: Extreme Contrast

He is the pinnacle of contrast;

Really a good man;

And really a bad man.

He himself doubts about his own character;

Is he a god for worship?

Or is a devil to be condemned?

He helps everyone he knows;

Friends and foes alike!

He respects every relation,

That mankind has evolved;

Over the years and over the centuries.

He is ready to sacrifice his life for;

His daughters, niece and wife.

He is ready to sacrifice his life for the dignity of;

His adopted daughters, daughters of his friends;

Sisters and sisters of his friends.

So you must be thinking he is a good man;

Perhaps yes, perhaps not.

He looks at the curves of every unknown young girl;

Of daughters’ age with his lurking eyes!

Through his roving mind;

He undresses every young lady on the street,

In his dirty imagination.

He visits brothels of every city he had visited,

To satisfy his unfulfilled desire,

That his wife cannot meet.

He behaves like a saint for all he knows;

Plays the role of a sex lunatic;

For all the unknown young ladies;

Or on the bed with a whore.

Is he not a man of real contrast?

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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