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The Dark Night.

Martin McGregor.

The Dark Night.

A collection of poems by Martin McGregor

First published in the UK in 2017 by MDM Publishing

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Hello. Welcome to my new collection of poetry. These poems were written during a tough transitional phase of my life, which lasted for well over three years. Some days I would be in very dark places. Some days were not so bad. These poems are mostly the results of those down days. I'm sometimes accused of only writing dark poetry, and these poems will do little to change that, but often after I have written, it feels like I have exorcised an inner demon and let it escape on to a page.

If we are already friends, then you may find that most of these poems were already shared with you on social media, and as most had great responses I decided to collate them together, in the hope that other people also suffering from depression might be able to relate to how I was feeling at the time they were written.

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