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by Anne Jindra

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Copyright 2017 by Anne Jindra


To my kids- especially my son Lyndon, for whom I would move Heaven and Earth.


Half of my life, and certainly the technical level of this book, wouldn't have been possible without the support of Carlie Thompson, an incredible teacher and a patient advisor who told me that you can learn anything by studying the greats.

Vision, Defiance, Tactics, Art, Drive

Eyes in the sky

Listen to the wind whisper

Watch the patterns

And study

Know the greats

Understand the future

Ignore the promises

And fight

Use both hands

Follow the Big Three

Trust no one

And change

Keep the lights on

Always make it beautiful

Be your inner voice

And grow

Learn to love the pain

Tune out the voices

Refuse to doubt yourself


Letters that were never sent


I knew you when your world

Was young and insecure

Before it all exploded

And I learned the word endure

I remember sitting sideways

As you gently wiped my eyes

And reality became clearer

As the cars drove swiftly by

I remember reaching out

And you grabbed my hand, held tight

Back in the before time

When we all knew wrong from right

Now everyone's an addict

That you have passed away

And I'm left here in this empty house

Writing ghosts of yesterday.


It's as though we spoke of nothing

For more than twenty years

Can't say there wasn't laughter

There were almost never tears

Ran there at rock bottom

And tossed out in the pit

It felt like home and solace

When all you did was sit

Now our crazy souls

Have ripped apart our face

I lost you fighting somewhere

While disproving time and space

Slowly life drifts forward

Each rise and then collapse

And then I'm offered only

One more hand to clasp

What happened to those people

I was forced to leave behind

I swear I screamed so loud

It left them deaf and blind

The funny thing about it

Is they weren't cries for help

I was crying begging pleading

For you to save yourself

And one that was


I hear echoes of your life

Weaving in through mine

Are our lives a pattern?

Or a loosely clinging vine

I remembered once a story

Grabbing sandals up to flee

And can't help but see the mirror

That stands from you to me.

The Labyrinth

From water, flung into being.

Emerging from no when, then, the Labyrinth.

Shaped from star dirt, all that matters.

The joy or sorrow of pacing its Gordian Knot

Flowing from what we see in the child’s mouth

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