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Golden Light - Now My Colours All Turned Bright

Barbara M Schwarz

Olive branch, you held a tranche, more than just an ‘old’ piece branch - you gave me the hope to see final golden imagery, and in the stirring of the sea, the foam that filled my memory was hidden out of view, as the sun through clouds renew, every moment swiftly passing through.

What was left or held to cleft

What had gone or could prolong

It mattered not to me

for there the imagery

golden brought my century

beyond its full rhyme

reverberations swift


a brand new image line.

On the front: “Three panels antique gold : the sun of old our treasure hold (as the olive tree told)” 2017.

Golden Light - Now My Colours All Turned Bright

What was left to incite

What was left to right

What was left to blight

What could not invite

Nothing further I could see

except the image follow me

that when the journey done

it matters not what could become

the null-sum sheer depart

I have a vibrant beating heart

and in the journeys left ahead

I knew my soul such safety bed

that when I start to see

the golden allegory

alights in colours free

all around me

the rainbow in my mind

is now the moment swift to turn kind

and turn a blind eye on every false cry

you see, I really knew

that every golden hue

returned antique and new

in shades of sentiment

in waves of full intent

in scent of hungry run

in essence of all the fun

and so I say

“game on - whichever you swung

no greater could become

a life in golden sun”

A moment of perfection

to see the sun’s correction

of where we falter where

we no longer breathe fresh air

the blast and then the crack

and all put paid to that

the unsustainable

has long since had its belly full

and no more cogitating

will relieve the belly-aching,

when out there on the run

we shall have the greatest fun

oh memory divine

I worshipped you in pure sunshine,

and idolised the way

you held onto your path today

and I replied to you

“dear moment - good and true

may the sun always bless you.”

A moment to decline

and yet again

the pure sunshine

never now shall end

whatever pathways we now wend

I always start to see

the golden light approach me

in gentle turn of phrase

that moment last for days

and I bathe in light arrays

as the wind sways

through the trees

it rustles now the Springtime leaves

and as I have said before

infinity’s an open door

and all that now incite

is colours golden bright

and I am left to see

the golden light that surround me

ebony of tongue

when the wooden life begun

ebony of soul

when the matter enter whole

ebony of thought

such deeper ways than what we fought

ebony desire

you cast upon a holy fire

all that ‘er could mire

and in the lifted stead

you raise a wholly head

of simple golden light

for now my colours all turned bright

Purple Eyes Publishing

A birthplace to venture every nomenclature and simply procure, energy rich and pure is natural for sure.

Golden light and sunbeams bright, and all your mind may wish incite, is in the great outdoors for there life lives in greatest scores, and see, now how the music pours shores of energy in blasts of memory by living full and free in the light that envelops me.

Twinkle sum, the golden come to visit everyone: the living sun - our days are won - in what we see that glistens with such energy when the sun surround for free all we wish to ever be.

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