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This Anthology of poetry has been edited and compiled by the Author, Rashida V.

It is a free e-book of art for the public to enjoy.

When Queens speak, the Earth does something different. It stops spinning for a few moments. Somehow, digesting the splendor and savoring the knowledge of feminine language.

When Queens speak, souls bow and are receptive to monumental truths, usually.

When Queens speak, I suggest all adhere. Their tongues are wise.

• • •


Each Queen: D. D. Wright, Khalilah, Lisa, Tahiya, Heather, Dawn, Nicole, Candis, Courtney, Kawana, Tamara, Rona, Tanya and myself Author, Rashida V., are all forever grateful for your support of poetry.

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The Book of Heather

The Book of Courtney

The Book of Nicole

The Book of Candis

The Book of Dawn

The Book of Khalilah

The Book of Rona

The Book of Lisa

The Book of Kawana

The Book of D.D.

The Book of Tamara

The Book of Tahiya

The Book of Tanya

The Book of Rashida

The Book of

Royalty and Chicken Stew

I cannot wait for you to decide if I’m the one for you

after this last load of laundry or Sunday’s stewed chicken is done. I know.

I’m already worth it.

I cannot wait for you to compliment my shape after child number 2 has done a magic trick on these hips. Expanding without contracting. That superhero ish.

I’m magical all by myself.

I can’t wait for you to explore the world with me, after this full tank of gas runs out. There’s much more to see past Walt Whitman And Ben Franklin. If you hadn’t noticed,

I have wings.

I can’t wait for you to strip yourself of those stereotypical white tees and jeans and adjust your cloak and crown as well as your verbiage. You’re a King.

When you begin to believe in yourself as much as I do you, me, us. And not what the media feeds us,

You’ll see, how Royal we really are.

But until then, I cannot wait for you …

Rainbow ©2017
— Heather Roberts

StatUS: Netflix and Chillin’

Question: What are we?

Most asked of those in thangs called


Rainbow ©2017
— Heather Roberts

Abolished Miseducation

Hey Sis!
I like the way you wearing that hat!
Girl you rockin’ that dress!
Those shoes are fire!
Umm, excuse me?
I’m confused. I’m not a liar.
That was a compliment.
Did you not know
that I can give those out, without
feeling less of me?
You see, somewhere along the way somebody told somebody that if someone
gave you a shout out they
had to want, what you got.
My apologies Mama for the miseducation.
There’s no envy around these parts.
I’m confident enough to tell you that,
You and your Boo compliment one
another while embracing my single status.
That your hair looks fabulous and your face is beat to the high heavens. Fierce should be your middle name.
All the while, my shoulders back and my head held high. My crown erect, aligned with the Most High.
And still not want one thing from you.
Any competition my love, is never with you. Always with me.

Rainbow ©2017
— Heather Roberts

The Book of

The Sum of It All

Life is one big, beautiful mystery;

an unknown future, preceding a complex history.

Tears over years; a mix of pleasure and pain;

Soul quenching cries like Earth needing rain.

Courtney J. LeGrande

My Advice

The lies we tell
to ourselves
are the biggest lies
of all.
We fall victim
to self victimizing
when the hypnotizing
to dance
with the devil
directs us to the dance

The more
that we excuse
morally corrupt
the better the chance
that THAT
with the devil
will keep us pity partying
in our OWN
personal hell.

But hey,
who am I
to tell
how to stop
to themselves?

Courtney J. LeGrande

Mathematics & Bad Habits (Should Have Learned My Lesson)

Totally up the sum of
how much I truly loved you,
I then multiplied that by the times
I wished
that you would love me

(the way that I loved you)

Divide that by
the multiple times

of disappointment,

and subtract
the fact
that we were
never meant to be,

you get a
of zero …

And I am left feeling
even less than that.

Courtney J. LeGrande


It creeps up like a hand
in the darkest of
gripping tightly
around my neck,
until breathing
becomes an afterthought.

Now, I’ve fought
In my past,
With vengeance
I might add …
But how can I
something that’s never
in sight?

The Book of


When I wake up in the morning he’s on my mind.

I can’t eat or sleep without him, I need him, I want him.

I can’t control my body. What is this hold he has on me.

When I am away from him I feel like I lost my best friend.

He tells me he will never leave me or forget me.

I tell him my body and soul is yours.

If I leave this world I know my GOD will never forget me.


Nicole Williams

The Balance

Why do I love to dance? I’ll tell you. When I dance I feel like flying in my only space.

I lose myself when I dance, I can feel my body get cold like death has wrapped it’s arms around me.

My heart beats faster and deeper; when I breathed it feels like it’s my last.

I can’t stop dancing. I feel her coming out of me. Who will win good or evil?

I take her into my arms and kiss her. She’s welcome into my mind and body because she is me and I am her.

Nicole Williams

The Book of


Love is a garment

Both have chosen to wear

Unbridled passion will rival lust

And win because I’m yours and you, are mine

A sacred passage to forever joining

Mind, body, and soul

What God has joined together let no man put asunder

Two magnetic forces united in love

Candis Johnson

My Sister’s Keeper

You kept us while you were here

Made us laugh and smile from the heart

Now you rest with God watching over us

The bond we share will always be there

Age nor distance will never matter

My first best friends

who guarded my every secret

I am now and always my sister’s keeper!

Candis Johnson

Deep Seeded Poetry

I had an epiphany
It inquired, are you kidding me?
You’re thinking of giving up that love thing
You know writing
How could you leave you, me, us?
After all she’s been to you
That’s it you’re done?
So much for that dream huh?
Nobody held you like us
Reminded you
Having strength, courage and Wisdom is a must
Now you want to abandon us
I’m here to tell you can’t
It’s all about us
We live in you too deeply
To evaporate
Into a vapid existence
Of nothingness
You love them and hate us?
Yeah that’s it
You’ve had all you can take of poetry
Since you’ve leeched your way to happy
Now it’s away with us
If you rid yourself of poetry
You rid yourself of God’s love
So don’t give up on us
God’s plan will prevail
A man thinks in his heart
So is he
you believe that don’t you?
Well, answer me this
Why would God mold
You so passionately
In poetry’s clay
If you weren’t to succeed
Oh so writing is no longer for you say?
Child please
Remember you said so yourself
You can do this in your sleep
They that wait
His blessings shall be manifested
I guess patience isn’t your virtue
Don’t walk away
You were born and raised
In poetry

Candis Johnson

Small Minds

Maya Angelou once posed a question
“Does my haughtiness offend you?”
No need for you to answer
I already know it
You’re threatened by me
Because I went out on a limb to follow my dreams
So, what do you do?
You belittle me
Because you are you
Wishing you were me
To quote another fine lyricist of today
“Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism you prick!”
I’m so over you and your belittling bullshit
Take it and smoke it
Cause small minded people are limited
In their mental agility
Don’t worry not everyone can be me
I’m just glad I’m not you
I don’t have the mental capacity
To take my failures out on others
By way of making sure everyone sees and or hears me
Just admit it we’ve all made mistakes
Just cause you can’t be real with you
And admit to yours
I’ll always be okay because my flaws are my flaws
And I keep it real with me
God is handling that
You think I can’t challenge you
And speak my mind?
Think again!
Game on
You don’t own me and you damn sure don’t run me
Sojourner Truth told me I was a woman
Last time I checked I damn sure was
So say what you will do what you want
Cause I’ll always win
Small minded people are limited to my kind of achievement
Mentally and otherwise
You think you’ve got me over a barrel cause I didn’t say nothing
This time think again
I will end with this
“Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism you prick!”

Candis Johnson

The Book of


I come from this land
Born of this land
Led here …





here … by your hand

Yet intentionally
And destructively
For your selfish … plaguish intent
YOU changed my purpose
YOU changed my name
Not my heritage my ancestry
Not my power not my soul
You stole everything YOU could from
So you thought
After years of hating yourself
Trying to repair yourself
Through my TRUTH
From my TRUE self
With my TRUE self
You tried to steal me
From the land
YOU brought my old soul to
This land
You THOUGHT I lost
My name
My purpose
My soul
YOU tried to
Labeled me
An African American
What is that? …
An African American?
Like YOU giving me
Something I lost
But YOU tried to steal
An African American?
What is that?
Not I
I am not from Africa …




me and my old soul to this land

This is my native
My soul is of Africa
You tried to take it from
Own me
Label me
Call me
Name me
Something else …
Other than the majesty I am …
An African American?
I am
YOU pretend to give
Something …
Something YOU believe
Will quiet
Attempt to make it
As if
I am not from this land …
I am from this land …
From this plane …
More so than you …
This land saved my old soul
Nursed it
This land … this earth … these roots
And you tried & still try to harness the soul of this land
You will never behold this land
No land
Possess nothing
For I am not OF this land
But I am …
From this land …
Not FROM Africa
But I am …
Of and by and through Africa
You will not name
You will not contain
I am from this land …
Of and by and through Africa
I know my old soul
My place
My power
My strength
My TRUE home
Yet still
I am here … from …
A land you CANNOT
Or contain
Or hold
Or build
We … They … others than YOU
Built this
Of Unknown
By no name YOU can call
I am far from
I know WHAT and WHO
I am
I am everything
Everything is
Comes from and by and through
I encompass it all
For I am
Universe Black
Pulled straight from the stars
I am from this
Unknown land to YOU
I am a

Dawn J. Bradley


I have been here
Yet I don’t remember.
But with
Without you
I don’t know.
Through indigo trails
And starseed steps
And walk-in passages
I am unaware of our past …
My past
Each other.
But I do make this pledge
This declaration
Which shall exceed all facets
Of time.
For it is not
To time
And time
Is not
To it.
There are no
Alleviations …
For this is not bothersome
To you
Exclusively to you.
My soul shall and
Will not
Accept receipt
Of any other.
Just you.
This pledge
I say and speak into
Our beings
Our entities
Our essence.
No matter
I transcend,
I have urged our souls
To meet
Continue onward
With this
For eternity.

And on all







Are the foundation
The anchor
The guide of
I must
And will
Continue the duration
Of this journey
Even if
We are
S E P A R A T E D,
Always … always …
Find and

Dawn J. Bradley

*Dedicated to my Soulsource, my Soullove, my Soulessence … my husband, Allen B. Bradley

For You I will … Infinitely

The Here

How is it that I can’t leave here?
I hate here
It is where I belong yet I am boxed in
I own and am of the universe
Yet still I sit here
When I leave this place
I am free but
Reminded that I must
Step back
When will I
Be free of the
Like a bird
Through the slender
Trees of a
Maze forest
With wings of
This is the
I boxed myself into
Like a bird
My Maze
How is it I can’t leave
When I own
And am of the
Why must my wings
Snap back
To my back
As if snatched
By a rubber band
To my own
Mind’s eye
Set staring on the beyond
But restricted

Dawn J. Bradley

so what is it like?

Hmmmm … so what is it like?
What is it like
To wake
Out of the snoozing herd?
Like your mind being
Prodded with pricked pinches of piercing
Pinholes into
Portals of
Light your eyes don’t strain to
See through
But open fully into.
Awareness …
Awareness of one’s self
One’s origin
One’s purpose
One’s power
One’s manifestation
One’s manipulation
One’s contemplation
Of one’s
From sleep
To deep
Eye opening
Consciousness arousing
Full evolution of
One’s nakedness.
Free of the
Parasitic lies
Meant to
The true
Of you.
Hmmmm … so what is it like?
What is it like?
To be
From the bondage
They thought was
Crippling enough
… thinking … wanting … hoping
Me inferior enough
To knot myself into
By the
They force
As knowledge.
Hmmmm … so what is it like?
What is it like?
To be aware
… so what is it like?
It is the intense flicker of the
Stars’ infinite light in her
It is boundless edges of the
Universe’s full matte black
It is the succulent plump
Sag of her comet freckled
It is the 360 degrees of her
Bumpy asteroid kissed
It is the sweet galaxies
oozing from her
Firm nipples.
It is the vastness
Of her infinitely orbiting
It is the spiral galaxies being born
From no other
Milky Way
It is the gravitational
slope from her waist to her curvaceous
It is the countless light years distance
Melanin marked
Between her
It is the voyage from nova to
Super nova
carried by constellation tattooed
Hmmmm … so what is it like?
What is it like?
To be the Universe
And She be Me
And We be aware that
One in the
So what is it like?
To carry
All life
My own
One’s self
What is it like?
Well, simply put …

Dawn J. Bradley

The Book of

They Say

Nonviolence is the answer they say
Body cameras on the popo will help they say
Eff your breath they say
I was scared for my life they say
Why do yall make everything about race they say
Yall kill each other every day they say
It was a mistake
All lives matter they say
Let them March
They believe progress is being made they say
Give them an inch they won’t aspire for the mile they say
The more things change they show us they’re still the same
I say
It’s time to make what they say
Nay say
Make a new way
Through action
That’s the way
I say

Two Libras – Khalilah Campfield


I’m not perfect
I try just try to be the best that I am for you
With the hope that you’d do the same
You wanna see if I’m playing
Put me in the game
I’m not the type to be kept on hush
Effen with me
You’re gonna wanna let the world in on some stuff
Yes I’m enough
Of whatever you need
Either get in gear
Or have me slow my speed
Reduce the need
Divert a greed
Hachoo Hunny
Let me be the blessing to the sneeze
The Louisiana Hot sauce for the greens
The smoked turkey neck in the lima beans
You be the dope
And let me be the fiend
I’m not perfect but I can put on my Sunday’s best for you
As long as you can take my imperfections too

Two Libras – Khalilah Campfield

What You Think About That Love?

Why is love one of the hardest things to succumb to
It can make the coldest person seem so warm
It can drive a sweet innocent person to cause you harm
Love can be the best of both worlds on a sunny or rainy day
The trumped tight hand in a game of spades
Why is love so fucking hard to swallow
If only it was a dick
I could take it
Especially when it demands an arch in my back
I’ll even look back and ask you
What you think about that?!?!

Two Libras – Khalilah Campfield

Life and Art

Some situations require patience
All pictures ain’t perfect
There’s an imperfection in every painting
All lactose is eventually constipating
Speak the truth
They’ll say you hating
Keep talking ‘bout what you wanna do, gonna do,
Is simply a validation of procrastination
Show and do what you gonna do
There ain’t much time
So there’s no need for waiting
You got it coming
And they anticipating
No contemplating
Follow through
Consistently creating
And sharing
Black Art

Two Libras – Khalilah Campfield

The Book of

Our Plight

I have concluded that our plight won’t get any better,
until we realize that our solution
is not in another.
We struggle,
not knowing that God put everything in us to succeed.
Yet we look to this one and that,
but our fingertips is where the solution’s at.
What’s in your hand man?!
When will you stand and rise up?!
Use what you have in your own cup.
We’ve been waiting for years for someone else to save us.
We’ve been waiting for years for equal justice.
It’s now time for us to rise and be empowered.
God has showered us with strength for the battle.
Given us endurance to withstand the hassle.
Now we must get up and be smart.
It hurts, but we must not take the hatred to heart.
We must unify and find our confidence.
Not only march, but change where our money is spent.
Be inconvenienced and shop with our own.
Go online if we can’t find what we want at home.
Economic empowerment is the solution.
Money talks in this racist institution, we call America.
Imagine a community that’s self sufficient, where we have our own stores, banks and school districts.
We can thrive within our own space, but we must get rid of the self-hate.
Love for ourselves, confidence and knowing that we are just as good as anyone else is a start.
Then we must get up and do the work of building one another up in this corrupt society.
Self sufficiency is key.
No one will give us anything.
We’ve been asking for years, but not telling ourselves that the answer is here … within us.
Let us rise to unity.
Let us rise to self sufficiency.
That is the key, the answer to our plight.

© 2015 Rona Randle
Poetic Heart

Acceptance of Self

They don’t like you?
Question is do you like you?
Do you know how your world would change if you just loved yourself and stopped this self hatred game?
If you embraced your hair, your skin, your physique, you’d need a stick to beat off all the company you’d keep.
Confidence is attractive.
Loving oneself is like a magnet.
If you love you, everyone else will too.
Be your own PR team.
Tell the world, “Hey you can’t exist without me”.
Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it.
Psych yourself up until you believe your own hype.
Black woman, we’ve been down too long, mainly because we’ve been singing our own sad song.
Tearing each other down, forgetting that we all wear a crown.
We’ve allowed the negative voices of our men and others to be our to be our reality.
Why we’ve adopted the negative words about us is beyond me.
We’ve taken to heart all of the negativity.
I’m not a bad bitch.
I’m not his main chick, which insinuates that he must have a side chick.
I’m not wifey.
So with that you can miss me.
I’m not a baby mama, that insinuates drama.
Call me Queen, Woman, Wife, Ms. Lady.
Better yet, call me by the name my mama gave me.
When I stop internalizing the lies that’s been placed on me, maybe I’ll be able to open my eyes to see.
I’ll see the beauty that God has placed in me.
I’ll see that I was intricately designed.
Nobody has the same DNA as mine.
I’m the only one that can be me, so I should be the best me I can be.
When I’m gone there will not be another to take my place.
I must not waste this life consumed with self hate.
God forgive me for not seeing the treasure You placed in me.
I love myself.
I accept myself.
In me I have an abundance of wealth.
Today starts my journey of love and acceptance of self.

© 2015 Rona Randle
Poetic Heart

The Book of

No More Strange Fruit

I’ve bared witness to some terrible things
Black men struck down like they’re not human beings
History just keeps on repeating, but I refuse to accept what I’m seeing

Strange fruit has fallen from the trees
No longer hanging
Now, they are lying on the cold streets

Black women beaten down to the ground
Threatened with their lives if they make a sound
Husbands, sons and strange men too, knock women out and drag them for true

Strange fruit has fallen from the trees
No longer hanging
Now, they are lying on the cold streets

Black children being brain-washed and poisoned
De-sensitized and their hearts have been frozen
Forget your history is what they’ve been told, lost and confused their dignity is being sold

Strange fruit has fallen from the trees
No longer hanging
Now, they are lying on the cold streets

Even the elderly are not safe
Being tased in their backs till they fall on their face
No respect for us breeds no respect for blue, time for action, now what we gonna do?

Lisa W. Tetting

Home of the Brave

America the beautiful, home of the brave
They took my people from their homes and turned them into slaves.
Once the law was passed to set my people free, the jealous and greedy just couldn’t let it be.

They changed the rules and exploited the flaws, still controlling us with Jim Crow laws.
When that wasn’t enough, they tied us to a fence, avoiding punishment assisted by Willie Lynch.
To hide their identity they covered with a hood. Then raped and killed like only a coward could.

When they found we wouldn’t stand for that either, they made a bold attempt to kill our leaders.
Once we got educated and started to prevail, they made another law putting our men in jail.
And now when the racists are facing defeat, they release Marshall Law and kill us in the streets.

They tricked our women to believe, their Queendom was in reprieve.
While our young women are distracted by hoes that value shaking their rump.
They try to take the country back by giving us Donald Trump.

Lisa W. Tetting

Emotional Vamps

The setting sun strikes fear in my soul
I need the light to keep from getting cold
The sun brings warmth and comforts me
Nighttime is the right time for everyone but Li

I shut myself inside like a scared child
Hoping and praying this time it will be mild
I can’t see my hand in front of my face
God help me to escape this place.

They creep in the night because they can see
Night vision is their advantage over me
I fight and I kick, but never scream
Hoping and praying it’s just a dream.

I wake in the morning scared to death
Panting and coughing trying to catch my breath
I fought this time down to the wire
Who can survive these Emotional Vampires?

Lisa W. Tetting

The Milestone

(For Mama)

A single mother who loved her children
She always went above and beyond for them.
She showed them how to cook and survive on their own
Now they are all grown and have families of their own
But she built their foundation to make a happy home.
She boasts and brags to anyone who is within earshot
About how good they are and what kind of jobs they’ve got.
Her pride and joy the best thing she’s ever done
Raising her kids with no help from anyone.
Too proud to beg and never on her knees
She worked extra hard to provide for their needs.
Raised with tough love and discipline
You can bet nobody messed with them!
Be a good person and treat people fair
This was the lesson that spread through the air.
To be a good mother was all she wanted
They are hard working, good and kind hearted.
So take a bow mom; you’ve achieved your goal
Your children are a wonderful site to behold.

Lisa W. Tetting

The Book of


When a Queen speaks pay attention
Because you never know
What you’ll miss
The lessons taught will
And can be used in life
The love we show while
Teaching flows through us
The receiver is tantalizing
Leaving the yearned wanting more
We the Queens
The true warriors of
Wisdom and light
Don’t just open your eyes
To true beauty
But open minds
To your Queens message.

Kawana Moore

I’m Blessed!

I’ve been truly blessed
To be able to do
What I love is a blessing
Letting the words flow
Is my gift to the world?
My children and grandchildren
I’m blessed to show I
Serve a purpose
I didn’t just talk
I did
I followed through
Believe me the fight
Was hard but I won
My passion to give
Teach through my words
I’ve been blessed because
I touched lives!

Kawana Moore


It’s good to know I serve a purpose
Not just stereotyped by my living
Situation but recognized for my talent
Showing that there’s more
Kids having kids and using
Welfare as a way to live
There’s book writers, singers
That man, nice with a paintbrush
Skillfully building something
Other than you see
First instill education is the key
Learning will open more doors
Present more opportunity
To show that academically
We have a chance
That will also enhance your craft
See your growth
From within yourself.

Kawana Moore

Missing You

You couldn’t image how
Much my pain for you remains
The pain of missing you
Hearing your voice
Our talks
Your support
I miss so much
Hurt so deep because
I never thought about
Not having you
I’m your greatest accomplishment
The darkest days
Are filled with your memories
The sun shines letting me
Know you’re with me
I’ve often wondered why
We’ve never talked after you left
But I’ve come to realize
I carry you with me

Kawana Moore

The Book of

Lackluster (Part 1)

He named me “Untitled”,
no box quite contained my definition.
There was never a label
he could place on my head,
the ponytails and wraps fell off like lead,
crushing his toes while he presumed my soul was mislead.
Pity on him.
Discussions of the growth strange fruit produced
caused him to believe I was aloof.
I made believe I was seduced
by the utterances of bullshit
just to pass the time.
And I smiled.
I smiled with dilated pupils and teeth exposed blinding him with subtle hints of passion and prose.
It was the hunter being hunted,
attempting to flatter me with a rose,
handpicked out of my own garden
and he didn’t know
I planted seeds there.

DD Wright

Lackluster (The End)

was the Untitled poem,
the one he attempted to wrap around his lips
while I did a jig with my hips as
though I would separate my lips
due to logistics unwritten.
Fuck outta here.
His own ignorance seduced by the literary
of a title he could not speak
in his own wildest dreams but
I knew.
I knew he would crumble like a cookie
if I spoke to him with sincerity to match his deceit and it was unnecessary, at best.
In hindsight, a the lack of a title was acing the test
yet somehow,
our progress was less than admirable,
playing each other’s shadows,
disappearing in the light
blinded by our arrows.
His name remains unknown,
sometimes that’s just the way the story goes.

DD Wright


Not so interested in the surface of the water
yet the depth below
causes me to flow
to familiar places.
Where the soul lies
lies my interest.

Not so interested in
the favors that lead to sin
committed within
before manifesting
in the present.
Id rather talk under the skies,
giggling about the rise
of royalty.
Only Kings & Queens
can personify
the strength that lies
in loyalty.

DD Wright


As if I was his Vitamin B,
he consumed me for his energy,
my life seized as I heard
the Pastor state,
“May she rest in eternal peace.”

DD Wright

The Book of

Because I Live

Because I live,
Life is different,
Changes occur,
Differences are made,
Because I live,
My opinion is heard,
Facts are revealed,
Attention is attained,
Because I live,
I can speak to encourage,
I can speak to motivate,
I can speak to inspire,
Because I live,
I can walk a different path,
I can show a different style,
I can make my own choices,
Because I live,
I am free,
Mind, body, heart and soul,
I can be me.


The Cracked Shell

So many obstacles and circumstances,
Facing each, with faith and strength,
Experiencing moments of weakness,
However, finishing the full length,
Facing the physicality’s,
Sometimes, hiding in shame,
Facing the verbal slayings,
Wishing for a different name,
Enduring the after affects,
Of being battered and broken,
Facing the consequences,
Of the unspoken,
Many times, not feeling victorious,
Only looking at the outer self,
Once the realization is clear,
The mind clarifies the wealth,
No more being ashamed,
No more being slayed,
No more being quiet,
No more … being afraid!


Historical Experience

I watched as changes began taking place,
I watched as our nation began a different race,
I watched as many were in opposition,
I watched as some tried to discredit the position,
I watched as prejudices began to peak,
I watched as assumptions began to leak,
I watched so much that was derogatory,
However, the positive, brought out a different story,
I watched as better health became a priority,
I watched as equality became a topic of seniority,
I watched as jobs began to increase,
I watched as held benefits began being released,
I watched as veterans began receiving better care,
I watched as leaders argued a little less over a “chair,”
I watched as a family displayed higher morals of respect,
I watched a family rise above the negativity and disrespect,
Yes, I watched as history was made, the first black president,
Yes, I lived during this historical age, a full-blooded Georgia resident,
It was nice, although not perfect, rare occasions when the world was tense,
Nevertheless, I am honored to witness the experience.

Tamara Wellons-Blanks

Rise Up, Black Men

Black men, take your place, firmly in society,
I need you, we need you, you need you, the variety
Your intelligence, your dedication, your existence, your value,
You are more than just a body occupying space on an avenue,
Be the father, the son, the brother, the mate,
We need your mentality, your strength, your endurance … you’re great,
Black men behind bars, that is not where you belong,
Build your mentality, learn your lesson, don’t go back and be strong,
We support you, we know you can succeed,
We want to see you triumphant, telling victorious stories to your seeds,
Be the backbone holding your beautiful family together,
Be the role model kids need, showing them things always get better,
Be the voice when all is silent, quaking the minds of non-believers,
Be the voice when all is silent, quaking the minds of future achievers,
Be the leader, be the provider, be the teacher of the truth,
Be the coach, set the example, show a better path for our youth,
Black men, take your place, firmly in society,
We need you, I need you, you need you, the variety,
Rise up, black men,
Black men, rise up.

Tamara Wellons-Blanks

The Book of


Lost time sits on the shelf
Gathering dust but nothing else
I tell this story not for myself
But for those that may need to hear what I have felt

I carried dependence like it was my black belt
I didn’t realize all the value I kept
I thought my brain was broken
Sometimes I didn’t understand all the words spoken
Insecurities already high
I didn’t ask questions and wonder why
I just applied piles of makeup before junior high
And begged for attention from every guy
I had to come up with a new name
I confused infamy with fame
And learned to bottle my shame
With a disguise that was anything but classy
I created Kathy
I made her when I was most unhappy

Lost time sits on the shelf
Gathering dust but nothing else
I tell this story not for myself
But for those that may need to hear what I have felt

Kathy was everything I was not
Supposedly confident
Without responsibilities that would come and knock
But behind the easy smiles
And sarcastic lines
Was deep depression
Because of past indiscretions
Where I’d made concessions
All in the name of some brief attention
But here still I sit at another party
Of some unknown uncaring party
I didn’t learn my lesson
So now my self-worth is lessened

Lost time sits on the shelf
Gathering dust but nothing else
I tell this story not for myself
But for those that may need to hear what I have felt

It’s funny how fast time passes by
It’s as if it’s a bird and it can fly
And as I look back on my life
I seemed to delight in the light
I lived for the brief moments when everything seemed right
All eyes on me no matter the other women in sight
Even if it meant my integrity got beat in the fight
Kathy was happy as long as the attention was on her all night
Not realizing I was giving away something that had no price
And in the end I would be left depleted
My unlearned lessons the cause of my demise

Lost time sits on the shelf
Gathering dust but nothing else
I tell this story not for myself
But for those that may need to hear what I have felt

Tahiya Chin


Your memory evades me
Though I fight to keep you
It twists and turns
Until I can’t seem to reach you
And now I wonder if I what I remember is true
I thought you wore a purple tie
But could it really have been blue
Did you really say all the right words
Or did I just provide you with a script and the right cues
I question my perspectives
And wonder from whose eyes I view
It didn’t seem to feel this way
When the love was fresh and new
But maybe that was just my feelings
And not a testament of what I meant to you
So now your memory fades like the end of days
I guess in the end even thoughts not nurtured will eventually fade

Tahiya Chin

Sea of Thoughts

I sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean
The air was still but the sea was filled of motion
I thought by coming here I could escape my emotions
Letting the beauty and the peace
Eat away at my pain like a slow erosion
But instead I find everything more pronounced
Like the scenery took all my thoughts from a whisper to a shout
And I’m forced to see reality
That I don’t live up to the very standards I talk about
The wind picked up and blew my tension all around
The dirt beneath me shifted as thoughts begin to sound
My eyes shifted skyward and my soul mirrored the impending clouds
How hard it is to face yourself when you’re all beaten down
But I still looked within even when the ugliness of the truth bites me
The sting of honesty always rights me
Just like the sea and the air and this nature around me
Somehow broke through and together surprised me

Tahiya Chin

Chainsaw Words

I felt your words in my chest
Saw your heart beat between breaths
In your eyes I heard what’s next
In your touch I tasted fear
Even though you held me near
The tension shakes my core
Even without me knowing more
And then you begin to say the words
That factually are verbs
Yet they halt all action
As I realize your closeness
Was just a distraction
A way to try to contain what you thought
Would be an atomic reaction
But instead I’m numb
It’s like I’ve gone brain dead
I want to see red
But I’ve got no fight left in me
I want to lay down and never wake up instead
I felt your words in my chest
Saw your heart beat in between breaths
That’s my repeating vision
As I ask how I didn’t know that love could leave me so bereft

Tahiya Chin

The Book of


A Queen
She is
Of what others
May say
Or attempt to
Call her
She only
Responds to
Because she is
Nothing less than such
She glides
With elegance
And speaks
With grace
Her Crown
Held high
And a subtle smile
On her face
She is a Queen

Tanya Deloatch


Trying so hard
To be a boss chick
Working and hustling
Just trying to
Make it
Out of struggling
And living paycheck
To paycheck
All the while
My heart is a wreck
Missing your voice
Your touch
The smile
That greeted me
Each day
I’m just a little
But hopefully it
Will go away
No time to dwell
Too much to do
Just need to get over
Loving you …

Tanya Deloatch

Your Words

You claimed to love me
But your words cut deep
You professed to love me
Yet you make me weep

Despite the love I showed you
It was never really enough
And you didn’t appreciate anything
I was just doing too much

You said I was the center
Of your world
But you talk down to me
Like I’m some poor, ratchet
Little girl

True colors have been shown
And there is no coming back
From that realization
I’m done listening
To your condemnation

Tanya Deloatch

My umbrella

I saw that you were perfect for me,
You sheltered me from the rain
Kept my mind focused on the day
Exempted me from so much pain
And I fell in love with you

Because you loved
My imperfections
Beyond what your eyes
Could see
You were the one who
Opened up and covered me

When all the world left me vulnerable
I would have been Drenched
Dampened and without protection
But you could see my need
Did not question
Just opened up and covered me

Tanya Deloatch

The Book of

The Recall

There were
two things she never forgot
A bee’s honey
and momma’s gravy
Then came a third … Him
& for whatever reason
she couldn’t decipher the trio.
For each had become a blend
of deliciousness—

Rashida V.

When Queens Speak

When Queens speak

we become Rolly-polly’s

growing fat with poise

tall with knowledge

old with wisdom

healthy in spirit

When Queens Speak

the unlearned

become susceptible

to power, to truth

to grace, to experience

to the possibility thereof

When Queens Speak

the blind, find new leaders

relieving walking sticks

fools inherit (wise)

children, inherit perspective

& men, well, they concede

When Queens Speak

Royalty, reaches the masses

Rashida V.


Sunday mornings, we eat cheese eggs
fried turkey, wheat toast and grits
we watch indie movies on Netflix
wash clothes & swap linens
for a right out of the shower
fresh feeling
we have afternoon snacks
as we laugh at
or discuss the intensity
in the movies we soak in
& then there is a hearty dinner
usually greens, a starch
and chicken … or for some, steak
then there’s the hot shower
that washes away the dirt
spilled on us from
cleaning the bathroom earlier
or gravy from cooking dinner
we wrap our hair in silk
and catch the last of
our nightly shows
before sending prayer kites
up to GOD before we drift

On Mondays
we wake up and have to be
someone else for
the next five days
… ooh what a life
no one ever knows
what others pray for
on Monday nights
but I, pray for more
Sundays, of course …

Rashida V.

Faulty Bridges

We build faulty bridges
With unsturdy mess
Only to complain
When unable to
Make our way
Safely back

Rashida V.

Backyard Woes

From my back porch view, I see the skyline of my city. It’s so pretty, especially at night. I watch the waves dance in the pool next door. Did I forget to mention its Memorial’s Day? Before me is a soccer field. I watch the group of young Spanish boys kick the black and white ball fervently in Emerald grass. No cares in the world. For WE are a few miles away from a different world.

I listen to the birds singing as the breeze rips through their feathers, as it does the same to my shoulders. It’s cool today in Kearny. Not like last weekend in the 90’s. And there is nothing but peace here. There is no loud music. No trash in the fields or chaos … anywhere.

And I wonder. What is going on, just across the Passaic River that seperates Newark from US. The thought comes and then goes. Cause for now … I am happy to be on this side, with no need to say why.

Rashida V.

Poetry is a distinctive, never-ending language, conversed between kindred souls. It is spoken, written or rehearsed from intelligence and experience. Poetry is the beginning of all forms of art. As art, begins with thought and words before the creative process begins. We live and breathe this love language, when we express how beautiful a picture of a sunset is. Or, how when little babies lay upon our chest and breathe or squirm from exhaustion … it formulates your first thought. Poetry is Love … Life … Hope … Happiness and truth (regardless of good or bad). It does not discriminate, nor judge … it simply expresses a point of view.

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this book of poetry. Each woman took a moment to think and express themselves in poetic form, perfectly. Praise GOD for the gift, ink and the platform.

Stay tuned for part 2.

With Gratitude, I thank you all for reading this wonderful Anthology of poetry.

Author, Rashida V.


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