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Just as the seasons change,

he was gone.

Gone forever

like sand through an hourglass,

like time slipping away.

Water through your fingers.

And before you know it,

it’s gone forever;

ripped from your grasp

never to be seen again.


He left forever,

leaving behind only

trinkets and memories,

and a family

that longs for him.


Surrounded by darkness.
Surrounded by pain.
Surrounded by death.
Surrounded by destruction.

I am surrounded by all this misery,
Wondering where to go.
I see no up,
I see no down.

I see no way out,
Of this dungeon I call life.

The doors locked tight,
The windows bolted.
So alone I sit,
In this dungeon I call life.

Everyone tells me,
"The dungeon master,
He'll let you out soon."
But no matter how many hours I wait,
He never appears.

So here I am trapped,
In this dungeon I call life.

I've lost my sense of time.
Could be minutes, could be years.
All I can do,
Is muster enough courage
To make it through the next day.

My days are filled with longing
Of what used to be.
But even those memories are fading,
Slipping from my grasp.

Out my window
I watch the birds,
Flying oh so free.
How I wish I was them.

I’d soar far,
Never stopping,
Never looking back;
Not even for a moment.
From this dungeon that I call life.

I don't know when I'd stop,
Maybe I never would.
I’d fly and fly,
Until I dropped.
Knowing that for once,

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