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The Cowgirl: A Poem

By Priscilla McGreer

Copyright 2017 Priscilla McGreer

Smashwords Edition


I can't make the horse walk backward

I beat it dead

I walk the trail

things try to eat me

I put my sword in hungry mouths

things crawl up on me

sure not lonely out here

the deadly ones

sweet and nice to rip open

the others

talking nonsense

I don't give my two-leg scream to no-leg ghosts


now I know you know it's no fault of yours


my blood still on your granddaddy's sword

I don't speak

I walk

there're wolves out here


you’re no cowboy without a horse

she sets the ground on fire

I don't cry

I seen the end

makes no difference either way


all is burning

my sword is cold

I fall asleep to riddles

the stars whistle at me

but I ain’t ever been in love

the wind brushes me

but I ain’t ever been in love

the ground stops burning and caresses me

but I ain’t in love

Mercy nuzzles me

I am not dreaming

she is mine again

off we go


I don’t have enough patience

to braid into a rug

mama use to scold me

you’re a fool good as dead

once you get where you feel so good getting

I am a fool

I don’t have the learning to use my sword

maybe I don’t have the right

but I have more than them to lose

I lead the hunt

of wolves that follow

I keep my good eye on the road


hell looks the same as here

I still know it when we get there

I keep my head down

with my other eye

I see the so-called-Princess

she didn’t mean nothing by it

you follow wolves till they find you

she traced them up to her elbow

tell your granddaddy

what your mama made me do to your papa

my chambers are not your classroom


she stuck a needle in my eye

she forgot about me

behind me

some still laugh at her rage

I don’t pay no mind to the other one-eyeds

you’re no cowboy without a horse


the horse ran off

away from wolves

the wolves ran off

away from ghosts

mama's betrayal stings like truth

all the world’s a big baby trying to suck on you girl

where I’m gone

is past where I can see

but I hear the ground trampling towards me

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