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Real Writing


1. Real Writing

2. Halfway To Southport

3. Dad Dancing In The UK

4. Wake Up…! And Smell The Cider

5. Cunts

6. Last Gasp

7. Condemned

8. Isan Chill

9. No More

10. What Are You Like

11. Smartarses

12. Pros & Cons Of Witch Hunting

13. (((SFX)))

14. Non Existent

15. Penultimate

16. Thousands And Thousands

17. กินข้าวหรือยัง/ Did You Eat Yet?

18. Ego

About the Author

1. Real Writing

Biscuit biting

Tater blighting

Shakespeare Citing

Kung Fu fighting

Chinese kiting

Birthday knighting

Christmas lighting

Wrong ‘un righting

Friday nighting

Second sighting

Outhouse shiting

Hand-eye sleighting

Heathen smiting

Facial spiting

Getting right in

Squeezing tight in

None exciting

Or delighting

As a night in

Real writing

2. Halfway To Southport

Halfway to Southport from Oxford Road

On an upload primed for second-class carriage

No ballast attached to a carefree passage

Just sanctuary; self-assured Refuge

From that overboard, crude and huge stiffy

A bit ‘iffy’. Coming straight in the mouth

Of innocent (till proved guilty) babes from east and south

Hard to swallow is that phallus at the Palace

If you’re no sucker for clocks, so hard-on the eye

Erect in effect, and if correct it’s a sure

Fire no blanks bet that we’re all dead set

To alight at Salford Fire Station

Creations… Exposed to the light of day

As witnessed from a Varsity Viewpoint

By the unhinged Crescent of a Moonshine stare

Or the noontime glare of a sun-kissed highway

Trending to the left, for maximum effect

Or am I viewing it, doing it my way?

Because, for real, I feel we’re about to… er… Peel

To the less than up-beat, off-beat plod

Of Oh My God! Not, Bolton’s finest?

Who wonder why Wanderers walked away

From the hallowed turf of Burnden Park, in the dark

And, oh so mysterious scandal

But not one these boys couldn’t handle

With their very first strike, a bit like

What they did with that wall in Wigan

Or does ‘Wallgate’ refer to something else?

And… No lies… The guys… Who ate all the pies

By the by, that’s why we can but surmise… We’re

Halfway to Southport… And we’re going west, and

The rest of the route is tainted (love)

Painted with Scouse… Debated in-house
In da house… House of Commons… Of Lords a-leaping

All dancing, all singing ‘Come on youse…

Blues youse Reds… Youse electoral boundaries

Sounds to me (like) it’s partly Political (like)

(Like) Heartily critical, of Lancashire/Merseyside

Stirred wide to the left, no sugar in mine

I like my Councils like I like my tabloids

Highlighted in Red, devoid of all things Tory

But back to the story, we’ve stopped behind

Wigan pier which appears to the untrained eye

To indicate strongly or at least imply

The end of one imaginary line

No sign of the sea… A sign of the times!

Or those impatient tides that wait for no man!

Or, to be correct politically

No Person, whatever the gender

Agenda, timetable, schedule or routine

Past, present or future… You know what I mean…

That goes around and around… And comes

Around again, and again… Time and again

Which all only goes to prove that… ‘This…

(mere one hundred and eighty four years)

‘… is the (true) age of the train’ Yes it is!

And, oh, more yet, before I forget

It’s already 23:15

And so it would seem… No download by the sea

At least not this side of Midnight’s broken dreams

Besides, the seaside’s out of our reach

The beach is retreating beyond our grasp

Perhaps, at last, we see the sea for tea tomorrow

What joy, what sorrow as we patiently await

(It’s official now… It’s the train that’s late…!)

And we’re still only Halfway to Southport…

3. Dad Dancing In The UK




*เก่า งาย ตาย ช้า

Floating voters confuse the Exit Polls

Just as abstentions mock the Electoral Rolls

And first past the post is the Democratic way

While the losers knew it was not to be their day

Do you swing… to Left or right most

As you cast your vote

And know the winners will be outnumbered

By those who don’t?

Do you really give a toss at all?

Whose Bills are passed into UK law?

Hung Parliament

Coalition beckons

Weak leadership follows

Cameron’s sloppy seconds

This is politics in the UK

A Third World Country in the making

Initiated by Thatcher in the 80’s

Perpetuated by our own uneducated offspring

While us ‘Dads’ continue to dance

Because bad old habits refuse to die

The clue was when The Wall came down

Y’know, 25 years ago

Hinting that our Socialist Ideals

Had outlived their usefulness

Proportional Representation

A figment of our own imagination

Just like the Party we continue to attend

That has no Labour force left to represent

We’re becoming a Developing Nation

The sun has set on the Empire’s Pink

Coalition Government

Call Centre Economy

Philosophies replacing Unum Deo

Seven languages more widely spoken

Than our own Native British tongue

Who are these Left-wing Socialists?

Where is New Labour now?

Political Process has run its course

Conception… Lifetime… DEMISE!

You must have read the words of The Little Red Book

The Communist Manifesto

The much repeated script of a Monty Python sketch

A process is a process is…time to let go…

Don’t blame it on Margaret Thatcher

Don’t blame it on The Roaring Tories

Don’t blame it on your own apathy

Blame it on the Boogie-woogie Dads Dance



4. Wake Up…! And Smell The Cider

What would you do if, one day

you woke up and thought it was

judging by your wallet, say

Nineteen Seventy Seven

And you were forced to survive

On Seventy Quid a week

How could you possibly keep

up your Mortgage repayments

On your luxury address

You may have to consider

quitting your expensive home

and taking up residence

inside impossibly cheap

and yet, improbably strong

bottles of, implausibly, white

cider, which makes you forget

the daily discomfort of

incurable hangovers

and other trivial things

like, of course, what day it is…

5. Cunts

I used to think I was such a clever cunt

because i knew quite a lot of the answers

to quite a lot of rhetorical questions

until i realised what a bunch of cunts

these politicians were

and not one of them as clever as i was

despite Eaton/Oxbridge

Rhetorical questions were responded to with

rhetorical answers!

What’s all that about, then?

No longer would I attempt to imitate

the complex, well-rehearsed writhing motions of

Members of Parliament

under the intense and sustained pressure of

Public Scrutiny

Contradictions of terms; oxymoronic

their manipulation of spoken gestures

with a sinister oral dexterity

that covers the lies our ears refuse to hear

our eyes refuse to see

but our open arms accept without question

because it’s so ‘special’, our ‘relationship’

with our colonial, erstwhile counterparts

just across the Pond

Intimate, infinite

Is it or isn’t it?

Cemented during our last term in Office

Lasting as long as it suits our purposes

But if all else fails… Blame the Opposition!

And I used to think I was a clever cunt…

6. Last Gasp

Gave up smoking years ago

Still, I’m waiting patiently

For that blue and black pick-up

that comes around ‘every fortnight’

with its load of tobacco

‘home-grown on south-facing slopes

of the Phu Khao mountain range’

At least that’s what they tell me

in the beer bars in Non Sang

And me; I’ve never been one

to turn away a bargain

or spurn a special offer

look a gift horse in the mouth

So I’ll continue to wait

for that blue and black pick-up

with its reasonably priced

stock of home-grown tobacco

freshly harvested and cut

and dried on south-facing slopes

of the Phu Khao mountain range

Even if it’s another

Fortnight they keep me waiting

I’ll get me my tobacco

At ten baht per hundred grammes

Or eighty baht per kilo

Including rolling papers…

That’s what I call a bargain

Even though I quit smoking

In September 2010

Me, I’m not the kind of guy

to turn away a bargain

miss an opportunity

or spurn a special offer

look a gift-horse in the mouth

Think of the money I’ll save

by not buying ready rolled

and the local businesses

my custom will benefit

on the Phu Khao mountain range…

Waiting patiently although

I stopped smoking years ago

7. Condemned

What’s it like to be Sentenced

Life condensed to a Statement

That’s Sentence literally…

Subject, Object, Verb, Full Stop

Or metaphorically…

Subject; as in Citizen

Object; of their ridicule

Verb; to frustrate, or wind-up

Full Stop. The End. Period.

But before I was sentenced…

I was already Condemned…

…Many suns and moons ago

in a separate lifetime

a Relative Dimension

Alternate Reality

or Parallel Universe

spawned by Quantum Mechanics

When I was made redundant

in more senses than just one

Lost my home, my family

as well as my livelihood

Instead of me becoming

a scrounger, a parasite

I took my hard-earned savings -

which I could easily blow

on sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

in the space of a few months

in the United Kingdom

to where my money lasted

the best part of fifteen years

Austerity in action

years before the Credit Crunch

and it didn’t even cost

her majesty’s government

a solitary penny

On my return to Blighty

I wasn’t expecting the…

But then, nobody expects

The Spanish Inquisition…!

No way José… career arse

was going to strip search me

hold me indefinitely

for or against my free will

without charge, explanation

although he flexed his muscles

in his best British ‘accent’

with the accent on ‘accent’

‘I may if I wanna to’

I caused him some confusion

name not native Inglesi…

Apparently I wasn’t

really quite foreign enough

to qualify for arrest

followed by deportation

enforced repatriation

in the country of my birth

which happened to be… England

That threw him right off the scent…

But, then again, I wasn’t

exactly British enough

which my name so clearly proved

Despite EU credentials

which couldn’t be disputed

I couldn’t merely pass ‘GO’

and collect two hundred pounds

each week from my bank account

claim my Housing Benefit

and live the life of Riley

Quarantine awaited me

(not Quentin Tarantino)

Six months of uncertainty

like some suspect rabid dog

until, at last, I was deemed

aptly assimilated

and posed no further risk of

leaving the country again

on the money I could save

from seventy quid a week

I’d lost my identity

and my nationality

Not sure where it happened, but

the beginning of the end

of my staunch naïveté

and trust in Human Nature

must have occurred while flying

over airspace away from

the Greenwich meridian

significantly longer

than a fortnight away from

the United Kingdom of

Great Britain, Northern Ireland

also spent a lot of time explaining that they hadn’t

just been released from prison

which only serves to prove

suspicions, accusations

spoken in body language

By the way, did I mention

That before being sentenced

I’d already been condemned

8. Isan Chill

Wilder than a wet weekend in Wythenshawe

Warmer than a night beside the fire

Beer Chang to rival Boddies, Hydes, or Joseph Holt

Satisfaction guaranteed to match desire

But there ain’t no snow in Non Sang

While the banter runs smooth, like a cool, cool breeze

And there ain’t no frost in Kuddu

Where the welcome’s warm and its aim, to please

No there ain’t no ice in Hua Kua City

Village Isan chillout… 85 degrees

No up-country white-outs, avalanches, blizzards

Jangwat, Tambon, Amphoe, Moo Ban never freeze

But when winter strikes in Nongbualamphu

Open-air live bands are on the agenda

Then you’ll really think you’re back home in Manchester

‘Cos it’s the coolest gig since Hacienda

9. No More

I ain’t taking no more of them negatives

No, I ain’t taking none of them negs no more

Without them negs, I’m minus nothing

And you ain’t taking nothing from me no more

I ain’t going to no more nowheres

No, no nowhere don’t mean nothing to me no more

Ain’t no nowheres I ain’t never not going

Nowhere ain’t going nowhere; not now, not then, not no more

I ain’t talking to no more nobodys

Nobody don’t know nothing I ain’t not forgot no more

No, no, no I ain’t messing with no more no marks

No way, no how I .ain’t nobody I ain’t gonna know no more

I ain’t doing no more of them nothings

Ain’t nothing I ain’t doing that ain’t nothing no more

No, no, no, no more nothings ain’t never no bad thing

And nothing ain’t never not getting done no more

I ain’t saying no more of them nevers

No, no, no, no, no Never saying never no more

Never ain’t no time, no sooner, no later

No better for no-one who ain’t waiting no more

Yes! I’m positively charged

Yes, yes I’m absolutely sure

Yes, yes, yes certain as can be

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Please give me more

But… and there’s always a ‘but’, isn’t there?

Don’t give me no more take-aways

Don’t want no subtractions no more

Don’t give me none of them withdrawal symptoms

Ain’t no-one, nothing, never, nowhere knows No Less ain’t No More

10. What Are You Like

Attitude, dude…

Don’t you know that it’s rude

Did no one ever teach you right from wrong

Did no one ever show you

Did no one ever tell you

How to act your age and get along

Status update, mate…

Have you seen the state

Do you know what you get like with your friends

Do you know what you look like

Do you know what you sound like

Are you ever gonna buck these trends

Breaking news… Choose

To accept, not refuse

What I’m telling you right now, for your own health

What I’m showing you right now

What I’m teaching you right now

Just behave… Have a word with yourself

11. Smartarses

What if I know all there is to know?

I would always have something to say

Passing the benefits of my wisdom

On to those not in the know

Not their fault they don’t know nothing

But common knowledge is common sense

Still, there’s always someone taking chances

Someone who likes to take liberties

Someone looking to take advantage

Someone’s always trying to take the piss

Take for instance that tattooist

Working outside in the open air

Not exactly clean-room conditions

And he’s wearing no gloves like he doesn’t care

But I should think before revealing

My total lack of local background

Or demonstrating my ignorance

Of relevant cultural differences

I’m voicing my unresearched opinions

Perhaps there are things even I don’t know

Consider the rules and regulations

HSE, ISO, BS guidelines

Some seem to think they are carved in stone

But maybe they’re just part of a…

Political Agenda…? God forbid

We’re a democratic country after all…!

How would it be if the only reason

Some proposals are accepted as law

Had nothing to do with fail-safe features

Nothing to do with cast-iron guarantees

Serving as a security blanket

A safety net to offer peace of mind

For any guarantees implied

A disclaimer follows every clause

And any badges won for Time and Motion studies

Just for effect, to impress the customer

Those white-coated, work study stop-watch watchers

Are only concerned with the flow of a process

And traceability of a given product

In order to determine culpability

Meaning the blame for any infringement

Of the awarding body’s regulations

May be placed firmly, planted squarely

On the shoulders of the weakest link

Who usually just happens, should occasion arise

To be the lowliest employee

At the manufactory

In other words, it’s an insurance write-off

Making the bonus system a distraction

Along with the awarding of certification

From ISO, BS or HSE

Which only means that any future problems

Will be dealt with by the relevant authority

So, back to the wearing of rubber gloves

Receiving a local anaesthetic

Or checking yourself into Intensive Care

Just in order to become tattooed

Do I really need to listen to

Their scary, horror story tactics

Or is surgical rubber protection

The very least of my concerns

Associated with the risk of

Infection from his unprotected hands

Mustn’t forget the Tropical climate

Where snakes are a clear and present danger

Countless species choose this habitat

Many of them deadly poisonous

Many whose bites can be readily treated

Many whose bites cause excruciating death

Do more Thai people die from snakebites

Than die from infection from failure to wear gloves

Or any other surgical rubber products

Including condoms (so infections include AIDS)

I don’t know, but it’s worth remembering

These deaths aren’t always avoidable

Part of the reason could be people’s failure

To recognise the snake that has bitten them

Partly because, without their own transport

They can’t get to hospital quickly enough

Partly it’s availability of serum

Partly it’s the rarity of the snake

Another less common but equally lethal

Bite from snakes that cross their regional boundary

But it isn’t only snakes that bite

Of course we all know about mosquitos

And their tendency to spread Malaria

But are you aware of Dengue Fever?

Both of which surely account for more deaths

Than the failure to wear rubber gloves…?

Of course there’ll always be an England

Antiseptic, germ-free and sterilised

Where legend quickly transforms to fact

And the worst case scenario is always stressed

So our trust will be placed in the comfort

Derived from that feel-good safety net

That no-one disputes the existence of

But no-one tells us anything different

Probably because it’s easier that way

And if it makes everybody happy…

Besides, we should never underestimate

The sinister power of suggestion

That causes us to crave misinformation

Like a panting pack of Pavlov’s dogs

So what, if I don’t know all there is to know

So what, if I know nothing at all

12. Pros & Cons Of Witch Hunting

I wasn’t only joking

when I said it was getting

difficult to understand

(at least sometimes it can be)

some of the objections raised

by those who suggest their own

status as a human being

is not just a lifestyle choice

no, not just a passing phase

rather, the way they were born.

They say they’re being ‘labelled’

by some words applied to them

words we can no longer use

Wasn’t even joking when

I said the only reason

that left-handers don’t object

to the ‘s’ word, ‘sinister’

is that no one else is bright

enough to know what it means.

If they did, another group

of protesters would emerge

and use it as an insult

till it disappeared from use

Another group of Anti

rights campaigners would emerge

I wasn’t ever joking

when I said my thoughts applied

equally to those who were

born into minority

conditions, situations

I’m not just talking about:















or maturely

disadvantaged; I don’t think!

My neighbours call me ‘uncle’

So I’m not ‘anti’ anything

or even anybody

whatever you may believe

But I WAS only joking

that time when I said to you

You’re nothing but a cliché

when it comes right down to it

And THAT’S all you object to

if you’re honest with yourself

Is ‘prejudice’ a fair word

a fair label to impose

Some people say what they mean

but only mean what they say

13. (((SFX)))

Mad dogs, mental barking sounds

But they ain’t nuthin’ but hounds

And those birds that trill so sweet

They go on twitter to tweet

Brown cows banter, on the sly

Because ‘moo’ means ‘pig’ in Thai

And ‘gnu’ well that one means ‘snake’

Hissed off with the noise they make


Utter ‘nutter’ butterfly

Need some chicken noodle soup?

Drop that cock-a doodle doo-p

I just heard ‘Edin Dzeko’

No, it was tak-kae, ‘Gec-ko’

Takaten play cricket score

Leg-rub ‘chirrup’ all night bore

Two eyes in tropical >>f i i s h>0000

But a mouth that’s saying… nish

Isan village sound effects

Mammals, fishes, birds, insects

14. Non Existent

I’m not waiting any more

There’s nothing else to wait for

If it’s already happened

You can’t say fairer than that

And if it hasn’t happened

It’s not gonna happen now

Do I look like I’m waiting

For something or for someone?

I’m not waiting for the man

I’m not waiting for the sun

I’m not waiting for Godot

Any more than I’m stood here

Waiting till tomorrow comes

My waiting days are over

I’m not waiting anymore

It’s not that they’re not coming

I don’t have any more time

So if it’s gonna happen

It’s gotta happen today

Or else it just won’t happen

I won’t live to see the day

I’ve waited long enough now

Nobody’s waiting for me

And that’s why I’m not waiting

I’m not anticipating

What I’ll never get to see

What will never be for me

15. Penultimate

The last thing I want to have

Is to only have one more thing

One last unfinished item of business

On my list of things to do

‘Unfinished mind your own business’

Is how I’d like it to be known

Cos you ain’t worthy and I ain’t willing

To let this cat out of the bag

I ain’t talking no ‘Bucket List’

Just tidying up my affairs

And knowing there’s just one thing left to do

Is the only notice I’ll need

See I ain’t done much in my life

But I ain’t done nothing at all

And with the ultimate penultimate

I’ll die with a smile on my face

The last thing I want to say

Is that I’d like it to be known

That knowing there’s just one thing left to do

I’ll die with a smile on my face

16. Thousands And Thousands

Back in the dark ages, in

another millennium

(Not a thousand years ago)

another generation

likely the last of its kind

all that was ever needed

to gain gainful employment

was writing paper, a pen

the ability to send

your application letter

to the right return address

proving you could read and write

follow simple instructions

and record your (intention).

In this age of the cv

brought about by advances

in the evolution of

microchip technology

this essential attachment

to all your jobsearch emails

is the equivalent of

an early Christmas present

for prospective employers.

Not to be opened until

or unless you get the job.

The thing with CV’s is it’s

all about presentation

and if it doesn’t look nice

it’s gonna end up on a

rejection pile, thousands deep

and you’ll only get the job

(in the modern call-centre

where you’re interviewed by rote)

if you’ve learnt the pre-set script.

If you’re not a team player…

in other (plain English) words

you’re able to demonstrate

a shred of initiative…

Well then, ‘unfortunately…’

and I’m sure you know the rest.

A thousand job apps later

A Situation Vacant…

matching the blank expression

on the face that launched, at least

in a thousand soup kitchens

qualifications gained from

a school no-one else admits

to ever having gone to

(and that includes the teachers)…

A Curriculum Vitae

written by the very hands

that made (it seems) a thousand

withdrawals from the food bank

where they patronise you

gladly with their very own

special brand of ‘Charity’

before permitting you to

walk the four miles, or so

(we don’t all have a motor)

though it’s pissing down with rain

carrying two plastic bags

full of tins of ‘essential’

‘everyday’ own label beans…

And when I say ‘home’ I mean

that room in the house you share

with five other heat-seeking

job seeking (Not unemployed)

…perhaps unemployable

JSA Benefits ‘Cheats’

who, like you, have to accept

no central heating, no bed,

a ‘kitchen’ with no cooker,

a ‘bathroom with no shower

(just how many partitions

Can you build in just one room?)

Cold, damp, smelly, mouldy, stained

infested with the wildlife

of thousands of its filthy

former tenants, occupants.

This luxury apartment

paid for by the government

the maximum possible

weekly rent is awarded

(and the landlord owns the street)

…hardly surprising, is it?…

And all because I’m… jobless,

in receipt of Benefits

the minimum weekly rate

deemed adequate to survive

Making my fat-cat landlord

fatter, exponentially.

While his destitute tenants

live on handed-in handouts…

Would the real ‘parasite’

‘scrounging cheat’ stand up now, please

and leave me to continue

with my life of poverty

And would you politicians

Listen for just one moment?

Why isn’t all the money

Spent by you condescending

So-called welfare officials

Used instead for investment

In jobs for the unemployed?

Surely it would be cheaper…

Too much like multi-tasking?

to policy makers who

can only concentrate on

one fucked-up scheme at a time

and make me apply for jobs

thousands (and thousands) of times

17. กินข้าวหรือยัง/Did You Eat Yet?































Sawasdee khrap

Sabai dee bor?

Jao si pai sai?

Koi mak jao lai

Kin Khao Reu Yang?

Sabai dee ka

Suksan sanuk

Sabai sabai

Yang kin kob jai

Kin kab arai?

Songkhran ma leaw

Arom dee lai

Hua jai suksan

Tee wan pi mai

Kin Khao Reu Yang?

Rin meun ja tok

Mi khwarm suk leaw

Rin meun ja tok

jai yen ro khao

Kin kab arai?

Teung yam khiew khao

Teung yam khiew khao

Bai nar khiew khao

Klab ban bai norn

Kin Khao Reu Yang?

Yark kin arai?

Yark kin arai?

Khao nieow khao jao

Aharn Isan

Kin kab arai?

Hello hello

And how are you?

You going where?

I luv you loads

Did you eat yet?

I’m OK hanks

Happy enjoy

I’m feeling good

Not eaten thanks

You eating what?

Thai New Year soon

My mood is good

Good heart Happy

New Year to you

Did you eat yet?

Rain gonna fall

Make me feel good

Rain gonna fall

Chill out rice grows

You eating what?

Rice harvest time

Rice harvest time

Go farm cut rice

Go home to sleep

Did you eat yet?

What food you want?

What food you want?

Sticky? Jasmine?

Isan menu

You eating what

118. Ego

Instamatic photographic

Celibate celebrity

Supersonic electronic

Motorised mobility

Explanation estimation

Physically clinical

Imperfection interjection

Typically cynical

And so it goes

Around and comes around

One day you’ll say

It’s getting better all the time

One more year and I’ll be fine

It’s a weakness not a crime

I’m not taking medication any more


Pack your bags and fuck off home

I can manage on my own

I’ve got qualities you don’t appreciate


About The Author

Stanski is the kind of guy who doesn’t do things by half measures.

For example, he’s the guy who went to Thailand in 1999, to see in the New Millennium.

He enjoyed it there so much that he decided to stay on for a while.

He didn’t return to the UK until October…

October 2010…!

Stanski began writing in earnest in 2005 while recovering from a motorcycle accident, in the northern city of Chiangmai, in which he sustained serious head injuries.

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Elephant Small Vol 3

Elephant Small Vol 4

Elephant small Vol 5

Elephant Small Vol 6

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