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Sweet Whispers

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Table of Contents



Section One: Sweet Whispers

Section Two: Heart Strings

Section Three: A Reincarnated Love

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I would like to thank my children for their support and encouragement that helped me start writing again. I created a blog and just wrote, whatever came to mind, no focus or direction, no format no guide. Then as the writing healed me I started writing poetry. The pieces of poetry selected for this book are those that have received overwhelming response from my readers and writing community. I thank all of you for your support of my little lines and words.

I want to thank my dear friend Ally L Mare from https://writeallywrite.wordpress.com/ who helped me with the format and design of the book and whose urging and constant encouragement helped me start and finish this project.

As I wrote I healed and out of sadness came lots of joy, love for the written word and what it meant to me on my journey to becoming a whole new person, the person that was once hiding behind hurts and fears but now, not anymore.

Writing had set me free.


This book of poetry has 3 main sections.

Section One is called Sweet Whispers which is also the title of the book, its poems of words whispered between lovers in the early hours of the morning as hearts warm together.

After Sweet Whispers comes Heart Strings, a collection of poems on my love for snow which includes a collaboration with another poet, S Francis the Sailorpoet.

Then comes the very short - A Reincarnated Love, a short tense love dialogue between lovers destined to be apart till the end of time, pleading with the universe to have mercy and reunite them. A collection of words spoken between two hearts once upon a time.


I sighed against his tenderness because…

It’s the sweetness of after
That makes the before
Taste like nectar
It’s the warmth that lingers
After the gentle hand leaves
That burns skin longer
It’s the smile that stays
As the day begins
That warms the heart further

There was a sad before…….
Now there’s a happy after
There was only me before
Now there’s us happy ever after

I once walked alone not looking back…..
You walked forward looking behind
Our paths were littered with hidden clues
None we understood till love was the truth

And then one day….

Words broke
Eyes cried
Lovers spoke
Tears dried
Lines stopped
Hearts sighed

Did you know that…

In loving you
I found myself
I gave up some
Of the old me
To be parts of us
And now we
Are both free?

You, Me……
Just words
Till there
Was Us

His arms…….
Don’t strangle
Folding in
Creasing Me


Feather light kisses
Gentle sweet words
Misty morning whispers
Gives me peace afterwards

Our hands…..
Fell asleep holding
Fingers touching

Our heart strings

Soft awakening….
Cool still morning
Breaths mingling
Bodies touching
Hands seeking
Souls colliding

My soul responds to his tenderness and I say to him…

touch my lips
don’t silence me
trace my curves
just hear me
moan and whisper
against your skin,
I am shaped for
your fingers
designed for
your love,
love more than
I can bare,
breathe me in
inhale me
I am
your air
I wait with skin
Softer than satin
You come to me
sharper than ice
touch my core
filling me with
heat, tight
spreading me sweet
with your strength and might

... I feel loved because he listens

with his heart
looking into mine
knowing my fears
telling me be strong be brave
he listens
he smiles
he keeps
me safe

YOU make me happy he says to me and I tell him in return…

Take that I offer
Know its sincere
For you
Are my heart’s desire
As I turn to you
every morning

and whisper

words we both


longed to hear

Laugh and
tumble with me
smile on me
see my heart
all this I bare

I have become
light and free

YOU too

make me

so happy!

Before he leaves me I say…

I want the shirt you slept in
That clung to your skin
Your scent still lingers
On it and me
I hold the shirt you slept in
And inhale you slowly
Even when you are gone
You are still with me
I need the shirt you slept in
That held your body
just before me

You stormed in and took over….

Like distant thunder

Spinning me further
Into a torrent of dreams

I was sinking
I couldn’t see the water
You inch closer
pulling me in deeper
yet you make me see brighter
Than sunlight on the equator

Knowing he is here it’s always a special feeling…….

It’s like

When you know you are loved
Cherished and appreciated
Through words and thoughts
That reach to you across a room
Like warm strong arms that wrap
And comfort and hold you
Till hurts heal and fears fade
And you are resting safely
knowing you are loved, still



Snow fell gently outside
Inside, your eyes on me
Melted me, warmed me
made the ice dream drip
gentle, light, steam below
etching traces of white
blue lines on a satin night
fog against my window
blow, wind, blow

My hands numbed cold
My heart stripped torn
My soul crumpled forlorn
But then came winter
He entered my darkness
Made my cold his delight

Soothed my tired aches
Dusted off snowflakes
Heard my voice break
Kissed the ice
Off my thighs
Pushed aside my sighs
Filled my hope with light
One cold winter’s night

The next two pieces of poetry began spontaneously from my sweet whispers which inspired back and forth comments on my blog, between me

Singledust @ https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/

and a gifted poet, Sailorpoet @ https://sailorpoet.com/

A dialog between the ancient Greek snow nymph Khione

and her lover Boreas the god of the north wind…


Boreas: snow softens our hard corners
white warmth blankets our hearts

Khione: warmed winter hearts sigh
lover kiss my aches inside

Boreas: snow fall, a sheer gown
dresses the window
lovers peer through
looking for warmth
boots damp, cold
shivering souls need
to tremble together

Khione: tumbling slow
feelings flow
gown shears ripped
sheets of snow
damp skin
window to my soul

Boreas: dampness drips out the cracked open window
invites inside the firmness of winter
to seed the soul with spring
unifying all elements in the soil
for a flower to throb its way out
screaming to the sun its freedom

Khione: flower’s wet damp dew
crying silent moans
wanting the seeds of spring
unifying her soul fully, whole
saline drip the cracks hold
a secret still untold
searching finally found
waiting not in vain or pain

Boreas: ice flowers bloom
fern frost forming
a fractal dimension
greater than one
but less than two
inside saline drips
held in folds some
things become
greater than one
but less than two
whole flowers bloom

Khione: a whole filled new
lives folded in too
where flowers bloom
between night
and new morn
the ice flowers melt
with the saline dew
remove the mask of spring
allow fresh gathering
let warm hearts form
a new beginning

And when night lifts its sheer gown

the ancient lovers say to each other

We lie

Still trembling

from dreams

Still intoxicated

by whispers

Till a circular warmth coils

shadows falling like feathers

on her skin brushing

away sweat sheens





the sun

melts orange

across clouds

falling soft

gold flecked



hearts race



eyes open to clouds

the heart unlocks

thoughts not thought


lift the breast up

cast off all lines

eyes see the face

sought before

a treasure chest

between breast and bone

strings holding a lifetime



If we met
Would you know
It was me
That looked for you
Among the ruins
Of our previous life?

When you saw me
But forgot my face
If our hands touched
Would you hear
the secrets
my skin
on yours?

When we touched
would you recall
the fire
the ice
the feelings
that sliced?

My love,
The universe
She conspires
To keep us apart
Again once more

About the Author

I live on the equator but long for snow, in hot and humid Malaysia, in an over populated suburb that is vibrant and packed with malls. I like to write about my thoughts on life and my hope for love. My 4 beautiful children keep my head out of the clouds and connected to the real world. Life has taken me on a merry ride and I am still enjoying the journey, more so now with the freedom to write poetry and stories about a life less lived but not less important.

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