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Immersed In A Light Funnel (The Train Left The Tunnel)

Barbara M. Schwarz

A Picture Poem Thought

On Days Not Sold or Bought

But Sought Just To Be

A New Reality

Of Vibrant Energy


may delight

take fright

start to bite

and then,

take flight,

I wish you a journey’s

full insight

the train left the tunnel -

immersed in a light funnel

On the front: “Funnel - the upturned tunnel” (aka ‘Das Grüne Licht ~ Gute Fahrt wünsche ich!’)2017 - is about enjoying positive energy and movement, and is built up on layers of understanding.

Purple Eyes Publishing

Live your dreams

and grand your streams!

Relish all your schemes

that turn into vibrant greens!

[All the best Gerrit and Liz : enjoy your enterprise biz!


”The Green Light of Lived Insight”

“Whatever Rainbow - Life Shall Flow”

”A Picture Poem Thought - with clouds as juggernauts”

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