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When Words Were Just Words (I Danced Among The Birds)

Barbara M. Schwarz

On the front: “Leafy now my bough, the joy of every now!” 2017.

When words were just words

I danced among the birds

I glanced among the herds

of energies

a full-blown respiratory !

When birds danced the words

I pranced right out of tune

and hopped to the moon

When words were like birds

I danced in giant herds

of energy…

for then my soul laughed free

at all of life’s love’s liberty

a simple ‘pictionary'

the sun that smiles for free

always laughs down at me

and caught in my surprise

the birds that energise:

(always) dance if you are wise.

When words were just words

I danced among the birds

I danced with all of the words

that were herds of energy

just like the sun that caught me

laughing amongst despair

to catch a breath of freshest air

and, dancing fast and free

the sun’s own memory

took hold and still

my final heart to thrill,

my final life to fill

in blossom overspill

I am the word

that you just heard:

hear it whispered by each bird

see it done in seasons won

it is today that we become

an anguish of the living sun

When words were just words

I danced among the living herds,

the birds in the sky

rose to the sun to fly

and try as I might,

my wings are bigger

than the light,

and in the night of understanding

all voices whisper now upstanding

“Dance among the birds

rise to life and see…

the only words that matter to me!”

For I became a tree and stretched my roots magnificently

and in every bough, the birds chattered how,

they came to see, that rooted, I was free:

to dance to life eternally.

“Dance To Life” - the final knife to cut the debris from your life.

Purple Eyes Publishing

“Dance to life eternally” - I wrote these words so fast and free - a simple source epiphany - to gather life and ecstasy, and then to break so free from (all those) words that gushed over me!

Behold great mystery: the indelible strawberry!

Garden art: all nature gets a clean quick-start

Thrumming heart - now all ways depart

(The Benediction Part)


And orange was my bough, the moment I knew how…

Scent, you shower with such good intent.

And simply now I see.

The bower opens wide for me.

The fern has its full energy.

The one-to-two: see what I now give to you - the message that grew where abundance now accrue.

I picked you from all other - to be a lifetime lover - and soon you discover.

The perfect joy cover.

Blossom in your quarter - blossom wide and true (for I have given life to you).

Regen fegen - der goldener Segen.

For as the bee knew, I am lilac through and through.

Delicate my nose - see how the blossom grows - into giant shows.

The light I always see, in scattered petals imagery.

Behold a light so warm, when all blossom is reborn.

Dedicated to my wonderful friend, Ian: who couldn’t wait for Spring and the trees ‘to do their thing’ (the perfect urging) - here, now the Answering: let it Spring, let it Blossom, Let it be: A Giant Tree with branches stretched eternally!

In a bower, the apex shower.

Greatness devour - a moment steeped in time.

Picture book ascend where the vibrant end.

For we learned to fly in the very sky.

The angle right, I turn to flight.

Basia Bien - to live to life again (a holy zen).

Basia Bien - see, our roses bloom again.

Behold (once more): a great mystery - the indelible strawberry.

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