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Like the fragrance of a blooming Cosmos

Your gentle scent seduces my patience

It rekindles the tottering vitality of my ego

And renders my memories irresistible back-

To that yard where you showed me romance.

Like the velvet pillows on my winter bed

Your ripe yellowish breasts provided

Consolation for my bald head

Your fingers racing across the lanes

Of my hairy chest

My memories are made of you

Of a love committed at the backyard

Of a lonely mansion

Where there weren't envious onlookers

Only friendly ghost and birds as the audience.

My dear Laura,

Do not be astonished by my love for hatred

For since I sipped charm from your cup

I've come to hate even the yet to be born

It's only the warm kisses from your fine lips

And your touch...

That allure my skin soul and marrow

Like the lilies by the riverside,

The memories we made are still fresh in my being

And it is my prayer that it stays that way forever.


I've written words of beauty and glory

The scribbles of the universe's story

My pens have preached affection and unity

Condemning animosity and cruelty

My inks praise the old folks

And the toddlers alike

But today my all time crush

The whole of me belongs to you.

I'm a man with no evil intentions

And my love has no limitations

From a jetting fountain I pour affections

Needless to say my imperfections

Darling, before I catalogue my confessions

Know that the whole of me belongs to you

You have me so control my body and soul

Keep me awake all night long

Stay in my mind from dusk to down

Drive me crazy noble woman

Give me an incurable disease

For you are my alpha and Omega

The plague that strikes my being

The warm that feeds on my wounds

The Christmas gift for mama and papa

The oasis from which I quench my thirst

You gave me what mama couldn't give me

It tasted better than the purest brew

It gave hope to my life that otherwise would be blue

What you gave me Laura

Could make a beggar out of a billionaire

A prisoner out of a warden

A no-one from someone

Brothers Laura is a sugared honey

She's a bouquet of Roses

She's a fine element...

Papa come behold my jewel

The finest concubine of all.


I gave you my all

It wasn't enough I know

But you shouldn't have ripped off my skin for that


Yesterday I saw you aboard a Lamborghini

Caressing a pregnant man

A man with pockets of substance

A true lover

You were happy indeed

I wasn't envious of course

But I kept asking why you had to make a fool of me

I can remember Paulina

That day we made love

You trumpeted my name in pleasure

Your limbs spread like a woman in parturition

Your body vibrated to the rhythm of my thrust

You swore to never leave

Albeit my youthful pockets

I skillfully worked down there

For I knew what defines a man

And I saw contentment in your bloodshot eyes


You are gone and you won't be back that am sure

For many ladies have done so

I have no regrets anyway

But I just want to point out

That he who gave him (your new crash)

Is the one who denied me.

Nonetheless darling,

He has the ability to give me too

And today or tomorrow,

As long as the sun is still alive,

I will ride too.

Bye bye my love.


Time has molded into seasons

Infants have muscled into men

Tides have risen and fell

But there's one thing that hasn't changed

The freshness of the milk of our love

If people were to be born anew

I would be your Siamese twin

Stuck to your umbilical cord

That I know I would win

Your beauty and soul

Darling how I can't imagine the magnitude

Of my love for you

If it were vapor, then I would condense into a Pacific

To be specific

You are the reason for my smile

So dear love

Don't leave me in solitude

My love,

I've searched through the universe

To get a noble present for you

But all are but rotten canvas

Thought I’ve imagined you my baby Jesus

And often brought you Frankincense and myrrh

Baby one thing for sure

Is that you and I will be gone some day

And never to return to this vile village

But we can leave a legacy printed in books of records

A legacy of one true love


You were a girl so respectful and honest

Always remorseful and modest

Men and beasts admired you alike

Many a lyricists composed your honor

Your deeds of humility were painted in

Every path you stepped on

Your tongue spat hope

You were nobler than nobility

And so many craved for your heart

What has become of you mama's daughter?

You have peeled off your skin of goodness

And what has remained is a beast in human figure

You preach hatred and violence

You thirst for human blood and soul

You infect men with the viper's venom

You are feeble of manners

You are a shame to humanity.

Look at your skirt-

It's shorter than your undergarments

Revealing every stupidity concealed in your waist

Your bushy stinky china made hair

Inhabits a generation of bedbugs

You even forgot showering

No-wonder you are stinky

Of a cocktail of semen and urine and blood

Little sister,

Women are supposed to light up the world

Their radiance should bring joy to humanity

Like in Solomon's time they should be humble

Sister be natural like the fragrance of the cosmos

Lest you grow beards in father's home


Touch me the African way

Close your eyes for my flaws

Pour your love into the infilling pot of my heart

Pave way for the promises from deep inside my soul

Coz that's how we do it in Africa

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