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The Battle Of Shaykan - Poem by Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek

The Battle of Shaykan *
The people of the Soudan had won their freedom by their valour and by the skill and courage of their saintly leader. Winston Churchill:

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In the fifth of November
In the eighteen eighty three
We had the greatest war in History 
In the last century
When our country
Was set free
By the Mahadi

Under the baobab tree
The Mahadi set his tent
And thousands of tribal men
Came from all over the country
To pay allegiance to the legendary

Under the baobab tree
Sat the Mahadi with staff of war
Abu Garga and Hammdan Abu Aanga, 
Who deprived the enemy from sleep 
And made them weak, to weep
All the way from Duwiem to Shyakn
There was Yaagoub with his flag, it was blue
Anogoumi with the red one, he was there, too
Sawarr Adahab and Basheer Agab Aldour, 
And Elyas Um Berrair
And in the middle Musa Wad Hillo
With the green flag with other men, 
They all saluted their Leader
And marched with their men
Into the enemy's den

Like an African lion 
The Imam surrounded by cavalry
Some hundred men with sticks, swords and spears
Only sticks, swords and spears
They had fought and defeated the greatest Empire
In the shortest battle, in the human history
Where Hicks and his men were buried near the tree
in the sand dunes of Kordofan in Shaykan

Under the baobab tree stood the Mahadi
As a palm tree
Stood the Mahadi
With some thousand men in lion skins 
And one man's heart
Fearless, waiting for the war to start

Then the great Imam shouted: 
Allah Akbar
Allah Akbar
Allah Akbar
And led his disciples 
in a long war prayer
Then he said Amen, 
And Amen, said all his men
And the word 
Was heard
That he declared 
the war 
With a lion roar

So the Imam declared the war
And warned his men
“If you are only late to fix your shoe
You will miss the greatest show
That will we spare no one for you”

Then in fifteen minutes it was all done **
On the sand dunes of Kordofan in Shaykan
Against the Egyptian troops
Led by an Englishman 
And some European groups 
And in the sand valleys of Kordofan in Shaykan
The enemy had all faced their fate
Swollen by the sand dunes 
Ten thousand men were 
All swollen by the sand dunes 
Of Kordofan in Shaykan

Several thousand men
from all the tribes of the Sudan
Came to Shaykan 
They came from the west
They came from the south
They came from the north
They came from the East
They came to Kordofan
To join the Mahadi in Shaykan

The Imam was under the tree 
with Chief of staff
And waves of brave men
Went into the enemy's den

And Allah Akbar was sent free
All over the country
It went over mountains and crossed the sea
From Shaykan to London, 
To Cairo through Aswan
As the war began some thousand men 
Charged as one man

With only swords and spears
With no fears

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