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Illuminati Poetry

R.S. Jinks

Copyright 2017 by R.S. Jinks

Peace, blessings and love to…

God, my ancestors, my family and everyone who has ever shown me kindness in this realm. The philanthropists. All of my supporters and partners in current and future endeavors. The real Illuminati. Thank you so much for everything and know that you are forever in my heart. Those I have wronged in any way. I am deeply apologetic and know that it was never my intention. God bless.

Fuck you…

Lovell Jones and every bitch made motherfucker that I’ve had the misfortune to come across. All of the killers and predators who have devastated families with cowardly and/or depraved acts. I pray karma expedites your comeuppance. One of the Hell realms is in y'alls future.

Table of Contents

There’s No Escaping

Break The Cycle

Living Gods


You're A Gold Mine

Family Bloom

Token For Forever

God Is In There


An Incitement Of Violence


Bad Decisions

Sybarite Heathen


Better Than I've Ever Been

The Pedigree

Still Sleeping On Me

Snakes In The Grass

My Confessional

Heart Of A Soldier

Crime’s Clown Prince

Wine Tasting

You Deserve It


The Holy Grail

Pour Pain On Paper

As You Age You Overstand

The Genie


Slow Evolution

Kites In The Clouds


I’m Your Biggest Fan

Savage Gods

The Renaissance

My Lovely Venus


Double Salute

We Can Do It

Illuminati Mission

You Should Ride With Me

Dance In The Flames

Power Plays

Tupac Apostle

Tonya Harding

Cog In The Machine

Philando Taught Me

Illuminati Pledge

There's No Escaping

Too many guns and not enough wisdom.

Too much finality and years stuck in prison.

A piece of you dies when you love a victim of the ultimate sin.

After a long goodbye you wish you spent more time hugging your friend.

Another life is snuffed over nothing again.

Another funeral where spirits are crushed and the mood is disgustingly grim.

These boys have nothing and can't picture a future, so killing is nothing to them.

A simple color can lead to your body slumping and then

A void replaces everything you planned on becoming and when

Your family learns tears start running and to cope they pretend

The unthinkable didn't happen, but there's no escaping torment.

Break The Cycle

You don't know how much I miss you.

Alcohol and pills help me get through.

Who knew life could be this cruel?

Staind plays when I'm miserable.

It's hard to break the cycle.

Your absence towers like the Eiffel

Because you were vital

To my sanity.

No one lives forever, but why can't it be?

I am you and you are me due to these genes you handed me.

You didn't abandon me,

But I miss your physical state.

Every day is a typical day

Of wishing you'd say

You're proud of me and it isn't too late

To find a small measure of peace.

Living Gods

I pledge allegiance to the living Gods.

Eternal bloodlines and souls, so Gods although many are living hard.

We're in a rigged game, so be careful how you get it, God.

Thought he was down, but he's a wicked fraud.

Allowing him to kick it caused the cash flow to be constricted, God.

The affronts committed caused the decay of a budding dynasty.

We are Gods, but still commit improprieties.

Gods experience anxiety and live decidedly less than righteously.

Some Gods choose notoriety while others choose to live silently in this imperfect society.

Dear God, experience this current existence in its entirety.


You're candy I want to suck on.

Mesmerizing Love Jones.

My love's strong.

Strong enough for several lives and several wives.

Don't get it confused.

I only want you.

I want to be a better guy.

Your sex magic has me forever high.

The euphoria never dies.

Your love below

Leaves me soaked

Although the weather's fine.

There's never time

To fuck you like you deserve.

You're my dessert.

What should I eat first?

My mouth on those sweet curves is a gift for choosing me.

I'll do it over and over like filming movie scenes.

The fruit you eat makes dessert truly sweet.

You're A Gold Mine

I've wanted you for a long time.

Passion this strong has no wrong time.

I'm a prospector and you're a gold mine.

What Heaven has bestowed is fine

As an orchid in full bloom.

Do I have the qualities to pull you?

When we get to know each other I hope that you'll swoon.

Sit in my drop top and gaze at the full moon.

I promise to be cool, true

And understanding.

Pardon my rambling, but I've been planning

What I'd say for so long when asking

If you would be with me.

Family Bloom

Today is a lovely blessing.

Leave the stress and sorrow resting.

Nature's beauty is refreshing

To the soul and heart.

Adore blooming flowers and the chameleon skyline like golden art.

What God has gifted will melt a man's heart

And teach that most art

Isn't found in galleries.

I'd love to forge a crown of roses to gift to her majesty.

Just a token of my devotion for showing love I can't believe.

Peaceful walks with my bashful Queen

Are a panacea for sanity.

She offered her hand to me.

I pray to my ancestors for the current bloom of family.

Token For Forever

Let's go on an adventure today.

Throw your flyest clothes in a suitcase.

Enough for a few days.

We're gambling all day and nightly I'll hit it like Booshay.

Throw open the curtains and admire the view babe.

The casino has all the slots you play.

We'll cruise the strip with the top off like a wind blown toupee.

Dear Goddess you make

Life a dream vacation.

There are few certainties,

But I guarantee

We can make it.

All we need is communication

And mutual motivation

To stay together.

Another year celebrated.

Here's a bracelet.

A token for forever.

God Is In There

You tipped the scales when I weighed my options.

I'm not mobbin' or running with goblins,

But there's much I'm offering.

Starting with love and stability.

Let's talk and chill with the weed.

This strain is lit like Christmas trees.

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