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When a historian makes a mistake,

It's a new discovery.

When a designer makes a mistake,

It's a new design.

When a scientist makes a mistake,

It's a new principle.

When a cook makes a mistake,

It's a new recipe.

When an authority makes a mistake,

It's a new dogma.

When a narrator makes a mistake,

It's a new story.

But when a student makes a mistake,

It's void!!

Think before you act..

Before you ridicule or reproof, reconcile with the truth.

Before you linger or legitimate, listen to the opponent.

Before you make or misbehave, modify the approach.

Before you gossip ar grumble, gather the evidence.

Before you zig - zag or zilch, zoom for the eternal bliss.

Because actions and words strike harder than a sword.


Secretive Life..

"Can anybody tell me how to make life joyful? "asked a sorrowful man.

" work hard";said the ant.

"never be lazy";said the tortoise.

"be brave and courageous ";said the lion.

" spread fragrance ";said the flower.

" be colourful";said the rainbow.

"shine brightly";said the sun.

"be powerful ";said the elephant.

" don't magnify other's mistakes ";said the telescope.

Thus, the sorrowful man learnt the secret of life.

My Father

He has patience like the earth,

He is of great worth.

He is bright like the sun,

And as light as a bun.

He is of great height,

And like, dazzling light.

He likes to eat pie and,

Wants to touch the sky.

He can play like a kid,

And motivate others to outbid.

Strengthful as a blue whale, with lot of enthusiasm and power,

He is none other than my father.

Germinating a poem.

It's a sport to plant a poem,

When you are raining words and expressions,

Germinate one from any seed you like,

Words run like showers, having power to alter,

Like nectar on your tongue.

Catch them and see your poems bloom,

Like plants when spring has sprung.

Today's Youth! Our future.

Let's sing the song of new era.

And adorn the land of our motherland.

Let's join our hands and build a kingdom,

Whose all children are getting education and freedom.

Usually their dreams are snatched away,

But their hard work can bring their dream on their way.

They should play a game,

Which can earn name and fame.

They should do some invention,

So that, each house in the kingdom comes under the peaceful nation.

We should sing a song of equality,

And should inculcate the habit of sociality.

Life is a heterogeneous mixture

Life is a mixture of twist and turn,

Good omens and bad omens,

Pleasure and pain,

We can't have only sunshine,

But its certainly true,

There is never a cloud;the sun

doesn't shine through....

So always note that,

The strength of almighty is always beside you.

The voice of the Room Elements.

"Can anybody tell me, how to become successful in life? "said the man.

Which, strange to tell that the elements of his room answered him, as here translated :

" think high as the sky", said the roof.

"always be cool ", said the fan.

" every minute has some worth", said the clock.

"peep in yourself, before you act", said the mirror.

"see the transparency of the world, "said the window.

" always be up-to-date, "said calender.

" work hard to be successful as opportunity knocks once, "said the door.

(Now,the man understood the dogma of life).

My Dream

My imagism is reaching high above,

To touch the blue sky.

I am building a city state of my dreams,

Which is occupied with candies and creams.

Zillions of soldiery standing on border,

Ready to carry my order.

Ten royal chefs and twenty royal cooks,

Adorning my candy a special look.

Everyone is impeccable in my kingdom,

Everyone has all types of freedom.

If you too want to be here,

Just close your tender eyes right here.

What to Perceive

Perceive your doozy moments,

Instead of your piffling moments.

Perceive your folks,

Instead of your foes.

Perceive your veracity,

Instead of your shrewdness.

Perceive your genuine,

Instead of your feigned.

Be an Honorable Man..

Rise up high, as the sky,

glance at the world equitably.

Irrigate the land with equalism,

liberalise the land from immolation and casteism.

Flow like cold air in this hot world,

Adorn the present with new hand.

Make the nation look attractive with you new creativity,

Praise your language with your new lexis.

In the statue of the present,

become an honourable man having self-confidence in yourself.

We want to make the earth as heaven,

If there is any, we have to bring it on earth.

Sun, moon, stars, all are together with us,

Beautify your inner soul instead of your demeanour.

A dozen things to retrospect..

The worth of sluttish time.

The triumph of perseverance.

The gratification of working.

The dignity of simplicity.

The worth of character.

The power of benevolence.

The control of eloquence.

The obligation of responsibility.

The virtue of patience.

The betterment of faculty.

The wisdom of economy.

The joy of originality.

Self retrospection is a humbling process.

So,it's essential to find out why you

think, do, or say certain things.

Prospect a Boon to live for...

Each day is an opportunity to invest in life. An opportunity to renovate yourself. One should be glad with life as it gives us a chance to work, to struggle for success, to express talent and also to love,play and proof yourself. And then, when the sun sets, never cry, as tears will only make you miss the glory and beauty of the stars. Think of big thoughts but relish the small joys. Life is a chain of moments and one should capture every moment. Believe in the idea i.e - if there is no wind/do not panic, row with all your efforts. Make the things happen rather than let this happen.

One should enjoy this journey and for sure, you will enjoy its destination. "sometimes journey is more beautiful than its destination". Looking back will only strain your neck muscle. Similarly, looking at the past, strains your life. One should never touch the shadow. Remember that no one can make you unhappy or can influence you without your consent.

Life is too short for hatred and for grudges against others. So, learn to let it go, if someone passes away, learn to forgive others. Live your life without complaining. If a person is liberal, fear of death will no longer haunt him. Moments of life will pass through like, fingers in sand. So, "Live your life at its Best" and follow the principle

��Brain lim↪infinity.

Appearances are often deceptive..

Appearances are often deceptive, its like a wrap of sweets. People are just like candies, whose sweetness and bitterness is hidden either in an attractive wrapping or a repulsive one.

Meeting people for the first time and predicting judgements on them based on their appearances is a common mistake that a majority makes. It's better to be neutral until the moment comes when you can say for sure that you know this or that person very well. So demeanour of a person should not play a role in the judgment part. May be the demeanour is feigned and there may be some hidden talent. There are many examples which reveal that may be the outer appearance is similar but internal one is different. Diamond and glass beads look alike but diamond is stronger than the glass beads. One should be judged by the character and not by his demeanour. In reality many crooks, by their outer attitudes and behaviours make themselves appear as an innocent and noble beings but their reality is something else. So,"Don't judge a book by its cover". Those who put their trust in appearances will usually be regretful later on as they are proven to be wrong, they will eventually learn, Even salt looks like sugar.

"All that glitters is not gold".

Road to Success

The road to success is not a bed full of roses. Its full of thorns and pitfalls. Only those who made through the hazards and hurdles with full determination could smell success. After all, winners don't do different things. They do things differently.

The first and the foremost step is to set yourself clear goals. Goal plans enable you to go beyond momentary influences and organize your behavior over extended periods of time.

Specific goals are better than ones. Self-chosen goals are better than assigned ones. Choose goals that are challenging but reachable.

Prepare an action plan, outlining the specific steps needed to accomplish the result you want. Sometimes, even if goals are not attained the resultant consequences, feedback can be beneficial.

Don't be afraid of failure. Failure is an accepted procedure in experimenting, research, testing and all scientific forms of "finding out".

Failure is simply means of finding out what will not work so that it can be eliminated in the search for what will work.

Next step is to develop proper self-concept. One should try to improve self-steem by finding potentialities and activating them.

Another aspect of self-development is time management. Successful people are those who manage their time efficiently. Since they have planned everything, they feel relaxed and do their work efficiently.

So, do not waste a second worrying because you are not like other people. Remember you are an exception. There never was and never will be anybody exactly like you. Make the most of what nature gave you. For better or for worse, you must play your own instrument in the orchestra of life.


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