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Poetry for Broken Hearts

By Brenda Pineda

This love that I feel for you

Is so real and so true

I just don’t think you love me

Like you say that you do.

You say you love me

Then make me cry

But if you keep doing this

My love for you may die.

You break my heart

More and more everyday

You would hate me

If I treated you this way.

I can’t do this anymore

I can’t take this pain

All of this hurt

Is driving me insane.

If things don’t change

This relationship will end

Instead of being your girlfriend

I will become just your friend.

Why do you continue to hurt me

And tell me lies

Why do you break my heart

Do you like to make me cry

I believed everything you said

Now I see it was only words spoken

Words that meant nothing to you

But has left my heart broken

I thought you was different

And your love was true

But I see you was just playing

But I guess that’s nothing new

I can’t go on this way

I can’t keep all this pain

I can feel my heart dying

A little more everyday

My heart breaks into pieces

When I think about you gone

I don’t know what to do

If you ever need me

I will always be here

I will always be around

And keep your love near

You stole my heart

And this is true

I will never love anyone

The way that I love you

This love that we share

Is so real and so true

I will love you forever

This is my promise to you

Why cause this heartache

Why cause this pain

I can’t take it anymore

You’re driving me insane

I feel like you don’t love me

I feel like you don’t care

How can you do this to me

Why don’t you even care

Did I love you too much

Or didn’t I love you enough

I guess it’s my fault

That my heart feels this rough

It’s time to stop crying

It’s time to put these tears to rest

I will be alright

Cause I know it’s for the best

Did you really love me

Or was it just a game

Did you ever really love me

I guess our feelings wasn’t the same

How could you tell me you love me

When you know it wasn’t true

How could you play with my heart

I would never do that to you

I thought I made you happy

But that was all a lie to

I thought you really loved me

I really wanted it all to be true

It will be hard to go on living

But that I must do

Please never forget

Just how much I loved you

Look into my eyes

And you will see it’s true

You will see that my heart

Is filled with love just for you

I wish you felt the same

But I know that will never be

Tell me what you feel

When you are looking at me

I long for your arms to hold me

And keep me safe at night

I long for your lips to kiss me

And tell me things will be alright

I know this is just a dream

Cause you don’t feel the same

I wish my dreams could all come true

But to you… it’s just a game

When you look in my eyes

You will see it’s true

All this love I feel for you

August 20th

Will be one year

And it’s still your voice

That I long to hear

My love grows deeper

With each passing day

My lips could never tell you

What my heart longs to say

I still get butterflies

When you walk through the door

That’s a feeling that

I just simply can’t ignore

This love I have will never end

You are the reason

My life can finally begin

Thank you from the

Bottom of my heart

For everything that you have done

Right from the start

It seems that no matter

What I do

To you it’s never right

Sometimes I don’t understand

Is it really worth the fight

What am I fighting for

A love that’s dying

When you say you love me

I feel like your lying

I don’t see the love

That I once saw in your eyes

I see nothing more

Than a bunch of lies

I can tell you don’t love me

I can tell you don’t feel the same

This is my mistake

I’m the only one to blame

I believed every word you said

I believed your love was true

How could you do this to me

After all we have been through

With all the hell you put

Me through

I don’t understand

Why my thoughts are still of you

You broke my heart

And this is true

But I just can’t stop

This love I feel for you

You made me feel things

I’ve never felt before

Then all of a sudden

You left my heart on the floor

You ripped my heart

Clear out of my chest

Is this my fate

Or is it God’s test

I feel like I can’t go on

But I know I have to… for my kids

I have to be strong

I guess for your love

I will always long

I need your arms

Around me each night

I need your lips

To kiss me just right

I need you to tell me

Everything is alright

I need your eyes

To show me your love

I need your support

When life gets too tough

I need your strength

When I’m not strong

I need you to tell me

When I’m in the wrong

I need you to be patient

And give me time

Cause a love like ours

Is hard to find

For as long as you live

You will not find

A love as true and

Strong as mine

When I look at you

I see something’s changed

I don’t feel like you love me

At least, not the same

I can feel our love dying

A little more everyday

I don’t know what happened

Or why you feel this way

What is it about me

That you hate

I know for us

It’s simply too late

Why does love have to

Hurt so bad

I wish we could go back

To the love we once had

I will always love you

This is true

And my heart will always

Be just for you

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