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I Love dancing the rocks of beautiful rivers

How lucky I am dear people

look at me; How lucky!

Walking back from the highest peaks on Earth

towards Kathmandu

the visions to see, the planets revolve

Now, look for a yellow mustard flower field ~


On the way ~

a thin path, meandering the slopes

a little above the one of water

it begs to be walked along.

Which gate of fate?

I shall enquire.


Human brothers,

at home, study, trade

my joy of life

the task of such a walk,

given me ~ my fate in life

here made.

There are two butterflies

blue and black pinned to the mud ~

wings beating as the beating heart

trees stay still ~ the breeze free

it carries the calling goat herder to me.

If you too could see this path

from your apartment in Marine city

or office in the Seaforth building

and feel this Sun on the Cote d'Azur.


The river begged me too much

to look into her eyes ~

with her tears slipping down ~

were millions of different worlds.


The hills seem forever of Spring

the time of new colours of trees.

Thoughts of the winding, stony river bed

are unsure if it's springtime true.

But, look at the cones on the pine tree

strung by the sprays of green, her fruits

for the springtime harvest, her jewels.

Earth's stream, a pane clear

pieces of submerged living,

still ~ washed.

What am I doing?

I'm jumping over the stones of a river bed.

Stood, listening and feeling the flow,

bubbles on rocks, silvery lot,

from a valley in Nepal.

What are you doing?


What am I doing?

dancing on rocks

wading the cold of the snows,

wondering of its vegetation,

sitting by pools, disturbing the mud

in a river of Nepal.

What are you doing? What am I doing?

Staring at the bouquet of red rhododendrons,

alone in the green with sprays of cherry blossom,

dark pink on a distant rock, gazing at leaves asleep,

swept to the deep and the frenzied ~

reflection of the ripples on the rocks.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

In front of a pine tree

with scented cones,

a wood of ‘candelabra’

natural artistic creation,

even the old broken bark

the thin manicured branches

coiffed, psychedelic plumes.



Greeting, an old man

carrying a basket

on a path in Nepal.

What are you doing?


What am I doing?

Waving at the boys

playing and fishing on the rocks

at the top of the waterfall.

Hearing the sounds of a group of men

washing their hands and feet

refreshing their faces.

I am following the steps ~

of another band

as they quicken to the water.

I am sorry, no cigarette”

for the boy who came up

from a cascade in Nepal.

What are you doing?


What am I doing?

I am admiring the young girl

cutting rice up to her waist in green

invisible when stooped.

Listening to the birds

aware of a woman pass behind,

baby tied to her waist.

At the end of a path in Nepal.

What are you doing?


What am I doing?

I am sitting outside a chai shop,

in front, my yellow mustard flowers,

a young goat nibbling on the floor

of the valley, a lush verdant green

full of fluttering white butterflies ~

A good spring time rice harvest,

from a plantation in Nepal.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

I am passing ~ through a village

with the people and the cows,

women carrying heavy baskets.

A hen and the standing men

beautiful dark eyed

contented children

A Nepali song on the radio

and a barking dog too ~

from a village in Nepal.

What are you doing?


What am I doing?

I am hearing the cry of a baby,

the “bye, bye” “bye, bye ~ pais!”

of the young brothers and sisters.

Regarding the marzipan textures,

and assorted biscuit coloured houses.

Smiling at fine little followers of 10 minutes.

"one rupee, hallo, one cigarette?”

well ~ bye bye”

from along a road in Nepal.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

Absorbing the town, sound,

sensing it all ~ end of the day.

Smelling, hearing, seeing, new

bricks collected from the kilns.


Beside the well, water jars are filling.

As in a dream along a stony, dusty

village road, poor, simple houses.

At dusk hens and children ragged,

squatting women, gazing, smoking.

Met in the road ~ a white buffalo,

boys pulling its tail ~

and a family of pigs.

What did you do today?

Natural Information

Free making decisions ~ because I don’t make them anymore.

Regeneration not degeneration ~ Visualising As it is!

Micro organisms micro mutation micro Cosmologicals.

Organic seeds Can’t be Patented, for Profit, Thank God!

Pharmaceutical Corps, bio tech Industries on the Rampage!

Epidemics of GM Processed foods inducing diseases in nature!

Rejuvenating your body ~ A very energetic conscious Universe

It’s so easy because it’s here”

Angry for Everything!

Everything’s possible, no money to eat, they lost her organs!

You’re not stupid if you don’t know; You’re stupid

if you don’t want to know” ~ OK they’re just stupid!

Death waking up ~ a dream going into another dream.

A bottle of Acid in prison, gave them their first drop!”

& that girl’s very loud, this is a hotel not a brothel!”

They get very upset if you f.... with their ego.

No you never want to be stuck in Chennai!”

Somethings are, somethings aren’t.

When the Psychedelics run out!

Just be Aware like Anywhere’


Corruption is from the grass roots level all the way to the stars!”

You are not a human being you are an Inter dimensional being

having a human experience” Consciousness in its Purest Form.

Interactions of your Aura burning the flame of all your Senses!

Natural vibration, sounds, mantras; Is Universe flowing energy!

Shiva dancing in the membrane of the Cosmos through eternity.

Spirit, matter, dualities, polarities; Now it seems all One ~ “YES!”

Seeing sacred Temples in the Forest ~ “Life Itself Is Spiritual”

Controlled by silly thoughts; the bottom line ~ Is feeling GOOD.

Those dirty cunts, that ignorant twat, he’s a wanker, she’s a dike,

they’re activists, they’re Infidels, she’s a slag and it’s a f.... Alien!

There’s No ‘ME’ all just a fantastic illusion then it becomes clear.

The beautiful faces of happy children

Pokhara valley ~ nature and humans

Lake Phewa,

Gurung villages

The Annapurna range


Tibetan traders, antiques, stones,

silver, ringing bowls, coral beads.

Turquoise, Rich local people.

Gold earrings, nose rings,

the bazaar, tailors, chai,

mountain people, activity, life.

Amazingly beautiful women,

upright, proud, strong, desirable.

Carrying their water jars,

working so hard ~

washing in the lake.

Learning from our Discernment to it.

When did you realize that you fell out of loving me?”

Why do we have such a bad impression of Duality?”

Now we’re out of that Power Game, fed with ‘blah, blah, ba, ba, ba’

Who is still manipulated by their negative frequencies? Say cheese!

Filling Your head with Non Stop, illusions of THINKING for this/that.

Which is fine up to a point ~ always remember the energetic spaces.

Trapped like a Rat on a Matrix WHEEL of THOUGHT but it’s all only

spiraling chiaroscuro energies ~ you are its dissociated Realisation.

Sat Chit Anand’ ~ other nice words to contemplate on; Try ‘Unity’

Made the wings out of wax but they melted in the Sunshine.

Year of the Tiger and I’m only a horse in a Vortex!”

To Anicca ~ Anicca ~ Anicca

Please don’t miss isles ~

Silver porpoise, pastel flying fish.

Calmly watching each Instant

Changing ~ Buddha sky.

True Happiness

Taking the liner ‘Meditation’

Waves surf ~ the Sea of Moments


A new beginning

message to the animals, that we are coming,

coming in Peace, that we’ve got to come ~

It will be cool and the animals responded

Crumbling Fake

Don’t let it bring you down its only castles burning”

They lost their feeling body ~

They have to feel over other people’s bodies

No more in the Hindrance, finding a way around

A big, Big Warp in the 3rd dimensional

It’s All In the Process’

The Best is to be Yourself ~ Live Yourself

That’s why you’re here

Showing you’re not in the fear pattern.

Heart to Heart * Crystal Consciousness

Connection * Life is a dance ~ If you left it be

We dance close, intuitively & sometimes far apart.

Just following your Mind, body to the heart.

It’s lovely sitting ~ In the Sun ~ Worshipping.

Great Central Solar source * which is everything.

Gives unconditional love, non judgment, life force.

It is the Abundance ~ is light is love.

The heart flame ~ of all that is ~ Unconditional Love.

Just gives and gives, gives and gives forever & forever.

Our inheritance is to be in the joy, in the bliss.

I love it all, I love it all. Loving is an essential part of it all.

Love trance n dance ~ to stay in love with everything.

I love you” ~ “I LOVE IT ALL” ~ Sacred Marriage.

We are the love, so be it ~

Evolution of love I believe it, they live it.

It’s a needy love draining your cup

if you haven’t the joy of joy.

Here to experience it, ready, it’s staying in love with it all,

having that enhanced grounded harmony ~ free of gravity.


Creating within your Self * Space

for Supra dimensional light Radiations.

No time to waste ~ No flame to waste

on Anger, greed, confusion, self indulgence, fear,

ego*centric self delusion or frequencies of disease?

True self in the Vortex ~ Spiral turning, Reawakening.

Look within Yourself, ‘of the World Not In the World’

Agreement to go through Turmoil and difficulties

as an Altruistic Sacrifice for Higher purposes ~

To serve ~ brings glimpses of ‘Cosmic Memory’

Open Your eyes, Open your heart, Open your Mind

Open your true Conscious Open our Divine Love.

Raising ourselves and the Plane’s Vibration ~

to Higher Consciousness ~ 5th Dimension of Spirit.

Crystalline multi dimensional beings, Lovingly accept

Ourselves ~ End our Denial and Guilt trips, Merge ~

into the Highest Octave, possible through simply being.

Illuminating All with Deep Joy and Profound Peace.

Because We Care”

Candle * lights

I am not thinking ~ who am I without my Absolute Mind!”

Up to what you want to experience; Good if you allow ~

Your Self to flower ~ allows others to relax and flower too.

Not being imprisoned, when we start to harvest Space.

Be in it and dissolve it ~

Intention becomes Reality.

We’re building the future vision”

Being a faster channel to fulfillment

Pilot * Baba

Eco activists not plague, horror, monsters, terrorist aliens!

I think I need a Jellybean from an Off-Planet Android”

I like swimming with Russian mermaids on my Cliticat.

She married him and became one of his 366 wives!

All your Earth dreams are over ~ I can't believe it.

Thank God she wasn't a Bikini Atoll bunny!”

Shocking! You gotta put it out there!

Drop the World” ~ “Let it go”

Paradisiacal Now

Know yourself like the rest of us ~

Turn within, stop the greed, the selfish opinions'

Ego let it go ~ Have nothing, want nothing, be

Nothing ~ That will bring you joy; I'm just here.

Smokin' pot taking off the edge of havin'

to leave behind what I adored so much!

All about Love, Kindness and Calmness.

Part of my becoming Intuitive ~ Your heart's not open.

Here have a spear, a spare Trident, burning deeply, feel it!

I don't know what I feel about anything.” I love, I can’t Love.

How long lost in the same menagerie lookin’ for each other?

Letting go of the Yin*Yang

Firing it Up with Full Intent, to be Co Creators.

That Frame ~ Sharing It in Crystalline Wisdom.

She had a lot of coquettish expression on her face.

Filled with free Love Spirit from everywhere ~

You were a Goddess at that moment ~ smiling.

Shiva Shakti duality ~ Identical Identity

of your Cosmic soul coming back to you.

Cutting out all the different directions.

Having the allowance for it, coming

closer to you every day ~ delicious.

Want to be the Master

We’re all Slaves to the five senses * inside my mind.

Sixth sense of Intuition ~ going with the natural flow.

Goswami experience ~ ‘If it makes your heart sing’.

Lookin’ at each other ~ how wicked is this, don’t bite it!

And they ARE so much in the GREED, such a big NEED!

So scared, that they have so much money in their Bank!

So fearful that they don’t recognize their Paranoia ~ If you

can’t go to a concert without worrying about being stabbed,

what’s the point? “It was Lawless!”

Orgiastic Centaurs

Our Intimacy ~ Primal sensations ~ Pagan nudity.

Rolling out a Jesuit Inquisition to keep them pure!

Dissolving her in the night… the question is……?

How will we stay FREE?” ~ Multi*dimensions inside.

Projecting my hot desires, crawling into her Psyche’

Adorning her magical pool, sexual effervescence, magnificence,

sumptuously decorated ~ eye ravished, gorgeously fantastic.

A good job for a God or any divine being ~ Seizing us!

Materializing luminescent, exotic songbirds in a vacuum

Lavish silver testicles discovered in an Orchid garden.

Satyrs playing Pan pipes inside a frenzied Nymphaeum.

The delights of imitating nature ~ on a summer’s eve


Naked ~ or with my socks still on? Keeping Love not enslaved.

I like the variety ~ naked with socks and naked without socks.

I’ll try and keep sane in this seemingly crazy world, until then

letting our Love feelings keep this tantric nectar flowing free ~

and these happy sparks of bliss burning brightly in our hearts

I AM * Orgasm ~ Not Egoism

Sublime rhyme, Harmony is harmony ~ Divine is divine!

Slipped on a wet patch ~ nice to pass out on the beach.

Light ~ you are an Angel flying in Love’s Sweet Spot.

Invoking the purple flame; send in the Next Level!

Danced on raw chocolate, full power ~ wavy edges.

Being Radiant ~ Receiving Vibrational Ecstasy

Illusional * Maya

If you drop off the ceiling and land on your head,

its gonna hurt! Now is now and that's Real,

doesn't matter how much you say it's not!”

Getting it done in your mind is getting it done in your mind!

It's always a good result if you get away with it.

Open face Plan ~ Biometrics, you're essentially Free.

You're always free anyway” * Free is going beyond mind.

Rehab Synchronicity

Wherever we go ~ the right transformation.

Scalding water is a lesson to my burning leg.

You go to sleep or does sleep come to you?

Wiping our memories.

Super Satin Organism

Psyche*delic ~ if you look in the mirror!

Reflecting your colour * light spectrums.

You’re my #1 Goddess Priority!”

They’re doing it ~ living science, being source.

Allowing the mother ship to land in your Rose garden.

Playing polyrhythms with their djembes ~ flying sorcery

Gazing through fluxing*55 Prismatic crystal chandeliers.

Harmonies, feelings in y/our galaxies, sexual vortices ~


Tandoori Clowntown

Pamela loves lithium in her chili curry.

She was wearing a red hot Crimson Sari

You look like a billion Rupees”.

Investment in money or free time ~

Expressing the XXXX streams of Consciousness

It’s All for You * LSD; try an anti stress mudra.

Let’s have another Capital Injection…..

Can’t get enough! Who is/not Benefitting?

The things you own, the things owning you’

Entering the best Trance Temples in Goa.

Helps you see how free you are ~

Molecules sitting by the Ocean

Enjoying the Sun by the Ocean

enjoying it to dreaming of the pacific isles

then I want to think of the Chile coup model

(free the people from themselves).

The Cruelest destruction of life

in men, women and children ~

What sort of soldiers are these?

What sort of soldiers are these?

Unbelievable mankind

spending so much time to destroy

Creating Violence for the final destruction

going out on a bomb ~ sending their people

out on a screaming pain!

Who are they?

I don't want to even think ~ of the Cold War.

American liberators’ in Viet Nam model.

Whose children were frightened?

Whose children were melted?

Whose children were killed?

Whose brothers and sisters

Screamed and Screamed and Screamed?

Do you feel it more fitting for a human being

to go out of Life ~ as a melted scream in a cloud

or from a human vision ~

Drudge Life

That’s the Worst, that KILLS the SPIRIT, for Sure!”

Unfriended, Free & single ~ If I want to do it I’ll do it!

It’s called ‘Crack’ in a tube and You got the Biggest Dose!

Activating the proper Programs having a lot of connectivity.

You get down on the floor and interact with your children”

Just go with it, be here now ~ Life is life, death is Life too.

If it’s meant to be it will be’ ~ In Power * in Leela….

not in a Black slave market, sold & bought for money!

Eggs & bacon, Rape & pillage, deviant & corrupt!

Final statement ~ ‘Karma’s a groovy thing’

Love everybody ~ creating an atmosphere.

We snort coke, we inject ketamine with boring sociopaths!”

There’s a Monster in the cot!” Try Psytrance for a dummy.

The Rave party happens ~ going into transcendental!

As long as you smile, enjoying Ecstasy * Super sensitivity”

Time Enough for Dystopia

The Car Park gang paid him a visit!

Unlucky with chopsticks, found one in his cranium

after 20 years, lucky to be alive…. not his time!

Marijuana Is Wholesome’

More human than human is our motto”

Mangoes and Peaches at the Yukon Hotel…

Genetic, Redesigning your Eyes, Brain, your Mind.

Added a Voiceprint Identification with a touch of Lemongrass.

You think I’m a Replicant don’t you?”

It’s painful to live in FEAR isn’t it?”

Cures Not War’

Something alive ~

Coming Out of the dark

Do not be afraid



Sowing seeds ~ Who is Not a Slave?

Interdependent in all its parts”

She gave

The Invader


She gave

The Invader

Yellow Violets.

The Body Is Willing

so is the heart ~


The Universe

Coming Across

The River

The Split

Basically the Cross + ings

Male ~ female dimensions

You proved to Yourself

that you’re the Master

of your own beingness ~

Don’t have to do it anymore

but the Proof of the Pudding

Is the Experience of It.

You can’t fall out of the Stream”

Life or death ~

OK as it’s all a big Wave

(at least 13 billion light years long on 28/4/09)

Multi*dimensional & eternal ~

but living in the 3rd dimension


To see the ONE in all you see’

Who wants Heaven on Earth?”

Dazzling green stars in her oniric eyes,

twinkling in cascading, luscious hair ~

I am the dreamer you are the dream”


You have to do it

If you start giving generously, things will change.

Can you give me LOVE? And it will be LOVE.

Don’t wait for them to come to you.

Trusting in my inner self ~

I don’t have to Know and I’ll

give you intuitively the true answer.

Real intelligence is beyond the mind…

Listen to it as it is ~ no identifying with it.

I am angry.” “What does it feel like… when

my attention goes into Unconsciousness - Space?”

Identification with Ego created thoughts in my head.

Take an almond put it over your 3rd eye ~

Putting your tongue into the Soma.

Oh, it’s anger passing through ~”

In the eternal stillness

Funky Goddess ISIS

Rock up for a picnic ~ Reality is Artistic.

Highly suggestable to being Alpha waves.

We’ll start to watch it and be brainwashed!

Face it, Daleks are pretty stupid too.

Dancin’ like a maniac, where am I?

DMT. trip to telepathic dolphins and whales.

Being chased by orbs of light for a few nights

with other non-human beings ~ Off Planetary.

He’s left some vital evidence ~ Wisdom.

Raga, don’t take anything too seriously.


Your sister’s your mother!

Do you want to move to Acapulco?”

It never rains but it pours.’

A utopian lining to every rainbow cloud’

It’ll shake you up a bit ~ I hope I don’t get Dementia…

A cool wound, those endorphins must mean something!

Being Aware I’m observing this Theatre of Consciousness.

Like the Realisation of a dream * I am Cosmic source Self.

Transmutable ~ Love is Freedom ~ allowing it all to be ~

Astro * Therapy Celebrate Together

I wanna lover ~ who takes some time”

Always wanting to desire it ~

Planting the next Unit….

It’s all about Fear too.

All living the bollocks.

Gotta love the Surreal!

Living It ~ Cosmic Time

What Women Want’ - Program

A vibrating, large phallic symbol, does what it’s told,

makes the housework perfectly, brings in the dosh!”

They’ve had Robots in Japan for a long time;

Needs a stair lift ~ everyone has needs.

He developed feelings for you ~

Wanted to be classed as a Human.

Here is the Mystery of the Mind element.

I Love Beautiful Women” ~ 'Intimacy without Intracrazy'

Erotic Sari dancers ~ immersed in C E L E B R A T I O N

You can have everything I possess except Parvati”

Looking for the missing link ~ that doesn’t exist!

All the freaks in the World ~ “I’m Welcome here”

All Charas

It comes from the most holiest places in the World.

Those spending their life going round beautiful sites.

Isn’t the Planet a wonderful Space and it’s our home!”

Shouting from his throne, “Bring the Chief Pharmacist!”

Making a prescryption for an Industrial Ketamine user.

Extreme pleasure’ ~ you’ll get a come down from that!

Falling in lust with the Trauma, fully conditioned Love.

Venice ~ wet dream

I was in Guatemala where I saw the best eyes and lips”

Tigers want to feel Love ~ “I love You.” Why not, simple!

Breathing Love ~ there can be no Secret about it!

Recycling funky inside ~ time is outside, being one.

House of the soul ~Transcending time & space.

Here’s that Shit Life urchin, Ragamuffin

living in an Indian road labourers camp!

Psychedelic surrealism * looking in the Psyche

Inside the Mind ~ melting the Forms…

Very trippy allegories.

Brain Washing 101

What was never lost can never be found ~ ”

Walked into a room full of Matisse’s coloured light…

Constant Predatory’ ~ All just a concept Mein Fuhrer!

Always On Air; if you let it get you ~ it’s gonna get you!

Paranoia on Top, try being a United Force

Holy Fools

Love is happening of its own accord ~

10 reasons why Dark Psy*Trance is Shit!

Trishul of Shiva ~ “I’m so imminent!” OK...

Yes she does coke but not with you!” Star chasm.

That’s where we work out our politics

on the dance floor!

We’re Shiva People.

Shrouded Barakah

Tell me you love me” * “I Love You”

I don’t know why they want to hear that”

Why do women want to hear you say You love them?”

I know Baba, because they wanna own you.”

Decloaking female slaves ~ veiled threats of separation!

Are they very open to brainwashing?

Alternative, Free energy ~ Pain relief.

Now Illegal to feed homeless people!

Lava Baba met Laser Baba at a Storm Rave

Hug Drug ~ Sensory perceptions tuned Up.

The failure of Just Say No’ to Propaganda!

F E E L I N G ~ Serotonin, Consciousness.

dancing in a sea of ecstasy’.

Fascists don't want to change”

Government Exaggerating the Risks in Paradise ~

they don't know the Truth only their own Paranoia!

Officially lying about everything to destroy Public Trust.

If you Smoke it you'll become a Heroin Addict!” Fake Media.

Budgeting for a Federal Bureau of Narcotics on the rampage!

Dropped out, Stoned and who cares about an horrendous War?

Controlled Substances Act’ the reason for more Police Dragnets.

If you smoke dope bad things will happen but we don't know what

they are!” Trying shotguns in the illegal DMZ. that you forced us into!

People who wish to freely experiment should Not be Institutionalised

when not encroaching or hurting others; try that in your Green Zone!

Who owns my right to Life, Liberty, the Pursuance of Happiness?

THC. CBD exposure; Cannabis the most popular drug in the World!

From the UN. 1/25 people across the Globe use it so what’s wrong?

Three million people Criminalised under Clinton for inhaling a weed.

1980/98, $214 billion spent on the ‘War Against Marijuana!’

Our Propaganda; It’s Nicer than Nice!

Synchronistic Fusion

Crystallization of being ~ coming directly from Observation.

Just there, watching life’s movie, you’re not the doer ~

Using all those songs to work through my own suicide!

Got a natural sociopath in charge of the camp!

Get rid of that Opinion, you are the Maestro!”

Anatta’ such beautiful poetry in any tragedy!

There is no conspiracy, absolutely nothing ~

You are behind the watcher, actor, director.

All knowledge is there ~ Cosmic Virgin.

Deeply oozing in Heaven.

Solomente Uno

I’ll skip the flying & swimming with sharks ~ She makes the Pan.

There’s 7.5 billion + Individual Minds attached to the Planet!

I can’t even get my 1st chakra going!” ~ He’s Joking.

Labial Love bursting out of a beating heart vortex!

Then there’s Birds & the Bees making tantric puja!

There’s Adam & Eve’s magical enchantment!

Looking for the Love ~ we are the Love!

In each one of us

Capt. Terror - Presidential Abomination!

Imaginary walls collapsing in a victory nightmare.

Made the fire sacrifices too; whose eyes dies?

Frightened them out of their natural ecstasy”

Demonic dark forces ruling, eating children.

A Capitalist Army marching from the Vatican.

Eternal War ~ I prefer to take some Peyote!

Flying with you in the Electric nut house.

Where’s the smouldering Love Magic?

We’re all dancing together

I danced in the dream of reality”

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Ecstasy?

Bursting the bubbles, that were very nice.

Clenched your face ~ no happiness in selfish!

Capt. Delicious’ lips on Aphrodite’s mons Veneris.

Infinity Direction

Swimming around in different dimensions ~ Masters of Universe

Peace warrior eyeing a Jedi, nailed to a Cross and forgiving ‘em.

You can go in forever ~You can go out forever.

The Federal Reserve in Reality Guarantees, Perpetual DEBT!

Corporations carry out Government Policy on their own behalf.

The moment you punch a time clock you enter a Dictatorship.’

Use your Energy to transcend this State of Affairs.

I think

Lou Reed produces the music

capturing the colourful freaks ~

the humorous, silent, unknowing of the,

Yeah man you digging it too!” people

who were seen ~

in very dark restaurants in Amsterdam

and on top of volcanoes in Guatemala

sometimes ~ gathering after rain,

the Magic mushrooms

of Mexico & Bali, Indonesia.

Kali ~ Maya can drive anyone mad

I got a Text from England

Daffodils * blooming ~

Blackbirds are laying eggs.

Longer days and Golden Sunsets

Find the Space

Allowing the Form to be

You are the action ~

Free whirling helping them go on the journey.

Everything is Simple ~ natural

as a Rock * Is God

You were a Mango Baby!

You’re in Love with the World”

Product of a Love marriage ~

brought up free to be what I wanted to be.

Mind fed with emotion ~ Siddhartha left his family behind.

Polyhymnia the muse of sacred poetry relaxing

in the nude by an infinity pool. ~ Love like Heroin,

the biggest hook can catch the deepest, dark feelings!

We’ve all been there, written books of hymns and Zen rhymes,

Sufi Haiku, Intimacy Sutras, Painful Sonnets, Magical Mantras.

Is there one to make a woman fall in love with you forever?

Do you want that? Of course I want that. So you have that

& I’ll have that then ok? “I’ll be your slave to the end of time!”

Circumstances change nothing lasts in the multi*dimensional.

Cultivation in the ‘Brahma Vihara’ Garden

Having the Highest Feelings towards all beings ~

Highest Life Attaining Inner * Outer Peace together.

Pigeon holed, the Predators are out! Buddha’s lesson ~

Peace or War ~ over a family’s possession of a River?

Is its intrinsic value more flowing with water or your blood?

No Wars were fought on behalf of dhamma, becoming calmer.

Peacefulness, Impartiality and friendliness to All after bathing

In the waters of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity.

Conquest; spiritual not political; ego’s greed for military power?

Victory breeds hatred, the conquered sleep in deep sorrow ~

Cast aside victory & defeat. A Peaceful one dwells at ease.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, hatred ceases by Love”


Psychedelic Chandeliers

Baptising a goose in the Garden of Earthly Delights.

What does it mean? Whatever you want it to mean.

I don’t want anything hard in my heart!”

Why do without it if you can do with it?

His girlfriend ended up going off with a footballer.

What are the colours and feelings of a Sufi Mantra,

vibrations of LSD-25? ~ ‘Whirl in, turn on, drop out’

Woman needs to feel love to have sex

Men need to have sex to feel love.”

Have a double drop in energy fields of Life.

100 mgms.* Out of Mind * relax and let go!

Experience a really great trip.

Land of Sensual Pleasure ~ Nave Nave Fenua

Flesh is Flesh * Spirit is Spirit’

Bird of Paradise subduing the Lizard.

Musical composition ~ Extinction of any horizon mirage!

Sa chat noir ~ for extra spice, Sensuality ~ Meditation.

Chrome yellow pareus ~ In the presence of soft purring.

He's becoming a Maori ~ 'Prostitution is a Sacred act'

Smallest amount of money can buy the mortal flesh’

Crushing the fruit on her body and giving it to me ~

Naked Super Humans climbing a gigantic coconut tree.

You are lying!”

The fish have spoken ~ Superstitious divinity.

By goodness evil is conquered’

Dream of the Poet-painter

Mysterious waters

Common question to a traveller (of 40 years)

Which is your favourite country?

I Love the Country of Pink Floyd

I Love the Country of Jacques Cousteau

I Love the Country of Smiling children

I Love the Country of Birds high in the trees

I Love the Country of Botticelli

I Love the Country of colourful windmills turning

I Love the Country of Marie by the blue French window

I Love the Country of Acid Jazz and Fantasy

I Love the Country of Cockatoos dancing on a crystal piano

I Love the Country of a white rhinoceros sky

I Love the Country of a lake of shining tipis

I Love the Country of truth.

Goa Suprasurreal

You are Your Self ~ the best refraction*reflection in town.

You are a bio*genome product of God knows what!”

And look what curry did for England” “Exactly, Tikh!”

Too busy to be depressed! Life is a continuous Party!

Explain why you can drink Vodka and not try Ecstasy!

Creativity is that which is all around ~ Life is Spiritual.

Tibet was once the strongest of the strong in Dhamma.

Jesus was an Open Source Activist ~ arriving in the free

Cosmic * Spatial.

Sweeter than a Sugar Cube

In the multi*dimensional ~ don’t project anything allow it

to be what it will be; if it’s not the picture we’ve set down,

we’re gutted! You know what I mean? We’re not in the now.

I’m not here I’m over there ~ don’t project that onto me.

Positive reinforcement not Alcoholic, fuelled Aggression!

The girl was ordered to marry the Rapist who violated her!

They hate you all of a sudden! “But I’m not doing anything!”

Escaping the delusion that you were ever in Love & Loved.

Light goes and a bit of paranoia bypasses the heart chakra.

Not spiritual, can’t Love anymore; not talking, she can’t stop!

Don’t tell me I’ve been dumped again! We are all in Love!

A flash of Inspiration…….. “That’s My train!”


8.5hz. Binaural, Psyche Baba, Cosmic Inshallah, Super Shanti.

Solfeggio frequencies ~ 174Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz, 417Hz,

528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz, 963Hz ~ Positive shifts.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA. * to see the one in all we see.

Different intensities ~ Vibrational tones of Cosmic galaxies.

No Slave * No Master!

No touching, no photos!’ My name is Sperm Avatar ~

Freedom is Courage! You are always Free to respond!

If you don’t control your mind, someone else will”

Freedom, choice is there in any given situation ~

Our behaviour is conditioning ~ of our genes.

You are Ego within the Phenomenal Theatre.

He answers to his name, the Sage knows it.

He’s not the doer ~ the natural puppeteer.

You think it’s the Id reflection in the mirror.

We are Devils, you are Slaves.” “I’m not!”

Fantastic Reality

Barefoot jumping around in the uncensored Sun.

There’s something lovely about butterflies today ~

It’s boundless, raw, naked, Unconditional Love for all.

Resonating ~ just enjoy each and every moment please.

Simple not making things complicated, complex projections.

Snow comin’ on Sunday” ~ “Is there anything to read?”

Old enough to get a tattoo, young enough to be pierced!

Om vibrating the World

Let the music do the talkin’ ~ “All I could see were Stars”

I shall be spanking it this year Babe” In Candy Ville!

Hey Baba are you a bit more coherent now?”

You don’t need to have a memory ~ when you’re here.

This Is It

Just do it”

Connected to bliss ~ perfect on the beach.

The Earth is turning continuously and so are we.

You are experiencing it don’t need the books or labels.

In bed with a baby snake, what to do? You play with it.

They Hijacked the Swastika symbol, try some Swiss Reiki ~

Maybe they also hijacked our Attention span! Call it Psy Ops.

To create that social identity waiting forever for their Messiah,

nothing to do with the current moment! Dive in now to heal it.

Where did you get your Paranoia? From the Best Exhibitionist!

All around shouting at us, “WAKE UP!” Living the colours of life.

Frequency of a flower ~ there’s a floral shamaness out there!

Heard beautiful music, bluebells and daffodils vibrating in the air.

Another kind of sound at different levels of Perception

Global Back Drop

If they can turn us on to Coca Cola why not do it for Love?

Flash it up on the hard drive, a download of subliminal bliss!

Absolutely, absolutely people are always giving that Love back.

Interactive not just there with his headphones and a Smart Galaxy.

Reconnecting and give attention to your own heart not a busy mind.

Not talkin’ negatively to yourself, a vision of Demons don’t project it

onto me! What are we resonating with? Well with Conscious LOVE.

Don’t have to take recreational drugs, it’s not MDMA, the trip but life.

Forgetting that it’s permanently blissed out in tune with the Universe.

Alert! I put it away when I needed to, these things are weakening us ~

Giving the Monkey Mind the power of Maya! Freedom to have no puff.

Sitting well with yourself otherwise you go off on Skid Row.

We’re back on an emotional Wobbly Bob ~

To experience Love * to Come Alive

Proper rinsing it.

GOA ~ “I’ve come here NOT to be miserable loving you!”

You wanna stay connected, send a Cosmic Spirit Art card.

Why would they stop me walking up the hill and taking off?

Friends are the ones who’d let you crash ~ on their sofa!

Yogini’s Tantric King, erotically, surreal, love poesia in flow.

24 hour, full power, no shower ~ energy on the dancefloor!

Institutionalised at Curlies beside a sultry Indian Dora Maar.

Truth of being, it’s fabulous to have a seductive muse, darling.

Everything In Existence Is Divine

Space Travel Is Time Travel’

Thanks to Everyone

People are being slaughtered…..

& the sweet tenderness of that kiss!

Buildings collapsing on top of you ~

You’re still alive!

The Sun will shine again

Caring Is Sharing ~ Not Obsessional

Believing that she’d always love you and you’ll never let her go!

Opening the Love channel up ~ all in the appreciation

of this wonderful natural light in the garden of Life.

Feeding our flame all the time ~ giving love back.

You’re OPEN ~ Feeling the energy lighting up, it’s ON.

We have Ignition! The energy that is LOVE in Itself ~

Romantic * Tantric * Psychedelic * Chic to Chic

Heaven or Hell, it’s up to your Allowance… Plastic

Fantastic * I took the red pill went down a bunny rabbit hole.

Stop the Party! ~ Captain Methry’s run out of Class A drugs!”

Tantra mantra, you’re higher ~ being able in yourself to feel it.

Raw Chocolate Neurotransmitters supplying the whole brain ~

Space Essence, being in it consciously, has its special tuning.

Tamed it down ~ ‘doing the wrong things for the right reasons’.

Don’t like the sin but love the sinner!” ~ For how long is Eternity?

Gave him Scrumpy-Jack in his pram; being a slave to a cigarette!

Try making some bhang ghee, charas butter from the mountains.

¼ on a bun would take you to the Moon, brings on Lunar whities.

They want to Control our reactions. What do we do? Consciously

Integrate yourself into the big picture, wanting to see themselves.

Do you know the price of onions has gone through the roof?”

Feeling Super Heat

Brazil, You could smell the Kundalini!

Unfolding fragrant musical flowers ~

Loops ~ the beautiful harmony in Chaos.

It’s just a Mind-concept you give yourself.

She understood, she is playing, Attention games.

At the Temple, Altar of the Butterfly’s Adoration.

Nothing can harm you, it’s all there for you”

Going to the edge and living it somehow….

Individual & multi*dimensional heart frequencies ~

You smell also what you live, we had strong smells last night!

That’s fake Cod fish”

Progressive Trance in Shanghai

Different Vibe ~ different tribe, different reality!

I’m the one who can smell her Wet seasons”

Wild Pheromones ~ blossoming in abundance

It’s the same bed but in two different Universes”

Now look for feeling ~ energy, not the appearance.

All we have to do is be One with no minds moving.

No things, forms blocking, distracting Consciousness

from the Central Sun ~ it’s not Black Magic!

Looked in every Temple ~ the Love is within.

Still in Love

I'm at home why not stop by for more blissful kisses?”

Changed reality for another perception inside their dream.

Feeling I am a different being lying naked next to you,

wanting you to touch me deeply in my heart.

Taken for granted because I still adore you.

I came back to carry on kissing your smile.

Ask me anything you want ~

forgotten how to give in return.

Lost the passion, desire energy.

Now we've become a lovely memory.

His Image held it together ~


Listening to blossoms falling ~

and rocks, growing your ‘Wa’ harmonies.

Messages to your centre, “Sayonara Hara”

Please excuse my asking for Enlightenment.

Conscience-less Culture, no sense of sin!

Quiet Sunset lights her obi ~


Listening to the blossoms falling

letting Karma please itself ~

be innermost source with nature.

No blinding Mind ~ no ugliness.

No immeasurable pain from loss Lover.

Energy behind the Temples ~ Ineffable

not merely annihilation or nothingness.

Outside the laws of causes and effects ~

this permanent Supramundane hara-gei.

Quiet Sunset lights her obi.

Prohibited on land ~ Bigotry’s fine at sea

Many methods of austerities, Yoga Asana, Torture…

We’re having FUN for fuckin’ sure! Full On - Off - On!

The Launch pad, straight out of the body into ethereal.

Nothing is Solid it’s all conceived in our Consciousness’

Lock into it therefore so be it ~ embracing New SPACE’

Stay in the bliss whatever you hear, whatever happens ~

being bombarded with shit to keep us in FEAR-Sanctioned!

They’ve gone on their yachts to drink with playboy bunnies.’

Call it Baksheesh, a Gift, Bribes, Overseas Development Aid.

Yet getting 100 whip lashings on her Adulterated back in public.

All bowing in the same direction then cutting each other’s throat!

Swami’s Angels

The closest you can get to the light

Rhythms of the Universe ~

Sitting on a volcano of ecstasy.

It’s not Big busty but super tasty”

You want ‘Availability’ ~ all of my Presence.

Emptied the joint bank account and went to Thailand”

Psychedelic Myth

Not a meeting of conceptual minds ~ how can you own the Sky?

When you process it you lose something of the Combination’

Is it true? ‘The West lives in the future & East lives in the past,

Brazil & Africa in the moment ~ Time doesn’t mean anything?

You can’t Fix it’ ~ Always in a flow Miss Romantic Herbalist.

I want to cross the Ocean of Love with You”

Try a bio-Cosmic massage, detoxing a frayed nervous system,

regenerates your energy*feedback ~ It’s Your Chi on holiday.

Watching birds of Paradise ~ takes you to another World’

River Ghats-going down to the Source of Shiva’s lingams!

Crystalline swirls ~ sparkling along Omkareshwar’s shore.

Free to Rome

Contaminated Paella Bonds. Topsy Turvy Defaulting, web links.

Demanded their money from an emptied vault; Thick as thieves!

Predatory lenders’ IOU’s as good as Gold! Who do you believe?

Thrive, Corporation, Zeitgeist, Adbusters, alternative networking’

Greed, weakness at the heart of an insane Profligate Euro Zone.

People who come from very Impoverished backgrounds wear?

Insane Hyper-debt, Corrupt Banksters, Political criminals’ lobby.

Another systemic Corporate Raid, Ignorant, autocratic Predators.

Check out ‘Inside Job’ they’ll make you fight for every fuckin’ cm!

Elites, Cryptocrats, Plutocrats wanting control of World’s New Order

Ferocious Crusaders

A bunch of Murdering, sadistic, Luciferian bastards; Knights -

Templars all about War and Empire and killing all in their way!

Absolutely Ruthless, Top Illuminati managing God’s holy relics.

Pick of the day, International Operations controlling the Planet.

All over the place ~ Management Systems! Satanic on the wall.

A broken Cross, Shock & Awe of War! Is it very Glorious to you?

It’s appreciating your*self in the bliss ~ the Challenge of the day!


Hanging from my Parachute.

Inside a great Banyan tree

my camouflage suit ~

hides my sight ~ from

a python of the night.

Beauty passes oh so near ~

to this nutmeg grove of fear.

For the warriors of this tribe

the Sun has set long ago….

just the Rhythm of the stream

and magic force of dream.

Pastel Angels come to ease my pain ~

How long before they find the wreckage

and rest me in the land of herbs

& children’s smiles ~

The branch is breaking

I’m on the ground

I hear a waterfall ~

All the Composition of Atomised Grass

Opening to Spiritual Trance, sexual magic, orgasms of ecstasy.

Suffocating from the factories’ fumes, she’s become a neurotic!

They want Meaning, not allowing a basis of uncertainties of life”

Let’s have some Sensitivity to other aspects of Planetary living.

Beautiful visuals, abstract designs of exotic insects and flowers.

Looking into a non*linear narrative between unspoken SPACES.

Impossible to analyze the ‘Purposes’ in the life of a bumble bee.

No Ultimate Control Centre, be spontaneous ~ as it’s happening.

Seeing their emotional psychological responses in this moment

Is it up & down or is it round & around

In & out of spirallingam Vortices * I’m sharing my Goa flow ~

Streaming of dark matter’s energy ~ molten Consciousness.

Treading their own path of pseudo Intellectual Propaganda.

Competitive, Judgment, Control, Identity, using Psychology.

You don’t know what you think you know ~ It takes you....

Education ~True to Yourself; Tribal vs. Corporate Systemic.

If a reactionary to things who are you? How about these waves?

Spirit still dancing ~ losing yourself in the rhythm of Psytrance.

Jesus wasn’t a dancer or was he?

I’d like to think he’d gone to a few raves”

Illegal, secret, fantastic, brilliant, wicked!

Ishq’ ~ Universal Love

How come the Poorer the nation the bigger the heart?”

How far do you have to go to find someone on that Level?

Who wants to be the next Martyr for sociopathic wo/men?

Here’s a non-delusional message from Scorpio girl!

I Love this moment we’re sharing together”

Enjoying no fear tendencies

Angels are good

Psychopaths they have no human feelings or empathy ~

They Keep on Terrorising Us ~ Malleable for Machiavelli!

The Sun can never know darkness because it's always light.

Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder ~ be here now.

No need wanting in Real life ~ they think the wanting is Love!

Love doesn't have an absence; Is Hate an absence of Love?

It's just duality, opposites, dialectics, polarities, wanting both ~

When you're in emotional depression, Rejection, chain Reaction,

it's hard to find something else, any reflections to be joyful about.

The Moon is the Moon * The Sun is the Sun.

Proton Pill Box

The Grim Reaper’s rat a tat tat, horrible Death & Destruction!

Terrorised beyond your Imagination or dancing in Exstasis ~

With molecules of bliss ~ Something must Exist!

Radio Active rocks, X Rays, Uranium Alpha waves, Radium.

Found sub*atomic particles in all the Oceans of the World.

Why so much empty dark energetic space existing?

Without realising ~ Had a leap of Telepathic genius.

Making hay with nymphs while the Sun shines.

Came back, Creative flow, Can’t Stop


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past fifteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:

Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/sunnyjetsun

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