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01) Love



is where you find it

It may be green

It may be other colors

but it will definitely

be green

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© All digital rights reserved by the technocratic titans. There must be at least 900 words in a book, so the wordier the better. Any ghost, phantoms, shrieks or sirens will be entirely ignored. If a computer is used, you must use the computer to make or imagine something computerly. One common complaint is that we might be reserved for future consumption by McDonalds. One dozen Coca Cola's later I came to the conclusion that I prefer tea over pizza. A mythological comparison to Hermes was made, but why kill the messenger? Oh, in about a hundred years, maybe a thousand, maybe ten thousand the spiderwebs will be so thick that not even candles will catch. A dozen roses, of the white variety, for the sandcastle that wouldn't wash away in a tide so high, that even the starfish ran for their lives. How hot does it have to get, how much does the sea level have to rise before the Dow Jones stock index includes a green stock? There's one over there, and another one wondering how? Did they ever figure out how holocaust denial added to the monumental glory of strength? Or how convenient convenience was, conveniently? Suffer, mothertrucker. As nonsensical as it sounds, I was expecting a historical dilemma. Awash in digits, I balanced at the top of the pole vault, slid down the pole, and busted a fingernail is so doing. The wine was tremendous, awfully magnified by the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull I saw in that film. But the pie was so good we kept it around for weeks, and it disappeared slice by slice. It may seem a monumental decision, but I definitely voted Hillary in the secret ballot. If ever there were a shadow, it was the one that loomed across the waters into the arc welder in the robots hands that made the Cringaghini Moderest A Gourd. Butter for breeding, butter for bred. I'm glad that you're so high minded, but it couldn't have happened without savages graves, whose widows weeped long and hard, teeth clenched in fury, and the gawdawful predicaments of democracy. Yet, it's all relative, my darling, my dear, my cozy cousins warming their hands by the campfires, roasting marshmallows and the occasional hot dog. I'm jealous, in a way, but I know, I know, I'm strong. But I would almost shag the carpet for a lick on that lollipop. Politico this, politico that, yes yes. A friend in need is a friend indeed, so they say. If I could stand on my own two feet, I'd remove the harness on Santo Rico. A million fireflies in the balance, have you ever seen me wink in the pitch black cave? A singles tournament, to be sure, 20/Love. As much as I like chocolate cake, you would think I eat it every day. The image, the reality, the resonant foundation, common sense. Mix it up, and butter them up, sweetly and slick as snot. Did you really think it was that easy? History of caresses, history of hippies. I noticed a funny pinion on Android phones, no thanks to the gassy goats. I never noticed that hair on your chest, is that an implant? He would seem a dictator, but at least he was sober. I talk to my cat, I taught Mouse, (he chose his name) with a model, about day and night, and other pertinent subjects that cats think about. 900 words, quite a challenge when you're hoping to keep it as light as possible, worried that you might hijack the intent of the poem contained therein. Green is many things, and a color in the spectrum, imbued with ups and downs, around and therefore, and even this way and that way. Careful there, you might break a steel girder with that tooth. Or, you might fly on up to the sky, and wheel around the buoy like a tern. We are stuck like Chuck for the moment. A tired fly landed on my little finger, and asked me coyly what my number was. I told him 2, and then he counted all the way up to one. Flies are smart that way. I've got to get up at four in the morning tomorrow to avoid white privilege, as if I really could. I'll take a modicum of comfort here, and burden of proof there. By now I would take the easy life, but I went out on a limb, for what? For a stupid shot at an armed socialism, not really worth a flip. But I'm like that, I mean, it must mean something to somebody. Fewer people tortured to death, mainly. I'm a man, I can take it. Sure, sure. I see your numbers are mounting, and picked off one by one by my awful breath. I'll take some of that cotton candy, sure! I used to love it as a kid. What about the doo-dads and knick-knacks I used to keep in my pocket. Nobody wanted a look, but I had so much to day about them. And on and on, till I reach 900. This is very amusing, wouldn't you say? Duck Duck Go says 470 in 12 point on a page, so a page to go. The gassy goats have very special plans for you, I promise you my darling. A diminished chord in G#.

I had to add a page break because the open source software I'm using didn't recognize a continuation of a sentence as a new page. Commonsense, and on another topic, every word, every possibility, bugged. And definitely a big brotherly sort of attitude, I promise you. Anyone still reading? Produce, or reduce, delusions and paranoia? Me? Then, family matters, cleanliness is surely next to drunkeness and porn. Yet, indeed there are contrasting ends of inevitable destinations. How indeed, are these dilemmas resolved. You guessed it, I'm dead, and the sooner the better as the bullies and the intellectual bullies would have it. I oughtta know, I was one. Is insanity really curable with a record album? And can someone raise a person's IQ by 30 points that way? Some thought so back in the 60's, I'll have you know. Blame it on Tim Leary, I know, I know. But that's not the real beef I have with them. Will no one ever see the mind expansion cults of the 60's for what they were? Promises of salvation through creative revolution, neo-Marxism. I have studied it as concretely as it can be studied, in the current day. Perhaps it is just how I have interpreted things in the past that keep my mind so cloudy. Elevated to giddy heights, as good influences on a corrupt generation. Some promotional scam, with the black market well in tow. But I'll get off my soapbox now, and isn't this a long paragraph? I have considered the writing of hundreds of books, all nixed because of the questionable influences they would have had. But the titans of the entertainment industry pretty much write their stuff off the top of their head, realizing a huge profit. Some would say there was very little resistance to it, but of course, there were those who would take aim at what was essentially an attempt at social engineering. While I'll admit, there is better and worse social engineering, it is only the few that can have balance, and the many that suffer from the attempts. Try Googling the word sociopath and you'll see what I mean. And Google is very good at that balancing act, I'll have you know. Knowledge is a burden, but fortunately our burdens are light. Call me a Luddite, but mass manufacturing has weakened our economy, while the craftsman is a thing of the past. We are surrounded by the trappings of wealth, and our lifestyles, philosophies dictated by trend mongers of the attrite variety, and syndication now happens with high velocity Italian Futurism. How convenient, you might add, but such is the arrowing of time. At least there was some geometry left when I was through, but such are the vagaries of fate. Geez, another half a page to go? How can I go on? How can any of us go on, but indeed, there is hope. There is no freedom for me, but for you there is, and freedom is a relative thing. Am I free to rant and rave, or unseasonably frank? Hard to tell indeed. Blue is a color, as is yellow and red, but the others are debatably colors, or are they? Are black and white colors? And perhaps we have reached a consensus on that subject, sometime in the far flung future. Color televisions use to have static on almost every channel. They were anticipating another ten or so channels, and of course on the UHF frequencies (the ghetto of television frequencies) there could even be another fifty. Tiresome remark after tiresome remark, this stuff gets old fast. You know I know you know, and of course I know you know they don't. But I know you know you know. So, you know, playground equipment is just that. Fun. Not an attempt at socializing children, or “teaching” them how to utilize language. I wish I knew how I could write 790 words without dealing with endless “difficult” concepts or facerolling the keyboard. How's the weather there? Hot, here. Pretty sure it hit 95 today, but that is Houston weather for ya. I like to talk about the weather. It's so humid lately it feels even hotter, but maybe we'll get some rain sometime next week. Can't wait for October, maybe we'll get some relief by Halloween. Of course, and I'm guessing 200 or 300 years from now. By then there will still be sunny skies, and rain, and walks in the forest, and the birds and the bees, and cold lemonade on lounge chairs on the back lawn...maybe by the pool even! But of course, pools could go extinct! There might even be a pink umbrella or two left, the kind with the crank that opens and shuts them, but I think by then that the Leaning Tower of Pisa will be gone. Unless they shore it up with some kind of girders, but at least there will be a reproduction of it that will be...insulated...from rain. And as we wind down this long and (for me) tedious interlude with accentuated fervor, may I suggest creaky bridge on a path covered with pine needles, that leads to a falling down house in the woods? They built it with saws that were turned manually, from the trees that grew in the area. A very nice place!

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