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Money is a Great Motivator

When I realized it, I got a shock!

Bloodsucking the people’s wealth.

Keeping them Interested in Debt ~

to someone; Who makes the Control!

International financial lenders, Predators!

Let the pain flow out and give it to the Divine”

Awareness of any forgiveness.


Sold for a Copper Pan

Do you ever feel like burning ~ going up in crazy, hazy smoke?

In a Love bubble, not saving anybody; I’m saving myself Baba.

When you buy & Sell People, burning cars on the street’s nout!

Want it Spontaneous right now right here. She’s my Love child.

Just gettin’ on with it, walked around the corner & WOW!

Rammed with totty


You’re the ONE

What Idea do you want? Looking out for it.

You can live it the way you want to live ~

compromise is the lie of not being myself”

I’ve got to see it, feel it to believe it”

She wasn’t demonic enough!”

Death by drugs room’ 1200R

My darling who invites the spirits if they wish

to enjoy the strawberries and desert figs ~

so your caravan will glide to Kilimanjaro to

sing there and perform Kabuki for your Lord.

My darling

Ambrosia is the sweet juice

on your lips ~ wet

and between your legs,

Spirits at your side

desire so much your blossom

as a bee cherishes the perfume

of the sweetest flower

Subtle are their extractions

as they enter the soft petals

Inside they wish your sparkle

but today your colour has fallen pale

and your eyes gleam less.

The dazzle of your movements is slow, my darling

who has yet to sail by felucca down the Nile and to

meditate in quiet under the pinkest trees of mount Fuji.

My darling whose perfume will scent

the nature of many delicate impressions.

Now your sweetest strength of life

is needed to fountain many loves

and to warm erogenous twinkles

as you do now my heart and pupils.

Spirits fall as leaves to allow ~

the spring and summer of your sailing.

The bluest Oceans will yet see ~ your caravan

pass in wildest colour ~ to the golden dunes.

Spirits sit and drink with me ~ at the oasis

Purple nomads will feed us dates ~

Strength for the star route.

Super Charismatic

We’re on the other side of the lead cataclysmic wheel”

Didn’t see anything I was enjoying, down at the beach”

Do you know a place called the Ding Dong in Aswem?”

~ that’s flippin’ your brain like everyone, I need my fix.

Girl in a sparkling white bikini on a tropical beach ~

That’s the attraction of girls isn’t it? Babe Magnets!

I just sucked it right in ~ down the Cosmic river

through a Supra land of Sensual Pleasure ~


Total Violence & Total Opening’

Star Trek, X Files, The Simpsons, & Fritz the Cat on Peyote,

testing every thing in his van along the Super Highway of Life.

84 and frightened to Open the door ~ obsessed, brainwashed,

Compulsion. 70 years old and you’re dead before you’re dead’

Turn on the TV; go to your favourite Vampire, Horror channel

Someone will understand it ~ “What people don’t understand is

we’re All Killers inside! 'Who’s got their hands on the Remote?


Good for Suffering ~

Get the Pain Killers out!

Light the Fire, get on with it!”

You can see why people walk around mountains on their knees.

Not really”

Nod & Smile of Density!

Somebody should break her heart so she feels what it is like!”

Puppets reading the News; The Truth happens; It is happening

New Satellites launched into the sky ~ to see cosmic rain fall.

Bring in those transgendered Christians to meet the Gladiators!

What sort of Mindset is that? Globalism, Oligarchy & Tyranny!

Let’s be delirious, we’re all human beings living in a biosphere.

This is Not a dream ~ turning rain into rainbows not Monsters!


Going to the Glowing Source

Surrounded by people living in the happy vibe ~

Push value out and let it flow ~ living with my tribe.

We all want something more ~ until!

Wherever you got that feeling in your heart

Life continues ~


Paradise Now

Good Life ~ “I haven’t got time to come down”

Are you gonna move it for her?” “I’ll lift one end”

Take responsibility, You have to ‘Own It’; It’s being Conscious,

choices you make with your Karma ~ where you takin’ me now?

One burst of energy going in 5 different ways ~

Chasing my thoughts on a rollercoaster.

I came in as the Lover”

In Another Frequence.

Dragons are another expression of Mother Earth.

Like us and transmuting ~ Fire, light puts you higher.

Utopian Intent ~ can be your Reality just be in the moment.

How does it feel being in the ZERO of allowance? Gives Space

for Spirit to Unfold ~ whatever it will be *differently, duality, infinity.

In a Playground where the polarities are forming in the friction.

Expression of your Qualities, what do you want to show?

Making a Higher expression ~ Cosmic Consciousness


. “It’s My Body ~ It’s My Temple!

It’s all a game. I phoned the DSS from Baga beach.

They said, “You haven’t been for your Medicals!”

Others Just looting and robbing, Mindless violence!

Freedom Openness, Not our capitalist Government’s ideology!

Yeah we’re all Philosophers ~ getting Bad Advice for Wonga.

Behind their masks a bunch of pretentious, arrogant fascists!

Thank God for the Miniskirt and to girls for wearing them!”

Who ever wants to wear a black nylon sheet in 100* can do so!

A Chastity belt it’s all about Possession of the Women by Men.

Anaemic they’re hiding their juicy bits ~ “I Own My Treasure”

Kicked to other side of Universe, Star portal, on a one way ticket.

You going to the Next Level or not?”

Caressing a sweet Ankh*let

Unexpected Super Tel E pathic L S D delocious

I don’t know anything ~ She’s gorgeous & Super natural.

Apparently they’re from an eccentric, dysfunctional family.

Who would have thought!” Enjoying the freedom of the thrill.

Funtastic that one night stand, loving it with a Perfect stranger.

Perfect breasts, perfect kisses, smiling ~ being in the moment.

Came home she got naked, full power carnal knowledge surprise

At dawn she took a taxi for her flight to somewhere in Ukrainia.



Fondling bevies of Gopis, swooning in a soft languid breeze.

At this moment I want a lot of women to play with”

Valuable in the reflection ~ how long for your Purdah?

8 Chakra Baba going to the fountain at the Holy Mountain.

We need a million Tantric temples like this around the World’

Don’t Open your mouth until I tell you” ~ “Here’s a drop!”

Live in the moment ~ You can only decide for Your self.

Don’t believe anything anyone tells You”

Engorged Psychedelic Clitorises ~ Go & find out for yourself.

Drop All Labels, no answers to be found unless you want one.

Unraveling, revealing, Individual processes of your own Quality.

A matter of Understanding, eating that soup; what we cook ~

we have to eat now and get up from the table when it’s empty.

She has to break the Illusion-Mould but It’s Alive In My Mind!

Hyper active, ADHD * You understand her. I think I understand

myself, sorry can’t be involved in your crazy world; Channelin ~

He means it, I Love it, now you Know; We’ve all done that one.

She told me stories, her sexy toys, catamite boys, she don’t lie!

I’m falling in Love with you; Open ~ letting our energies attract,

black, white, Yellows, blues, reds its all inclusive, Unconditional.

Look at our behavior Cleopatra, Maniacs Insanities, brutalities.

Tyrannical despots, decadent psychopaths, no respect for life!

Selfless, Unconditional Love pitted against Licentious evils.

Always like to see the good guys in action ~ Trusting to Trust


The Baba’s Shop

He’s a friend, he knows many people, lost in the Pubic triangle.

Your wife is a whore in my Palace”. That’s a Tough one!

Goddess of the Vagina carved into my diamond lotus locket.

I’m comin’ through don’t get in me way or I’ll mince you!”

All yu wanna do is live the life yu wanna live ~ while

they worked on putting out the negative Frequency ~

False Identifications ~ go in that state & ask for Help!

Have the allowance to let it be ~ to give up to it.

Angels are Vibrations that you call in ~

letting them through to give us the light.

Your Intent becomes Reality ~

She’s healing my Soul

Bliss Beach

Feeling the Harmony and Peace at the Hanuman Temple.

Sitting in Nirvana gazing at the wonder of the Himalayas.

Psychedelic, exotic beauties swimming in the sea of Siam.

Connecting the harmony in the here & now presence.

Trusting your own feelings ~

You are always in Paradise.


The Lie’.

I create my own Reality ~ how you see it.

You can Relax in it ~ feel its resonance.

See how it flows by Itself ~ thru duality.

Allowing the flow to be ~

Delusion that we are separated



Chasing Medieval Flames

Humanitarian of the 1st order left in the cemetery of the Kings.

Site was Catastrophic, Bombs screaming into the Green Zone!

Hot load into an Evacuation helicopter, traumatized in twilight.

God made men ~ Men made slaves”

Helios ~ Sun Sultan

Obelisks of Amun ~ Karnak to the Oceanic Pyramid at Tulum.

Rendez vous by a Megalith with the famed 7 dolls of Oxkintok

Anunnaki arriving from the 6th Planet

Passed the 8 Rayed star of Venus

saw Jacob wrestling an Angel ~

Took the ‘Ben Ben’ Celestial boat and met Ra

on her way from Jupiter to Earth ~ Terra firma.


Kallisti’ ~ The Beautiful Island.

Astral Messages at a Ziggurat of the Red Jaguar, Chichen Itza.

Met Invaders of the Toltecs solving an enigmatic, Mystic cube,

deciphering Legends of Atlantis vibrating inside Phaestos’ tube.

Rejecting harmful, antipsychotic drugs, many Chemical Koshes!

Climbed to the apex of Quetzal’s Temple with my hot Phoenician

Punk bride, her sparkly eyes singing Love, Peace, Rock & Roll ~

don’t be long


My Thing ~ This Big Connection with nature!

Agreed Not Greed ~ Quality of Life for us all.


Energy Field Paintings

Contemplation of the reality of their latest discovery,

Mind Vacuum ~ living in a World of apparent Insanity!

Made another bloody sacrifice to his Gods of duality.

The Deity was enticed by the smell of roasting meat.

How about that? There you go then, in a mad Frenzy!

Le Sensorial Imagination ~ Enchantment & Inspiration.

Who Am I; A Human? Was he taking any Psyche active drugs?

Yes something Original; Taking a tablet of 365*, for the Brain!

Observing the Sub Conscious ~ Art showing Separate Realities

Your Self ~ seeing through Mirrors of Dream * Multi*Identities*

Flying over snowy mountain peaks. Dancing with a green fairy.

Dreaming of an Aryan Goddess, beautiful naked female Queen.

Holding Sky bird cut - outs filled with azul space and reveries.

Mystic Owls flying through Landscapes of the Mind’s symbols.

Green apples, celestial nymphs, silhouettes, bowler hats, pipes,

abstract rainbows, silver spheres of Suprasense Consciousness.

Smiling to myself; Searching for Truth, on a bright, sunny day.

White clouds drifting over the calm, languid, aquamarine sea.

Feelings of Intuition, evoking ~ light beyond some far horizon.


Are these Representations Hallucinations, illusions, delusions?

Passing along cold, dark tunnel walls, by a grey stone balcony.

Framing a view into the Surreal distance out beyond ~ Infinity.

Aware of more energy fields becoming manifested! Spirituality.

Surprise, pictures unfolding ~Tarot of Psychology & Prophecy.

The Great Expectation, La Memoire, La Faith, Boundlessness.

Standing in a Circle of Clairvoyance, embracing a magic fish.

Visual language, Poetry, codes, hieroglyphics of the Irrational

understanding, not making any normal, formal sense of reality.

Psychedelic Mind playing in Creation ~ Extra Dimensionality.

Memory’ of a Voyage, the blank page suspending a full moon,

looking at distant houses, windows illuminated in the Twilight.

Heart wearing a violet mask interpreting spatial Timelessness.

All Paradox out of Context. Question, does it make you Think?

Searching for the Empire of the Absolute in a Gothic hologram.

Eggs in a nest, bright stars’ reflections in a still pond at night.

Trees bare of leaves standing alone witness to passing seasons.

Is it a nightmare ~ it’s a daydream, a trip into nature’s Soul…

Pop on the beach

Ding dong”. “It wasn’t mumbo-jumbo it was real inside,

a confused, psychotic mind” What is the truth of a Vision?

Back brain, right hemisphere ~ full facial, shape recognition.

Imprinting inbuilt. Who are you, who am I? What do we see?

Woke up his world had changed ~ brain had a big movement!

Changed into something unrecognizable, everything else was

the same, had had a stroke; Memory suffering disorientation ~

Interaction through recognising the expressions of an Identity.

Reformatted itself ~ One sense readapting for another sense.

Only way left was Communicating through touch.

One of their lads kept white rabbits in a cage.


Everyone wants a Boost!

The Movie is in you ~ How you look outside.

Everyone is going through

the intensity of change ~

New JOB description.

Work on the Inside ~

Recognize and do it.

Cleaning our crystal.

Everything else will fall apart ~

Focusing the density on the point.

What do you want to live, African Goddess?

Because it’s changing all the time.

We are in its energetic array

Corruption Eruption Decoy

Les droits humains, article 1:

Men are born and remain free

and equal in rights’. Hard to believe?

Using a sustainable natural resource ~

built it for the Montrose Lunatic Asylum.

Unearthed another Plan for Mass deception, reduction.

Is this Real World or Exercise?” “No, this is Real world!”

Interceptor jets flew in the wrong direction ~ on an assumption

that the attack would come from the sea not from over the city!

Now you can’t Trust the official leaders of your Government!”

Civilian casualties should be down to a minimum Commander,

do you wish to deploy? “Let’s nuke the bastards!” Praise be!

Abomination Bombin’ here, Bombin’ there, Bombin’ everywhere!!


The Rishikesh Yogi Mafia

Free from the Mind trip ~ the Mind always tellin you what to do.

That is the ultimate dream machine ~ Happening according to

the Mind. Caught in the Maya ~ the Matrix. *Flyin’ on MDMA*

Be a nice person that’s all. Stay in the beauty of it, stay in love.

Which Reality do you want? Red Pill or blue Pill or Rainbows?

Asking the Oracle on how to aspire to the Higher ~ bandwidth.

Intent making it happen ~ finding out the path and walking on it.

To just be in Eden

Crust of Crystals

Enjoying Mother Earth as soon as you leave the Highway.

You’re off the Grid. Out of the loop ~ nature’s not a Ego Matrix.

Over powering Isolation ~ standing in your own shiny shoes!

Smoking for Shiva, loves you to smoke, have the best experience.

The days are filled because you don’t put anything special in”

What the fuck was that! I’ve given up on it ~ I’ve accepted it,

It’s gone, not a worry anymore, dispelled the deep karmic seed.

We used to play round Bomb shelters, in Anti-Personal Craters’


Sacred Bio. Ceremonies

Encountered baby Beelzebub with an AK27! ‘Hippy Killer’!

Dead famous, cutting corners in India ~ right Fakir bodge!

One puff ~ to another world, feed the weed! Ayuhuascan Pilot.

Taking the edge off it ~ making the Square mile into a Spiral!

You have to give it total respect, less class A’s the better*Om”

Twisted, hot & curious flowering inside a cave full of enzymes.

When I die my eyes will be closed, my heart will be Open”

Hard Life Well Lived’ ~ ask the Hottentot Venus

Intuitive Yoga

A Major gateway with Magical numbers.

Met Hermit #9 making his own Universe.

Cleansing, relief, let it all go ~ release.

Making the Full Circle of Allowance

And Experiencing it ALL.

Becoming a Golden Pyramid.

Becoming Co Creators to it ~

Becoming a Crystal light being.


Mother Gota Kola, Ka Maga’.

It’s a blessing to leave the body”

Let the Universe take over reality.

Giving & receiving Compassion ~

Putting yourself in the Violet, golden white flame.

We think we have to be Separate to get more Power!

We live in Abundance, are you taking it for granted?

Welcome to Unified field, existence in the 5th Dimension.

You are Enlightened ~

just have to fall in the frequency of enlightenment…

You are it, embody it now


Comrade Makakovsky shot himself, alone sitting in his chair!

Denounced as a fantastic eccentric in a world of Social Realism.

Where is the absent, creative poet in the mould ~ of our pattern?

Add his name to 700,000 undesirables killed by Stalin’s Police.

Heroic parachutists flying through mosaic skies to save their State.

Soviet angels defending the people from the exterminating Nazis.

Avant Gardism, dissidents, all depicted living in a Happy Land!

Yes there’s been an Imaginary Revolution, an even better Ideal.

A painting of Uncle Joe, a holy Icon hanging on everyone’s wall

In the background a little black secret Police car; Watching You!’

What do they do? Let’s have an underground Art Exhibition; da!


Distractions ~ Holding Up the Energy

I was a hippy before it became a dirty word,” to some still it is.

Inspired like a Psychonaut to venture into the great unknown!

He asked me if I was a therapist ~ be in the frequency allowance

We basically stay in the now ~ now ad infinitum

Coming closer to our own essence.

A Clandestine Murderer

Smoking Guns, experts in an Infra Red field; High value Target.

Measuring his shadow against angle of the sun, right next door!

In the name of National Security of the United States of America!

Putting on his Bomb vest. Drone spies in real time from 50,000ft.

Slaughtering their own animals, illiterate women and children.

Didn’t want another martyr, burial consistent with Islamic Law

A digital trail, facial recognition uplinked to Forensics’ metadata.

Inside Situation room, ‘We got him!’ Number 1 guy on the Planet.

Children with suicide belts will kill you just as quick; Charlie mike!

Muscle memory knowing how to make missiles cruise in the dark.

Fire teams, let’s go explosives, Black hawk down! Under Radar.

Perfect conditions for Stealth flying ~ Enforcer with a new skin.

A War Hero ~ Blasted to bits in Afghanistan! Brr Boom!!

We will smoke ‘em out of their holes Pardner”

Fresh eyes on a night without moonlight.

Improve, Adapt, Overcome” ‘Enemy Killed In Action’.

Quintessential decisions ~

or another Elvis sighting!

Raining People

Couple in Love with 200 others hit Ground Zero in 10 secs/Flat!

Loss & horror amplified the suffering! Went home with Trauma!

He was Killed by a falling body! ‘Thud!’

We have Hope because we have light” ‘Whack!’

What was left of the flying gentleman in his brown suit

after he landed on a Volkswagen beetle from the 111th floor?”

343 firemen went up in smoke ~ living consciously in the now.


The Sun Is Bliss

He is the Space for my secret ~

I don’t mind ~ what’s happening, in the relativity…

Forgot you are the subject * so distracted by the Object!

You are the singularity ~

Allowing the in/dividuality


Roma Nova Samba

Natasha ~ “Let’s get lost!”

Sita in the Cockpit singing sweet Leela Mantras.

Bombay Sausage Factory

Let’s go to the Amazon ~”

I’ve seen it on the telly!”

You can cry on my shoulder.

I just wanna wake up with someone who loves me”.

Saying what you feel.


Insensitive ~ Sensitive

She don’t take nothing but DMT”

It’s raining Radiation”

Opening Up Now ~

She has similar frequencies.

When you’re in the Divine

You’re in the Divine


Under the Pixie Flag

That chair says a lot ~ very dingly dell this garden.

When I’m trashed I can find the camp”

Tripped through Tent city like a Gazelle.

Come to see the secret Underworld’

In a magic, cosmic landscape ~

Giving it my undivided attention.

Jellyfish an Alien Spaceship.

It’s flyin’ yu dragon”

Galactic Organic

The Betel nut for Mr. Flyin’ smilin’ Kaleidocosmic Pan.

He gets the nymphs. I think he did, full on Orgasmic entity.

He’s of the Old Paradigm shift, “let’s take a ride to Jupiter.”

On that plane with an Intoxicated Pagan worshipper.

Tossing all the elementals, juggling the stars in a Top hat.

Our universal birthright on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Thy Kingdom come.


Geisha Travels’

Pure of any kind of doubt.

Ride it as a healing ~ Synergetic.

Unlearning ALL Confusions.

It’s the Teaching of becoming ~

Don’t need to hold the Structure Up.

We fell together into a Crystal clear pool.

No more Separation ~ dropping from the Cynicism.

You’re in the right place and my name’s Sunbeam.

Take her out on one of your special tours.


All the Karmic structures are no longer existing”

What kind of Reality do you want to give yourself?”

Ascended Masters working through us ~ multi*dimensionally.

Becoming our own Masters of non duality of non separatedness.

This is Right, this is wrong, this is this, this is that ad infinitum!

Holding onto that frequency for a Framework ~

Watching the reflection of your New Awareness.

You give this to Yourself ~ Your Freedom to Live It


His Father Was A Freudulent Priest

The duality is there to learn to discern”. Don’t be a Victim!

We will have to lose all our Identifications to go through.

You have to burn your self out ~ to transmute in the heart.

Transcending ~ Alchemy in allowing to Love yourself

on many levels at the same time ~ in & out, up & down.

Doesn’t mean you don’t engage with the 3rd dimension.

Show us the eternal in the drama. Go in the ONE ~

Put it out there ~ therefore it is. Nothing more to do.

As soon as you start planning you go out of the moment.

Lots of gifts to see ~ everything in harmony, a melody of life.

Enjoying each spontaneous moment ~ in the Oneness feeling.

It’s the Pleasure of living it ~ without the strong attachments.

One party at a time

My Dada Revolution

Meditative. Hallucinatory faculties discovering Yellow Islands.

Met Magritte in a tunnel; The Master of dreams having visions

Imitating a call on a Lobster Telephone to Angels of Anarchy.

Explorations of Instinct and your body; Is there any Justice?

Unlocked the language of dance within psychedelic trance.

Drips & splatter, Cosmic colour ~ fields of mystery awareness.

Exhausted by HORRORS of Fascism, look at the world today.

Is there anyone interested in Truth?


Revolutionary Red Wave

The Power of the Collective through the Internet vortices

Living by the sea is Meditation ~ using a crystal Peace metatron.

Turn on, Tune in, drop out” ~ Shape of the pulsating heartbeat.

About as interesting as a Coconut to them!

Throw away the keys and the lock!

Opening up the Zeitgeist ~

No they’re Not from Earth!”

You gave me the kiss of life”

The Little Pentagon’

Viewing a Model of the Peruvian Military Headquarters. Brutal!

The building was notorious for Torture, Murders & Disappearances.

Being supported by the Fujimori Presidency; where they living now?

Ask any Latin American despots or Global organised dictatorships


God is a Label

Had a word with Oneself, as you do. He Knows ~ Blob on!

You don’t know until you go ~ Lots of Magic happening.

There are those who have done it without cheating ~”

Use it don’t abuse it. Here the Police know every robber!

They’ll kill you so you don’t make a complaint. One thing

being killed over Jerusalem another one for your flip flops!


No Feelings * No Sensations

This is the real Babylon up the road but he likes it!”

Trained to Torture or Kill, Corrosive reality, going back

to life, regression and pulling up the traumas and disbeliefs

rotting in your sub conscious, directing you to another mess!

Here’s the Perfect Heart ~ basking in the sunshine.

Gotta be right ~ isn’t it!

Last Trance Saloon

Everyone just wants to fuck! Falling into heavy lust.

Head over heels in Love ~ “I like the windswept look”

Happy hens make happy eggs which taste happy’

Give Peace a Chance’, Forgive your selfish self first!

It has no value to me, only to see someone else happy”

Jewels sparkling by the sea ~ Intense relaxation.

He is enchanted, it’s a NEW day, It’s a Pleasure.


Well Above the Law - Why?

Hyped up Government for the Banksters by the Bangsters.

Government of Fraudsters by the Fraudsters & swindlers!

Federal Reserve’s never been Audited! Where’s your balls?

They hold the Emergency Powers at the Secretary of Treasury.

We’ll tell you what exactly you will do, where is the collateral-

damage on the debt you owe us? Throw ‘em all in the Coliseum.

We the People, got well and Truly Fucked, came back for more.

They were masquerading as part of the elected Government but..

Now we have a Imperial Cartel’s Organised Economic Collapse.

$8.5 TRILLION has Disappeared; Recession, no a F… Robbery!

Didn’t know about the secret Prisons and arrests without Trial.

Then there’s the Patriot Act’s Provision for covert Abductions!

I can’t believe my eyes, endorsing the crimes of Bush & cohorts

Ask yourself who owns this Global Franchise & financing it all!

Who are these International Predatory usurers? The Real Deal

A Threat to Society!’

There are those at the Top causing all this war and disaster!

No Compromising on their Imperialism’s National Security!

Arrested him, got ten years for having two marijuana joints?

Turning the tide of Public opinion in his favour, “Set him Free!”

Thank you for that” being caught up in a horrible Political game.

Needing their sacrifices! Need to keep Authority’s Hate Prog. up!

Keep your mouth shut and just sing your songs, pay your Taxes!

Not for someone with an Intellectual force behind their argument.

Spotlight’s on his Amazing Power Potential. ‘What’s goin’ on?’

The Fuhrer still alive in his bunker on the brink of non existence.



Only Campaign Rhetoric

What’s he really done? Starting with the TRUTH…

Clones taking the troops out to war, broken all his promises!

Tell them you’ll give them PEACE then blow them all to bits.

Transparency only a sleight of hand, deception to get Votes!

Made Pledges won the Election; told them idiots to Fuck Off!

Invested their Identity, belief & Faith in his cult of Personality.

What did they teach you at school? Learnt any Extermination?

How about FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, what are your rights?

Wikid leaks ~ What are their names?

Distractions, delusions all leading you down the wrong way.

TO A DEAD END. Many UFO crashes ~ had human Pilots!

Many of them are shimmering Holograms for the distractions

of your heart and Mind; Engaged in the Illusion of the ‘FORM’.

Won the Nobel Peace Prize for launching the most Tomahawks’

Congratulations! Truth is not always a pleasant thing they say.

Manifested, traveling across distant galaxies to open Stargates.

Chaos right in front of you ~ dancing with shadows on the bus.

Now who engineered this Financial Crash? Who got the dough?

Who owns the Debt? Ask the Illuminati et al it’s that simple now.

Ooops sorry the $ has died, had its death, so has the £ € & Yen!

Why construct a full on duality ~ Isn’t it a Cosmic Kaleidoscope?

Communicating energy in Pure thought ~ receiving Telepathy.

Primitives tuning into the big Mother ship seeing Orange Orbs.

Dropped out of sight, 200 million energy fields bending space.

However you like it.


Be Rich in your giving.

He lives in a Parallel Universe”

Be Nice Or Leave’ ~ ‘multi*jolliation’.

Time waits for no man, woman or child’

The sweetness of doing nothing”

You can’t dance at every Party!

I’m a happy Dinosaur”

Child Custard

The Dealer supplying the Addiction to FEAR, Feeding Power

Big Test of Possessiveness, the lowest human trait, quality!

Can’t stay the night dad, mum said your house is haunted!”

All about balance, better health, well being, being in theta.

A sacred Mulberry Tree swaying in tune with the full Moon.

Understanding Love is here, we are Morphing ~ right NOW


Bene*Volent Stratosphere

Orbital Friends in High places living close to our Blue Planet ~

Hairiest stuff, what amazing treasures left Baghdad’s museum?

The Secret American Government ~ Those telling you to Fire,

push a lever, press a button, pull a trigger, bow down & Pray!

Sittin’ in the desert watching a nuclear Mushroom cloud unfurl.

The Majestik 12, yet another ‘Conspiracy theory’ becoming true!

WHO; why was Black Africa injected for polio with Aids vaccines?

Completely understanding now why this World is being destroyed.

It makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to someone.

Skunky Monkey’

The Mad Minute!’ ~ Stress and strain acting on my brain.

The wrong empathy for life, does that make you a Fanatic?

Take a trip to the Lily lake in Kashmir and ask the question.

Truth is the first casualty of Politics’. ‘Death or Freedom?’

I don’t smoke to get stoned I smoke to get high”

As High as ~ Absolutely, Unconditionally lovely”

Never been presented like that before ~ It’s in its Expression.

I don’t shop, I look, I feel”

With the music didn’t watch the matter ~ I’m here for real.

Met Conspiracy Dave at the Grab Bar. “Is it all Illusion?”

How you really Living it, ‘The Proof of the Pudding ~

is in the eating’, in allowing the experience to become.

If you put it in there ~ Consciously ~ the Keyword to

Opening the door


No Chaos

Nature & God Divine are Synonyms ~

The whole Universe is in equilibrium.

Losing yourself in the Imprints ~

her feeling body and being betrayed

out of Love.

I’m tellin’ me!

I believe that, I want to become that….

Just learn ~ to get out of the way, get into that flow.

They’re keepin’ us too fuckin’ busy all the time….

So we have no time for Self. They teach us what, I don’t know?

Then the Universe came around, jumped through my Star gate.

Somewhere it resonates because it’s in the light.

Sending back all the right ~ vibrations.

By feeding it LOVE it will Expand.

Which way do you want to create it partner?

Because you are Creating It! ~ Mr. & Mrs. Creation.



Unplugging that One

How each breaks the light ~

Transmuting the frequencies to give & to receive.

Can you hold it ~ or you won’t get it!

You are It, the Recognition, trusting yourself.

Love is all around, love is what you are”

You are made out of Love with everything else.

Just another Chakra, melting in with it.

Transmute it or crack up baby.

A good Love ~ helping each other.

They got that smile Inside.

Touching me with her rich generosity & Oneness ~

It gives them Power, it’s in the seeing/being of it, Live

4 Global Indexes

Freedom, getting up & not knowing what the day will bring next.

147 interconnected transnational corporations run this World’

Top 49 are banks & financial institutions, none initial producers.

Who are the international Predatory usurers keeping us in debt?

Not enough Gold to go around.” Controlling whom by threats?

Why not try using a bunch of Tulips like the good old days?

Or sacks of ‘Manillas’, copper rings like the bad old days!

10 whip lashes by law for any woman who drives a car.

As a Focusing Lesson, say no more


A Pair of Temples

He raped & killed a schoolgirl on her way to school on her bike.

Who committed that Act of Genocide, Financial War, is it You?

Shot him right through the head, sliced her skull in half! Split it!

Surviving on Normandy beaches then blown to bits in a Hedge!

We’re not talkin’ about Tulips! It’s a Fascist Children’s army!

Wrong time wrong place ~ a lot of horrendous War going on!

Fuelling Violence, horror, Gore, turning it into Entertainment!

A heavy stream of monstrous casualties. Whose child were you?

Tiger Tank shot a white hot shell through his skin, bled to death!

Screaming his head off amongst the Carnage and Devastation.

Ignited everything Inside!

Livin’ In Beauty

To mingle is my jingle’ ~ that’s good. Rock On….

Hey you got my mates poppin’ when they don’t Pop!”

You’re a Fuck Nut!” ‘You gotta be in the know to know’.

Bring me that Sagittarian firefly ~ she turned your head!

The truth is…’ ~ “let them think that if it keeps them happy!”

Saw a Dolphin flip, Kangaroos as far as the eye could see.

For Inspiration and beauty livin’ by a psychedelic coral sea.

On a soft, pure crystalline ~ white powder beach, fabulous


When yu feelin’ it yu feelin’ it.

In a bath of bliss with scented bubbles,

little orbs kissing you, head to toe ~

Stick it in yu ear and light it up!

Throw the picture, let them go.

Open the Space ~ for it to happen…

Dreams are back, saw some fantastic

wildlife just outside the prison door.

In a different wing ~ of the Asylum!

Shakti Burger

Crumbling Identities ~ Enjoy the moment.

Quantum on the melting hologramic deck.

Transporter Room ~ Pixels onto the Moon.

Losing Time ~ Space * Spontaneous healing.

For sure it’s the beauty of your experience ~”

Your shadow is your best teacher, my Psychedelic friend.

Helping you detach ~ from the Mind; Watch the Oneness.

Take it in your soul ~ and let it run through you, all the way.

New Crystals taking over an ancient electro magnetic paradigm.

Allowing yourself to be eternal ~ no hindrances

Being here & now ~ coming into the Oneness.


Honey Pie

Bathing in female energy ~ transmuting, Opening Up

like a Pumpkin! Relativity, You can break out of it.

Being ~ Nothing more, nothing less, real quality.

No duality ~ Equally, respected for her choices.

I think therefore I AM” * “I AM therefore I think”

All Imagination! Your Inspiration go out of Illusion.

Nothing Is permanent ~ setting the energies free

Playing in the bath with smiley plastic ducks.

Learning to Trust Again ~ “We Are All In One”

The Last Thatch

The Psychopathic King in the High Tower’

Travellers protesting to the High court.

Living on a scrapheap in the green belt

without the right planning permission.

Waiting for the Bailiffs.

Bulldozers at Dawn!


40,000 Stars Falling Slow

I knew I would be safe to let you go ~”

Pulling us through the 5th Dimensional.

Riding the frequency with less density

Getting more into our own feelings ~

Thought patterns of conditioning, letting it go.

Into Synchronicity with a girl from New York City!

She was in a jungle in Iceland, she brought me a Psyche ~

delical Reindeer and if you could find an unexpected Shaman.

I was on the way to Bubbles” The Star gate is always Open ~

Need the quality of energy to play Chopin”

Responding to the love from Up.

Taking in the Cosmic energy.

On the last naked caravan


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past fifteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:

Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/sunnyjetsun

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