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I believe I like the simpler things in life,

The birds and the bees,

The lush green and red leaves,

That ever so beautifully fall from the trees,

The sun shining down,

And the rain and stormy weather,

The true feeling of a pride,

And knowing it’s a group of us lions,

Who always stick together,

The great kings and queens of the savannah,

That’s who we definitely are indeed,

The great daughters, sons and mothers,

A one big family,

Like a pot full of cabbage and peas,

The thrill of a hunt,

When all we sister lions join the crew and get together,

The feeling at dinner time,

When everybody gets their fair share,

And still all of us lions care for one another,

Through any and all kinds of weather,

We may fuss and we fight,

We may argue,

And may shove,

But, trust in me,

All of us lions are still the same,

Still treat each other as equals,

Just like the great Sekhmet,

Far up above

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