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You can’t please everybody,

And I know that’s a fact,

But, can’t we all just be happy,

And let us lions make a pact,

I know we have all these gripes and all about everyday life,

But, dude, just be happy,

You woke up to see the light,

You woke up with all your limbs in tact,

You woke up with a beating heart in your chest,

You woke up with all appendages,

All feelings,


And passed the breathe and taste test,

You didn’t have no ill health,

You didn’t have no high bill,

So, let’s all just be happy,

As lions, let’s just be happy to get our fill,

You’ll always have a full stomach,

Always thrive and feel to shine,

If you just learn to be happy,

For all you’ve got,

Even when you’re all the way up in your gray fur and prime

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