Excerpt for I Feel Good by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

I feel good in every way,

Both inside and out,

Not a bit filled with worry,

Not a bit of self doubt,

I feel so good,

You can smell it in my fur,

In the air,

Anywhere this lioness may pop up or occur,

I feel good all over,

From my head down to my toe claws,

Ain’t no rules in this lioness’s happiness,

No limits and no laws,

I feel good and more than good,

I feel the good up all around,

I feel the good up in this room and on the savannah,

Feel the rush,

Hear the sound,

I feel good and more than good,

And ain’t nothing bringing me down,

No haters,

No procrastinaters,

And no doggers,

Cause I’ll still be more than just around

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