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This feeling called love,

Is a wonderous thing,

It can make you spring up and dance,

It can make you sing,

But, love don’t love me,

And that’s a true proven fact,

This lioness lives alone,

Or with her true pride or pack,

Don’t hang with no scrub fools,

Don’t hang with unproductives,

I only want true lions,

The true lovers, not seductives,

I want a whole love,

And a lion love so true,

To go out and start a pride,

All on our own,

Like Lion King two,

They say love will find a way,

And love is unconditional,

But, I find that ridiculous,

True love is somewhat medicinal,

True love is awesome,

True love is sweet,

True love is kind,

Enough to knock you off your feet,

True love is caring for every lion all around,

True love is for every animal being,

Let us all share it together,

Let us all hear and feel the joyful sound,

Of love and only love,

It only binds us together,

True love and only love,

Can hold us tight through stormy weather

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