Excerpt for How This Lioness Came to Roar by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

I’m the lioness from Columbia,

Maryland is the state,

Didn’t come from no hood,

But that don’t mean my life was peachy,

That don’t mean my beginnings were great,

I was the runt of my little,

And no doubt,

A little chubby,

Had a bitch for an aunt named Linda,

She nearly always liked to fuck with me,

Her sister Erica was a sneak,

Any shit that happened to strike up,

She was the one it would all go and seap,

Had a shitty stint in prison,

AKA middle school,

I was always looked down on,

I was always played the fool,

Now, let’s jump on straight to high,

Long Reach was the name,

Junior year, I went and dropped out,

Went on to do my own thing,

Had to face another shit storm,

Of family bitching and yellin,

‘Motherfucka, you’s a dummy’,

‘You goin down, You ain’t swellin’,

Had to prove those niggas worthless,

Had to prove those niggas wrong,

Now, that’s why I’m in this booth,

And that’s why I’m writing songs,

Now, this shit just goes to show ya,

You can accomplish anything in life,

Be your own lion, nigga,

It don’t matter who’s right,

Just sacrifice your life,

And leave your problems at home,

It’s all gonna be cool for you,

Write about your life,

Sing your own brand of song

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