Excerpt for Be You and Only You by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Love is love,

And there ain’t no doubt about it,

It don’t matter where you’re from,

It don’t matter how much you get,

It don’t matter your orientation,

Either fellow trans, gay or straight,

It don’t matter what people think of you,

Either not so good or great,

It don’t matter what you do,

Or who you are as an animal,

We’re all living beings,

We ain’t no fruit or no Danimals,

We’re all in this world,

Together to survive,

Put all your hatred aside,

All that bullshit needs to fly,

Everyone should be free,

And free only, you see,

I believe in the true power of love,

The power to be truly as free as the breeze,

And I ain’t no follower,

No leader,

I’m my own true lioness,

I don’t belong to nobody,

I’m just me and only me

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