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Fairy Tale

by Daniel Hargrove

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Table of Contents

01 Fairy Tale

02 A Supper of Mars

03 I Come With Empty Hands

04 No Beer That Night!

05 Tool Fool

06 The Hired Help

07 My Typographic Dilemma

08 The Creeper

Fairy Tale

Do you remember

the day of 9/11

when they beat the drums of war on T.V.

and 95% of the population

then agreed

we should invade Iraq?

I was in the 5%

that didn't agree.

It was clearly a pretense

and they had been planning it

in the event of a terrorist attack

Just ask Senator Rudman.

Back in the Reagan era

he headed the commission on terrorism

that concluded

that our boundless freedom

(it's boundless)

gave us too many liberties

and therefore

we would be up to no good

if we weren't watched





as it turned out

perhaps you, or your wife

had a thing going

we should be vigilant

in case somebody flies off the handle

and Googles "The Sugar Plum Fairy"

or something

A Supper of Mars

How did a flying squirrel

alight on a branch

with only a sliver of moon

and a toss of stars

to show her

the twist of wood and bark

that made a perch?

With her small babies

tucked in her arm

she nurses in the shadows

wondering how the grasshoppers

make so much noise

enough to wake the living

on a night that lasts

only a heartbeat

I Come With Empty Hands

Being a pacifist

and pacifism

has a history

we have been trying

since time began

to convince the world

that corruption

and the power struggle

can never make the world right

people have their reasons

for doing whay they do

and I appreciate

the logic of those efforts

but pacifism

is a historical cause

that continues to this day

in my opinion

it is a far more important cause

then the causes

that the war mongers

set our hands to

how can war ever end?

people ask

but I know

eventually it will end

and humanity

will live in peace

and with the wisdoms

we learn from the sages and seekers

and the Shakespeare's and Coltrane's

the handshake will prevail

No Beer That Night!

Jayla went out dancing

often, with her sister

but didn't like it

if I went out with Joe

with no particular destination

in mind

I guess I trusted her

when I shouldn't have

I saw her, much later

and for some unkonwn reason

she admitted she had cheated on me

I never cheat.

Not my modus operandi.

We went out and went

to the Jack in the Box

that night

I couldn't afford the Jumbo Jack

but my friends

could and did

I asked for a few fries

and for some stupid reason

they were uncompromising

"No fries for you!"

On the way home

a guy was holding a sign

that said "Need money for beer"!

Tool Fool

It started with a pair of hedge trimmers

which we already had a pair

and we could not afford another

she complained loudly

at my quizzical expression

prediciting doom

next it was a riding mower

we had a perfectly good push mower

this time we argued

I was reasonable about it

for awhile

why she was provoking me

I wasn't sure

but in my immaturity

I called her reckless

in the shouting match

that followed my dime

at the time

she was unconvinced

and how she got the credit

to buy a backloader

I'm not sure

well, probably she put up her house

as collateral

but by that time

there was nothing I could say

The Hired Help

I was a virgin once

but I had chances

there was an older woman

who kept offering me


for mowing her lawn

or raking

even for doing the her dishes

she was a divorcee

and a flirt

she would say

"It's over there, in my purse"

and point to the kitchen counter

it made me nervous

then one day

she left it open

I didn't dare

she laughed a little

she had a very musical laugh

and I cringed

I was shy at that age

then one day

she offered me a quarter

to weed the flowerbeds

I was upset

she gave me two dollars

for cutting the grass

and a quarter

seemed like a ripoff

I stomped out the door

and slammed it!

but she had a key

My Typographic Dilemma

Why proofread

my poetic works?

They will revise

in a sorta kinda

od way

so I ust pload

a new version.

Always a coupla

dowloads by that time

It's alright.

Go ahead and criticize

I'm a rickety old thinker


Not a bad poem?


It is bad.

Very, very bad.

Orse than that.

It could be, indeed


Or my ndroid.

Error here, error there.

No big deal

I way with a pained rin.

But we're in luck!

I hear a siren.

Maybe they'll arrest Bill Bailey

The Creeper

I only saw one tarantula

the whole time we lived

in Mexico

Sheila had laft the door open

though it was boiling hot outside

and the thing just creeped right in


the kids screamed

she was scrambling for a broom

I walked right over

thinking I would use my boot

to crush it

they were faster that I thought they were

and it scampered under a pile of clothes

no way to kill it

I broke it off the Sheila

later that day

but when she left

she took my laptop with her

I'm still not sure

what happened to the laptop

but she came crawling back

the next day

as she didn't have the cash

to live in Mexico alone

I think I'll go have some cabrito

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