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  1. But For Excuses

  2. Half-way Through

  3. Brute Insatiable Cravings

  4. Shattered Heart

  5. Shattered Dreams

  6. Slow Motion

  7. When Favour Smiled

  8. A Nose-dive

  9. An Enemy in Disguise

  10. I speak of Time

  11. Swore to Save Lives

  12. The Leader in the Reader

  13. DreamBig was His Name

  14. The Saga of Mr. Quitstoosoon

  15. The Change we Dreaded

  16. Musings of an Optimist

  17. A Day Like None Other

  18. The Discovery

  19. The Dialogue – Better Late than Never

  20. I Dream of a World at Peace

  21. The Day My Alarm Clock Failed Me

  22. Greatness Within

  23. Sincere but Mistaken

  24. The Divine Exchange

  25. The Plan Backfired

  26. Christmas Paradox

  27. An Enigma

  28. Star of Stars


About the Author


Hello cherished reader. So glad to bring your way a collection of 28 poems I wrote over the course of three years. These are carefully selected from a good number of poems I have written over the period. All these poems are my personal musings mostly born out of personal life experiences. They cover varying life themes but are for the most part inspirational and motivational. As a consequence, I trust that you will find them not only a good read but insightful, inspiring and encouraging. Enjoy!!!

Daniel Dela Dunoo

31th July, 2017

But For Excuses

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

Shooting down great dreams

Aborting visions of monumental proportions

Stifling enormous potentials

Dwarfing hitherto phenomenal accomplishments

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

The alibi of failures

The bedfellow of the mediocre

The bosom friend of procrastinators

The idol of the sluggard

The non-achiever`s constant companion

Excuses! Excuses! Excuse!

Oh yes, I knew a man

A man of rare artistic prowess

Who thought less of him self

Opportunities knocked at his door time and again

Never taking a step

Choosing the route of excuses

Never thinking the time was right

Eventually died a pauper

Accomplishing next to nothing in this life

When he could have been a greater than Michel Angelo

Half-way Through

Dreams of epic proportions surged through my mind

As I welcomed the New Year

A year of great promise

At least so I thought

January made a glorious entrance but not so glorious an exit

And so did February with little fun fair

March marched through with military precision

April passed through with jet-speed

Leaving me dazed

As though caught up in a nasty wheel wind

Unable to get my foot through the door way

Dreams remained dreams

Goals remained solely on paper

While I staggered

Striving, yet staggering

Saw the dawn of May

May be, just may be, this is where things turn around

So I thought

So I wished

And so I labored for

A little progress here

Stagnation there

Retrogression somewhere else

Gave my best short

That failed to work the magic

Alas June was upon me

Half-way through the year

So little to show for

How time flies

Amidst a myriad of hurdles

Amidst unfulfilled dreams

A sense of mission impossible

An appearance of mission aborted

But I choose to hold on

Keeping my shoulders to the wheel

Until my dreams crystallize into beautiful realities

Brute Insatiable Cravings

Offered her genuine companionship

She longed for sensual intimacy

Visited her six days every week

She wanted the seventh day also

Gave him my bed

He wanted my pillow too

Gave him my chair

He craved for my table as well

Made available to her my breakfast and lunch

She desired my supper too

Handed her my food

She wanted my snacks as well

Presented to him all the funds I had on me

He yearned for all my savings too

Gave him my pair of trousers

He wanted my shirt too

Gave her my only car

She wanted my house too

Gave her my heart

She demanded for my whole being

Hemming me in with ridiculous demands

Brutal insatiable cravings

I wanted out badly

And so I called it quits

Shattered Heart

The whole is broken

Broken beyond repair it seem

Broken into tiny bits and pieces

As though beyond redemption

The winds blow them further asunder

Tossed to and fro

Lo and behold

Into the depths of the sea

My heart dashed to pieces

On the rocks of infidelity

On the alter of betrayal

The center simply could not hold

Shattered dreams of bliss

A happily ever after turned sour

Christ my only consolation

He reached to the depths of the sea

Reached out for all the broken pieces

On land and on sea

With the skill of a master craftsman

He mended my broken heart

A heart made perfectly whole

As though they were never shattered

Such was the doing of the Lord

Though slowly

He certainly healed my broken heart

Shattered Dreams

Dreams of greatness

Dreams of bliss

He felt as though the sky was his limit

Better still

The sky was merely the springboard

Could see greatness on the horizon

Could smell victory close by

Day dreamed of associating with the world`s greats

Hallucinations of phenomenal accomplishments became his bedfellow

Constantly felt like reaching for the skies

It was a done deal, so he thought

Had his feet almost through the door

Alas! It was all a mirage

Leaving him despondent

Leaving him shattered

He had put in his all

But one thing escaped

He had given God no place

God was absent

Drunkenness became his constant companion

Still did not make room for God

Until his incessant drinking led him to the grave

Had he given God room

Peradventure, wholeness would have been restored

Shattered dreams notwithstanding

Slow Motion

The snail though slow

Eventually reaches its destination

Slow motion is better than no motion

Little drops of water

They say makes a mighty ocean

A journey of a mile

It is said begins with a step

A step at a time

A move at a time

An opportunity here

An opportunity there

Should not be made to go waste

Make the most of it

Little by little

Progress is made

Before you know it

You have arrived

Arrived at your destination

Dreams turned into realities

That which seemed impossible

Has become possible

Just make a move

Move further

Keep moving however slow

Till the prize is won

When Favour Smiled

One beautiful morning

The sun was shining bright

I encountered favour

Saw her from a distance

She looked stunningly pretty

Could not look elsewhere

Our eyes locked

Favour gave me a broad smile as she walked towards me

I smiled back at her

My heart beating faster

She gave me a handshake

Before I knew it she had given me a warm embrace

We exchanged pleasantries

I invited favour for a date

She accepted to be my date

Before long we were the best of friends

Favour and I courted

We had a blissful holy matrimony

It was as though heaven had kissed earth

Our marriage has been one of a kind

Would not trade it for any thing

Credit goes to favour for what I am today

Behind every successful man

There is a woman some have said

Behind my success in life

Favour has featured prominently

She has been my backbone

Won`t trade her for anything

The day favour smiled at me

That day my live was changed forever

The favour of God makes all the difference

It sure does

A Nose-dive

Why has the mighty taken a nose-dive

From the mountain tops to valleys of fearsome depth

From the ivory towers of academia to the dung hill of the ignoramus

From an enviable position of grace to a pitiful position of grass

From being the head to being the tail

From shinning so luminously to shinning so faintly

From royalty to servitude

From imposing excellence to crystal clear mediocrity

From the pulsating domain of stardom to glaring obscurity

From the front side of life to the back side of life

From colossal wealth to murky poverty

From a advantageous position to a state of susceptibility

From a venerated leader to a repugnant follower

Why? Why? Why? I asked

Feeling perturbed and incensed

A still diminutive yet firm and distinct voice whispered

Pride! Pride! Pride!

Pride spelt their doom

Pride goes before a plummet

Commit to memory

God resist the conceited

But gives grace to the self-effacing the Holy Writ states

Never ever forget this fact of life

The still diminutive voice was done speaking

Alas! Clarification had dawned

An Enemy in Disguise

He was a friend

Much closer than a brother

We shared the good times

And also the bad times

I loved him dearly

Thought the feeling was mutual

He called me his closest pal

And so I thought he was

Whenever he was needy

Once I got wind of it

I rushed to his aid

Some times at my own peril

I comforted him in times of sorrow

He did same for me

I thought he was a friend so true

Never ones entertained a contrary thought

But one day

He was transported from grass to grace

While I remained in the grass

The enemy in him became apparent

As much as he tried to mask it

While he called me a brother

He never treated me as such

While he was my only hope

He shoved me aside

With excuse after excuse

He turned a blind eye to my desperate pleas

On occasions I needed help the most

He was nowhere in sight

Alas it dawned on me

Not a friend

Not a brother

An enemy he was

But I was blinded to this fact

Now I know

Now I know fully well

An enemy he always has been

I speak of Time

She was always around

Yet was never valued

She was always around

And so was taken for granted

She was impartial and generous

But was never appreciated

Such was the injustice meted out to her

Yet she never murmured

No callous words were ever heard from her lips

She only smiled

While many gave her no attention

But one day the unforeseen happened

She simply disappeared

She was no where in sight

She was sorely missed

Much wailing notwithstanding

She never showed up

It simply was too late

She was Time

And such was her value

While you have her

Use her wisely

Swore to Save Lives

Was opportune to view a movie

As a little kid

All about a remarkable boy doctor

His amazingly phenomenal feats got me thinking

Was mesmerized by this kid`s expertise

Love for his patients was apparent

Dedication to duty at the peril of his life was unmistaken

Compelled me to give him a standing ovation

A passion for the medical profession was ignited in me

Told of my desire to be a doctor to whoever cared to listen

Spoke of this profession with pride

Desire to become a medical doctor consumed my thoughts

Day dreamed about saving lives

Knew if only I could work hard enough

My dream will metamorphose into reality

Alas found myself in medical school

Treasured every moment of my studies

Before long I had graduated

Was excited beyond words and so were my parents

A medical doctor I had become

Swearing to save lives

Saw this as a charge to keep

Owed it to my family

Owed it to my patients

Owed it to society

And yes, owed it to God

Felt born to do this

Loved every bit of it, the odds notwithstanding

Saving lives became my pre-occupation

Still passionate about my profession

Until my last breathe my oath will I keep

In that I find true fulfillment and joy

The Leader in the Reader

Readers become leaders

Great leaders are great readers

Burning the mid-night candle

Heads buried into books

Reading whiles others slept

Reading whiles others played with gusto

Reading while others whiled away time

Reading for examinations

Reading for life

Reading wide

Reading to know

Reading to comprehend

Reading to actualize

Broadening their horizon

Enlarging the scope of their vision

Learning from the experiences of others

Through the pages of books written

Never to repeat the mistakes of the past

Imbibing relevant value systems

Assimilating potent principles

All through the pages of books

Readers become leaders

Great leaders are readers

DreamBig Was His Name

DreamBig was his name

Had big dreams

Dreams as big as oceans

Was certain they will metamorphose into reality

No one believed in his dreams

Yet he held an unshakable belief in them

With every ounce of strength he could muster

Had the best of intentions

Working tirelessly

Through the sweet and the tears

Giving his very best

Doing all he knew to do

The year was inching towards a close

Yet his dreams remained only dreams

Never got off the ground

His best efforts notwithstanding

Despair became his bedfellow

Hopelessness became his bosom friend

All energies exhausted

Resolve shredded into irreparable pieces

The approaching year held no promise

Wondering what went wrong

Wondering where he went wrong

For he saw the dreams of others materialize

Yet his dreams remained only dreams

Figments of his imagination

DreamBig sort to have a name change

Sort to be called DreamsDon`tWork

It isn`t worth dreaming

Dreaming big is senseless

So he muttered time and again

Leaving the approaching year to chance

A crystal clear voice was heard from afar

A voice that spoke with certainty

Dream yet again

Don`t quit dreaming

Dream big yet again

That your dreams failed to see the light of day

Does not mean they will never materialize

Keep dreaming

Working towards their materialization

With a sense of focus

Dreams will some day see the light of day

Suddenly DreamBig was skyrocketed

Transported out of his pit of despair

To dream yet again

The Saga of Mr. Quitstoosoon

Motivated by the prospects of affluence

Dug a pit spacious and deep

For he heard it rumored

Huge gold deposits sit within the belly of the earth

Sold all he had to secure the property

Excavations carried out with gusto

Excited about the prospects of mining Gold

Days turned into weeks

Weeks into months

Not gold deposits were found

Fatigue and pessimism made an entrance

To proceed or not to proceed

He chose to quit

Persuaded he had been deceived

Sold the land to an interested party

Mr. Doggedness was his name

Mr. Doggedness hit the ground running

Weeks of relentless excavations

Alas the gold deposits were right in the land

Mr. Doggedness landed great fortune

Great wealth became his lot

Only if Mr. Quitstoosoon had known

Gold indeed sat within the belly of his land

And that he was close to its discovery

Quitting wouldn`t have been an option

Mr. Quitstoosoon lived in regret ever after

The Change we Dreaded

Ours was a beautiful friendship

A bond stronger than that of blood relations

One that took years to build

Years perfecting the art of communication

Years of mutual respect

Years of mutual trust

Years of mutual support

Years of remarkable loyalty

My cares were her cares

Her cares were mine

My worries were her worries

Her worries were mine

My happiness were her happiness

Her happiness were mine

Such was the splendor of our relationship

Through the sorrows and the joys

Through the hurts and the solace

Through the changing times and seasons

In lack and in plenty

In sickness and in health

Our bond remained strong

Our love remained true

Until the change

An external force surfaced with a vengeance

The visitation of an un-invited guest

A third party was introduced into the picture

Making the picture a messy one

That magnificent tower of love began to crumble

Slowly but surely

Our once beautiful relationship came crushing down

Alas the change had come upon us

That change we dreaded so much

Sadly there was nothing we could do about it

Musings of an Optimist

When they see glaring darkness

I see light beyond the darkness

When they see a glass half empty

I see a glass half full

When they see bitter lemons

I see sweet lemonades

When they see the sharp thorns on a Rose plant

I see a beautiful Rose on a thorny plant

When they see an amateur

I see potential

When they see a helpless creature in a cocoon

I see a beautiful butter fly

When they see mere seeds

I see forests

When they see delays

I see preparation

When they see problems

I see opportunities

When they see stumbling blocks

I see stepping stones

When they see mistakes

I see lessons

When they see failures

I see opportunities for new beginnings

What do you see?

A Day Like None Other

Was awoken from a deep sleep

It was already six o` clock

His alarm clock wouldn`t let him sleep any further

Tossed in bed several times

Still felt sleepy and tired

Knew he had to be on the go

Jumped out of bed

Knelt down besides his bed

To say a prayer to his heavenly daddy

Was upstanding soon after

Looking through the window

Birds flying in the air

Tree leaves being blown gently by the breeze

A new day was right with him

A day like none other

He stood in silence

Wondering what the day had in store for him

It suddenly dawned on him

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I will make the most of it

Today is a present

I will cherish it

Certainly a day like none other

The Discovery

Saw her afar off

Excluded from the bunch

Reflected on this scene

Exasperated by this spectacle

Never envisaged such was possible

Downcast by this bizarre sight

Intended to empathize with her

Peradventure she might beam with smiles

Ignored my every move

Thronged on every side by cheerful folks a short while later

Now had a new bunch of friends but I was clueless

The Dialogue – Better Late Than Never

I told you so, right?

Yes, you did.

I was loud and clear, right?

Yes, you were.

You heard me right, right?

Yes, I did.

You had your doubts, right?

Yes, did.

You turned a death ear to my passionate entreaties, right?

Yes, I did but I can explain?

You were misinformed and misled by your buddy, right?

Sure, I was, much to my shame.

Circumstances proved me right eventually, right?


It behooves on you to make amends, right?

Yes, it does.

Decisive and prompt action is required on your part, right?

Sure! You couldn`t have said it any better.

I am done; I rest my case.

Much gratitude!

I Dream of a World at Peace

My heart aches for our world

A world buffeted by wars and rumours of wars

A world engulfed by hostility and carnage

A world on the verge of self-obliteration

A world obsessed with lethal weaponry

A world bereft of the notion of the sanctity of human life

A world where innocent lives are crudely terminated without remorse

Outraged? Yes. Despondent? No

For I dream of a better world

A world at peace

A world not in pieces

Where race is at peace with race

Brotherliness becoming the norm

Where nation is at peace with nation

Where family is at peace with family

Where individuals from diverse backgrounds co-exist harmoniously

Where people belonging to varied social status are neighborly

I dream of a world at peace

A world that values human life

A world that seeks the common good of humanity

Working shoulder to shoulder to better our lot

Working to ensure we make our world a better place

Bequeathing to the next generation a better world

Yes, I dream. I dream of a world at peace.

The Day My Alarm Clock Failed Me

Suddenly awoke from a sleep so deep

Thought I was up too early today

Did I sleep too little?

Oh, no! I slept way too much today

Reality abruptly dawned on me

My alarm clock did me a disservice today

Yes, it did, else I would have been up much earlier

Woke up this morning with a severe back pain

And a neck pain too

Drag myself out of bed

Tripped and fell

Got right back up

What an incorrigible morning

Set of teeth and gum had to endure as I briskly brushed

Rushed to the bathhouse for a good bath

Oh, no! Didn`t like the experience

Bathing soup was too small

Water was too warm, so I reasoned.

Oh, no! The water was too cold for my liking when it touched my skin

Took my bath all the same

After all, time wasn`t my best ally

Breakfast was served too early

Oh, no! Breakfast was served quite late

And was served too hot too

Oh, no! Breakfast was served too cold for my liking

It was too small too

At least, so I thought

Oh, no! Meal served for breakfast was much more than I could consume

So much more

Ate what I could

Really in haste

Dashed off for a job interview

And I was late for sure

Really, really late

Losing yet another opportunity for a major turn around

Heaped all the blame on this clock - my alarm clock

For the day I needed it the most, was the day it failed me woefully

Greatness Within

If only they knew

The greatness within

The excellence within impeccable

The Sparkling beauty within

The latent power within

What a world of difference that will make

If only the slave knew the reality of his freedom

If only the amateur knew his inherent ability for mastery

If only the despised subject knew he was royalty

If only the mediocre was remotely aware of his capacity for excellence

If only the seemingly hopeless addict knew of the monumental potential for freedom and wholeness

If only the helpless drunk had any inkling of his capacity for sobriety

What a world of difference that will make

If only the timid and shy teen knew of his immeasurable worth

If only the low self-esteemed kid knew of his uniqueness

If only the struggling student knew the brilliance within waiting to be unleashed

If only the quitter was minded of his ability to triumph against all odds

If only the failure knew of his ability to bounce back stronger

Oh, oh, oh, what a world of difference that will make

Sincere but Mistaken

Sincere he was but sadly mistaken

A Pharisee but an ignoramus

Learned in the law but bereft of the Gospel

Embarked on what he thought was a divine mission

Saul was sadly mistaken

Persecuted the Church with passion

Approved of the stoning of Stephen

Consistent with his limited view of divine will

Saul of Tarsus became Paul an apostle

Ardent champion of the faith

Many though sincere are mistaken

Pursuing noble causes but without Christ

Loyal members of Churches

But without Christ in their hearts

Committed followers of the world`s religions

But without Christ

Some pursuing diabolical causes

Committing murder as a religious duty

Thinking they are doing God a favor.

Wholly sincere but mistaken

The Divine Exchange

Was foretold long ago

That the Christ must suffer

That the Christ must die

That the Christ will break free from the icy clutch of death

And so it was fulfilled in the fullness of time

In his death was a reality

The reality of a divine exchange

The reality of his death

Indeed the reality of a divine exchange

What I was he became

What he was I became

Giving his life for my life

Being rejected that I might be accepted

Becoming a sinner that I might become a saint

Suffering a vicarious death that I might experience a glorious resurrection

Died that I might live

Coming under a curse that I might be blessed

Becoming poor that I might become rich

That was a divine exchange

That which forever altered the course of my life

The Plan Backfired

Long, long ago

A sophisticated plan was hatched

Thought it was a full proof plan

Carefully crafted by the arch enemy

A plan to terminate the life of the giver of life

Satan and his cohorts were more than persuaded

Such a meticulously crafted plan will thrive

Men bought into the plan

The plan unraveled

Culminating in the death of the Christ

Alas the Christ was silenced

Alas the plan had been executed flawlessly

So they thought

And so it seemed

But the dead could not stay put

The grave could not keep him incarcerated

Defying death the Christ arose

Arose from the grave

With the keys of death

Much to the dismay of his foes

The plan backfired

Spelling great doom of epic proportions

For Satan and his cohorts

Christmas Paradox

It`s Christmas

Season of rejoicing and laughter

Season of merry making and sharing

Season of beautiful memories

But we dare not forget

We dare not lose sight of the essence of the season

We dare not lose sight of whose birthday we celebrate

Christ is the reason for the season

It is his birth we celebrate

A Christ-less Christmas is no Christmas

You are the reason for the season

Yes you are

For Christ was born because of you

Herein lies the beautiful paradox

The paradox of Christmas

Remain mindful of this glorious paradox

Celebrating the Christ

For it is his birth we celebrate

May we make the most of this blessed season

An Enigma

When his birth was foretold in remarkable detail

When prophecy unfolded in astonishing detail

When an angel heralded his birth

When a virgin gave birth

When the eternal word of God became flesh

When God became human

When divinity was cloth in humanity

When eternity stepped into time

When angels where seen and heard rejoicing

When angels announced his birth to shepherds

When an enigmatic star led the wise men to the baby Jesus

When an enigma unfolded

The enigmatic birth of Jesus Christ

Such enigmatic circumstances surrounded his birth

Star of Stars

That pleasantly memorable day

Stars sparkling bright

A Star shown brightest

The star of stars was born

Baby Jesus was born

Divinity metamorphosed into humanity

Born to reach beyond the stars

Born to shine brighter than stars

Shinning brighter than the brightest star

The star of stars be re-born

Re-born in your heart anew

Shinning brightest through your heart and life


I trust that you found this collection of poems inspiring, thought-provoking, enlightening and fun. This collection is the first of its kind from my pen; a collection comprising only poems. Watch out for more of this kind in the coming years.

Thank you for grabbing this copy. You are free to share it with friends and colleagues in its current form.


Daniel Dela Dunoo, author of “My Poems; My Musings” is a Ghana-based freelance writer, blogger and professional marketer. He is the author of seven e-books. His articles, short stories and poems have been featured on several websites, blogs, newspaper publications and magazines such as HR Focus Magazine, MM Focus Magazine, Optimum Magazine, Step Magazine, The Nigeria Christian Post Magazine (Nigeria), Business & Financial Times, Daily Graphic, Mirror, Cape times (South Africa), Dalhart Texan (USA), www.yen.com.gh, www.ghanatalksbusiness.com, www.ameyawdebrah.com, www.campuzfilla.com, and www.kuulpeeps.com among others.

He is available for hire. Contact: +233 0549795322

Emails: dudelda3@yahoo.com / danieldeladunoo@gmail.com

Blogs: http://danieldeladunoo.blogspot.com / http://theroyalwordsmithgh.wordpress.com

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