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Frozen Words

A way across my frozen lake

Amandeep Kaur

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Frozen words’ is my first book, so by default my baby. This book goes out to everyone who is a romantic at heart. Yeah.. you read it right. A romantic. Who dares to wish the things, both pleasurable and not so pleasurable, kind of happen in their life and also know deep in their hearts, that it would not. So, smile and read some few words with me and move across my frozen lake of words.

A special thanks to my friend, Sandhya, the one who have been a supporting figure to me, and my parents, who didn’t forget to remind me they are always there for me, not to forget my little sister, who have been in with all my secrets.


It wouldn’t had been hard

If every sight

Wouldn’t have been

The reminder

Of my mistakes.


To hurt you was never my intention

But the protection of my heart

Has ever been my first priority

It’s how selfish I am.


Now that I know

How it works

Am afraid to take

The next one step.


Just a glance of past

Now, doesn’t make my heart pace

But how it ran so fast

I can never tell at all.


They will not understand

What they had done

But why do they come

& ask what I have done?


Talking to him relaxed me

I started building my own fairytale

Far from the rationing

Then a question was asked

And I was torn apart.


He came like a hurricane

And gathered me in his arms

Making my heart go

Round and round

Like everything else

But left a set of puzzle pieces

Mixed with dust and dirt

Never be pieced together

Broken but altogether.


Seeing what others have

Sensing what they share

Synthesizing their words

Suddenly my heart

Starts to sink

For it believes

It could never have that..


Sometimes I freeze up

Just ‘zuhin’

Thinking if it would

Have been a different situation

Where there would have been

No room for silence.


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And smile

You never to pay for smiling.

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