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The Slow Day

by Daniel Hargrove

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Table of Contents

01) The Slow Day

02) The Brass Clasp

03) Trust

04) The Arrowing of Time

05) Independence

06) For Tat

07) Sand Bar

The Slow Day

The silverback gorilla

has it good

no obligations

thump your chest

chase away

an interloper

or two

watch carefully

as he eats bamboo shoots

all day

they get away with it

it's a good life

hang out

play with the youngsters

make sure

there's plenty of fresh water

to be had

let's move!

to the jungle

where the colored birds call

and the bats zero in

on crickets at night

before mankind

and his endless march

to devastation

doom and despair

The Brass Clasp


The judge's gavel

resonated through the chamber

I knew it

it was true

I had done it

they knew it

they were guilty, too

I know it

they did it

wish I had a gavel

like the old coot

sitting up there on the bench

I would slam it down

and say

"Guilty as charged!"

and they would know it

and we would know it

and everybody would know

that I was the judge

and what I say


If I say


you are dismissed


I do not think

I can win your trust

me with my

brash conscience

and broken vision

of a planet

where people can coexist

gone from my tomorrow

me and my truth-telling

as if

people could learn the facts

with my help

or on their own

it would give me peace of mind

if you would trust me

but I know

I can't break down that wall

any more

than the 60's heroes

who gave up hope

in home, hearth, family

as if two were more than one

and a heart enflamed

with ageless passion

can risk a mere shadow

under wing of firefly

The Arrowing of Time

A dishwasher

a cuisinart

indoor plumbing

the mail

a car

a search engine

from one convenience

to the next

the chrome

the flash


from one


to the next

a hundred years from now

we will all

be Luddites

and we will dismantle

the machines

of mass manufacturing

the craftsman

will sell

his cobbled shoes

for enough

to feed

his children


Heart of stone

the loner

a screw loose

does not need




he is unknown





he has no business

with you

or you

he is tired of angels

and lost to devils

he invented the wheel

and discovered fire

he knows his history

he knows his math


and English

he may

or may not

have a gun

For Tat

The man with the mask

has the herbs I need

but he will not give them

to me

he knows where the roots are

that we can boil

to make

a delicious soup

he bangs the drum

and we dance

around the fire

and we hunt

I play the drum, too

and I dance

like a madman

he knows the words

and he knows the story

but he will not tell me

I know the song

and I will not sing

but sing I must

he knows the sun

and he knows the moon

he knows the tide

and so I fish

the poison spine

Sand Bar

The spider monkey

could barely carry the coconut

into the criss-cross of jungle

A python dangled

from a twisted branch

a waiting coil

The coconut

did not break

on the gray shale

Breath is a whimsy

and struggle a sneeze

spine is a reed

A chest of rum

and twenty pirates

on shore leave

The anchor lifts

the marlin jumps

the maiden winks

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