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Pub Rock Compilation:

Senryu and Stuff

by Gregory Lawrence Wilson

For the people, and not the animals

relax if you can.

go to the max if you can.

can the can.

imprison the prison.

envision the vision.

white trash paper thin


Old books

gone down to dust,

lost to memory.

An expectation:

gentleness, greatness, and gone

down to atoms.

A moment’s a page,

a lifetime is a book.

Myths never die.

Downwards, I slip –

following books. Heaven’s

a dream in a book.

An Odyssey Shining

On by the Osprey,

the peninsula leads

to Antarctica.

Through an opening,

the sand cliff shows ocean –

an old sailing boat.

The moon in the sky is a balloon

The moon in the sky

is a balloon tethered

to a child dreaming.

Dragonfly Dreaming


speeding, flickering dreamlike

hover dragonflies

The Good of the Earth

in the end, while I

understand nothing, the earth

understands me.

in the beginning,

while I understood nothing,

the earth stood under.

The Nature of Things

Spins a spider

a dance, around and around.

Life’s cruel, yet wondrous.

nothing if not critical

In nonsense, maths

adds up like nothing else.

A dream it is not.

minimalist poetry.

no fuss, only the bare bones –

the bare minimum.


Gregory Lawrence. Greg.

Gregory Lawrence Wilson. Greg.

Wilson, Gregory. Greg.

The grand old lunacy

tugging my heartstrings and

pulling me under.


The moon risen high.

The cars on the highway.

Sucking on a cig.

The cigs are a devil

to beat and hell expensive.

bad boy brown eyes

mooning out car windows

passing through the street

The doo-doo, the Dodo and the dope

Fantastic doo-doo.

The Dodo’s an extinct bird.

The bird is the word.

The Cat in the Hat shat:

A Dr. Seuss Parody

The Cat in the Hat

shat his pants bad, bad, bad.

- Bad cat, bad cat, bad.

The Madman

rage versus machine.

rage against the ice cream van.

The madman won’t stop.

Nonsense and sense

To err is human.

To arr, a pirate you be.

To oar is to row.

To err is human, they say.

To really blunder is godlike.

In admiration of Shaun Tan

dreaming a red tree

rabbits on the landscape

Moreton Bay Fig

In admiration of Roald Dahl

like a sausage flung,

the enormous crocodile

goes bang in the sun.

Crazy-arsed Lizards

Crazy-arsed lizards

Shooting forwards,

Whizzing about,

In and out.

Crazy-arsed lizards!


The Dialogic –

full of sound and fury,

the hurly-burly’s done.


sudden even rain.

distant thunder and lightning.

a dash to the shed.


the malice of machines,

the inanimate.

Waxing poetical –

signalling intelligence,

waving while drowning.

Unrequited love –

a stretch

to the stars.


“Very like a whale.”

A drama a day.

inner dwelling

in a dwelling

swelling and falling

Baby bear’s porridge,

said the cab driver, just right.

I said, That I’ll have.

quickening lightning

sharpens chill rain

hard rain

Monkeying Around: A Tale in Three Parts

The approach of man to God

If God created man in His own image, then He is a big naked ape.


A Savage Modern Fable

The big dumb animal sat quiet, it sat stuffed.


Signing Out

He ended before he began again.

outsider asides

Part 1.

alone – dero, bum

no way back. no way

forwards. stuck in the middle –

bread and circuses.

Life’s miraculous,

organised chaos. Verily,

nature’s unfailing.

Nothingness is absolute,

perhaps singularly so.

O, my depression.

O, my misery.

O, the bats in the belfry!


x the inner animal. x the missing factor. x marks the spot.

Eternity –

a lifetime,

a wink.

Babies and bugs

buzzing around cos’ they are

so fulla beans.



Whacked out!

The new adventure

in cloud-cuckoo land –

Family Feud

Clouds are fluffy

like French.

In the Tropics

yellow sun

raining sticky dew

on an arm

The Pacific’s edge



night calm.

Shepherd’s delight




inside logic

outside beauty

A haibun with nothing to do*

I read books with a critical eye.


numb – I could die justified,

neither happy nor sad.

I open a book and see

to finish it or end it.


* Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.

- Charles Bukowski

Haiku is magic

Haiku is magic.

Haiku is not musical,

it is magical.

Haiku is magic.

Haiku’s done five-seven-five

or otherwise.

Haiku is magic,

mercifully short, sharp and sweet.

Small is an atom,

it radiates charm aplenty.

Haiku is a humanism.

Part 2.

Eating a haiku

Eating a haiku.

Twisting the salt and pepper –

overwise or dumb.

Ahead in the Clouds

The radio station

plays on in the background.

Too much hip hop crap.

smoking butts

One smokes butts.

One craves not fag butts

but nicotine smoke.

Birthday Card

Fair youth in a crop

golden under brooding sky –

cigarette money

Yesterday today.

It is too late in the day

for yesterdays.

Asking Jesus

I asked Jesus

for his love, empathy, pity – ach,

mere superstition.

Heaven Noticed

Sun and shadows.

A life passed into soil

onto sparrows.

A life’s pilgrimage.

A trip towards a grave –

a honeyeater.

The fuss is fuzzy

a busybody buzzing

around about. Shoo, shooing

away the buzzy bee.

On madness

Madness is another world.

You cannot live there.

On anger

“Anger is an energy,” yet

Also the enemy.

On from rage

Awaiting her always

And not belonging.


I’m empty.


Eternity –

a moment,

a wink.

Chasing momentum

I understand this.

I follow – lead me endlessly

into temptation.


a leafy vein and tier.

in the trialling of tears,

a hefty tear is vain.

Starry-eyed me

Bright are the stars,

winking and shining, alas

I am very alone.

The End is the end

Monkeying Around

in the Garden of Eden

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The simpleton just simply departs reality.


“Without agitation, there can be no revolution.”

After the revolution, there will be no agitation.


“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Find what you hate and don’t let it kill you.

A Haiku Parody

The old toilet.

A poo plops in –


The Brown Bear and the Blackcoats

The brown bear squats

within bounds. The pulpit

squats everywhere.

A Cosmic Joke

“God’s only excuse is

that he does not exist.” ha

I have no excuse.

Bubbly, and then tragedy

As free as a bubble,

floating and radiant, and then

pop! gone forever.

Bursting out the back

Geranium greening –

butts and also bugs

cover the concrete


Starstuff and nonsense.

I look on from a long way

back and care less more.


Bright are the stars

above, winking and shining,

alone in the void.

Crushed hopes

crushed my hopes

of another life – but then

reality is a bitch

Whacked out

too tired to be

bothered with anything else

than what I love most

Little Matters

The sands of time.

Little matters in the end.

Small things matter.

The Missing Link

in the shaft of light

dust excited – brought to life

adrift together

An Unbearable Heaviness of Body

I’m empty.

I’ll fill up

when she comes.



She’ll be coming

‘round the mountain.

The Muse

The superior poet.

In a whirlwind, a willy-willy,

she catches me up

alive and then right in there

on the page captivates.

The Old Dog the Moon

The old dog the moon

bears a halo this night.

The moon is a grump.

Pride and Joy

puffing out

falling and rising

little small bird

little small birds

small birds in flight

small birds flittering by

bring a small smile

In Hunter S. Thompson style

I want to explode

in Hunter S. Thompson style


The Best Medicine

laughter –

the first sign

of maturity

Love is always

true and eternal, and yet

never wise in age.

Love’s a hot doughnut

with lots of sugar. Love’s

just plain fattening.

Nothing succeeds like love.

It ain’t an effing parrot.

Crazy Brave

Am I already dead?

“I think, therefore I am.”

Am I crazy or mad?



The bee settles on a flower – and lifts off.

I am...not a teacher but a heathen.

Deep Silence

Silence is a church

abandoned, alone in

the broad light of day.


Nothing, nevermore.

Origami, Japanese.

Nothing, nevermore.

In the Middle of the Night

There’s nothing better

to do than to write haiku.

Therapeutic muse.

The Sun Always Rises

If there’s nothing else,

there’s always someone

who’s more miserable.

Who’s madder than me?

Who’s madder than me?

- Tell me about the rabbits, George.

Nope, nobody nowhere.

Madder than Byron

Every great fortune

builds to a great tragedy.

I was born to die.

Doubleplus Goodness

Small mercies –

remembering the future.

Such a great sadness.

The End

The End is the end.

It’s the last failure of life

to live up to expectations.

all’s magical

in the land of Oz

flatus, afflatus.

Who indeed does it the best,

pops off the best?

I am sorry. I am the worst.

I am the worst of the worst.

To do a haiku

or not to do a haiku –

that is the question.

Red flowering gum,

and down below, a red car.

To hell with it all,

let’s go to town and upset

the local constabulary.

nihilism, mysticism.

beginnings to tripping

the light fantastic.

Some, such as I, stand

firm to the glass, seeing through

the glass darkly.

Alive with potency,

farther now is a new day.

It is early morning.

To perchance dream up a dream,

I awoke and thought to think.

too far away

clouds veil the heaven

that you represent

The Greatest Show

of a Bad Hand

orange crush


how I feel



orange dawn light

orange streetlight

the moon and morning star

together late

and bright

Buzzing, buzzing, being.

Be the bee, become the bee.

Believe, be, belong.

A crow calls out

unseen over the trees

and the townhouses.

A gawky galah goes

a grass patch on a spare block –

a flash of alarm

birds in cages

move lonely me to tears –

unspoken words

mercy, merde.*

mix-up, mess-up.

I am shit hot.


* Modesty is not a virtue.

- Aristotle

Addictions, additions

A seagull cries out

above me, turns around

and flies off crying.

Never change –

my mother to me

on her deathbed.

A gecko crept up

barefooted me last night –

bare skin on bare skin.

I stomped my foot and threw

down whatever the thing was.

Love reduces down,

down to the pearl in the shell –

follow through is all

part and parcel of the game,

the thrill of the chase, the chance.

What is wrong with me?

I feel like death warmed up,


Jesus Effing Christ.

Pearls before the prudes.

Good art is bad ass.

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