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Table of Contents

01) Terrycloth

02) Apathy

03) Pragmatism

04) 5%

05) Like Magic

06) Mercy

07) Optimism


A passionflower


among the dewberry vines

it would look nice

on the table

in a vase

full of water

so she picked it

or, she wondered

did it pick her?

it was sick, and in health

it was better, and worse

would it persist

in the artificial light

of her fluorescent kitchen?

after four

sunsets and sun ups

the flower died

but its scent

wandered her hall

into her bedroom

robe draped

across the bed

blue and alive


A boring day

so maybe I'll write

another poem

or maybe not

maybe the poem

will write me

and make me a lover

when I have no lover

Maybe the lines

will stretch on and on

and finally reach

a destination


I live in prison

I would build prisons


There is no crime

like love

love succeeds

where I failed



is first and foremost

of course, you would have to participate

to make progress happen

The practical dilemma

with technology

is that it has momentum

aim, and gravity

We must participate

we do participate

I don't like it.

Sometimes it's good, though

What can I do?

What can we do?

What will they do?

Just ignore it.

Love is good, very good

and hatred, fear, and jealousy

are negative emotions

come on wicher love!


Fighting fascism is easy

all you've gotta do

is tinkle your nose

and they drop like flies

the blitzkrieg

was an all-out assault

that crushed men and tanks

under fire and fury

perhaps WWII

could have been avoided

but it's too late now

it happened

What next?

Let's arm the women

the pansies

and maybe the children

They grow up so fast!

Fire drill!

Get the megaphone

and divide by twenty

Like Magic

Core principles



bad instincts

Smelly cars




the Republican party



Jack in the Box


expensive neighborhoods

not-so-expensive neighborhoods

poor neighborhoods







it is

a religious concept


Have a good one

my dear

have a nice day

and I mean it

The truth is


I feel a little sick

but I'll be OK

Lighten the load

ease your burdens

adapt if you can

carry on

You have treasures


the wise men know

and time gets away


It is a nice day!

These flowers smell good!

Care for a cup of coffee?

I will get by.

There are good people

doing a very good job

of oversight

in the government

I like your outfit!

Nice shoes!

I saw a funny movie...

I read a good book...

Everyone gets a vote

I drive an electric car

we have the means

"That" country will fall

Tug of war!

We are strong

I think we got 'em!

They're in the mud!

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