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Mr. Nice Guy
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Smashwords Edition

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Say Hello To Mr Nice Guy.

In a world where phone booths are non existant.
It appears that being nice has also gone extinct.
Why is it that walking down the street I see wolves.
Clothed as sheep, yet the ones they walk with.
They don't see it.

I see the way you do things that the wolf hurt you.
Emotionally, perhaps even physically as well.
That can be hidden, but it'll reveal itself.

But I've grown to see that Mr Nice Guy isn't attractive.
Your mind is filled with images you see on TV.
So you want that in your life.

But you don't realize what happens behind closed doors.
You hope that nobody else sees that either.
Sadly most people are blind to it.
Many say "sure he did it to the one before me, but he won't do it to me"

Not the way to live your life.
It's a hole you dig yourself.
It's the power that he has over you.

Too many are scared to come forward.
I can't be superman for everyone.


Yup I'm A Nice Guy

I know people hate it when I come around.
They think they got to treat one another like shit.
When I come around they just don't get it.
I show respect to all and respect for all.

I won't use what you tell me against you.
I lock it away in my mind.
Nobody else needs to know what you said.

It appears that people are taken back.
They don't know how to act when I'm around.
They're too busy running with shields up.
Having to constantly deflect

Hiding whom they are in public.
But I get it, you don't know how to take me.
You've never been treated like how I treat you.
Always thinking it's coming like a backhand.

Nope sorry, your not getting that from me.
Mr Nice Guy is here.
Always here to stay.


Too Much Of A Nice Guy

I'm starting to think that's me.
Too much of a nice guy.
I do too much for people.
Expecting little back.
Perhaps just a simple thank you.

But I'm thinking that is too much.
Should I really lower my price.
Should I lower my standards.
Money outta my pocket.
Money I don't have.

Yet it gets me nothing in life.
Except people question me
"Why did you do it ?"
I guess it's because.
I'm too much of a nice guy


Emotion Tweaker

Such a nice guy.
The genuine article.
Will do unexpected nice things.
Won't ask for anything in return.

Will even do things that'll tweak your emotions
Causing unexpected tears to run down your face.
Making you question what your feeling.
Since you haven't had someone do random nice things for nothing.

Everyone from your past wanted something in return.
Mr Nice Guy just wants to see you happy and get what you deserve.
Too bad not everyone can be Mr Nice Guys.


Puts Doubt In Your Mind

Mr Nice Guy is always around.
He puts doubt in your mind
To makes you wonder what you want.
It's something different than your use to.

Nothing is meant by it.
Nothing more than the nice sweet jesture.
But it's like a tick on your brain.
It makes you wonder if you deserve more.
More than what your currently getting.

It surprises you.
To think that someone looks at you differently.
Than everyone else has all your life.
Unexpected, to say the lease.


Fade Into The Background

I know what I do for most part goes unnoticed.
I'm fine with that.
Being aware that big things open eyes.
People aren't interested in anything small.

They all want big price tags to feel loved.
So I understand that it's a money thing.
Many are money hungry to flash the cash.
I have none, I'm good with showcasing nothing.

If the price tag outshines your care.
Then I know many will keep walking.
I'll be sure to watch as they keep walking.
Money doesn't equal love.
If that's what you base your love on.
Here's tissues, so you can headback to your diary.


Trying To Help

I know it is an odd thing to do.
Trying to help someone who isn't a close friend.
Just a random person you knew from the past.

But that's just how I am.
I had the feeling that she needed some help.
I don't think he was giving it to her
To the best of his ability.

Not trying to get between them.
Just trying to mildly help.
Maybe it's just me.
But I seem to pick up on a few things.

Or am I trying to see things
That aren't really there.


Doing Too Much ?

At times I wonder if I do too much
Am I being looked at as this super friend
Or am I being looked at as a nice guy

Not trying to get super close to her.
Just trying to show her that I'll be there.
But I think after many years she's got blinders up
Where it's not that easy to be seen.

Since she is constantly over thinking
Or second guessing each decision
That comes into her mind.
Wondering who is real
Wondering who is fake.

I guess I'll just be me
See what happens
If something good
Or something bad
Take it when it comes


All Good Guys Taken ?

Yup we all are.
You've had your chance.
But you passed.

Now you see the writing on the wall.
When you hang out with the good guys.
You re-evaluate your own relationship
Wonder where you went wrong.

You finally seen someone can treat you good.
Without asking for anything in return.
But did you really see it deep down.
Or are you scared of being alone.

It has been written on the wall.


Communication Skills

I wish I had some.
I have many troubles.
One of my biggest is transforming my thoughts into words.
I try and help people out.
It's a tough thing when you have trouble talking.

I've never been that great at talking.
Always got notes on my report card
"Needs to communicate more"
Yeah that's fine, but I can't.

Always having trouble doing that sort of thing.
It's difficult.
For a while in elementary school
I was in speech therapy.
Then it stopped, I have to wonder if they just gave up
Since they didn't see any improvements.

I know I don't hear improvements in my voice
Nor my ability to communicate.
I guess that's why I prefer to type than speak
It comes easier to me.


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