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The Sixties

by Daniel Hargrove

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Table of Contents

01) The Sixties

02) Too General

03) Free Love

04) Freud

05) Neo-Marxism

The Sixties

They were after the war

and then there was Vietnam

they protested

they took off all their clothes

and had orgies

they smoked a lot of drugs

but no

they wouldn't listen

until, finally

Tricky Dick

and Kissinger

gave it up

and withdrew our troops

it might have ended sooner

if they had finished their classes

and got good jobs

as professionals

or ran for city council

or something to that effect

there was a big debate

can one do it from outside

the establishment?

They did

and had some fun

and then dropped Quaaludes

in the seventies

Too General

They were very general

like Patton or Ike

and a few of them


it was unlikely

that they would win

with only their imaginations

at their disposal

The Creative Revolution

might not happen at all

we might not all

be able to think about

or fantasize about

freedom, love, and

independent and liberated

free will

Yes, they were too general

and they knew it

so they got very, very specific

in their opinions.

Later, they had so many opinions

that nobody believed them at all.

Then, the miracles they hoped for, happened

and they had a full five percent

of the population hooked

and now we have Trump.

Free Love

Cat Stevens

had a plan

that didn't work

just be high

not low

but high

and we could all

board the peace train

and, of course


like maybe twenty or thirty years

from now

war would be over


A. A record album can do that

B. He had an enourmous ego

C. He had no ego at all

D. We could wish it were so

E. He was Jesus


there was nobody like Cat Stevens

thank God

now he is a Muslim

he has repented his ways

too much acid he says

without actually saying it


The id

is the dark side

of the unconscious mind

according to Freud

They had an idea

the id is so bad

that we should free the id

and let it run wild

then it will go away

we won't get stupider and stupider

about whom we elect president

and of course

the women would get smarter and smarter

about guys with ids.

The guys with ids would drop their guns

and kids could be kids again


it was bad psychology

and psychological professionals

all over the world

have since dismissed the idea

there are a few hanger ons

to pop psychology

pop psychology wasn't all bad

there were some good concepts

like scream therapy



was a very clever principle


was an expression of ownership

and if we could get past

our concepts about

how one might own his wife

then we could share everything

including our Frank Zappa albums

but also, there were some radicals

who believed they should corrupt youth

getting them into drugs

because orgies aren't corrupt

and corruption

would deal a blow

to the establishment

and it did.

Reagan was elected in 1980

Neo-Marxism was roundly defeated

in Russia

Chine mostly, and Mao

thought neo-Marxism was a joke

too corrupt

and where were the weapons?

But neo-Marxism worked wonders

with relative contrast

Please have pity on me and forgive my hapless meanderings in the realm of creative history. If you truly do forgive me you'll write me an email!


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