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Abu Toba James

Man has discovered his problems. Even from the start. Even solutions are giving to most. However, there are certain personal attributes that we are yet to notice, accept and tackle. Corruption, yes is a major challenge of the world. We have greed, waste the dominant expression exhibited by us. This things operate through us. But have we stopped to think of CONFUSION?

That's what Abu Toba James brings to you. Confusion first kicks in before anything goes wrong. When you know what's right and you decide to do the opposite, you have only expressed the concept of Confusion. It takes perfect understanding of principles to stick to normality and responsibility. And where we have no proper understanding, confusion dwells.

Fights, conflicts, disagreement all emerge from a point of confusion either between a man and himself or a man and another. Confusion when not dealt with attracts frustration, loss, forgetfulness. And those things we ought to take serious and thrive for, are forgotten.

Confusion in truth has no power over man. But the fact that it remains unconsidered in issues surrounding us personally, nationally and worldwide, the problems it causes leave us feeling worse than the previous day.

The point of this book is to give us insight on what we should be tackling at this point of our lives. Problems are highlighted daily, solutions remain far away. Driving the world to utmost confusion. I do hope you have a good read and understanding of this work.

Thank you people.


From the earliest of time

Did it take root,

Suppressing, dominating

Almost all the others

This mischievous thing in us

First destroyed that meek attribute.

The one called Satisfaction.

Carrying on it planted it's seed

Which began to grow

Slowly, unnoticed, but definite

And like some tumour, at full stage it became

Incurable, we gave it a name.

This we called Uncertainty.

As though it hadn't done enough damage,

It threw in love and blended lust with it

Sadness then complimented happiness

All this it's handwork. Causing endless

Mix emotions that branded it the name

This we called with a dragged sigh



Haven't we ever wondered

What makes this entity called earth

So inevitably complex?

Lamentation we make

Grumpy we become

Before the end of every day

And when frustration sets in

We are sure to blame

The next man

Now take a sit, will you?

The dominant expressions

We exhibit, negative as it is

Anger, weakness, pain

Result from our friend from with in

Even now as we read,

It toys with us, no?

That my friend, is the craft of



CONFUSION sits on the throne

That throne in the heart of man

"Let's boil up his blood for that fat lady.

"Ah! Watch him melt at her sight"

"Wait!" CONFUSION speaks again "A slender one passes by.

"Perhaps, he would be a better fit

"You know, for someone his size."

And man, oblivious of the contents

That run the show from within

Gives in to whatever

Is instructed in his thick head

Man, supposed to be

Controller of everything

Being, entity, tool, amongst the earth

Renders his spirit, soul, body

Subject to this mean, bullying

Expression, emotion. The one we call



Father and son budget for a bike

On they go to the market square

"That's a lollipop. Why, its so huge!

"I want one father." Son screams

"Now now, you know how we are with!"

Father says out loud, but within

The words are:

"Yes, a bike costs this exact amount!

"Its enough to cover it. But what if..."

And so father and son run to bike store

"Well, you have just the right amount."

Says the happy seller

Sigh, goes father, "Surely it is, but then

"That's quite an expensive amount for a bike

"Can't it go for something less?"

From then onward, came the conflict,

Bargaining, anger and of course -no sale

Father and son goes home with no bike

Seller sits in shop with no dims

Both at terrible loss

And within he laughs

At the flaws of man

"I've done it again haven't I

"Oh great I am." Says



"The design is perfect ma." Says little girl

"What concerns have you with the colour?"

Mama rolls glittering eyes at her

"What little do you know child?

"Colour is essential, in fact most essential."

With a pout, little girl mutters

"Then make the pick already

"Would it be blue or red, your choice ma!"

Mama looks, examines and examines,

The moment seeming endless

Finally, "I'm lost, I don't know honey,

"I don't know what suits better."

Now he rolls his eyes

Dark, mischievous and devilish as they are

He growls, disgusted at how easy

This kind give themselves up to his craft

Now he knows, all it takes to set man ablaze

Is this one thing they remain oblivious of

This one expression. This thing,



He is bored, tired, exhausted

And so, he decides

"Let's invite my friends over.

"Love make the calls to Greed and Waste.

"Contentment, you know how much

"These two hate you.

"I don't want you showing your face around.

"The rest of you do-goods get the table set."

Waste comes in first with his ugly grin

Then Greed barely fitting through the door of heart

With that enormous belly follows

"We've seen your work." Greed speaks,

An unsatisfied look on his face

Is he ever contented, CONFUSION muses drily,

"So?" He asks daringly

"We thought you could use some help."

This was Waste speaking. "With the three of us

"We can go national."

He pauses in thought,

As though he'd say no

Then at last, "sure, but not just national.

"Let's drive the whole world." He grins "to utmost



He stares through the eyes of the big man

The one who implements the rules

The rules that millions dared not disobey

He knows what is right to do

As long as Conscience exists

With that, Greed is set on an assignment

He carries his work out with efficiency

Eliminating Conscience in totality

Now the big man eyes the two bills

Better pay for labourers, one reads

Increase of tax charge goes the second

With out second thought, the former is shredded

And the latter implemented despite all the good fight

CONFUSION is aware of the capability of this good souls

And so he moves to form ally with Corruption

An old friend. Now we are unstoppable, he thinks

As all four nasty friends watch the nation

Go wild, into an almost incurable state of



Just as this great leaders of the world meet

Deliberating on delicate cases

So does CONFUSION along side Greed, Waste, Corruption

Sit about their large desk, thinking

"What damage will we cause?"

He beams, "We'll jump ship!" He, CONFUSION states

Without waiting for the others he moves

Taking a comfortable spot in this foreign mind

The one who calls the shot around here

He checks the content of his brain

Satisfied that he's found such a dumb vessel

He uses him to start an unprofitable argument

"Let's favour the West!" Shouts a man from the end of the room

"We rather not! What about Africa?" Points out another

"My foot! I stand for the Atlantica."

He begins to laugh

At the silly gesture of human behaviour

With a sigh of satisfaction

He gives thumbs up to Forgetfulness

"Thank you for being here." He expresses gratitude

"Without you, the main idea of this gathering

"Won't, I say won't be forgotten"

He watches these men return home with no solution

Absolutely none. Ah! The aftermath of



"You know, in reality we are nothing."

Corruption speaks up suddenly

"Without these bodies we possess

"We can do nothing."

The rest think for a while,

Then Forgetfulness says "He's right, you know.

"If these men wake to reality

"We are toast."

Sigh, this came from Greed

"I have to say I agree

"Wouldn't you Waste?"

"True enough, we need

"Men to keep existing." Waste points out

"They are smart enough to create wonders

"Yet oblivious of the content that dwells within

"We simply reside in hearts. They portray us

"Yes, in expressions, actions, activities."

"So what happens when they find out?"

Forgetfulness asks, frightened

"They already have.

"They aren't just aware of it

"They gave us our names

"But they know not that they give us life.

"And so tomorrow we carry on

"Brooding on them. Taking charge

"Of the weak and the available.

"Because at this point, only the smart

"Wise -the unavailable would tackle us.

"Knowledge is brought to your door step

"Oh you men. What will you do with it

"Ignore? Accept? Fight? The choice is yours."

He turns to the others "I'm turning in for the night.

"Our work continues tomorrow." Says



So many things I am

Absolutely confused, this I know

Don't get me wrong

I know what I want

And certainly the things I don't

Most especially I know what I count as needs

But it doesn't seem enough...no. Sigh

Utmostly confused I am

To know who I am

Hat? I have no place to put them

Ah! You see? The answer should be my head

Please read me not wrongly, I'm not insane

Put simple, I'm hard to understand

Yes, not even I understand my complexity

Annoying isn't it? Well then

Scrutinize every first letter

Written in every line

Ends with a smile on your face, no?

Laughing, I am laughing! Its my craziest work yet

Laughing oh laughing indeed

By Abu Toba James

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