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Kapiti — Haiku

Volume 5

Kapiti Coast District Libraries

Annual Poetry Competition 2017

Poems © contributors

Preface, selection and cover design © Kapiti Coast District Council

Haiku published in this volume are the original work of the individual authors and are reproduced here as they were submitted with the exception of minor formatting changes.

This book is copyright. Apart from fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior permission of the publisher.

ePub Edition

All rights reserved.

ISSN 2463-3690

First published 2017

Kapiti Coast District Council

175 Rimu Road

Private Bag 60601

Paraparaumu 5254



Haiku by Adults

Steve Aiken

Jane Anderson

Marjorie Ann Arnold

Pamela Barnes

Merilyn Bartholomew

Julie Burns

Susan Elizabeth Byford (1st Place—Adult Category)

Laura Cornell

Anne Delamore

Judy Dickie

Ian Dodds

Nicola Easthope (Honourable Mention)

Becky Ellen-Johnson

John Ewen (3rd Place—Adult Category)

Elizabeth Farris

William Robert Gasson

Harold (Hal) Gimpelson

Trish Gregory

Fiona Hay

Joanne Knudsen

Bill Lennox

Adrian Lumsden

Carol Markwell

Norma McCallum (Honourable Mention)

Simon McCrone

Patricia Munro

Doreen Jane Needham

Jude Parrett

Karen Peterson Butterworth (Honourable Mention)

Tony Pritchard

Deanna Pugsley

Lorraine Rigg

Julie Roberts

Jay Rountree

Cherllisha Silva

Linda Stone

Sarah Stone

Tarsha Te Rure

Hanne van Beek

Lesley Watkins

Mercedes Webb-Pullman (2nd Place—Adult Category)

Susan Worthington

Sonia Young

Haiku by Teens

Jacob Davies

Logan Kendall

Ella Kirby (2nd & 3rd Place—Teen Category)

Peter Lang

Ruby McKenzie

Oak Roberts

Henry Taggart

Saskia Young (1st Place—Teen Category)

Haiku by Children

Harrison Adams

Amaya (1st and 3rd Place—Category)

Eva Anderson

Aimee Batchelor

Elsa May Blyth

Deacon Boyd

Rachel Judith Brownie

Zachary James Bustin

Molly Dalzell

Keagan Davidson (2nd Place—Child Category)

Abigail Davies

Lilly Grace de Kort

Hollie Evans

Georgia Grant

Olivia Alison Groube

Charlie Harris

Emily Harvey

Koru Hawkins

Ra Hawkins

Aimee Hosking

Maddison Hoult James

Tyler Johnson

Dominic Jurgensen

Trinity Jurgensen

Cormack Kirkaldy

Finnegan Kirkaldy

Mac Kirkaldy

Jesse Mary Knudsen

John Brian Knudsen

Josie Lewis

Reese Lines

Charlise Jane McKenzie

Charlotte McKenzie

Georgia McKenzie

Tishkin McKenzie-McEvoy

Vinnie Mence

Sienna Mitchinson

Isabella Mulheron

Stella Kate Murphy

Tayla Phillips

Matt Prentice

Vicky Preston and Caitlin Proctor

Alana Reardon

Harrison Saunders

Logan Charles Sharp

Darcie Skidmore-Stone

Kaiarahi Smith

James Spencer

Isabella Stone

Torrin Story

Tyra Rose Tra

Simaima Vaka

Abbigail Beth Viner

Zepplin Waite

Alannah Ward

Emma-Lee Whittaker

Aimee Williams

Katherine Williams

Elliot Fearnan Yaxley

Ayrton Da-Vinci Young

Jenson Aaron Young

Lara Zampese


The fifth annual Kāpiti Coast District Libraries poetry contest – If You’re a Poet, We Want to Know It -- invited poets to submit up to three haiku. Haiku is a traditional short Japanese poetry form which has enjoyed popularity around the world.

Local author Karen Peterson Butterworth describes the process of writing haiku this way: “Haiku is often described as one breath. A haiku moment can occur when you observe two things happening together and make a connection in your mind. To make a haiku, you simply write down what you saw, heard, smelled or touched in plain language. The next step is to trim your haiku to the bare essentials”.

The theme of this year’s contest was Kāpiti – anything about Kāpiti or living in Kāpiti. We invited poets to freely interpret this theme, whether about people the poet knows in the community, familiar places or how Kāpiti makes the poet feel.

We were delighted with the range of subjects in the haiku submitted, anything from the island itself, familiar landmarks and area roads, to the nature of living in the Kāpiti area.

You’ll find in this volume the over 100 haiku submitted across each of three age groups:

Children – age 6-12

Teens – age 13-18

Adults – age 19 and older

As in previous years, we are providing the book in print and as an eBook. Thanks are due to our digital services, community programmes, youth services and heritage and Māori teams, who together coordinated and judged the contest and open mic readings, and prepared the book for publication both in print and electronically.

We hope you enjoy reading your own poems here, as well as those of your fellow Kāpiti area writers.

suddenly you light

and as suddenly go dark …



Jane George

Team Leader Paraparaumu Library

Kapiti Coast District Libraries

Juana Kelsen

Community Programmes Coordinator

Kapiti Coast District Libraries

Developmental Myopia


sliding away, our specialness

gasping by the sea

A day in the life of Kapiti

Sunrises courting life

Bible belt a notch to tight

Sunsets cooking meth


A few more degrees

Warmer than the Capital

But not so clever

Steve Aiken

Summertime at the Beach

birds trilling,

blue sky filled with long white clouds,

golden sand meeting the sea shore

New life

koru unfolding

new life growing vibrantly

green shoots in the wet


Dark chilly nights,

Wind and frost and little eyes glow,

Matariki rise

Jane Anderson

After the wait

announcing freedom

a Kapiti dog walking

on a summer's day

children shriek delight

buckets drop their water load

at Marine garden

Cappuccino time

a muddy paw print lingers

by a used newspaper.

Marjorie Ann Arnold

Kapiti Island

Safe in the arms

Of a watchful Taniwha I roam

On Kapiti Island

Seeking the sea

Our river

a gentle stream or vengeful torrent

Nature decides.


It matters not where it is given

Pavement, bus stop, station, park or shop

The Kapiti smile is legend!

Pamela Barnes


Harakeke on the dune

Kapiti Island in the distance

stroke of an artist’s brush


Hum of expressway traffic

floats in through my bathroom window

waves lapping on the sand


Uphill escarpment walk

Kapiti and South Island below

my insignificance stark

Merilyn Bartholomew

Kapiti Folk

diverse Kapiti united

all in crazy love

with that birded island

Waikanae Morning

intimate clefts revealed

wispy veils lifted

thank you Mr Matanga

Green Parrot Cafe Paekakariki

energised chatter,

sociable buzz

tai chi women have landed

Julie Burns

1st place – adult category

Our lady shines

guiding night travellers

safely home

Through the window

Kapiti ice cream - straight

from hand to mouth

A cold bleak beach

where mussel and scallop shells

colour a grey day

Susan Elizabeth Byford

Kapiti Island Kaleidoscope

Crimson, peach, charcoal,

Faint, bold, dismal, resplendent,

Huge chameleon

Laura Cornell

The Beach

Sand, our penguin eats

Sand dunes, a huge spring tide steals

Sand under happy feet

Anne Delamore

Smell of home

Sand sea lupin harakeke

nourishment to the soul

Turangawaewae - a place of being

Otaki River

red river hue

meets the setting sun

journeys end


Glassy sea

merges the horizon

into infinity

Judy Dickie


Expressway best way

Soft, sleek undulating

Giving time, easy drives.

Waves to the island

Kapiti curves close

Waves surge, dip, pitch out to her

Dark shadows watching.

Fast airs

Coast winds rock the car

Whispering gusts dance, shimmer

Wind play slowly surges.

Ian Dodds

Honourable Mention

Pāekākāriki Hill Road

Long steaming black eel

coiling beneath bike rubber

flashes switchback teeth


White fronted tern wings

turn on a thermal current

kahawai clapping


Fingers of sunrise

pinch into east-green valleys

flick off summit snow

Nicola Easthope

My Home

Hills whisper my name

Sea and sand sing soft to me

Child of Kapiti.


Smooth shores are in fact

Ragged fractals without end

Golden, recursive.

Kapiti Island

Sleeping in the waves

Curled form, wrapped in emerald

Birdsong lullaby.

Becky Ellen-Johnson

3rd place – adult category

Kapiti Island

sleeping giant on his side

Do not disturb him.

Low cloud crowns the top

of Kapiti Island our

white haired kaumatua

Kapiti Island

our great whale sheltering us

from the Tasman sea

John Ewen

swimming pool drained dry,

forgotten on a park bench

child's hatful of rain

Valley dream of the

Maungakotukutuku -

shy moa shadow

feather whisp of cloud

gifted by the Tasman Sea

silent on the wind

Elizabeth Farris

Beach Scene

Seagulls soaring

Tuatuas drop

It's lunch time


The river's high

So too the tide

Sandbags again

A holiday

The platform's bare

The train departs

Ahoy Kapiti

William Robert Gasson

molten bronze sunset

flows over Kapiti's hills

Tasman ignited

softly or loudly

ocean waves highway traffic

friend or foe

clouds of diving birds

churning up calm waters

walked dog gets treats

Harold (Hal) Gimpelson


mystical morepork

hypnotized by yellow eyes

I am the pine tree

washed upon the beach

the graveyard of yesterday

still dogs sniff and mark

Trish Gregory

Winter winds

Howling through the trees

Cold earth beneath my feet

Crashing waves

Water splatters my pages

The taste of salt in the air

Autumn leaves

All shades of brown

Scattered upon the ground

Fiona Hay

The Fossicker

Waikanae’s treasure

Eyes search driftwood, seaweed, sand.

For small purple shells.

The Dreamer

Blustering skies call

Sand wraiths stalking me

Eyes stinging. I stand.

Joanne Knudsen


ruru ruru through

screaming trucking rumble roar

dawn sleep rurululled

Bill Lennox

Ōtaki Summer Haiku

Cicadas buzzing

Small power tools going hard

Summer's here at last

Adrian Lumsden

spilling out

of the red bucket


In the summer rain

the old bach

has its door open

on the beach

our shadows

walk before us

Carol Markwell

Honourable Mention


Low winter sunlight makes

Folded shadows on the hills.

Hemi Matenga.

Kapiti Homecoming

Driving back, weary,

Curve of bay, far Taranaki

Lights of home at last.


Birds and people nest

Sheltered by hill, shore, island.

Kapiti neighbours.

Norma McCallum

Feeling of Kapiti

Peaceful Kapiti

Relaxing hot cuppa tea

gazing out to sea

Nature of Kapiti

Peaceful Kapiti

Bushy hills, refreshing breeze

Sea full of pipi

Simon McCrone

First Winter Fire

Spiteful old winter

laughs as damp resentful wood

spurns the flames embrace.

Nature's forces

Paekak's wide grey sands

now a distant memory

Erosion triumphs.

Patricia Munro

Kapiti Island!

Come and admire its beauty!

Haven to bird life.

Doreen Jane Needham

Kapiti Island

Place of natural beauty

Home to many birds

Geese graze and swans swim

People picnic at its edge

Lagoon, safe haven

Oyster catchers run

Gulls hover above the shore

Each looking for food

Jude Parrett

Honourable Mention

commuter train

thumbs and voices all in touch

with somewhere else

hemi matenga

stark amidst bright new growth

rimu skeletons

mist lifts from the hills

my friend with dementia

remembers my name

Karen Peterson Butterworth


Black speck, gone then back

A slap, a red stain, a lump —

Days of itchy scratch

Laughing together

Grandchildren giggle

Together we share a grin

I feel warm inside


Gulls flock to roost

Still air thick with golden light

Sunset at the beach

Tony Pritchard

Why Kapiti

Living by the sea

Sunsets, sea gulls , waves rolling

Slower pace of life.

Deanna Pugsley

Autumn breathes fire and earth

Dementia between two worlds

Safe in Waikanae

Dementia respite

Butterflies snatch dreams

Meant for Eden

Kapiti Cottage

Minds like dragonflies

flit in chaos

trapped, not vacant.

Lorraine Rigg

A single image

Tara and Rangitane

The Kapiti Coast.

Iron sands glisten

Kapiti Island listens

Matariki dawns.

Hues of blue and green

Swell heart and soul, breathing

Kapiti living.

Julie Roberts

Beauty is within

Paint a beautiful picture

to smile at daily

Aim for the Heavens

Don't give up on ambitions

Grow wisely happily

Live the life you love

smile brightly openly daily

love the life you choose

Jay Rountree

two islands, or clouds

Kapiti lays on Kapiti

nestled in blue

sunlit bluff

more present than the passing coast

winter solstice


while this kohe kohe flowers

that one bears fruit

Cherllisha Silva

A Kapiti Autumn

Trees, Autumn mantel

Reds, browns, oranges, yellow

Seasons change at will.

Autumn's Bounty

It was always thus

Fruit ripened then fallen down

Pleasure in the spoils.

Waikanae River

The weather protests

Her well-worn credence of flow

Now altered by man.

Linda Stone

Farmers Market

Smells from the market

My tummy starts to rumble

Hard to choose just one

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips Friday

The excitement starts to grow

Unwrap the paper Mmmmm

Kapiti Calls

I see the island

Its familiar shape calms

I am at home here

Sarah Stone

Otaki ahead

Winter's my rear view mirror

Kapiti's sun shines

So cliche

Winter's away

Sunny Otaki

Tick tock the sun strikes

Pedestrian crossing

Peak hour on Main Street

Tarsha Te Rure

Waves beat on the beach.

The answer is a rustle.

Otaki foreshore.

Hanne van Beek


Bush covered hills

silver, sketched by the watcher,

a fluid creativity.


Island draped in mystery

amidst the clouds that surround it,

the road a watery access.


A curtain of rain

salutes a warm summers eve,

the island breathes.

Lesley Watkins

2nd place – adult category

High Tide

eating at the beach

twice a day the waves roll up

for their take-away

Low tide

low tide Kāpiti

terns and oystercatchers write

haiku in wet sand


in the sky

Kāpiti Island

Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Small fantail flitting

Above harakeke flowers

Tiny insects caught

Still silent morning

Beside Kapiti roadside

Gangly Pukeko

Light up the season

Red berries gold foliage

Singing black tui

Susan Worthington

Lucky Me

Standing admiring

Tides turning, sunsets fading

My beautiful view

Sonia Young

Kapiti waters

crashing waves splashing

destroying beach walk pathways

rips pulling you out

Kapiti expressway to Peka Peka

cars zooming along

only takes fifteen minutes

bridges crossing roads

Kapiti Island

covered in green trees

out in the ocean waters

birds high in the sky

Jacob Davies

Hello Kāpiti

Hello Kāpiti

cook me some bacon and eggs

with a nice green sea

Kāpiti chickens

Kāpiti chickens

they help lay my free range eggs

just for my breakfast

About Kāpiti

About Kāpiti

so this is what I have got:

a lovely place

Logan Kendall

2nd place – teen category

Lapping waves convey

delicate driftwood boats as

kayaks upon sea

3rd place – teen category

Summit peers above

early morning mist ambush

Island engulfed

Nikau Palms cushion

precious Punga residents

Deeply rooted valley

Ella Kirby

Writing a haiku

Counting my syllables

Oh damn. I missed one.

Lungs bursting

Muscles working

But the train is gone

The birdsong is interrupted

By the crackle of leaves

You're not alone

Peter Lang

Kāpiti Reo

Pure native beauty

Te Reo - Māori language

Forever in love.

Ruby McKenzie

Waikanae Beach

My Waikanae Beach

Salty sea filling the shores

Sandcastles laughing.

Kapiti Library

Kapiti Library

Seas of books wait quietly


Southwards Car Museum

Southwards Car Museum

A place for cars and planes

History revealed.

Oak Roberts

Promote Kāpiti

It's not well and good

that no one knows about Kāpiti -

this needs to be changed.

We live in the shadow

We will come out of this shadow -

We will overrun Australia!

Henry Taggart

1st place – teen category

My Kapiti Picture

Immersed in beauty

The landscape like a picture

Chorus of birdsong

Saskia Young

Waikanae Shines

Matariki stars

Shine in the moonlight tonight

Star gazing in June

Harrison Adams

1st place – child category

Windy sunshine

Ocean glittering

our island looming over

picnic cups flying

3rd place – child category

Those Lonely Grey Days

cry of the seagull

foam from the ocean depths

stormy colours churn


starry sky twinkles

full of secrets and smiles

the world is at peace


Beach at Moon Rise

waves crash on the shore,

seagulls cry looking for food,

moon rising on me


The morning chorus,

the tui sings in the forest

beautiful colours


the winds are howling,

birds take cover in the trees,

raindrops falling down

Eva Anderson


Tui birds sit on the tree,

enjoying their home's rough bark,

they sing with pretty tunes.

Aimee Batchelor


the wind howls lonely

the Kapiti rain hail's down

the clouds part open


sun shines through the clouds

like a curtain of lightness

a pretty rainbow

Elsa May Blyth

Kapiti Island

Great hikes and climbing.

Waves crash on the sandy shore.

Spend time with family

Deacon Boyd


Netball starting

Parents cheering

1st quarter ends


Quarters passing

Kids puffed

Half time


Last quarter

Kids tired

We won

Rachel Judith Brownie

Swimming x1

Swimming strokes

Beating times

Kicking strong

Diving strait

Swimming x2

Scooping water

Bearing teeth

Blood rushing

Muscles straining

Swimming x3

Pool splashing

People cheering

Coming to finish

Getting on podium

Zachary James Bustin

What we hear in Kapiti

Tuis sing sweet songs

Multi-leaves twirling on wind

Waves crash to the shore

What we smell in Kapiti

Smell roses, summer

Sweet pollen on the warm breeze

Salty ocean spray

What we see in Kapiti

Kapiti Island

Reefs bursting with live creatures

Flowers blossom, grow

Molly Dalzell

2nd place – child category

Matariki on the Kapiti Coast

We always eat kai

Pancakes are our treat for tea


Keagan Davidson

Kapiti Island

Kapiti ice cream

Kapiti Islands shadow

over the water


I fly very fast

with my long body and legs

bright colours flash by

Abigail Davies

Marine Gardens

Fun, fun, fun under the sun,

Run, run, running to the splash pad for some fun,

Yum, yum, yum fish ‘n chips for everyone!

Waikanae Beach

Rush, rush rushing tides

Run, run, running through the sand

Fun, fun, fun for everyone!

Express way

Sniff, sniff, sniffing the petrol fumes,

Look, look, looking at the huge trucks,

Finally we’re there!

Lilly Grace de Kort

Kapiti's Sunset

The blazing orange,

And magnificent yellow.

The suns company

My Backyard

I confront a bee,

Pollen wisping in the air,

Wind tangles my hair


The butterflies flit,

And the bees are buzzing too!

I also love you!

Hollie Evans

The beautiful birds

Flutter in the morning sun

While chirping softly

The soft, gentle waves

Of the deep, sapphire sea

Where many fish swim

My feet are sinking

Into the smooth, golden sand

Under the bright sun.

Georgia Grant

Happiness juice

candyfloss, sea foam

some clouds as soft as sunshine

my happiness juice


salty wind past by

wavy waves tumble twist and turn

I'm flying on waves!

Olivia Alison Groube

Kapiti After Dark

I feel the cool breeze trickle down my face, dancing and twirling freely in the night sky.

Playing joyfully around the stars as they shine down on the dark oily sea.

The moon carves into the darkness

The blood oozes then dissipates through the dark sea.

The darkness crumbles down

When darkness comes.

The sun dives into the sea.

It's rays fade away.

Charlie Harris

When I think of Kapiti

Kapiti, I feel the birds warm wings brush along my cheek,

I feel the soft golden sand between my toes

the cold salt water splash against my face as the sun sets over the horizon.

Emily Harvey

My Kapiti

dancing on the beach

dogs running free in the wind

I love Kapiti

Koru Hawkins

Kapiti Island

you can see with the sunset

shining through the leaves

View of Kapiti

out across the shining sea

the sparkling island

Ra Hawkins

Sun set

beautiful times here in Kapiti

sun setting at dawn

shining stars twinkling above us

Aimee Hosking

Matariki stars

Matariki stars

Shining brightly in the sky

Twinkling all night long

Maddison Hoult James

I am soaring high

I can see specks below me

I am a white cloud

Tyler Johnson

Planting time

Galloping grasslands

The garden lords return

Planting is the season


Seeing rubbish is now

Pull its weedy arms out of the ground

The weed enemies are attacking

Dominic Jurgensen

Animal Skies

A flock of starlings

And a great golden lion

Portray night and day

Jandals and ice-cream

Bare feet galore

All day everyday no matter the season

I flee the night

Awaken dawn and new beginnings

Oh, daring sunrise

Trinity Jurgensen

Sunrise in Kapiti

Orange, blurring shades

Casting shadows everywhere

Over water's blue

An average day in winter

Icy bitter storm

Obstructs innocent blue skies

"Inside day, children!"


It swallows us whole

We can only wait for peace

But can we really?

Cormack Kirkaldy

Marine Gardens

Near a child's play place

Consuming a summer treat

Watching the sun fall

Toy dogs

Small dogs, tails wagging

Up and down the shop filled streets

Unpolluted seas


Ice cream melting

On my tongue, absorbing

The summer sun's rays

Finnegan Kirkaldy

Bridge over Wharemaku Stream

Plastic ring driftwood

Hidden under shore fresh sand

As brown waves crash down

Wet cement crawls through

new paint, sweat and grasses mix

into memories

Mac Kirkaldy

Kapiti island

Birds twisting twirling

Ocean sparkling in the sea

Like diamonds twinkling

Beautiful Kapiti

Rivers streams ocean

Beautiful Kapiti

Bush farm beach great views

Windy Kapiti

Trees swaying

Waves crashing darting splashing

Wind howling like wolves

Jesse Mary Knudsen

Sisters are annoying

I went to the park

girls are annoying and mean

my sisters are mad

John Brian Knudsen

Josie’s Rhyme

I know I am home

When I play the xylophone

Ding dong ding dong ding

Josie Lewis

Matariki stars of Waikanae

Matariki stars

Appearing in June or May

Hangi is cooking

Reese Lines

Frosty night

Kapiti shines

through my window

on a frosty night

Winter shines

winter comes into sight

it shines through my soul

on an icy day

Winter comes

winter comes

I breath and it goes in a flash

frost is mysterious

Charlise Jane McKenzie

Matariki in the Native Bush

Matariki stars

Reappearing in early June

Dazzle like the sun

Waikanae Wishes

I make wishes now

Matariki time is here

The evening is fun

The night sky on Matariki

Matariki's here

Constellations in the sky

Time to eat my kai

Charlotte McKenzie


Friends, family, so much fun

Saturday sports, run, run, run

Beaches and fun in the sun

Where is Kapiti???

Kapiti, Raumati, Otaki,

Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Te Horo,

Pekapeka, Paekakariki

Georgia McKenzie

My New Zealand

I stand tall and proud.

Of my beautiful NZ.

Aotearoa, home.

Looking out to Kapiti Island

Standing in the breeze.

Feeling the sand in my toes.

Kapiti Island.

Tishkin McKenzie-McEvoy

Kapiti Coast Beautiful stars of Matariki

Matariki stars

Shine beautiful in winter

The seven sisters

Vinnie Mence

Starling Capers

Puffed up feathered chests

Licks of white curl on black

Starlings craft downy nests.


White tip waves flutter

Beneath the champagne light

Like ocean feathers.

Sienna Mitchinson

Kapiti Waves

Kapiti Island

The sound of waves crash

Into land

Isabella Mulheron

The Island

Reach the top, climb high

Among the beautiful trees

Kapiti Island

Stella Kate Murphy

Matariki on the Coast

The beautiful sky

The amazing sky of Mata

Watch the sky twinkle

Matariki at the Beach

Walking on the beach

Dazzle like the sun

Flying kites early morning

Tayla Phillips

Kapiti Island

It is the best place to be!

Native birds live here

Kapiti Island

It is a prime place to be

Swim in the warm sea

Soft, squishy, gold sand

All the hills have grassy land

Warm, fun Kapiti

Matt Prentice

The old rope

I grab the old rope,

I give it my weight and swing,

Snap! I hit the ground.

Greyhound run

I unclip his leash,

Legs stretch out across the beach,

Paw prints follow behind.

Vicky Preston and Caitlin Proctor

Matariki Stars

Matariki stars

Shine like a beautiful sun

Reappear in June

Alana Reardon

Glazing Sun

While the waves hit the land.

The sun shines on the glazing water.

Harrison Saunders

Sand sticks to my feet

Stones skipping through the water

Couples holding hands

Logan Charles Sharp


Sun shining bright

Waves peacefully coming to shore

Soft sand glimmering


Pinching food every second

Listening to people shout come back!

Crowding round tables

Darcie Skidmore-Stone

Matariki food at Waikanae Beach

We share hangi

Boiling hot stones cook our kai

My puku is full

Matariki Stars on the Coast

Matariki shines

The seven sisters shine bright

Sisters shine brightly

Kaiarahi Smith

An Autumn Day

Small branch wobbles

Bird flutters from browned leaves of tree

Chirping all around

James Spencer

Matariki in the Kapiti Coast

Maori new year

Seven stars in the sky

Shining stars up high

Isabella Stone

Waikane Matariki

Sparkling glistening stars

You can celebrate flying kites

Matariki myths

Torrin Story

Fishes in the ocean

Colourful fishes

Swimming majestically

Shimmering ocean

Beach party

Speakers boom loudly

People enjoying the night

Dancing on the sand

Perfectly cooked chicken

Juicy hot perfect

Steam rising to the surface

Heaven in my mouth

Tyra Rose Tra

Matariki on the Coast

Matariki stars

Let the sky shine in early June

Let the bright sky shine

Simaima Vaka

Kapiti loves us as much as we do!!!


Kapiti is a safe place,

Kapiti loves nature

we love Kapiti Kapiti loves us back

come to Kapiti and you will be loved right back.

Abbigail Beth Viner

Kai with Kapiti whanau

Matariki stars

Eating kai with families

Reappear in June

Waikanae glistens

Blue sky at night time

Eating food with families

Flying kites at night

Zepplin Waite

The sunset

All the day I wait

To see the sun cascading

Blurts tropical lights

The Leaves

Cold days turn to blooms

Sun gleaming through the leaves

Shows the world's true form

Changing seasons in one day

Dawn frosts the day away

Then blooming in the midday

Sun gleams best at dusk.

Alannah Ward

Quiet, gentle waves

Perfect weather day, night and

Soft, bright yellow sands

Emma-Lee Whittaker

Kapiti is great

The sun shines all around me

the crisp autumn breeze floats around me the birds sing

it's a lovely sound

Aimee Williams

Haiku About Kapiti

The Kea's flying

Time for the sun to rise

It's a beautiful new day

Even if the sun ain't shinning

Katherine Williams

Otaki’s Fabulous Beach

I dive in and out,

Those big waves crash behind me.

At Otaki Beach.

Kapiti Island Walk

We’re finally here.

All ready for our big walk,

Ready to have fun.

Otaki Surf Club

Sheds full of sonics,

The beach is full of people,

As the nippers train.

Elliot Fearnan Yaxley

Chips by the Beach

Fish and Chips, soooo good

Seagull's stealing my hot chips

'Go away, they're mine!'

Ayrton Da-Vinci Young

The Sea

Casting out the line

Splashing about in the Sea

Gazing at the view

Jenson Aaron Young


Golden sun rays glaring

Icy frost thaws into puddles

Pink and mauve flood the sky

Kapiti Ice Cream

Smooth and velvety

Thick and creamy full of tang

Frozen sweet delight


Deep green and turquoise

Crashing onto brittle sand

Sparkling in the sun

Lara Zampese

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