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The Cliff

by Daniel Hargrove

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Copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove

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Table of Contents

01) The Cliff

02) Double Ace

03) The Long Rap of the Paranormal

04) Below the Fold

05) Drama

The Cliff

She stood on the edge

of the precipice

Big Sur crashing below

she could see whales


in the distance

the thought

crossed her mind

to jump

the wind

wrestled her to the ground

isn't the wind

always the hero?

With its

salt spray?

Perhaps she could

ride a whale


deep into

the brine

she wouldn't mind

a passenger

collecting starfish

for her shelf

Double Ace


is written wrongly


is not a series

of wars and monarchs

there is

the history of agriculture

the history of sports

the history of art



the history

of peace


people fight

over how

history will be written

of course

those who promote war

win that battle

though the pen

is mightier

than the sword

we don't

forget our history


The Long Rap of the Paranormal

The paranormal is so meltingly un-pragmatic

so canary-ly relevant

so conveniently coincidental

(square, man)

so completely locked in context

(artificial and natural light (Sproing!))

that it is completely worthless

Yes, stuff disappears

(stuff disappears in nature all the time)

Who cares? Its useless

Maybe your money would disappear

if you got the hang of it

It's a vicious, circular logic

(How very roundabout!)

based on paradoxical ends (Yes!)

as in the transfer of inertia

(self-referential negations)

and positively and negatively charged

poles of time

(High as a kite!)

ignore it

one could spend a lifetime studying it

and I have

believe me

it is not practical

it is just paranoid garbage

because the Republicans have

the upper hand with relativity

with the economic time crunch (Boing!)

betraying your generosity

the truth about the paranormal

is it just adds to the big, cotton candy, lie,

takes way too much time to understand


and is the property of mind expansion cultists


who never get us anywhere

but the Waffle House

Below the Fold

You fold it

just so

it goes for

many yards

many meters

the nose

is heavier

than the tail

we could play

catch with it

and sure enough

Jerry caught

the airplane.

On the roof

they go further

on their descent

never touching the ground

as they sail

on the breeze

all the way

to Ohio

where the man

of many colors

snatches it

out of the air


Machine guns


pink bullets

distressing jungle leaves


beep beep!

Model-T Ford

chugs along


payday Friday

money for gumdrops

orange and green


made of electrons

pronouncing doom



brick wall gone!

kick a brick


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