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From Past To Present

Elizabeth Agiantritis

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth Agiantritis

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All In The Present

The sheltering sky

Knows not what is to come,

But what is.

The blazing sun

Lights all that is,

But cannot reach what is not.

The rain from the heavens

Quenches the thirst of all living creatures,

But cannot satisfy those who have not yet came into being.

All of nature lives in the present

And knows nought of the future,

For the present is all that is real

And the future is but a shadow of what is to come.

Wishing For Hope

Just once, more than anything

I do so wish that I could wake up with hope in my heart,

While feeling the sun’s warm embrace.

Embracing Life

Patterns of life

Like shadows on a wall.

A distant memory

Like ripples in a lake.

A baby’s first smile

Like sun shinning through clouds.

Each hope; a new beginning,

Each today; a promise of a new tomorrow,

Each light; a guide through the darkness.

Life is to be embraced.

From The Past To The Future

From the ashes of a world

Lost to fire

Rises the phoenix or our hope.

From the dashed dreams

Of a lost generation

Comes a ray of light.

Close your eyes,

Leap into the unknown,

Embrace the change.

Moment Of Truth

This has to be

The moment of truth,

When the mask of lies

Crumbles to the ground

And light shines through the darkness.

For Peace

I lived for a moment of peace

And died for a lifetime of it.

Happiness In Nature

Happiness rose from flower petals

Touched by the morning sun

While a symphony played on

Through the leaves of swaying trees.

Nothing But Desire

Bodies entwined

On sheets of silk,

Sighs that like music

Feed the soul.

Every look,

A promise of eternal bliss,

Every touch,

A step closer to paradise.

There is no darkness, no cold

Only the brilliance of desire

And the heat of ecstasy.

The Power Of Words

The words hurt

Like sharp arrows

They burrowed into flesh and bone,

Like a fine blade

They sliced through flesh as if it were made of butter

And when the end of the day came

Nothing of the man remained

But a hollow shell.


If not for the silence

There would be words,

Words to fill the void,

To comfort the wounded soul

To mend a broken heart.

But the words never came

And silence remained.

My Heart

When my heart is full,

I sing to the light eternal.

Ghosts Of The Past

The night came alive

With the awakening of a thousand ghosts.

Every yesterday

Came crashing into today,

Threatening present and future.

A life devouring darkness

Spread across the land.

Sleep not,

The night is no longer a safe haven.

Awaken and claim your right to live,

Your right to a bright and shinny future.

Sleep, and you doom all of mankind.

Dark Silence

A dark castle

Rose from the ashes

Of a broken dream.

A sinister presence

Crept through the empty rooms.

The light from a blood-red moon

Danced in the shadows of a haunted forest.

And every scream that was not heard

Echoed in the silence of passing time.

Clinging To Memories

They broke my heart

At the moonlight’s end,

With their never-ending lies

That cut like glass.

Dwelling in a darkness not of my doing

On my life I did reflect

And recounting every breath I ever took

I peered into each happy memory

Desperately clinging to even the tiniest glimpse of hope.


Mine is a heart that bleeds,

Yours is a heart that needs,

And between heaven and earth

May we both find happiness.

Those Who Came Before Us

The lives of those who came before us

Touch upon our lives.

Their presence lingers on

And sometimes they make the road ahead clearer

And sometimes they add unexpected turns to the road.

The Worth Of Silence

Moments of silence

In an eternity of noise

Are worth more

Than diamonds or gold.

For All Eternity

Like a phantom

You come to me in the night

To fill the empty spaces of my heart.

I see not your face

I know not your name

But heart recognises heart

And my heart does know you.

No words do we speak

For words are not needed for our love to communicate.

No promises for tomorrow

Do we make

For our hearts already know

That they belong together for all eternity.

What Was Lost

Beneath a blood red sky

I weep.

I weep for every yesterday that went by,

I weep for every tomorrow that will not come,

I weep for shattered dreams,

Dashed hopes,

Endless nights of bitterness,

For myself and all the world.

No Hope

I am the demon

That hell spat out,

I am the darkness

That rivals the night,

I am the monster

That prowls the streets,

I am the madness

That rules the world,

I am the absence of hope.

What Never Came To Be

An ode to a road less travelled,

A decision never made,

A cause long forgotten,

A beautiful promise for a sun filled life

That never came to be.

No Happiness

Tears have no place here

For this is the land of dry eyes,

Sorrows have no outlet,

Anguish never finds a voice

And to despair we turn a blind eye.

Yet happiness still eludes us,

For happiness grows in the midst

Of tears, sorrows, anguish, and despair.

We Take A Stand

All the misery

Ends here,

All the heartache; all the fear.

We take a stand

And say no further,

Even if it means that the world will end in fire.

Fight we must,

So fight we will,

No matter how much blood will spill.

We’ll not run

Nor will we falter,

Our resolve will lead us to the end.

Look back we will not,

Only to the future will our gaze wander.

We are few

And they are legion,

But a true heart

Is worth a thousand empty ones.

We are every good man on earth

And they are all the rest.

A New Beginning

The rainbow that spread before me

With bright colours that unfolded gently

Spoke of hope of a new beginning,

An exodus from this earthly hell.

Losing Myself

Every day

I lose a little more of myself

In the shadows of the world that once was.

The Dark Side Of Love

The obsession born of forbidden desire,

Just as powerful as pure love, but more dangerous

Than any other force on earth.

Is that why you cannot keep away from me?

Does the power of your desire

Hold you prisoner against your own will?

And how am I to respond?

Should I welcome you and risk annihilation

Or should I fight you?

I wonder now if I even have a choice.

I feel so powerless against the hunger I see in your eyes

That I can do nothing but succumb to your every wish

And hope against hope that you and I can be together

Without seeing my own heart ripped to shreds on the floor.

Life Goes On

As night gives way to dawn,

As darkness turns to light,

As monsters become mere shadows,

As despair morphs into hope,

As yesterday is replaced by today,

So life continues on.

Your Soul

Your shadow knows no fear,

Your footprints carry the weight of your life,

Your words echo your thoughts,

But your soul knows no contact,

Your soul is yours alone

And can be touched by no one.

My World

All the pain in the world

Hammers at my senses,

Every tear that burns my eyes

Reminds me of the pain of others.

The darkness of another world calls to me

And whispers promises of salvation

But salvation is an illusion

So I turn my back on the other world

And face the one before me

The only world I will ever know

And as every pore of my body

Drips blood to the ground

My eyes reflect the pain inside

And my screams echo in the night.

What I Fight For

In the darkness of a distant land

I feel the hatred piecing my skin like arrows

I feel the pain of a thousand worlds

As I struggle to understand

What it is I must do

Must I take a stand?

Or must I flee?

For this distant land is not mine to save

But if I do nothing

Then who will save this land

And all that’s in it?

If I do not fight

For this land

Then how can I expect others to fight for my land?

Maybe it is not a matter of mine or theirs,

But of right and wrong

So I’ll fight

I’ll shed blood

And if need be

I’ll lay down my life

In this land

That’s not even my own.

Keep Trying

What do you do?

When words fail you?

When actions aren’t enough?

Do you give up?

Or try again?

Repeat the words

A thousand times

Repeat the actions

Over and over

Until even one person

Hears you, sees you,

Understands you,

Changes, because of you.

Because Of You

Lost in a sea of despair

I looked up to see you there,

And suddenly things didn’t look so bad

And I could even feel a little glad

Just knowing that I was not alone

And that in your arms I would find my home.

Showing Me The Way

The moon calls to me

Beckoning with its otherworldly light.

A beacon of light in a black sky

Shining my path

Guiding me at night.

And if I should stumble, if I should fall

I have but to gaze up above

And see the earth’s satellite

Beaming down on me

Showing me the way.

The Illusion Of Freedom

The moon shone down upon me

And bathed me in its tranquil light.

I danced away my fears,

Forgot all my troubles

And for one brief moment

I felt the kiss of pure freedom upon my lips,

But then the moon disappeared

And the harsh light of the sun took its place

Illuminating all my fears and troubles,

Reminding me that this was my reality

And pure freedom was but a dream.

Your Love

The words of my soul

Are carried on the wings of my heart

And when darkness falls

The light of your love

Will lead me to you.

A Place

There is a place

Where shadows dissolve

Where darkness turns to light.

There is a place

Where lies meet truth

Where pain turns to pleasure.

There is a place

Where sorrow becomes joy

Where tears dry to smiles.

Inside me is this place,

Come and join me

And together we will both have a place.

The Door To Darkness

The door to darkness opens

And shadow dwelling creatures beckon

With hungry fingers fighting for purchase

Of the unwilling flesh of the innocent.

The door to darkness opens

And hell is unleashed upon the earth

Scorching everything in its path.

The door to darkness opens

And my soul weeps

For the never ending hopelessness,

For the bright tomorrow that will never dawn,

For the peace that will never be.

The door to darkness opens

And stays open.


Do what is in your nature to do,


When all is gone,

When all is taken,


When honour is no longer,

When torment is upon you,

When shame makes you crawl,


Bring light to darkness,

Warmth to cold,

Laughter to tears,


Nothing But Death

Such silence

Haunts even the bravest ones,

Such silence

Maddens even the sanest ones.

‘Tis the silence that follows nothing but death.

My Country

Let rain fall down upon me,

Let snow freeze me,

Take me away from the sun,

Let me feel the darkest pain,

But whatever you do,

Let me first breath the air of my country,

Let me smell the flowers,

Let me see the sky,

Let me feel the heartbeat of my own country.

Your Happiness

You turned me into a weeping child,

Your words cutting straight to my soul,

I heard your anguish

With every mournful word

And I longed for a better world

That would see you happy in it.

The Elusiveness Of Happiness

Though I may look upon you

I do not see you,

Hidden in shadows

And behind a constant curtain of darkness

You forever elude me,

And every time I try to hold onto you,

You so easily slip through my fingers,

For happiness is elusive,

And I am but a mere mortal

Walking on the road of life.

The End

In the moments of time

Like some forgotten memory

Do linger the weightless thoughts

Of those who came before,

Of those who are no more

And like every beginning

They too had their end

When the sun met the earth

For the very last time.

The Darkness

Because when pain comes

Fear comes too

And fear begets more fear

Until it's the only thing left

And not even one ray of sun

Can break through the darkness.

At My End

I cried out into the night

But no one heard me,

I shouted and screamed

But everywhere silence ruled,

I opened my eyes

But they remained closed,

I ran and ran

But got nowhere,

I climbed and climbed

But remained on level ground,

I looked for answers

But found only questions,

I searched for hope

But found only despair.

All this I did

While l lay dying

Waiting to take my last breath of air.

What Hope Can Be

Holding on to hope

My fingers ache from the strain

And I yearn for the moment I can let go

The moment when hope becomes

Either reality

Or an unattainable dream.

Tangled Web

I see it in the darkness of your eyes,

I feel it in the violence of your touch,

I taste in in the flavour of your kiss.

Every part of you

Hates our tangled web,

The tightness of which lets neither of us be free.

Stolen Heart

Like a dark shadow

The thief in the night

Descended upon my heart

And stole it from my very chest

Leaving me adrift

In a cold dark sea of missing emotions

Awaiting the day my heart and I will reunite.

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