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Light Love ~ Angels from Heaven

New Generation * Inspiration

Revolution ~ Revelation

All the Colors of Cosmic Rainbows

Sunny Jetsun

Sometimes the end of life comes as peacefully as the passing of the day’.

S. N. Goenkaji

Exploring the Universe of the Heart


All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are fictitious.

No identification with actual persons and places is intended or should be inferred.

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Light Love~Angels from Heaven

New Generation*Inspiration


All the Colors of Cosmic Rainbows


Sunny Jetsun

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This book is arranged from Surreal notes made from Inspirational conversations

with friends during the 2006/07 winter season, in Anjuna, Goa

* Thank you all * Om Shanti Shanti *

I’ve brought you the good stuff * Astral Padmophul Petals’

Perceptual, perpetual, floating in a golden lily pond ~

Finite body/mind: Immersion into Infinite formlessness.

Saw you in a dream >*< met you in a long, lovely poem.

Enlightenment *Transcendence* Liberation of Imagination

of your Memory, Ego, Form, Conditioned Identity, Patterns.

Free of Your Mind’s limits, Pain; into limitless Cosmic reign.

Boundlessness and its Omkar, beingness, silence all around.

Free of the concepts of a Planet; Reality of our Mother Earth.

Universal nature as the ever ~ changing, everlasting energy.

Streams of Multi*Consciousness, being, growing in a buttercup,

daisy; don’t get caught up in the Material delusion, illusion of it.

Somehow being the most Real, Realise the forest’s sacredness.

Now how to do that? Amidst the swirling Maelstroms in the trees.

Gusting,Tantric thrusting of your desires. Just to be ~ to be frees.

Expressions now, Creation’s art, feeling it in my sub*atomic heart.

Let the mind, body go as rocket boosters, falling away in free flight.

Even with a dyspraxia ‘disorder’, yes amazing to have this realisation.

Senility is wasted on most people”, put it into Cosmic Consciousness.

Lost the Yangste Dolphin today, context; extinct gone forever, where?

No more Karma ~ becoming part of the Universal Ocean ~ here now.

Fighting with your mother’s cancer, its existence, frequency ~

Realise your own true beingness and her Infinite Spirituality.

Let the big Attachments go ~ know that we’re all Radiant flow.

There’s innumerable disorders on Earth, to suffer them or not?

Naturally, epigenetic and those conditioned by Ignorance, Karma.

See mid-pages of WHO. ICD-10 Mental and behavioural disorders.

People amongst us are living with these, knowing and unknowing.

Affecting every one of us in our Environment ~ our Relationships.

We can’t control it all; it’s happening but by being Conscious of it,

empathise, put it into perspective! Whatever happens we are All

part of a greater Cosmic, boundless Consciousness. Accept that,

let it go, know mind, body is not your deeper essence ~ being flow

Neurological (Emotional * Physical * Psychic) Disorders et al.

These disorders being put into the context of a ‘Zero Tolerance’

An usurper or despotic Characteristic - for those with the Power

to destroy cultures, putting all innocent lives to nuclear swords!

Effecting all Species, our DNA. strands, infinite nature; from our

neighbors, partners, children, teachers, pope, President, Mother,

Father, your favorite celebrity to influencing a light Star from afar!

This World is paying a high Price, Mother Nature is paying for our

ubiquitous fears, traumas, insatiable greed, nightmares, disorders.

How would most of us ever know or be able to comprehend the

effects of this on our beings, nerves, emotions, actions, feelings?

Don’t allow any Sociopath to be the next Emperor. Did someone ever

diagnose the Brain of Lenin or ‘Visionary Mind-set’ of Chairman Mao?

Did we ever Psychoanalyze the decisions of Hitler, Nixon, Kissinger

or any other country’s hero; was Napoleon a well-adjusted General?

What about Pol Pot, Genghis Khan a fine Empire builder or Caesar1

another glorious bringer of Civilisation to Barbarians living peacefully

on undiscovered pagan coasts. What is Mind, ego, this creature?

Buddha had an answer, Jesus and Krishna gave excellent advice

on the reigns of terror falling and cluster bombs dropping from the

sky on your beloved family! Creating hereditary codes which we still

live with; designing our epigenetic, karmic, deep sub consciousness!

I thought I saw a Dinosaur eating my wife”; “don’t freak out ok?”

Lie on your back and look into the clear night sky to get a sense

of how You are the way You are; Who and Why; ~ What to do?

We are born into this state, we even bring it with us for R/evolution..

There is this undercurrent, Magma effecting all of us, take a look at its

potential ‘disorders’, their countless links and subsections, bubbling up

Consciously/Unconsciously in us and in all those life forms amongst us,

effecting us, destroying us, loving you & me in Cosmic Quantum fields ~

Allowing this reality; 10% we think we know, what about 90% of the rest?

What the Bleep’, what about Transcendence of this Omniscient Mind to

realise our true Omnipresence? Enjoy that butterfly affecting your eye ~

Serving the Life

Our brain is a Computer * Meta-data, binary codes!

Reprogramming this finite Mind with, No Mind stuff.

The yakking Mind, tell it to shut up! All is transient ~

Live from the Heart Not your Self-possessed Mind.

Mystics quieting their Mind, silencing a wild Stallion.

Pulling the reigns, Start/Stop, talking to the Senses

through our Intelligence, clear eyes * into their Spirit.

By-Pass the filter of the Mind and be naturally Pure.

How to deal with the Beggar? Sharing life’s moments.

Tree of Life is Giving Life’ ~ still growing to the skies.

Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil, dualistic Potentials.

Osmosis, planting ~ Analysis of the moment, changing.

Screw the money, enslavement; who’s creating for Life?

Who told You that You are naked Sire, or a slave mate?

Moving into the Dimension of Perception, interpretation.

MIND SHUT UP” that which exists omniscient in Space.

Being in this World but not of it’, all a phantasmagoria!

Purest light ~ leaving the body * a Celestial entity.

A new language from old words and odd precepts

Identifications, Ego Conditionings, Matrix Programs.

Mind discipline ~ Altruism supports the ones below.

Have to Trick the Mind ~ Changing a wild Stallion.

Staying out of the World out of the dramas Arjuna.

Bliss Is here & now ~ coming to us on divine wind.

Keep following light, appearing from you, before you.

Don’t listen to Your limited Mind, we Live in infinity.

Can You Be Aware ~ “What you see is temporal,

what you can’t see is eternal.” An omnipresent sail.

My Spectrum seeing the puzzle through a holy veil.

Simple ~ You have to be, a Receiver to Receive ~

Loving Compassion ~ moving into any dimension

where there are no words, more LIGHTS dancing

You can be yourself ~ You can always be your happy self

Democracy Shows, Sensors, always being watched mate!

It doesn’t matter who’s in Power they all do what they want.

Sociopathic ego, get to work! They didn’t want us to realise

what’s going on in the Matrix Mind. Accept taxing Conditions!

Possessing is more Depressing, full of Dispiriting Possibilities.

Very Greedy, fascist country; paying stealth charges to breathe!

Rules, Regulations, Licenses, fines, by laws, prison for everything.

A Public poster on the underground, “You can’t beat the computer”

You can’t Escape the Computer, Pay your Car Tax.” Dystopia!

The Criminal Justice Bill, Cultural effects! Surveillance brother…


More Optical Illusions

Himalayan Blue Bells and Rhododendrons.

Received it as a seeming Miracle, a Blessing.

Into the light energy, vortex with a Merkababy.

A free Party ~ on the beach

golden sister


Ein-Stein Racers & Le Grand Guignol

Slitting the fuckin’ Atom in face of helping People!

Psy-ops split the personality * infinite dimensionality.

Neo-Nazionality, Oligarchy’s committed UK. Asylum.

Refugees legal, Illegal living with Razor Wire Fences.

Next door - Enforcing Nationality Act, Global Accents.

Check out what’s on the Bildeberger Group Menu! And

the Sovereign Military Order of Malta are U.N. Observers?

And What about my new friend from the Nesara Project?


Base Jumping into Soft Powder

Free diving, free surfing free falling, free energy.

Into one big Con after another; broke the O zone

Barrier. Pablo Neruda drew a map of Abstract Art.

Materialistically free ~ to reach into new dimensions

It’s Now or Never ~ Forever

Flower seeds of Life ~ Symbolic within the Eye.

Frequency ~ wavebands and Magical art in your Heart.

In your Mind making Storm troopers from Loving Angels.

Being Objective about all this Materialisation, Ego Realm.

Frequencies of an Earthquake, a healthy disease of death.

Light radiating particles of Mind giving you Senses of ~

Identification, Values, effects, what you crave as a slave!

Radionics effecting Pyramidal, Electro Magnetic Cosmos

Ultimately common doh * Not from Chemical companies.

Healthy Immunity systems ~ Perfect balance with nature

and vice versa, in order to receive the Highest Knowledge.

Intuition of Universal self


Portrait of a Pope, King Inspiring Fear Not Love!

To all who see it ~ will lay in front of you, their - Power!

Commissioned to Personify the Perfection of a Madonna.

Divine Serenity in Human flesh; not more Ignorant Violence,

afire from Perugia but Sfumato tones of love’s ecstatic desire.


La Fornarina ~ Fecundare

Raphael’s Renaissance, he offered her a Myrtle leaf.

Sexual fertility awakening within the Ruby Rings of Love.

Transcending her translucent erotica, his transparent exotica.

Secret pleasures beyond all measures of the richest treasures”

Cupid’s arrows flying through a holy Roman Villa.

Afterglow rumble ~ free Space, do what you want.


Indian Rock

Thank God!’ for Losing Sense..

With Reality ~

I want to Live on an Abstract Plane.”

Vieni qui

Virtual ME Not DNA. (Serial Barcode- #)

Just gave my Name, Rank and Social Insurance No”

Get Away from that Bone!” Hi-Tech alloy of a hybrid clone.

Modern Abstract Art, “What do you see Mother?” It’s a drone!

Natural, “a big Orange blob”, grazie to Cy Twombly, sincerely.

Not living inside the Matrix, ‘Invisible Prison’, now free ~

More Smart Powers ~ A. I. to be.

No Hell, No ‘I’ destined to die ~

Cosmic eye’s Vibrational energy.

Bluest Sky * frequencies of Infinity


New Crest

Piss head draining ~ another Clear Reflection * Priapus’

Lotus Pond not Vampires masquerading in squires’ attire.

Our sweetest coitus through hot nights, Inspiring carnal fires.

Opening to responding; how will your Mania comprehend,

to be or not to be’ or to be both here & at the same time.

Why or Why Not? Or don’t think about it and for Always ~


Puppet Masters with a Global Veto

Found ‘The Haliburton Agenda’ clicking under a radioactive bush…

9/11 continues with images that some of our viewers might find distressing.”

Pause for Station Identification; realizing that no one would believe me.


Mr. & Mrs. Democratius

Nature free & Perfect ~ Man Manicured, She’s botoxed.

Unocal, Enron, BP, Shell, then there’s Gen. Colin Powell.

What we’re giving you, is fact and conclusions based on

Solid Intelligence” 2/2001. Ok, let’s have a War brother!

We’ll make them live in an aura of endless threat and fear.

Spouted out by a self-confessed hypocrite. Wouldn’t you,

My fellow Americans” rather resign than be dishonored?

The Independent Voice of the People

Nishargadatta’s Satsinging ~ “I Om in Om”

Cosmic rays flooding my greenhouse living room.

Those groovy Vibes Vibing ~ not War pinging ding!

Serendipity’s synchronicity ~ Respect humanity

Compassionate view not political dancing in Botafago.

Tathagatta: “I can’t give Dhamma to anyone in Chains.”

We paid a High Price for Freedom; one Million dead at

the Inner gates of frozen, starving Leningrad Comrade.”

Gone to Mars with Jellybeans in a psychedelic nutshell.

Free trance music! Sometime ~ got to leave the Rock.

Inmates ~ got to let the rock roll, let the sword fall away.

Inside our own heads we have the Potential to fly high,

becoming transformational; Insight is ~ Right here now.

Try to reduce the Chaos. Who Loves a Tyrant and why?

Accepting their Condition. A system’s implicit threat of being

watched all the time with the Inevitability of being Punished!


We go to War to demand Peace

Needing to QUIT this Mindset ~ Mind’s Matrix.

Karma, “We all pay for each other in the favela sister”

Fear controls these people but eventually changes!

How the hell do You die in a Crossfire on the street?”

Meditating, we’re Capable of ~ All I heard was Chaos.

As long as we live in a War Zone our Ideology

won’t allow us to be passive and live in comfort.

Sweating Lambada with a temptress, Maria Gasolina.

A sea spirit asked me to come & talk to a broken body.”

Then I felt the Greatest Happiness”

You’ll have to work through this Barrier of Pain.”

I am a Warrior of the People”

What we create and destroy is passed through generations.

Go down and make offerings to the Ocean Goddess ~

Hang in there Buddy

Met her swinging in a tree by Damenhur; Italiana, ‘dolche

far niente’. “Chelo Afghanistan; don’t try this at Home!”

Make that a ‘Cause Celebre’ on Primetime Programming.

Bring in the Symbolists not the materialists who by their

very nature are mutually contradictory of Civil Liberties,

from under a new Sun


Zebra’s Ctrl

Zen is what you carry in you. To get rid of -

Press Shift, press delete > together.

Your Sublime Sensual Sensualness ~

Serenity, Sensitive Sense ~ and then?


Alt 4 * Ousted Syd, became a different band

What happened, to the Underground Entrepreneur?

Essences survived in saucers full of flying secrets.

He Created ~ Absolutely himself

Is it sad, his problem, his paranoia, his schizoid...

his so called disturbance! Where did he take us?

With a spark of Genius * dissolving all my negativities.

Then he decided not to pick up his guitar. Really ~

Who left who? Who was there at that Time anyway?

Shine on You Amazing Crystal ~ rolling a ball bearing

down, along a guitar string. His Innovation, completely

Original > to do it > the First to Want to do it!

Real Royalty > of a Blazing legend.

Psychedelic experiences * of freshness, no more Rules!

Apples & Oranges, Peaches & Plums, from the Orchard,

where detached can seem as not knowing what’s going on

Or * being Liberated ~ of the Chains of the Mind!”

It’s Your Perception telling you that but he could be …

What Exactly Is A Dream?” Whatever he wanted to be ~

(from ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ by Pink Floyd)

Kaleidoscopic 3D Stencils

Matter of fact, “even strumpets have feelings.”

Dyspraxic, not perceiving >< Mortises & Tenons!

Direct Spatial experience ~ got it firsthand”

Anjuna, off your head, in the right way….

Not down in the gutter trying to get a fix”


Standing Back

I don’t want to Control but others want to control us”

I’ll get wound up but not so caught up in it anymore…

Anything ~ Love, Beauty, hate, ugliness is in the Mind,

eyes, tongues of beholders. Stuff going on all the Time ~

don’t want to Block, be Judge mental, being resistance.

Resonating out ~ got a train ticket to Ootacamund


Goa Exempt

It’s the Freedom

to be ~

Your Self

to accept not except ~ every one’s freedom.

I’m goin’ there and I’ll be Happy…

neural catalysts, electric impulses effecting moods


Trust that doesn’t return

Don’t want to lose it.

A Cultural thing ~

The News Dictates

how we behave

What we think…

rather than going out and meet people…

Expectations ~ Why turn your other cheek?

He got over it”

I Understand

Now ~

It’s Against the Law to Help Terminally Ill People Die

But we can Drop Bombs on them and their Children!”

Adam’s Intuition ~ why leave Paradise Pussycat?

Why leave Paradise Eve? Your free choice ~

Something happened, something happened.

Came to the Pyramids, “Can’t bear this!”

A baby picking up a falling coconut….

Blew up in his hand ~ in a cosmic garden

Mind * Mirror

Does Analytical mean critical, ironical darling?

I don’t want any promises, just a ride to Hilltop.

Always Wondering what you’re thinking

in your lovely, blue eyes ~


Cog’s view of an Indian train

A ‘Rolling TB. Petrie dish ~

Unplug >>> Free Wheeling


New Sun

Publishing all the colours of elements, making them more Sensitive.

Working on more senses, out of Suburbia they felt safer there

than being a ‘Greeter’. Party Summit full with Liquid Sunshine.

Taken the lid off Pandora’s box can’t compare…

Can’t compare in a POOL OF LOVE ~ Freedom.

Vote with your Heart, putting Your Head through Rainbows.

The Word ‘Socialism’ makes many people see Red”

Getting a word in edgeways > comes at the end.

The Mind Outside is a reflection of what is inside…

Happy Perfect day, Venetian doors opening to Intuition.

With a Mayan Calendar we’re all linked to Cosmic Moons.

Pulling in the Ocean in your veins, in your blood ~

streams definitely effected

A Wife is not a Domestic Appliance no matter what.

Transcend all the desire in your heart AND Celebrate life!

Transcend all feelings on your body, all ideas in your Ego mind.

Transcend all dreams & Illusions in your imagination

Transcend all vibration from your nose to ~ your toes.

Transcend all karma in your subconscious thought stream.

Transcend all contact with cause & effect, be here now ~

Mystical experiences reacting to flashes of neurological

stimulation. “Stuck an electromagnet on the Lama’s head

for out of body sensations, feeling in direct contact with

divine power” so the scientists said, when he left hospital!


Being watched all the time becomes part of Consciousness’

Social control with right technology; Our Artificial Virtual Reality.

You don’t need to watch everyone if everyone believes they’re

being watched. Punishment isn’t necessary but the Inevitability

of punishment has to be programmed into the brain.” Foucault.

Have you read ‘The Traveller’ p.174 by J. Twelve Hawks?

Stay in the present she told herself. She tried not to think

about what had happened. Concentrate on each action,

avoid the distraction” (New 1984!) p.193, ‘The Traveller’.

Listening to your conversations, tracking your purchases.

People pretending it’s not true, not happening. Biometrics,

profiling, surveillance cameras, government data-basing.

People rejecting the vast machine, the coercion, Imprints.

Your Imprint * Data-destroying viruses, Computationally.

Immunology programs, breaking down your smart firewalls;

Citizen! “Why are you keeping me Against my Free will?”

Knew she was a Prisoner in Dachau, everything she wanted

but Freedom to leave. “I’m Not frightened of You” Persecutor.

For People by the People”, Not for despotism, Totalitarianism,

Autocratic, Fascism. Like caged animals, People have to think ~

about being Prisoners. The animal had lost its memory of Freedom.

Her last word, ‘Liberté


Fell in Love with his wife who was a gangster,

fell from another galaxy into a Beijing garden.

She was that Jasmine lady of shared destiny ~

Once ripped from her family, sold into diabolic slavery,

her spirit reappeared in an anonymous Tantric painting.

Opening to the World she flew away as a Purple butterfly.

This mystical warrior survived and found the road home.

Disguised crouching tiger looking for her hidden dragon.

A mythological heroine with such beautiful expressions,

within the eyes of a Princess, living as a Cosmic legend.

I found her in my heart ~ a Geisha touching starlight


Prana Hemispheres

Revealing, receiving blisses of kisses

beings from other spaces

in between your eyes ~

in between your cheeky smile,

in between your wet, pink, petal lips.

Pollinating a pouting Universe



Your mind is the cycle of births and deaths ~ Samsara’.

Sri Ramana Maharshi, talk 31. & Your writing is painting

when those energetic symbols come through your hand”

Most Californians don’t hang their clothes on a line!

Don’t think you can just turn up, and It’s all for you;

Fuck you we’re selling the closest village!’

Like a mad man trusting us with the keys of his house’

I am the eye that hears, the ear that sees; I am”

feeling the experience, allowance ~ eternal essence.

When ADHD. Bipolar girl marries Dyspraxia man!

Off her rocker with Loving Krishna

Symptoms, syndromes & disorders of a living Tao

Found the Holy Vedas in Vegas with Bunny

Welcome to the fuckin’ jungle”, Maitreya.

Found the others pissing in the Church,

he beat him with a hammer. Brother.

Busted for a scam of the Mafia, Opening up a can of conditioning!

He’s forgiven in the Name of the Father, son and holy phantom”

Catholic Church, Jesuits, the Mob, the Corporations in Control!

Put some more blue ointment in it! Always has some Pay Off.

She wears the pants, he wears a cassock, the purple gown.

watched him before the wall came tumbling down”

We don’t like them, they slaughtered us many years ago!”

The dry old guard is still in Power! “Now I can speak my Mind”

Now I can learn to see the figment of my Mind for what it truly is”


Breeding Time

I don’t wanna hear other people’s sob stories!”

I can’t help but Love the bitch, not into any denial of feelings”

Bringing a baby into the World to live under a tarpaulin with me!”

Trying not to think about it, going with the flow; screaming for mercy!

If you ever need a multi*dimensional Orgasm give me a ring.”

Right, wrong, even for a Dalai Lama ~ altruistic Consciousness.

We all die, you die wise or you die as a cunt!”


Always Changing

New Inspiration, Revolution, Rebirthing Elements.

If you sit on the grass and sleep in the orchard ~

you always want to go back and smell the flowers.

We shouldn’t lose those natural things ~

that’s the moment, that’s what it’s all about”

Feeling to do it now ~ no time-frame within the Mind.

Giving oneself up to this moment, no doubt, needing it.

Being here with no past memories, no imaginary future.

How was it in the foetal, not fatal position? As it is …

Let There Be Light”

It could be You”, is an ‘Archetypal’ Ad. Slogan!

Different Views < 360 secs. * Time & angle > Positions ~

Getting a fleeting glimpse, feeling of Intuitive knowledge!

You agree to Live in the Hive, take what the Hive dishes out”

All Boxed up and Ready to go” Very clever trick!

That’s why the Hyperboreans are covered in Sunshine

& that’s why they came up with ‘Surrealism’ to explain ~

Women’s Psyches’. What about hearts & moist pussies?

Mine’s beating in a rainbow covered hearse in Havana.

We’re all Interlopers here; Welcome to Martian Utopia.

Cartoons of God, Issue of Freedom, being able to say…

What We want. Who says we can’t, and why? Lost your Id.

Too busy to recognise the stars, the trees, the flowers,

the animals, the sea, mother nature, even the children.

Sensing the wet rain falling, sensing the concept of Tao ~

Inside & outside the same, there is No Separation of bits.

If you torture my friend you torture me General Tyranny.

If your Militias starve those refugees you destroy us all.

Expanding * timeless ~ limitless*universe after Universe.

Natural is Supernatural” ~ Not only words. Care not Scare.

Just observe the sensations don’t get caught up in ‘Identity’

In the Identification of it, so Attaching Itself to some ‘Value’

reflected in you, your ego, so this cause causes a reaction.

This contact creates a cycle of being ~ makes sense to me.

What happens outside happens inside me too & you ~

It is all one without an ego or even with an ego * Seeing.

Effortlessness of Cosmic Rays that turn in you to days

All together in Brahma’s heart


Spot the Bomb at the Predator Bank

Dr. Crippen who are these people…

who see ‘Success’ in War and death?

This is Capitalist America-Time is Money.

Low level mercury Tuna is better for you’

Fact of Life ~ Fact of Illusion

Thank you for reminding me ~ Love Conquers All.

Sometimes you have to destroy someone you Love to move

forward with your own life.” She had to hate me, to leave me!

You picked me up off the street and gave me your blood!”

You’re projecting your anxieties, don’t worry be here NOW.

You don’t do snorting? Only snorkeling mate!

Star Jasmine, “Run, maybe you will live!”


Doctor from Dahomey

A thin blue giant sensed me’

There are people of different colours who

held my hand and said, “You’re going to Live”

Tout va bien, tout va bien.” I was in tears…


Magical Brahma

Very interesting with the Alien”

beginningless, incomprehensible, indescribable ~

ever transforming all elements as one being, an integral

part of the great continuum of all that is”

Psychic sweets of No Knowing ~

Facing Amazing clear cerulean auras


A very Galileo Honeymoon.

Very psychedelic couple in a painted canoe.

Pointing to the bright stars of Red Ruby Mars.

Why does it have to be Concentric; Your holiness?”

Reflections always going between the veils of light.

Velvet expressions tripping under ripples in the sand.


Happy Marriage * Happy Mirage’

You know what long term delirium is?

What’s the secret?” “Two words!”

Yes Dear” > be Your ‘True self’


Brain Chatter…

Hard Self poor trait

Context, Telling a story.

Nothing is on its own ~

Together as a concept of Surreal Tantra Kundalini

especially with the added dimension of Realisation.

Different Reflections, out of an abstract window ~

feeling from here, inside to there, outside.

Unity of the continuation of moments ~


Honduras Street

* Deep Space Molecules *

Can’t get to the end of it ~

because there is NO end to it!

Realising she didn’t Know any better

Can you Forgive that? I hope so….

Caught in a conflicting narrative

with the her sweetest perfume of Summer.

Away from the natural to believe Perception

And what do you call Unconscious Cherie?

It’s supposed to happen ~ accepting that, It is this.

Meant to be this because IT’S happening right now

Now the rest is all Illusion, isn’t that right Maya?

You smell a pakora it pulls you in” … Rishi


Man Up Baba!

Being Happy ~ with the Time

The past is history * the future a mystery

and the now ~ is a gift”

That’s why it’s called the Present’

Take your Mind off it, they’ll be gone.

It’s Killing Me”

The Queanie

I’m just in your head’

The Bees do all the work,

You just collect the Honey!

All you need is Love ~

All You need is to Share Love.

Did you ever read, 1984, Animal Farm, or

The Murder of Princess Diana? In Konkoni.

My chappels Baba; left them out, not here?”

Out of Respect, “someone took them, I lost my chappels.”

Did you ask me to look after your chappels?”

Am I not in your house?” ~ Its very nature..


Through & Through

The Sound Barrier

The Crash Barrier

The Light Barrier

The Class Barrier

The Pain Barrier ~

Mind’s thresholds


Be Here Now

Focus on the Love.

Optional Stress

If we don’t choose it ~ It’s not there.

It might be legal to stick people in ovens

But it’s not right!”

Do you know what I mean?”


Not to Worry, Waving again

A Stream of Consciousness ~ passing

through*out ~ Your Mind/brain/Conditioned.

In the Process’ of making ~ A Decision

Free Tibetan Culture of the World

Discovery of the Moon landing or/on the Nature of the Mind”

Eternal Humanity, Ocean of Wisdom, Om Mani Padma Hum.

Corrupt Powers do Nothing Again, except Proxy wars!

Free to move, but Mind’s Imprisoned Itself. Feel beyond

Is this Ancient Knowledge worth protecting, to you,

or do you allow Genocide, Inhumanity to predominate?

Predators congregating at a Proto Nazi Rock concert!

Left them to be, Slaves & Prisoners & forgotten corpses

while you play games in your indulgent UN talk shops!

Getting well paid living in a Luxurious World of delusion.

Making reasonable excuses for its behaviour since 1948.


Your Self Importance to Peoples’ Realities of Suffering?


B O * O M

Giving More Entrepreneurs, like ….

A way out of Poverty, to work for themselves.

We are designed to eat meat.”

Oh really!” “Are you the designer?”

Misrepresenting, ‘Conditioned Carnivores’

What you can do is to become ~

* C O N S C I O U S *

To dispel the darkness

Simply switch on the light”

See It” ~ then you’ll believe It.



Clear Mental State

Knowing Not Knowing

what’s gonna happen ~

And you take it from there….

Chicks on Sunbeams

Exhaust fumes & plastic swords blowing big bubbles,

speeding trains of photons on atomic spinning sticks ~

Dolce Vita feeling the base, Party of your Personality.

Soul’ searching Mecca for a unique piece of meteorite.

Even had many wars there, recognising Full Fire Power.

Full Sun * Waking from a trance in a beach Temple of Goa.


Pass the Ammo

Would it be too much to ask them to shut the F… up about it?

Remember the Alamo!” for some “Happy December 7th

Lock and Load!” “I feel my cock chakra straighten out.”

I’ll take my slit whatever way it comes”. “Bring it on!”

Miss Kitty’s Eco*echo Star was closed, to the Menace

so we went to the Electric Lotus for a Munch fruit!

She could have just stood there…

and I would have given her money!”



Too hasty to resist’

Another Affluent Mental Brand.

Reacting Unconsciously ~

Seeing the Insane as Sane!


Strategists ~ the Penalty of Celebrity’

You’re always isolated from the people you want to be with.”

The Dalai Lama was the Pope, holding up a Theocrazy.

He’s the unique one who got away, others had to stay!

Had the Inside view and the Power to survive in luxury.

Lives in 5* Palaces, peasants are in the Suffering fields.

1st class travel, best of things and international applause.

Picked from outside a Ruling Class; No Wars of Succession.”

I don’t believe that myself brother, he’s harmless ~ ”

Rajanish Master sitting on an Obelisk

She leaves me Utterly empty ~

Out of that nothing is the essence.

The law of nature is everywhere”

Liberated enlightenment ~ transcend Your Mind’

to have Awareness of SPACE

(Mastery over Your Mind’s delusions!)

You have to Know its limits, conditions.

You have to see it objectively ~

What its nature is, ego wants.

To Realise It see beyond it ~

Seeing through it


You Perceive it

Should You not then have Feelings?

Addicts ~ hooks in from a pussy’s * Claws

Based on him getting his end away.

Addiction is hard to get any grip of…

Time Heals * Time Feels

Did that really happen?”

Let that Spark * enlighten

the Flame ~

No Control, I didn’t think about it

I was in ~ ‘I know now

Let it go, believe me,

don’t need to know’


The Awareness

Fully Embrace

Intuitive Love ~

Need to be Independent

need to come back to

Your * self

Detachment of a forlorn love

It’s being above it ~

Inspiration not Barriers.

When you’re down

sharing a room…

Hate turned to Love

Something nice ~

it Started from there.


Helicopter Surveillance

Concentrated to Learn Dante ~ ‘The Inferno’, by heart!

And learnt a few things about ‘Paradise’, from Casanova.

Sound of a very special nymphet’s or strumpet’s address?

You’re Alive in my heart

I miss you”

Wiped out all the Memories ~

They don’t care what you think if you’re exiled Outside.”


Code * A gift

Mind Reading, a program on brainwashing.

I can FEEL What You’re Thinking”

Yes I like It very much >*< Intuition

They erased her memories, wiped it clean.

Why would they > took away her eggs…

they knew she was guilty of something!

I’ll stay with you until you wake up darling.”

In My dreams ~ Stories of Magic & Adventure,

I was there, before we were ‘transported…

Now we’re Prisoners of our Genes” the latest string.

You could have done anything there as long as you

wanted it enough ~ ‘A Pleasure to have You’.

Any Violation of the Code? “Alaikum Salam.”

Regulation: Regulation: Regulation: Rules.

Arrived at a Full Moon festival of Sphinxes

Terrible burning

Cost of Living Today. Our Pensioner’s in dire straits ~

Water, Electric, Gas bills and exorbitant Council Taxes!

Spending Time, spending money, wasting Power resources.

Ash to ash, dust to dust, Cosmic energy to Cosmic frequency ~

Nestle draining our aquafers ~ do you know by now? Never Mind


Stand Well Back, Alex Grey

Intuitive to your true nature, Desiree…

Go through a Mind freely Maharaji ~ Sadguru, Mooji.

Making beedies in the afternoon, Nisargadatta*Shri.

Life Is Simple’ sunny mango, ‘Sharing Living Kindness

Sharing Loving Kindness, from the heart’

Let go the breath ~ the key, ‘desire less desire.’

I will Never Abandon You” ~ Om Krishna Hari.



Behind the story, behind the theory, beyond their glory.

Envisaging the Mind for what it is, its Characteristics ~

what I then am, a man, womb*man, conscious beingness.

Seeing the Mountain from the distance’ * the Lotus Lily,

the fairest of them all’ is about to change ~ Unfolding.

A powerful Frenzy > My Mind its Self-perpetuating.

Feeding itself on itself > survival Instincts of aeons.

Needs Mind/body, to do the blind reacting of thoughts,

Bio*chemical, electro*magnetically sustenance force.

Any thought you want & innumerable never imagined.

Changing every instant generating alternating energies ~

Keeps feeding the conscious vibe, Quantum life stream.

Ego’s volition feeding ~ its own meaning.

Be Your*self completely


India ~ Goa Lite…

Goa Smiles ~ every day’s hippie happy

Kali DNA. Strands

Texas Honky-tonks of God, man &...

Animal man turning around the four walls.

Make the World go Away!”

Didn’t want to fall into the trap of society.

Shamans surfing on a smoking Thai stick ~

Building light works * Indian Jasmine refractors.

Exactly the same, scarlet, Rajasthani tractors.

Even opposites integrated in the here and now.

All the movies have stopped, Brahma is present ~


Respire * Inspire

Complete Prasad Cosmic food, ‘No Prana No Life’

Going with the flow of all the people, my family

are in the same mouthful ~ in the same breath.

Incomprehensible < * > God please spare me,

get me out of this suffering, I’m in desperation.

An Om in us * Potent being.

Space is open now, seeing through the Process ~

Going through the material ~ use a Truth Platform.

Telepathic waves, vibrational, synchronicity symphony.

Allowing it into the right, light frequency; have to change,

can’t live in that old state with absolutely no sympathy.

EMF wavelengths cooking brains. Know it, you’re better

navigation than migratory birds with PhD’s in weather.

Necessity not Accessory. ‘The Struggle’ > for Survival.

Conceived sensations which give Insight to carry On.

It gives the Mindfulness that this suffering will arrive ~

one day or another for most of us. How to embrace it?

The Best bubbling Protection in the Universe ~ ‘Panna’.

How to deal with an unbelievable accident, divorce, lies,

miscarriage, loss, invasion, violent death; take your pick.

The Brahma Vihara’ ~Your Qualities of Loving Kindness,

Compassion, Sympathetic Joy & Equanimity ~ Liberation.

King of Elves

Territorial > What happens when the bubble bursts?

Splash, splotch, plop, pop! ~ And you are very, very hurt…

Pain and Fear ~ be Happy dear with no personal attachment.

How to keep the body and Mind Calm? From not cracking up!

Vipassana is stillness, practice focusing on a vibrational Path ~

In Silence ~ Your Mind’s characteristics, developing balance


The Koran * Sutra 27

The walk around a Sacred Place ~ Sacred Landscape.

A garden in the desert, on a clear sky, full Moon night.

Even the most beautiful things are transient”

wisdom when their Violent passions are spent’

Not A Woman but A World”

His heart was with her in Africa.

She arrived on her Emerald silk Magic carpet ~

first saw her in an early morning Incense market.

Genies burning Myrrh ~ Perfume for her Gods.

Worshipping the Sunlight at the Port of Kana

Making Love in warm depths, of her moist, lush

Wadi ~ very sweetly singing the songs of Poets.

Traveling together on Caravans of 20,000 nomads.

Happy spirits Will ~ that it happened; Great isn’t it!


Simultaneously from the Minaret

Another Invitation to a beheading & chop Ancient trees!

Enhancement, how to Keep Sane, an Aluminium brain?

The Mind is a Primal Operating System

for its Own Self-Ends.” It’s always there!

Awareness of that distinct Mind ~ naturally

by concentration, on being free, truly simply.

Accept everything as it is ~ is a part of this reality.

No need to feel any Separation from a bumble bee.

Breathing in the Cosmic connection ~

Psy*Chics Initiation story

Entering the realm of death.

Saved by a Divine woman ~

whose lover he must become.

Swears to be ever True to her.

Apollo made the Island rise up.

Their gods don’t allow many

to live happily ever after.

The dark and Cruel side.

Offering of a beautiful young Princess,

they broke their promise to the Temple.

Her Crime was Pure ~

A statue to the women…

Suffering, simply known as the Terror-Inquisition!

Can fool some of the Oracles all of the Time

All of the Oracles some of the time ~

but not All of the Oracles,

All of the time.”

His destiny had been fulfilled.

Killed by their Gods ~

lying by the seashore’



We’re gonna wait for a moment ~

We’re waiting for a passenger from the other side.”

I believe that’s everybody ~

Please stand clear, doors are closing”



Grammatically expressing action as Continuous

and not completed ~ ‘the becoming of Reality’

Levels of Intuition

Breath in the Foreground

they’re trying hard to screw you & your Mind!

Don’t know any better, beat their pissed off wife!

Who beats their children, their mongrel dog?

Who drops rockets into your school playground?

Then there’s cancers, diseases, viruses, strokes; Predators.

Who works with the fornicators, detractors, Inspectors?

Invasion of Space ~ by someone’s mobile phones!


Let’s go to the Del Mar Fair

Wheelers and dealers in every crook and cranny.

Accepted as a Winning Streak on Your Race Card!

No room for any Freak show…

Plastic surgery. Fashionistas on a grand scale.

Steroid Testosterone, fueled male at a Grand sale.

Taken to its Max, going on to make a gruesome War.

Need to fill the Company store!

I wouldn’t know a soul you know”

Eat your heart out”, she said!

Why be Terrified at all?


Broken Arrow Cameo

The Mind doing its thing in the foreground, Always there.

As an Observer it’s really weird the toughest shit ~

Disharmony, in the Ignorance of pain and suffering.

A disaster for you, your Mind, coming in a Kit-Form

but Transcendence is alive, if you can accept it…

As a Big lesson ~ going through the Ego barriers of Wo*Man.

No more Mind, no more separation, no more life or death, entering

here and now, amidst divine atoms of the Cosmos.


Arturius of Iona

He fell in a swoon, Ah!

Now I have my death ~

Pure Grail Myth

The Quest, symbol of Virtue and Equality; my Lord.

Not another Royal bloody, Tailbone, Reborn Taliban!

What’s in the Minds of those Warmongering Politicians?

Needed a Reformation, Royal decree, a revolution brother!

Crystallising our dreams inside a shell ~

Explosion of the Legend, breaking the Spell!

Focus for a Spiritual Reawakening beside a sacred well.

In a field of bluebells under Glastonbury’s splendid Tor.

We met and loved each other ~ until the end of our days.

Being with you in the Age of Angels


Ocean of Angels

No origins of reality just imaginary?

Medieval mysticism and Ancient Alchemy.

A hero made from the hands of Celtic Bards.

Red Dragons battling White Dragons.

I Know the depth of every lake”

through Poetry and Prophecy

of Merlin’s Magic


Otherwise Our Igurna

A Castle by the seashore ~ Ocean surf crashing.

If I do not possess her I will go Mad with desire.”

Like to see the light sparkling in her eyes ~

to know that it’s all magnificently real, mine!

Sent an SMS; “Already High in Venice”

Should give you a good heads up to their condition.

A Calibration Procedure; while balmy summer air ~

breezes through bushes, of vivid Pink Bougainvillea.

Sweetest expressions sing on Zhang Ziyi’s butterfly wings.

Satya’ ~ Golden Spiritual Age of being together in you.

~ Osho ~

Ancient Japanese first used by Eka to address his master

Boddhidharma. ‘O’ means with great respect, gratitude,

love, as well as synchronicity and harmony. ‘Sho’ means

multi*dimensional expansion of consciousness’.

An ‘existence showering from all directions’


Paying through the Nose > Attitude

Lost in Raging Storm of ego, Yobs & Squires; jolly what!

The countryside is nice but I don’t like the people much.

Patronising Elitism and “Wo’ Yu Lookin’ at Yu Wanker?”

Fuckin’ Piss off then!” she said. Not so phlegmatic, Brits!

Neo-fascist negativities >culture of an Empire in Chaos.

Ripped Off every way on a lovely day. Habitual shame.

Whines, Whinging, nothing but complaining, blaming,

blame, blame, blame, blame, shame game, like a song

from a west end musical, down at the Olde Bull & Bush!

Oh so merry, psychological Warfare on a mob by a mob,

in such a pretentious, aggressive green & pleasant land.


< Extremes > Unbelievable what’s goin’ on!

Lost the direction ~ Children violated on every corner,

women pissed up, lying in every gutter, living next to a nutter!

What’s happened to this land, more cameras than on Grandstand!

More CCTV surveillance than the rest of the World combined…

have we lost our Mind? ASBOs, Anti-social behaviour orders

for 6 year old’s with machetes and glue pipes. Police can enter

your house anytime to check if there’s an illegal shed in disguise!

Parking fines and speeding tickets, tearaway teenagers, terrorists

in every Kiosk; Mosque, the Psychologic drama outside a chip shop!

Has to be true, read it in the Tabloids, saw it on BBC Panorama.

Nobody mentions Our impoverished pensioners, pawning

their medals and living in a mean tested depression of fear.

Who gets £2,000,000, never says a word, just eats crisps?

King Out

My Mind Free ~ what’s that mean Socrates?

Always grows, trees are growing naturally.

Naturally ~ My Mind is doing it, unconsciously

My Mind is being the cause and effect.

Behaviour reflecting, reacting ~ be Subjective.

Calming my fear dear is calming my mind down,

be Objective, be the Witness, see beyond the Ego.

It’s all enacted within this pantomime like a Clown.

The Stage of TV, News, soaps and Docu-dramas…

Under the controls of Authoritarian program, systems.

Only they can Save us” from their Own Mess, Anthem!

Politicians - ‘Blair’s a Dead Duck in the Homeland mate’

665,000 civilians killed in this Unjust, Illegal war to date!

Take a deep breath and connect to simply being ~ As it is.


Honorary Sun Centre & In 1663 - Space with No air

The Painter of Light, metaphor for the ‘Enlightenment’.

The Air Pump’ > Creation of a Vacuum! Abhorrent!

Heresy to the One & Only; Exclusive, Theocratic Church.

God couldn’t just Create Nothing!” But that’s all there is.

The Lunar Men’ & Magdeburg Spheres ~ raining,

tears & fears; “Take no one’s word for it” even Ptolemy.

Unlocking the Secrets & Mysteries of nature & galaxies.

If you’re interested in what a substance does, its effect,

get rid of it and see what happens.” That makes sense.

Why do creatures breathe and fly around the Sun?”

Mr. Wright tried putting birds and mice in a vacuum!

Showed extinction and resuscitation in a candle light.

Air, oxygen and nitrogen * bringing them back to life!

Your Regal Emperor the Pope, Herr Otto Von Guericke

is at the door with Science, not another Unholy Inquisition!

Here is the man, God has chosen to be Your King” seeing

your own habits, Addictions, dysfunctions, for what they are.

Your Omerta Majesty

An Unlawful Killing spun by the media.

Misinterpreting the verdict, Sham inquest.

A Nazi background murdering them all.

Who’s married a fucking Psychopath then?

Every camera was switched off M. Maigret!”

They’ll never ever challenge the Top layer.

Unelected Power and unfettered privilege.

Ban Anti-Personnel landmines your Highness!


Knowledge Is Power” who said that me lud?

They’ve decided I’m a non-starter,

I lead from the heart not the head.

Someone’s got to go out there and Love people.”

A loose cannon, ‘accidents do happen, yu know!’

I’d like to be the Queen of people’s hearts”

Their family have a history of assassinations.


TAX & the First Slap!

We’re used to being conned.

That’s why we put up with it.

Cruelty Is Not Consciousness. Rebooting!

Karma is in the past or future if you’re in

the Present ~ there is no Karma” makes sense!

Who invented the term, ‘Collateral Damage’?

Why did you bring a cobra home dear?”

I just push a button with Amazon”

You do what you believe in.” “Allahu Akbar!”

Won all the Wars and destroyed the Earth”

People forget, a strobe flashgun, ‘I AM U’

Crystal * Hologram * Fractal

I’m coming in Hot!”

Kim’s little brother

The Associations were too Painful”

Starting off for the Front Line of War!

That Terrible Telegram – ‘Missing in Action’

I will send you a Field postcard from Hell’s Trenches”

Doing his duty, my boy Jack buried in Clay Pit Wood.

No meaning to things when you lose your only son”


Goa Goin’ Gone

Monkey see, monkey do, 55,000-volt tasers! They’re deluded.

I’m a non-starter, I lead from the heart not from the head.”

Dumbing down your kids, barcodes inside baby vaccines!

Chemtrails in a vibrational prison, Mind’s microchips.

Who’s having a war on our human immune system?

Ask the pharmaceutical cartel at your local drug store.

A mad play of Identification, “I am an Abstract Artist”

Not calling a bird a bird, being every other possibility.

When you’re a little baby, WHO ARE YOU THEN?

Look Into Your Self


Attention Here Is Now Intention

Pronounced Mad for speaking outside of the Insanity ~

Be Present ~ Past, future is only karma, so part of the mental movement.

Where is Life? The only access to Life is Now, not imagination & memory.

Putting us out of the flow ~ as basing it in thoughts; It’s not all down to Me mate.

It’s all unconsciousness but people don’t know its unconscious, think it’s Normal!”

A lot of suffering, “Your biggest catastrophe is your greatest gift of enlightenment.”

Not breaking the Mind, accepting it for what it is, only the fields of duality*Polarities.

Transmutation, transportations, transformation, Transcendence, Feeling ~ Reality.

Feeling it in my heart, realising the compassion amidst all the continuous rubbish.

It happened to me, she lost it, I took it too personally.

They’re suffering, not havin’ a go at You’

Taking Down All the Flags of Nationalism

Pure Pink outline from a flesh Impact studio.

Changing the fires of love into a Celebratory defeat,

beyond the black mask. Another punishment shooting,

everyone’s a victim in this Man’s world of Sovereignty.

Sent to Northern Ireland for a condoned knee capping.

Society doesn’t censure artists who don’t pose a danger.

You are now entering ‘Free Derry’, graffiti. ‘What are

you fighting for?’ Contradiction of a skull in disguise.

Beware of the Armed Dog” Response able, ‘WHY ME?’

Left overs from an old illusion, the kept-hidden wars of Oil.

What are emotions? Cannibals, slavery; perversions exist.

We don’t even know what’s going on in our own minds!

An old saying, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

You must be present to win”


Emotional Landscape’

My life has been filled with terrible thoughts

most of which never happened.” Mark Twain.


Automation * 10% of Mind

Needed to justify 90% of decisions based on emotion’

At the Supreme Court, reaction to a near miss accident!

Perspective, Awareness, Observation, Recognition ~

Nature didn’t make it easy to Observe Your own Self.

Techniques to expand Consciousness into areas,

not normally where it goes.” Learning to be ~

more Attentive to you, to your fate, to your face

responding to me ~ giving me a reaction.


beach comber:

A long wave rolling in from the Ocean ~ A settler in the

Pacific Islands, living by Pearl fishing and other means’.

Pilgrimage - “Tell it to the Infantry”

Dad’s Army, “Eyes Front” defending against another Blitzkrieg!

We led the way.” The Anti-personal Mines we swept away.

All marching now with the ‘Limbless and Burnt Association’.

Proudly bearing chests full of ribbons and gleaming Medals.

Suez, Aden, Gibraltar, Korea, Normandy, the Burma Star.

Veterans from every outpost, to the frontiers of the Empire.

A whole Industry to War and its aftermath, out on Parade!

Conscripts who gave their lives and their families’ in grief.

Inconsolable ~ Why the Hell were we fighting in Korea?

Some are left in the biggest war grave at sea, no relief.

Now he worries about a scratch on his car ~ A Mission.

The Salute taken by some pompous Duke, for Official recognition.

We’re still tied up with Class and Role Models of Ego Superiority.

Your duty is but to do and die for King & Country or be a deserter.

Who said, we’ve got to go to War?” Why? Must I die? For what?

A lost generation, cannon fodder; supremely Sacrificed like me?

Whole War Industry, Armaments the biggest business in the World.

Killed for Nothing, the cost of a bullet, profitable for rich warmongers.

Stupid sop, only costs us £45 million a year for all this, Kow-towing!

Admiral of the fleet and Commanders in Chief, lining up the ducks.

Where’s our holy consort? Up on the balcony with a Rum and Coke.

Must take them all morning to get their gold braid uniforms prepared.

The Prince of Wales’ feathers; laid them on the Cenotaph.

Why do the people put up with it? Patriots waving, the Flag.

Our Impoverished Pensioners today pushed down Whitehall!

Princess Anne’s got more Medals than my Granddad at Ypres.

She’s never even seen a trench. A Rear Admiral of what mate?

Look at her Epaulets! Here comes the last Royal wreath layer.

On behalf of many fascist representatives of a commonwealth!

And look at Tony the phony with his pack of wagging poodles!

Not a common welfare, dying, wounded in unjust, illegal wars!

Full Respect to You who did your sacred duty to end Fascism.

Did you discover, Enlightenment as Arjuna on the battlefield?

(being beingness)

Never needing to interpret ‘Le Chien Andalou’ anymore.

Not being, ‘Conditioned’ ‘Belle de Jour’ Unconditioned.

Surreal Unconditionedness, cut it all or don’t cut it all.

Television and education and careers and relationships.

So called successes & failures, don’t have to inform you,

how to live your life! You are living, your life is connected.

They don’t have a clue of what it Is, It’s beyond their limits

of what they are Conditioned to perceive it to be ~ Taotally.


Skunky monkey with a Solar flare

Surrrealy * surreal that’s never ending Reconnections.

A whole lot of love in the Synapse’s lounge.

Met a lot of eccentrics at the A….. Clinic

Closure, closure, closure ~

Go back and see (her) again.

There’s nothing there for you.

A Rich gang of smack heads!

Always being fertile, by the Nile, don’t dam that smile.

Experiencing Italian Chillums & Chilies in their curries.

Those had horns on helmets, Conventions of barbarians!

Mixing all the Time, shape shifting an Aristotelian answer ~

You come from the Earth Mother going to the Cosmic Mother


The Free Press



On this our *Jewel In the Sky

Sweet surrender, sweet surrender ~ Out of Mind Experience.

Does it make any sense, does it have to make any sense?

In Ibiza or was it Greece where we had our perfect moment.

Or were they psychedelic rainbows reflected in your face ~

My friend’s favourite Cheech & Chong

don’t come a knockin’ if the van’s a rockin”

If you got any Awareness of the drug, a Toker!

Stood Test of Time ~ barking at invisible Paranoias.

Such an hysterical sketch, so funny

I’m obviously going insane.

Starting to like trance music…

But I was spoilt with great DJ’s.

Third eyeing on Psycho*actives, not in any Thesaurus!

What & how, ringing inside my head, can find it scary.

Mind and body lose contact ~ Moon walking

Ketamine at the corner shop. No f…. thanks!

Laughing Buddha dissolving in a vat of Acid.

See if I can get hold of the girl ~

with telepathy on her hips


Aiding Aids

No fuck is worth it!”

Shagsville, low will power ~

Going to bed with the Angel of death

Wings of a sociopathic bird on fire.

Painting of men’s & angels’


Krishna or Man’s mental speculation?

The Martians will run from Earth.

Not fit to live here


Mumbai Hindu Urban Myth

They fuck goats in Afghanistan”.

Things I’ve heard but never seen.

So is it true? I’m listening in on Your deep breathing ~

Patterns of a screamer not a dreamer ~ “Keeping it Real”

She’s studying the neurological basis of spirituality. Um!

Left lobe processes info. ~ about ideas of Time & Space”


I’m honouring the Holy Spirit of me in Your reflection”

You’re honouring Your holy spirit in My reflection”

Traditional ~ don’t get in my Personal Space!

Hand gestures, even the shadow of a Dalit…

an Indian Untouchable; can cause discomfort!

You don’t know about Racism in the West; Yet.



Equally Poor!

The Rich List’ - of an Oligopoly

Fortune, 500 of 7.5 billion souls.


Austerity Digitally

Council cutbacks with online sites. “Unavailable until

further notice.” No info. Your fault if you break the Law!

You got to pay, even to piss. No Public Conveniences

in a city of 15 Million. Perks, sucked her way to the top.

Real business will know all your weaknesses…

Sexual Axe: send in a whore, she’ll get the top secret.

Pussy power & a cocaine monkey on your back; Smack!

Or your trip jumps into you. Have women lost the plot?

Sexie, divorcee with a sweet, salty Yoni on offer.

Cocaine rushin’ through her demon brain!

Sniff, sniff, Wham, bam thank you mamba.

Right in the middle of that, check all your dials…

Chi from Prana Patterns * What is an Abstract Art

Exhibition? Do I have to Know, should I know?

Have a Reiki wash, cleansing for Self-reference.


We’re already in the Spaceship.

We are the Spaceship inside us ~

Activation * Visualisation * Realign

In an Illuminated egg

Ma Ganga.

I’m a Chocaholic in Europe; ate 48 cream eggs in two hours”

Want to keep you in security, freaking out without a Mars bar.

Computers actually made people more stupid, Artificial Intel,

Cloned, Made to Order, Civilised, ConditionedSheeple.Com.

Multi*dimensional /\\\// with lascivious Lilith at Hill Top Party.

Deep feeling, Enjoying in Goa, keep your wits about you.

How easy do you want it? Perfect, Please Natural Smile.

Met the sister of Green Pearl; Babaji came to visit Anjuna.

Lived in a Chillum Circle ~ Build yourself up like a Volcano.

Good Day Out. The parties bring us together, spangled.

A Certain amount of Paranoia keeps you safe mate”

Free pleasure, without Lookin’; “Hallo I’m Zarathustra”

Wearing a trance t-shirt: ‘Goa * Friendly Healthy Abuser’

Throbbing Pudenda. What is that in Sanskrit or Swahili?

Always have a Metaphysical dictionary handy.

The people aren’t dancing ~ the birds aren’t trancing,

being submissive. Worshipping the mayhem of Shiva.

Stay in the essence ~ Side-tracked inside a bird trap.

Be above it, gliding like an eagle, flying like a Swift ~

Let it go, let it flow, don’t try to control it or it will control you.

Work: when you live a divine life every day’s a holiday.”

Covered in blessings ~ in the Land of the Tiger


Maybe it's all sat chit anand

Classic Asperger syndrome of the Sheriff. That’s the reason, sociopath torturers!

Yes, he was trying to communicate and build bridges to find a solution, wasn't he?

There are others who are selling deadly weapons to extreme, misogynic, Royal,

Religious dictatorships. Is that the best we can do? It’s like an insane Matrix!

Guruji having a laugh with an old illuminati tyrant, what's that all about?

Maybe he's also a ventriloquist? Maybe it's a true confession…

Knowing Liberation of Your Mind from your Mind ~ Unbound.

Need to Fly

That’s what happens, MDMA. Bombay 2 am…

The Police have been arrested for not stopping

the Parties! Relax, shut my eyes, not give a shit.

She knows all the weirdoes and freaks

And She loves it…

Every shop’s a coffee shop.


Internal Torture

You don’t crawl, Up the wall......

Waiting for a Woodbine & Tequila to get you home

She’s Live! Charas treacle toffee…

Sitting there waiting for the drugs to come up.

Peaking on chai, hash biscuits & bhang liquors.


Pinpointing, ‘A Police State’. Had it all in Chile!

Place of Zero Tolerance, No excuses for anyone…

Don’t take it Personally, we are detaining your children...

Sending them for special Enhanced Interrogation techniques.

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