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Beauty of Sadness

Masha Aleskovski

This book is a collection of poems.

Table of Contents:

  1. Ants…………………………………………… 1

  2. Ashes……………………………………………pg. 3

  3. Beware………………………………………… 4

  4. Beyond………………………………………….pg. 5

  5. Cat…………………………………………… 6

  6. Car Accident…………………………………….pg. 7

  7. Chicken Chicken……………………………… 9

  8. Curious Georgia……………………………… 10

  9. Dead Aligator………………………………… 13

  10. Dear Little Meeyow…………………………… 14

  11. Faith…………………………………………….pg. 16

  12. Fear…………………………………………… 17

  13. I Fly…………………………………………… 18

  14. Outcry………………………………………… 19

  15. Letter Poems…………………………………… 20

  16. Light/Dark Nature………………………………pg. 23

  17. Main Street………………………………………pg. 24

  18. Meditation……………………………………….pg. 25

  19. Naked One………………………………………pg. 26

  20. Nature Crumbles……………………………… 27

  21. Nightmare……………………………………… 28

  22. Sea……………………………………………….pg. 29

  23. Winter Wolf…………………………………… 30

  24. Out of the Silence……………………………… 32

  25. Night…………………………………………….pg. 34

  26. Time…………………………………………… 35

  27. White Dove…………………………………… 36

  28. Windows……………………………………… 37

  29. Time of The Zebras………………………… 38

  30. Flying……………………………………………pg. 39

  31. Hugs…………………………………………….pg. 40


We ants,

Are blind

But have a good sense of smell.

That is why we walk in a line.

We can smell each other

At first, when I was born

I was deathly afraid of climbing vertical surfaces such as trees and walls,

I was afraid that I might fall,

But after a while I got used to climbing

Now I am not afraid of heights and going higher and higher and higher.

That is why I am proud of my strong little legs.

We ants live peacefully and happily as a team.

But there is one huge disadvantage of being an ant.


Lots of us get murdered every day because of things we do because we have to do them.

Ordinary things like eating, and even just walking around.

I have secretly noticed that many of us are killed while we are in a human's house.

It is like a trap that they have set for us.

When they leave food on the table, we can smell it and come to eat it.

If humans find out that we are stealing their food they kill us.

They destroy us in many ways.

They spray us with a poisonous chemical that kills us,

In human terms, it is like being killed in a gas chamber.

We suffocate and die.

Humans also just slap or swipe us.

In human terms, it is like getting shot at.

With a swipe, some of us can survive

But it is almost impossible to survive a slap.

But occasionally some of us get out alive.

The way of being killed that we dread the most is very destructive for us.

It is when a human puts some sort of food in front of us.

We then take it to our queen, our ruler, sort of like the president.

She thanks us for bringing her the food, and eats it,

But then, something bad always happens.

She is killed.

And we absolutely cannot live without her

So most of us die

Humans have given us POISON, not food!

In human terms, suppose for example,

Your country has just won a revolutionary war.

The country that has been defeated is sad for a while

But then it seems like they have forgiven your country.

They give you something in return

And take it to the ruler, or president of your country

But when the president opens the gift

It explodes and everyone in the building, including the president is killed,

They fooled you!

The country has given your country a fake gift

A bomb!

A country without a ruler to rule over it

Will collapse sooner or later.

A pet or animal might come, smell and eat us.

In human terms, it is like being attacked or eaten alive by a bigger animal.

You might wonder, “how do we keep on surviving with all this war against us going on?”

The only place where we are safe from people and bigger animals is when we are living in nature.

We eat the plants and live a good life.

Even the humans are happy that we are eating the plants.

Because, for example, in gardens, we eat the plants that are old and bad

Therefore replenishing the soil for new plants to grow.

Therefore making it easier on humans to tend the garden.

You might ask me how do I know all this.

Well, my answer is simple.

Once, I too was a human.


My daughter buries the ashes of her beloved kitten
Alone in the forest
The moon is rising
Like the thought of anger and madness
Crosses her mind
She digs deeper, deeper, deeper
No safety
No love
Without her kitten
For it meant everything to her
Her life
Her love
Her home
And just like that
It was gone
Now she has nothing
Except for the love of the kitten in her heart.


Beware Beware I’m here I’m here

Stay still Stay still I will I will

No one can hurt us, no one at all

But the devil herself with her power of lust

In her dark fairy eyes

In her smooth red lips

So beautiful and yet so evil

Hide hide, wherever you are

But I will come find you and kiss you good night.


Beyond the moonlight

And above the clouds

Is a place where dreams do come true.

You can go there whenever you feel lonely

Or if you are sad

It can heal you of anything

Anything at all,

Except for jealousy or lust.

If you go there to escape from them,

A mermaid with a sparkly dark purple dress with a glittery green and black fin will come.

Her hair is shiny brown and her arms are covered with long glittery gold gloves

With glittery white feathers at the ends.

At the back of her arms she has wings that are all colors of the rainbow, glittery

Her eye brows shiny and wet

Her lips as red as blood

Her earrings are glittery white

She has a pink necklace which has pieces of shiny pink glass

Her name is Camerona.

She will come to you, put you in shiny black handcuffs, and you will be seen no more.


Stripes of black and brown

Black eyes

Stare at you with love and sweetness

Walks so smoothly and beautifully

Head held up high

Like a queen.

Purring so sweetly

In a high pitched voice

Annunciating each sound

Its tail brushes against my hands and legs

Swaying from side to side

As it goes through my legs

Feels like a feather gliding through air

As it falls down to the Earth

Car Accident:

The car drives through heavy fog in September
The weather is cold and damp
To either side of us is a spectacular view of forestland
Mountains roar high beneath the cloud full sky
The car drives through on its way home from Ucemittee Park
Suddenly it loses control due to invisible ice on the road which it slips on.
The car falls to the right side, hitting the rail, flies over to the opposite side of the street

Gets hit by another car
Hits the edge of the mountain

Lands upside down
Two of the passengers survive the car accident with minor bruises around their eyes,
One is killed
And I am badly injured, in a coma.
Fortunately a police car was close behind our car, so the ambulance came within couple of minutes.
The ambulance took me to a nearby clinic on an ambulance car

Where the doctors were very concerned about me and referred me to Oakland Children's Hospital
Saying that I would not survive the trip

But I proved them wrong.
I did survive the trip to Oakland Children's Hospital
Where I was in a coma for some time
And started waking up very slowly
Moving my fingers, my hands, and then my feet.
After a long struggle, I regained consciousness and made it through
With all the odds stuck up against me.
The accident damaged both sides of my brain
Causing one side of my body to malfunction.
The doctors at the Oakland Children's hospital were sure that I would not be able to walk or use my left hand
For the rest of my life.
But I have proved them wrong yet again.
Now I walk everywhere with a brace on my foot

My left hand is my dominant hand
Doing things that are extraordinary
Like typing fast on a half keyboard
And cutting food with an Ulu knife from Alaska
I also do performing arts, music, sports and creative writing, along with an interest in preserving natural habitat.
In a way, the accident made me stronger
No matter what anyone thinks or says about you, you are the soul ruler of your body.
You can control it
And control your own destiny.

Chicken Chicken:

Chicken chicken
Where have you been?
To the park, I suppose
Where else?
You weren't at home
You weren't at school
So where have you been?
Have you been to the zoo
To the barn
To the lake

To the park.
I could not find you anywhere.
I need you here
I need you now
And I cannot live without you!

Curious Georgia:

Inspiration: In poetry class, we were given an assignment to think of a Disney or kids’ movie characters, tweak them a little and write a poem on them.

In a lush green jungle

With trees as high as the clouds

Monkeys yell

Monkeys jump

Monkeys swing from branch to branch all day long

And sleep all through the night

Except for one monkey

Asleep all day and playful, adventurous all throughout the night

Her name is Curious Georgia.

She sleeps when the sun is out and is awake when the stars come out

Getting into all sorts of trouble.

One night she goes out into the city

Dressed as a little child

With a green hat made of leaves

And a dress which she sewed out of leaves, branches, moss and sand

The first place she goes is to a fair

With lots of rides

Children playing

Music playing

Georgia pushes through the crowd

She wants to go on a Ferris Wheel

Push, push

Push through the crowd

But to no luck

Finally Georgia gives up and goes to a bench to sit down

She sits with her head on her hands, curled up into a ball.

“Hey, little one.”

She hears a human voice and turns her head, straightening up

In front of her stands a boy with a golden crown on his head

“Hey little one. Where are your parents?”

Georgia slides down the bench,

Falls down.

Her leg bleeds

She cannot walk

Cries with pain

The boy picks her up

Comforts her

Takes her to his house

Georgia cannot believe her eyes

She blinks and scratches them

A gorgeous golden castle with many lights and shiny windows

Stares down at Georgia

The boy opens the door and goes inside

Gets some Neosporin and band aids

Then rubs it onto Georgia’s skin.

Georgia screams with fright

“There, there now little child.

Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.”

Georgia relaxes and hugs the boy.

“Tom! Where have you been?”

A man with a silver crown and a gold shawl comes down a flight of spiral stairs.

“You had us worried sick! Where were you?”

“I was at the country fair.”

“What were you doing there? You know you aren’t supposed to go beyond these castle walls without an adult.”

“Yeah, but I saved a little child and brought her home.”

“Where?” The king asks angrily.

The little prince turns around

But Georgia is no more.

Twenty years pass and the prince mourns the loss of Georgia.

Meanwhile, Georgia grows up and stops getting into trouble

Like stealing and arrests.

Georgia becomes an adult monkey

Crafting things for her family.

One day, Georgia loses her baby and goes looking for him

She goes into the city to search around for him

She comes to an old shack and stands still at the window

Her baby, the prince and king are strapped down with guns pointed at them.

Georgia picks up some branches and leaves and makes herself a dress and hat

She breaks in the shack and scares the criminals away

Who run out the door as fast as they can

And are caught by the police.

Then she rushes to her baby and the prince and king

And sets them all free

The prince thanks Georgia, and she runs away to the jungle with her baby.

A day later the king finds Georgia in the city again

And invites her to the palace

Where she gets dressed as a bride

And walks out into the auditorium with a huge crowd

She walks to the prince

The prince says, “I do.”

But Georgia turns to the crowd.

“I really want to.”

She begins.

“I love Prince Thomas, but I have to go back home.

My home is in the jungle.

My family needs me there.”

Everyone gasps.

“My real name is Curious Georgia, and I am a monkey.”

She takes off the dress and reveals herself.

Dead Alligator:

An alligator lay dead on a dried up swamp.

Bullets from a gun hit the poor alligator at night.

Celia found the alligator’s body and reported it to the animal police.

During the time when Celia was calling the police, someone stole the alligator’s body.

Each policeman searched for the alligator’s body as soon as they found out that it was stolen.

Finally Celia found the body parts of the alligator, all scattered around a pile of leaves on the ground.

Guilt spread across Celia’s face.

“How could I lose the alligator’s body and then find it all broken into pieces?

I have to solve this mystery myself.

Jail is my only choice if I can’t solve it.

Keeping my promise of solving the alligator crime will give me freedom from slavery though.”

Lost in thought, Celia did not notice that the parts of the alligator’s body which were broken were rearranging into smaller alligators.

Moving swiftly, the alligators surrounded Celia.

Next thing she knew, the policemen were staring at her, hypnotized by what they saw.

On both sides of Celia, alligators were closing in on her.

“Police, help! Please!”

Quickly and quietly the policemen ran away in fright.

Raising panic, the policemen called their bosses in their hiding spots.

Suddenly the alligators lifted Celia off the ground.

Two minutes later, cops and other people showed up and looked at Celia and the alligators in awe.

Under Celia, the alligators made little chirping sounds.

Voices were suddenly heard from the alligators, forming a choir.

While the alligators sang, people who were watching fell down out of astonishment.

X-ray images of the original alligator’s body came down from the sky.

Yellow bullets were seen inside the body.

Zooming in, you could see that the bullets were actually the small alligators that now held Celia up in the air and off the ground.

Dear Little Meeyow

Dear Little Meeyow

I know you are afraid

Afraid of what might happen

If you say or do something

Scared of what people might think of you

When you were little

You weren’t like this.

You said and did things

Despite what other people thought of you.

For example

When you were one year old

You were going on a plane to Russia

While on the plane, you were restricted from going out of your seat

For a very long time

But finally you could.

And what you do is

You stand up from your seat

Take all of your clothing off

And run around the airplane

Stark naked.

Back then you were very brave and outgoing

You did things out of the ordinary.

But now, you are a mouse

Afraid of getting out of your hole

Because you think you might be eaten

What is worse is that you feel like you are nobody

You do not have a voice

Against your parents or anyone else

You feel like everything they think or say

Is right, and your opinions are always wrong

You have a lot of stress in your life

You sometimes even want to end it all

End the suffering

The stress

The pain

But do not do that!

You are not worthless

You are a hero

You can change and have changed the world

With your music, art work and stories.

You can make it through

And when you do

I will be right here beside you


My face is blackened with tears that flow like a river of sadness

My heart is filled with sharp pain, as if it was shot with thousands of arrows

I am grieving with pain so deep it pulls me down into a hole of terror

My honey, my sweet little honey was killed in a wizardry battle

She was gone from the face of the Earth, like a bullet of love and death

The only things

That give me my wings

To keep on flying

And not dying

Are my two little daughters who keep on living, without their mother to keep them under her wings

But with me to protect them with a shield of light and strength,

My two little kittens

That I keep in my two warm mittens

To protect them from dangers that lie around them

Are safe in my deep loving care

I am like a strong loving mama bear

Who gives her cubs something safe to wear

And who keeps her children breathing fresh air

As long as I live, I will keep on the fight

For my young ones light

So that they may always see a beautiful sight

Of their heavenly mama cat

Who will also protect them with two strong bats

From really bad little rats.

I will protect my two love charms

Against the thing that loves to do lots of harms.

And I will keep them from death

One of my babies is named Beth

And the other one is named Seth

And I will always love them, and keep their heavenly spirit always with them.


Inspiration: The only video game I have ever played that is called Injustice. The main sentence of a character there named Senestro is: “You will know the meaning of fear.”

You will know the meaning of fear

When it comes for you day and night

From the day you are born till the day you will die

It will haunt you for the rest of your life

From the day you become a fetus to the day that you become ashes.

You cannot escape fear

For I am fear

And there is nothing you can do about it.

I am strong, powerful and dangerous

No living creature ever escaped me

For I am everywhere

In your house

In your bedroom

In your closet

And in your worst nightmares

You may think that I am bad

That I destroy everything that comes my way

And everything that I destroy is turned into dust.

But I am not that bad

When you look closely into my eyes

You will see that you could never live without me.

I make you fight

I make you survive

And I make you see the meaning of life

Without me

You would have never survived

You would have died

And you would have died in vain.

So you see, I am fear

And everyone needs me

Despite all the hateful things that you say about me.

I am happiness

I am love

And fear is my name!

I Fly

I fly out into
Moments of love and wonders
Clinging onto space
My wings are as light as dust
My heart is as joyful as a hawk
Flying from side to side
Singing songs of great sorrow.


I see my community suffer
My friends die every day
My family getting smaller and smaller every minute of the day.
I am outraged by the treatment they give us
No water,
No food
But injections, injections, injections!
One after another after another
Which hurt very much with pain so sharp and deep, it makes me want to die.
I do not understand this world
Inside this laboratory.
How it can be so cruel and unforgiving.
Especially when we have not done anything wrong to deserve this kind of terror!
I cry out with pain
I cry out with fear
I cry out, "Let us be free! Let us live! Don't make us into slaves!"
But they do not listen to our cries,
They do not care about us and our feelings, our lives!
All they do is poison, materialize and inject us
With medication that is not even meant to cure us.
Only their species.
Not ours.

It is like using another human being for your own good.

It is not right and unfair!
I cannot live like this anymore!
Being trapped in this little cage
With not enough air
Not enough love!
They are treating us like objects, not living beings.

Letter Poems

All alligators Animals ache, arch Across acres,

And all apples Across air Acrobats acquire

Are alike Astonishing aerial aesthetics

Apples astonish alligators

And alligators abuse apples

Beautiful birds Bleeding blood blossoms Bring back blind baby birds

Bare big bugs Beneath broken branches Because blind baby birds bring

Because bugs Beautiful butterflies

Beat birds

Crossed cats Cats creep crazily Clean curtains

Crawl crazily Creating canyons Create colorful

Cause cats Clear crescents

Can catch cows

Do dogs Dolphins dwell deep down Dorothy digs Dutch doors

Dive deep down During dark, drought Doing divine duties

During droughts? Dwelling down deep doorways

Deep, deep down.

Each elephant Electronic entertainers Eight elephants

Eats eggs Entertain enormous entities Exercise extra eggs

Entirely easily

Fish fly Fresh fruit forests Free from fire

Fast, freely Frantically free fruit Flies feel fury for flees

For fish families For fish fangs Free less from fires

Go gorillas Girls giggle, Gorgeous girls

Grip green grains Grasping gray glasses Go grumpy

Given gold Giggling gregariously

Hats hide How her hand Hawks, hens,

Hidden heavily Hit his hand, Howl,

However hats hide Hurt him Hiding high hills

In ink, Independent individuals I insist,

I, Ina, inked Indeed insist in inauguration Isabel is

In isolation Inside instrumentalists’

Inner intuitions

Jars Jam, Joe jumped jealously Juice jam jinxes

Juices, Jabbing jam jars Jealous jars


Kangaroos kick kites, Kind kittens Kindly keep kings

Kittens kale Kick kite keys Kicking kingdom keys

Lakes look like leopards Low lying lemons Let’s leave liquid

Leaping low lying lemon leaves Lie lazily Lying lazily licking leaves

Like leaves lie low

Like lions

My mother My message means Melissa moans

Milked my moose, Meaningful madness Mournfully

Made my meals, Might miraculously Making magic

Missed me Move more Mysteriously mend

More mouths

Next night needs new necklaces No nuts Next November

Neither necks nor necklaces Need new nails Naomi needs

Need needles Neither nannies New nickels

Nor napkins notice

Oops! Occasionally On October one

On October Octopuses occupy Olly opened our only

Ores open optimistically Old oceans Octopus oasis onstage offset

People, Please present Puppies pick pencils,

Penguins Promptly Proudly,

Put priced pennies Per peninsula Pre dinner


“Please pick poor pennies!”

Quick queens Quiet, quick queer Quizzes quickly

Quarrel, Queens! Quit quads

Quickly, Quit quarreling quarters


Raccoons roam Rain rips rocks Rebecca’s rabbits run

Racing rivers Reversing ready rooms Racing rapidly,

Racing rain Reinforcing raccoons

Really reverses reactions

Silver seedlings swim swiftly Stairs Sad sisters

Swallowing swooping snow Sit silently Sleep sideways

Stroking shoes. Since sixth stepping stones

Tortured turtles Tea tries Team Tsunami

Turn towards towns Tricks Tried to teach

Teaching the teeth Truly tuningly The twins

To trick the three trees To turn towards

The towers

Unusual umbrellas Underneath Unique uncles

Understand Upper umbrellas Understand

Unspeakable Up! Up! Unusual underbrush


Virtuously views view Vans, Visitors vastly

Various voice valleys Voices View vehicles

Vow voyage Very viciously

Women wrestle with Winter whistles We,

Wondering wet willows Wolves

While winter wolves Would want

Whistle wistfully Winners with

When willow women win Winter wings

Except extra Excellent x-rays Exercise extra

X-ray exams Extend exceeding Excitement

Extra ecstatic

You yell yarn Yolk, Yes,

Yellow yarn You yell Young yogurts

Yells you Young yellow


Zebras, Zebras zigzag Zen zebras

Zoos, Zest Zap zinc zeal




Light/Dark Nature:

I am stung by the bees of love.

You can hurt a fly, but you cannot kill it.

I am like the feathers of a bird that screams in fright.

Darkness falls where death takes its place.

Light falls on the morning like cold water.

Darkness crushes upon the wind like a big hurricane.

The roses bloom in front of the cave with a sort of strength.

The water flows up the stream like a fountain of happiness.

Lightning strikes the hillside, and the hillside is no more.

Main Street

Main street past midnight
Emptiness no one around
No cars, no people,
Not even a single bark
Silence mixed in with a cold wind
Collar up, hands out of pockets hanging loose
I walk beside my love's ghost.
Doors opened into the heavens,
Then you left me.
You looked at me calmly with soft silver eyes
Inviting me to follow you
Into Utopia where everything is good
No violence, no illness, but pure happiness
Along with peace.
I keep walking on the silent main street
My head bowed down to my feet
My hands hanging limply by my sides
Should I follow my one true love?
Depart from this world?
Or should I keep on living and take care of my two sick children
Whom I also love very much.
What should I do?
I think to myself.
Like lightning I know what to do.
I write a note to my well trusted friend, Zoe Amanda Rochero
And give her specific instructions
On how to be a mother
To my two children
I find a bench where I put the note, and invite the ghost to sit by me.
Then I lay my head
On her smooth legs
Covered by a sparkly golden dress
She caresses me until I fall asleep
And am no more.


With each breath I take

I feel the pain of sorrow

The pain of stress

The pain of struggle

Pop and dissolve into pain of healing.

As I sit on the roof, meditating

I close my eyes and feel the wind blowing against my cheeks.

My heart, beating against my chest.

I do not feel my foot

It is asleep.

I see sunlight beaming on my injured,

Giving energy to my body that is disabled.


Power to perform magic

And escape death

Naked One:

I wake up, try to get up, and am in fright
I lie down strip naked
On a low lying hard white bed
My hands and feet strapped down
I cannot move them
A cloth is wrapped around my mouth
I cannot yell for help
I lie in a dark, quiet room
Which is very cold, so cold
I shiver.
Lights come on
I see a white room
Which looks like a laboratory
I turn to the left
To the right
And back to the left.
All I see is myself and the bed.
Nothing else.
I turn my head straight up
And dread the horror that will plague me
I close my eyes and daydream
About lying in my own bed
And having sex with my husband
How good that would feel right now.
I come into consciousness by the sound of a door opening.
I turn my head to the left
See many pairs of feet walking into the room
The door closes.
I look up.
And when I do, I lie still as a stone
With wide open eyes.
I see men all around me.

Looking at me and talking to each other
In a foreign language.
But what is worse
Is that each man is holding
Either a pair of scissors
Which are opening and closing
Opening and closing
Or with big fat needles
This will be the end of me
I am sure of this now.
I see a man reach down
And cover my eyes
With another piece of cloth.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath
Preparing for death.
But when I exhale
I feel a deep pain of pleasure
Some hands are on my breasts
Massaging them.
It feels so good that I relax
They come to my nipples
And I moan with a lot of pleasure
I even have an orgasm.
I am so hypnotized by the pleasure
That I do not pay attention
To anything else.
I am in this deep meditation
For what seems to be a lifetime.
The men start out with my breast and nipples
Then some more hands start massaging my face
My arms
My hands
My stomach
My hips
My legs
My feet.
Time keeps ticking away

Like a turtle crawling
I am deeply entranced by all the attention to my body.
And then when all the hands go off my body
I fall into a deep, deep sleep

Nature Crumbling:

Nature is crumbling beneath our feet

Forests cut down

Smog in the atmosphere

Pollution in the air

Climate changing

Getting warmer and warmer

Loss of animal habitat

Species becoming extinct.

Water levels rising in some places

And drought plagues others

What a terrible thing happening to Earth

Our mother.

It may seem like it is too late to do anything about it,

But we still can change

We can change our lifestyles

And do things in a more sustainable way.

Like switching to green energy




Using less gasoline


Riding a bicycle

Using public transportation to get to places instead of driving a car

Use a hybrid or other form of green energy car.


The music of myths is very mysterious
It is super violent and tells a story of a young girl and her puppy
Lost at sea and captured by pirates.
The music is Middle Eastern and tells a story about her life with the pirates.
As you listen, the stories of the girl and the pirates take you by surprise.
You start to imagine how the waves of the sea carry away the girl and the pirates.
The theater hides the masks of the pirates,
That show drama and danger
We listen to the songs of the pirates
The scream of the girl
As she is being tied up to a pole on the pirate ship
Her puppy barking, trying to save her
A knife blade rips through the theater
Breaking into small bloody shards of sadness and anger.
People scream, run, and hide
But I sit still
Not moving a muscle
Listening and imagining the horrors of this world
In this tiny theater which is being ripped apart into little pieces
I want to run,
Get away from all this chaos
But it is like my feet are glued to the floor
I cannot move them
Suddenly, I hear the pirate song again,
Then I see myself being eaten by the sea
I scream for help
And I am saved from the meat eating mouth of the sea
I am lifted on board the ship
My clothing drips onto the floor like hot lava erupting from Earth.
I am being tied up to a pole
By strong men with patches around their eyes and guns in their hands, pointing at me.
I hear a light bark but see no dog.
One, one,
Two, two
Three, Three, Bam!
They shoot and I wake up,
Taking a deep sigh of relief. 



In the deep green sea,

Where the fish swim free,

And the underwater world roars with life

Lives a fish so small you could barely see it

It rules the sea with its huge love for the waters

And the fish and mammals that live within it

It loves everything the sea has to offer

But the time has come for the tiny yet big fish to leave the sea for good.

And never return to its depths

Leaving it untouched and empty of life

The fish once knew existed.

Winter Wolf:

December on the mountain
Snow scattering a season of life, day ending
Like a snow storm of bats
At 5pm. I sit still on the mountaintop, looking at the sunlit moon
I draw a landscape of the setting sun
With a brush of paint on the ground
And a piece of paper in my hand.
"Dear dark black."
I begin to draw.
"Rising fins, dear summer peace
And the fire pack of wolves
Dear alphas in black fur scanning
The plains of the valley.
A predator wolf from your garden,
Lives forever in a forest where animals and humans live peacefully together

It's never winter, and yet it is now. Her worst enemy
Her name beyond her body
Without the time
And the fright of human hunters surrounding her wolf figure
To the end and the start
Of her time
Dear spirits of the forest
Dear animals of the mountain
Dear wolf that I love very much
Look what you have done for me
Look how you have impacted me
Till you fall asleep in the desert of sleepful dreams
And let me go with you.
Don't let them hunt you down!
Stay strong!
Stay majestic
Stay with me
For I am an animal too
All humans are animals
It is not right to treat other animals as toys
Not living creatures.
For we ALL are animals!”
I write these words
And depict them as paintings
For the whole world to see.

Out of The Silence

Out of the long dead silence, and million year darkness,

Comes a sound of a distant wolf howling,

A bird starts chirping and singing, an owl hoots, a cat meeyows, a dog barks, a cow moos, a chicken yells, as if she is laying an egg, a rooster screams, a lion roars,

The sound of a horse weeping and galloping, wind blows, and the river flows,

The sound of the wind, blowing leaves off the ground, the sound of lightning and rain, the sound of fire,

The sound of waves

The sound of crickets and secedes

All harmonies, all work together

But then! Silence again.

A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade,

Still no sound or sight: A century!


A strange eye appears in my heart, a cat’s eye, but in a bigger eye, of a woman

A purple feather appears on my bed: It looks soft, it looks fuzzy, it is large!

Green grass appears in my room: Not smooth green but bumpy green and different shades of green grass.

A white snowflake in my house: Soft white, clear white, and with designs of shapes, lines and patterns,

Clear water, on my block: On the surface, it is blue, but in depth, it is green.

Strong fire on my street: Bright orange, silky orange fire!

A six pointed star, outlined in glittery black and white, it is the Star of David, in my city.

A glass lamp, turned off, shows different colors, depending on where you stand, in my state

The sun, not strong, but very powerful, in my country

Roaring mountains, very tall and magnificent, some bare, others covered with trees, in my continent

An ancient bear’s face, strong, tough, but not violent, ruler of the whole planet, in my Earth.

The underwater world, with lots of fish and underwater plants in my entire universe!

And somewhere, beyond the universe, is a round, natural gold window, divided into four equal parts.

On the top left of the window is a wild male turkey,

With a beautiful tail and a bright red rose in the middle of its head

On the bottom left, a wolf’s face is shown,

Its head is covered in pointy green leaves, and a golden crown.

In the top right, a gorgeous green mountain with a tall castle on top is shown

On the bottom right, a magnificent green tree with red flowers and black birds is shown.

And in the middle of the window, is the picture of the whole universe.

This is the gate to each living creature’s afterlife belief.

Now, I have created the whole picture for you.

But wait! There is something missing.

A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade, a century!

And finally, the image of space and the music of harmony and time are back!


A light

So bright

It scares away the night

Which has a fright

That someday,

On the bay,

There will be a ray,

Which will have its own way.

The ray

Will have to pay

To have its own way

To say,

“Lay the bay!”


Tick tock tick tock

Time is the essence
Of all things on Earth
You try and try to escape it
But time is life.
Time is everything and always
Time can be our worst enemy
With each second we grow older
Coming closer and closer to death
We have to catch up with time
With everything we do

But time can also be our best friend
Time heals all wounds

Whether emotional or physical.
Without time, we would not be here.

Tick tock tick tock

White Dove:

To be had by the sea
So strong and deadly
With waves as high as the mountaintops
And the water as rough as ice and snow.
The sea carries my dead body farther and farther from the shore
And into the deep, deep ocean
Where the body lies in total darkness

Under many bright stars
It is midnight.
When the moon is at its highest
And the stars shine bright light
I see my body, floating on peaceful waters
With a few waves here and there.
Such is the peacefulness of the ocean
That I feel peace and do not notice when rain starts trickling down
Turning quickly into pouring rain.
Waves begin to crash
Lightning sparks
And my body begins to shine and glitter in the water.
I am then startled by this gorgeous singing accompanied by a flute, piano, violin,

harp, glockenspiel, drums
I then realize, as I am crying out of joy for the music, that the voice that is singing,
Is my voice, when I was still alive.
I am so intrigued by the musical harmonies
Made by the voice and instruments
That I start singing myself,
Forgetting that I am dead.
Wind is blowing hard, ocean is roaring, rain is pouring down hard.
And the lightning strikes, over and over and over again.
My body is shining glittery bright light into the sky and the water below
While the lightning is brewing up a storm.
Suddenly, for a glimpse of a second, I see my body transforming into a beautiful white dove,

Which flies away from the storm.
Now, I am the dove
Flying away from this mysterious world and into the next.


Trees sway in the rain
Birds chirp amongst blooming grass
Buds burst forth from between leaves
Worms wriggle out from damp Earth
After the rain had trickled down its last droplets
The sunlight comes out and dances
Its way down to the damp ground
Fresh green grass stands amidst blooming trees
Pollen fills the breathtaking air
Landing its dust onto windows
Which shatter from the pollen.

Time of The Zebras

Zebra herds roam the fields.

Yelling, they scream for food.

X-rays show that the zebras are starving to death.

We do everything possible to keep the zebras healthy and alive, but we are failing.

Vans of dead or dying zebras are taken away from the fields to a jungle, where the dying zebras can eat their last meals, and where the dead zebras are buried.

Under the safe haven of the jungle, the zebras’ souls are in peace.

Twenty long years have passed by since I joined the zebra conservation group.

Still, the zebras are dying out in the area.

Really bad things are happening to them.

Quick steps need to be taken to save the zebras.

People need to start realizing that the zebra population is slowly shrinking, fading.

On the peninsula, enough people are working together to fight for the zebras, that the zebras have regained their population.

Not enough people here are concerned about the zebra population, though.

Most of the zebra population is gone now.

Long and hard times, those zebras face and have faced.

Keeping the zebras fed and hydrated is our biggest goal.

Joy of these animals is their dream.

I hope that you will join the zebra conservation movement, and help save the zebras.

How can you help?

Go to your local animal search and rescue team.

Find out what you can do to help.

Every individual has the power to make a difference

Don’t hesitate.

Click here to visit the zebra conservation website.

Be strong, and have the will to save zebras.

And good luck to you all and the zebras!


Four years old


Not sure if I will ever be able to walk again

Time passes

Slowly but surely I get up to my feet

Start taking little baby steps


Walking not rhythmically

Walking a lot

Trying not to limp and walk right

Suddenly I feel my feet off the ground

I am flying so smoothly and in a straight line

Walking seems to take no effort at all

I do not go up and down on every step

Instead I am a bird

Flying calmly through space with its wings stretched out.


Embrace someone

Bring someone to your chest

So sweet and gentle

Feels like someone loves you

Cares for you.

Feels like people are there to support you

Keep you safe

Cherish you

Warm you up with their love





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