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A Collection of Musings

Jordan Dean

Silent Thoughts

A Collection of Musings


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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


Cover Photograph: Copyright © Jannerth Achim Asora

Copyright © Jordan Dean 2017

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To my family and all my readers with love.

I am indebted to Ed Brumby for his editorial inputs and comments to improve my writing.

My sincere gratitude to Amanda Saulei for collaborating to write the sonnet ‘Midnight Stranger’



Golden Hair

Long golden hair flows

Down her back to her slim waist

Girl from the islands.

Mermaid (Tok Pisin)

Meri blo maunten

Go waswas lo Ela Beach

Mermaid istap.

Manus Day (Tok Pisin)

Garamut pairap

Tingting blo mi kirap nau

Ailand bilong mi.

Mosbi Sun (Tok Pisin)

Diwai nogat leaf

Sanap sore na karai

Sun blo kilim man.

Chauka (Tok Pisin)

Sun kukim mipla

Yu toktok olsem radio

Mauswara chauka.

Meri Samarai (Tok Pisin)

Meri Samarai

Yu shakim grass skirt blo yu

Lewa blo mi pen!


Shadows dance wildly

Voices raise my body hair

Nightmare comes again.

My Flag

Red, black and yellow

Fly high beautiful kumul

My flag, my country.

Turtle Meat

Tasty turtle meat

Time to cook some isidou

Western side of life.

Smelly Man

Finally! I sighed

Smelly man has left the bus

I breathe in fresh air.


A small ant searching

Among the dry, yellow leaves

Building an empire.


Coconut creamed food

Greens with chicken and spices

Sweet Tolai aigir.

Ambulance Siren

Click ‘wow’ emoji

On all her photographs

Ambulance siren.


Blue sky, green trees - smile

Twisted bodies, fish lips pursed

Taking a selfie!


Two bastard children

And two failed relationships

It’s complicated!


One hell of a ride

The darkest day of my life

Where is that bottle of wine?

Sleeping Pill

Light red, violet red

The best cure for insomnia

A bottle of wine.


A dog barks at night

The hairs on my body stand

Visitors from home.

Single Life

An empty bottle

Washed upon a lonely shore

Single life is no fun.

Drama Queens

Red lava burning

Tarvurvur eruptions blow

Facebook drama queens!

Mango Season

Yellow and juicy

Ripening fruit plummet from trees

Mango season’s here.

State of Origin

Painted faces watch

Screaming loudly at the screen

Origin fever!

My Daughter

Eyes shining so bright

Her smile just melted my heart

My baby daughter.

House Wife

Beautiful weather

Laundry done and house is clean

Life of a housewife.

Red Rock Bar

Chilled drinks, music plays

Cool Thursday afternoon breeze

At Red Rock Bar.


Pearly kernels sprout

Golden sunflower blossoms

Hope is like a seed.

Childhood Memories

Silver moon rising

Chasing crabs along the sand

Childhood memories.

Lovely Daisy

Lovely daisy blooms

A flower never competes

To look beautiful.

Flu Remedy

An apple cider

Honey, lemon concoction

Bugger off this flu.

Driving Past

Angel without wings

In green dress I saw today

And tooted the horn.

Small Fish

Small fish in the pond

No ripples are never felt

Across the ocean.


Oh my moonshine

You light up my darkest parts

And brighten my heart.

Same Moon

Though we are apart

We’re looking at the same moon

Connecting our hearts.

Days End

Lying on the deck

Watching the silvery stars

Another day ends.

Love Dies

Leaves fall silently

Autumn has arrived too soon

Love once alive dies.


Fierce warrior

Conquering endless battles

A woman endures.

Eyes Never Lie

Looking in her eyes

Glitter of a thousand stars

Certainty of truth.

Monday Blues

Monday blues again

Butterflies in my tummy

Bored in the office.

Love Falsified

A ray of sunshine

Disappeared in the rain

A love falsified.

Tuna Season

Yellow rosewood leaves

Turn to burnished brown and fall

Season for tuna.

Yam Harvest Season

July monsoon winds

Bringing rain and thunderstorms

Yam harvest season.

Bad Spirits

On a moonless night

Fireflies emitting light

Warn of bad spirits.


Full bloomed white roses

Brighten the nearby garden

Memories recalled.


A soft white ripple

Placidly flowing river

So many secrets.


Quiet evening breeze

Bonfire and conversations

Wafting through the air.

Cold Heart

From ashes reborn

Coldness in my heart remains

Immune to the sun.


Face painted with clay

Like an Asaro mudman

Too much cosmetics.

Buai Stains

Red stains all about

Rubbish abounds carelessly

Ignorant people.

Broke Nigga

A floating dry leaf

Blown around by monsoon winds

A broke-ass nigga.

Gender Confusion

Heavy make-up done
Ladies clothing plus a wig
Turn him into her.

Crocodile Tears

I watch your tears fall
And think of a crocodile
Knowing it’s a lie.

Shower Gel

Mini heart attack

Sweet fragrance of shower gel

When you walked past me.

Two Faced

She carries sunshine

And darkness equally well

Angel and demon.


The Gift

He gave fancy gifts

Expensive things of beauty

When all she wanted

Was his loyalty and love

His unconditional heart.

Shooting Star

Watch the moon tonight

You’ll see me dancing gaily

With my new lover

My aura embracing her

A shooting star is her solace.

Midnight Sun

To the midnight sun

I have made a small request

A frangipani

Crafted in the starless sky

From my silent dew dropped words.

Misis Meri (Tok Pisin)

Taim blo tumbuna

Sapos yu bilas gut tru

Bigpla respect stap

Tasol nau, taim yu bilas

Kainkain toktok sa kamap.


Cosmopolitan Cage Dancer

In the cage, she dances with grace

A mischievous smile upon her face

Semi-naked and bare

But she doesn’t care

To her family, she’s a disgrace!

City Loop Taxi

The taxis are owned by Malaysians

The tucker boxes are run by Asians

We are now like the beggars

Paid with a few hamburgers

Enough of this nonsense, we’re Christians!


To a Young Lady

Young lady/ listen to me

Do not marry/ that old white man

He is old/enough to be

Your grandfather/ aren’t you shy?

I know/money is scarce but

Don’t clip your wings/you can soar high.

Chasing Rainbows

Never be/ afraid to chase/

your colorful/ rainbow where ever

It may lead/ though most of us/

shall never find/ the rainbows end

Those who do/ know it’s where heaven/

has kissed the earth/ and lingered.

A New Dawn

Close your eyes/ take a deep breath/

let the waves take/ all your worries

Out to sea/ let the warmth/

of the sun stir/ those embers left/

To smolder/ and ignite the flames/

It’s a new day/ a new dawn.


A Million Faces

I see a million faces

In every corner of my memory
In a million different places

I see a million faces

And a shadow dances

Nightmares are purgatory

I see a million faces

In every corner of my memory.

Another Boring Day

Just another boring day
I’m leaving my past behind now
You took my heart away

Just another boring day
I was probably nuts all the way

You left without sorrow

Just another boring day
I’m leaving my past behind now.

Take A Look Inside

If you take a look inside

You’ll see it all so clear
Your heart is your guide

If you take a look inside

Put aside the ego and pride

Your heart is so dear

If you take a look inside

You’ll see it all so clear.



First we applauded O’Namah

Thought they’d be like Obama

When they displaced Somare

Goodbye laissez-faire!


Silent Tears

My heart has grown cold

And your love unfolds

Catching tear drops in my hands

Only silence as it ends.

Red Sunset

The horizon turned red

Like blood on high

When darkness pierced

The evening sky.

Brown Skinned Girl

Brown skinned girl

Like chocolate

Gifted, articulate

You make my heart twirl.


Fake Hair

Over-braided highlander

Where’s the natural hair?

Why so fake?


Light skinned lady from Milne Bay

Do you fly at night?

Should I run?



Perhaps I love too much

Perhaps I am too delicate

Like teardrops made of glass

I easily break

Perhaps I am already broken.

Silent Love

Her love can only be heard

Like silent footsteps

Within her heartbeat

Seen in her eyes

Tasted on her lips.




Bitter, Sweet

Everlasting, enduring, unfading

I cherish those moments




Delicate, crushed

Shattering, breaking, bleeding

You cut me deep



Black Beauty

(Published on PNG Attitude)

Fifty years ago, I roamed naked

Flaunted my black booty with grace

Dimdim’s said my customs were crooked

Said my naked black butt was a disgrace

Now, on Runways, my beauty is on display

I’m confused with their dishonorable ways

I’m asked to wear skimpy pants and bikini

Not the future I envisioned for my pikinini!


Finding You

What if I claim my right to fame?

Would fortune frame my name?

And if I write your name in lights

Would that assuage my lonely nights?

A world so blue

So undoubtedly true

Far out of range, my destiny

How everything’s just vanity

And I’ll never change the way I see

You’re safe with me, not lost at sea

It’s not the dough that I pursue

It’s just my road to finding you.




Outpouring of my

Emotions revealed


Real life experiences

Yoked with tears.


West Papuan Princess

Just like sun, you brighten up my life

Your golden skin is kissed by tropic sun

I hope one day you’ll become my wife

A future queen and mother of my son

You have more beauty than the eastern moon

Or the southern cross, the girl of my dreams

If I proposed, would you accept me soon?

Or is this love not all it may seem?

You are the only one that makes me smile

Just like Romeo and Juliet, we’ll run

To Jayapura and sit down a while

Waiting to watch the setting of the sun

One of these days, I will be crowned a prince

And you will be my West Papuan princess.

My Ancestors

(Published in Creative Talents Unleashed)

Long ago, my ancestors roamed this place

These mountains, jungles and mighty rivers

With bow and arrows and mud on their face

They were cannibals that fed on livers

From open savannahs to coastal plain

Rich with a vast range of animal life

They could make storm clouds and bring rain

My ancestors lived free and without strife

Missionaries came and said they’re unholy

You should never judge their tattooed cover

Why say their black magic was ungodly

When your fabled Jesus walked on water?

Never look at my people with distaste

And never draw such conclusions in haste.

Papua New Guinea

(Published in Dissident Voice Magazine)

In the Pacific lies a land of gold

An island floating on a sea of oil

She is my home and there I shall grow old

On these open plains and earth I shall toil

Whether you are watching her ocean waves

Enjoying the stars and moonlight night sky

Or exploring all of her wondrous caves

She keeps calling me in a haunting cry

Early sunrise brings hope for another day

Another day of praying for the best

Her sunsets give a magical display

Putting troubled minds and children to rest

She has embroiled me so tight with her heart

Her mighty grip, I can’t fight nor depart.

Masked Lady

Hidden behind her cold and hateful mask

Is a lady pretending to be strong

Someone to love and care is all she ask

I tried to unmask her but I was wrong

Hidden behind her pretty smiling face

Is a lady that is barely breathing

Broken up inside with no warm embrace

And a crippled heart that is still bleeding

Hidden behind her sweet, angelic eyes

Are the tears she cried in the falling rain

In the dark, truth held together with lies

She gave her heart but it was all in vain

I’m hoping for her eyes to turn my way

If only I knew the right words to say.

Cosmopolitan Belle

Friday nights in Mosbi burn like hell

Tequila and cocktails’ cause her head to reel

She is the cosmopolitan belle

Bright city lights and party nights in heels

There is no place for learners in this game
Of fooling around with a politician
She only likes those moneyed men and fame
Placing high stakes and playing emotions

She goes dancing wildly on the dance floor

Clinging to the old man with wild desire

And seduces him just like a shameless whore

She should never, ever play with fire

Days later, she was stabbed with a knife

In her chest by the politician’s wife.

Childhood Dreams

In the heart of the squatter settlements

A son of a poor man was born with dreams

While big men boast about developments

Carefully hiding all their dirty schemes

Free health care and basic education

No shoes or bag, he went to public school

Learnt English and bits of calculations

Well-to-do kids thought he was just a fool

He graduated with flying colors

Through all the struggles and toil, he stood tall

And went on to become a great doctor

Achieving his childhood dream to heal all

Kings rise and fall and a new king is born

Why do our children’s dreams lie forlorn?

Midnight Stranger

She whispered to me amidst the moonlight

Seductive words flowed softly from her lips

Words of love that lit up the skies at night

Desires provoked, my lonesome heart flips

She is venomous in her full moon shift

Midnight stranger here to tame my desires

Her sultriness gives me hang over drift

Lighting up my emotions like hot fires

Midnight stranger, let me show you haven

Sail away with me beyond all the stars

Sail away with me across the ocean

Before the moon and stars disappears

She feels so close yet she’s so far away

Stranger, I’ll keep you in my hearts always.

Free Verse

Silent Thoughts


An empty street,

An empty home,

An empty room

A silent moon

I am here on the balcony

Sipping a glass of Jack Daniels

Silent thoughts at two am

Drift through my mind

Just me and my thoughts


Father once asked me;

Have you ever climbed Everest?
Have you ever sailed the ocean?

Have you ever touched the rainbow?

Reach for the moon

Even if you miss it

You’ll still have the stars

Listen to your heartbeat
It only takes one step

To start a journey

Of a thousand miles


A wise man also said;

Just keep walking in that direction
To the end of the tunnel
The wind will blow in your face
But keep walking

Hear that voice inside you
It’s the call of your heart
Follow it and you will find
The passage out of the dark


A thousand silent thoughts

Bottled up inside my head

Wish I could turn back time

And freeze all those happy moments

One last time


Daydreams are silent
Midnight sun will never shine

The hiri will carry you to paradise
Just the ramblings of a fool
Who pretends to be a poet

I was halfway to the moon

When I slipped and fell

To the bottom of the ocean

In darkness there lies hope

It doesn’t matter

Where you come from

Or where you’ve been

All that matters

Is where you’re going


Midnight whispers

Lovers giggle and cuddle up

Copulating –

Will this country’s health care

And education system

Cater for the population boom?


Somewhere in the distance

Impoverished children

Gape with empty eyes

While rich old men

Spoil their young dates

To a fancy buffet

Men are born equal

Yet some people live in palaces

And others live in squatters


It’s too cold outside
For angels to fly

I keep my hopes and dreams

Inside of me
No one sees the bruises

that I’m covering

An angel dies

I’m just a simple guy

I don’t drink latte or cappuccino

And I don’t eat lasagna everyday

I love my highlands mumu

And my highlands kumu


Memories that were locked away

Somewhere in the deepest corners

Of my mind emerge

Thought the feeling would go away

But your voice and face

Keep appearing in my mind

Your beautiful eyes

Did your parents steal

The stars from the sky

And put them in your eyes?

My head says yes

But my heart says no

Wish I never had to choose

I’ve been walking down

This same old road

Maybe one day

Our paths will cross

Somewhere on the horizon


But everywhere I turn

I see reflections of all the lies

Life is one big illusion

Silent thoughts wander

Around in my mind

Like a jigsaw puzzle

On this cold, lonely morning

I wish my mind would stop thinking

And maybe I’ll find some peace.

Tears in my Heart

Cold light of morning

Rain clouds move across the sky

Tears fall in my heart

Staring out the window

Music fades away softly

Sound of emptiness

Grey sky fills with tears

As pregnant rain clouds gather

On the horizon

Sipping my coffee

While raindrops hit the pebbles

I love the sound of rain.

Writing Poetry

Thunder echoes roar

Booming loudly from afar

A storm is looming

Lightning flashes bright

Along the black horizon

A quivering fear

Rain cascades down

Sharp needles on my cold skin

To shelter I run

Hurricanes can blow

My house down but I’ll be here

Writing poetry.


At Vision City

Laptops are prohibited

Inside the Food Court

I was harshly told

By the smart security

‘From the Management’

Does he understand

That it’s the same as a phone?

Just a bigger device

Also, the toilet

Is for the expatriates

It’s skin color now?

Dear Malaysian,

I’m a paying customer

What’s the fuss about?

This is my country!

Apparently, this is plain



Fergusson Island man;

His skin is strong

Like a bush magani

His eyes are brown

Like the coconut palms

His hair is soft and curly

Like the ocean waves

But when he smiled

His teeth were black

Like the seeds of

A ripe watermelon.

That one how?

You know it already

That one, buai teeth.

That one who?

That one, our brother

His name is Oloto.

Sins of Our Fathers

(Published on PNG Attitude)

Our fathers ate the fruit

From the forbidden tree

Inside the Haus Tambaran

Their wives were witches

Who married for fortune.

Our fathers slept around

With those two kina ladies

For a few nights pleasure

Now our purse is empty.

Now our fathers are dead

Our sons have no land

Our daughters sleep with

Old white and yellow men.

Our provoked sisters

Diluted with western ideology

Keep yapping like dogs

That Adam and Eve were equal

But wasn’t it through Eve

That sangumas’ haunt us?

Now our fathers’ spirits

Grieve from the graves

At the misery of their sins.

Girl With A Bagi

(Published in Spill Words)

Girl with a bagi

I am mesmerized with your beauty

You shine brightly like the midnight sun

Your reflection is like the moon shadows


Your figure sparkles like the eastern star

You walk elegantly like a pacific princess

Your hair is curly like the ocean waves

Around your neck,

Is a pearl necklace from

Our native home, Milne Bay

Where the sun rises

Daughter of the ocean

And the choice of my parents

I worship you with my eyes.

Children of Fergusson

We are the children of the ocean

Sun and moon are our parents

Born with chocolate colored skin

We toiled the blessed earth

And feasted during the sagali

We sailed the ocean in our sailao

To distant lands on the Kula Trade

We climbed Oya Tabu to reach the stars

And danced the sacred daiyo

With the spirits of Bwebweso

We are strong and bold,

Gifted and talented

Intelligent enough to lead

We are the children of Fergusson.

Recreational Leave

If I ever fall in love again,

The love I so freely give

Will be full of passion

And run deep as the ocean

My heart has been shattered

More than I care to recall

Piece by piece I gathered

Pieces that were scattered

Placed them where they belong

Cracks and scars remain

Though unseen

For now my heart

Has left an official memo

Saying it’s out of the office

And on recreational leave.

Independence Day - 2016

Wind whips unsteady fingers of rain

On a sun-stricken holiday

And the air is filled with joy

Colorful flags adorned the sky

Sons and daughters of this land

Sing the national anthem

Dance to the beat of the kundu

Papua New Guinean dream

Redeemed by political rhetoric

Everywhere a sense of belonging

To a place in which I don’t belong

Until the rain and I met

In recognition and open fingers

It’s raining heavily in my soul

My pocket, empty and broke

Thought I’d make a fortune

But, I’d never been so empty.

Unspoken Words

I asked you last night

To tell me something

Before you fell asleep.

So many things on your mind

Not a single word did you utter

You’d rather sing a melody

Open up like a budding flower

When you’re lying in my arms

Feeling my breath against you.

I promise to turn hell into heaven

A wilted flower into a blooming rose

If only you’d let me be the wings

That keeps your heart in the clouds.

For now, let’s play mute

Listen to the deafening silence

For your words will remain



Not too hot

Not too cold

Just perfect enough

To warm my heart

Sipped it slow

To enjoy the

Conversational aroma

And cinnamon sarcasm

The cups were left


It wasn’t

About the coffee.


The sparkle in your eyes

Is where I yearn to dance

A pirouette of colors upon your soul

Watch me as I twist and turn

Breathe in my prisms, feel the burn

Remember, my pondering poet

Imagination is what we create

But our dreams are worth

All the effort that it takes.


do you see me?

do you really see through me?

then can you tell me who i am?

cause if you asked me

i don’t know where i stand

i smiled at you

and your heart flipped

at the different shades of grey

i use as a mask

cause i myself can see

behind the mask of whom

i want to be.


you left your bra

and your top

in my wardrobe

and a jim beam

on my dressing table

to help ease the pain

i tried calling you

it went to voicemail

you blocked me

on facebook

to prove your point

we barely spoke

like we used to

one cold night

six new moons later

you sent a message

‘hi, miss you.’

forgot that you

still had my number

i guess it’s raining

cats and dogs

at your end now


Black Pearl

black pearl

plucked from the atolls

of my homeland

your untamed eyes

burn with tenderness

lips so red

and rosy cheeks

your smile carves

out the ocean

lightning flashes

when you talk.

too many stars

too many pebbles

only one black pearl

come grow old with me

your ebony skin

is sun-kissed

sparkles in my eye

the joy in my heart

take me beyond

the moon and stars.

Yesterday Once More

I remember yesterday

You left with a handshake

Tears and parting words

After all these years

All I feel is a shadow

Of an afterglow of you.

A starless night

Chasing dreams I can’t touch

If only I could visit

Yesterday once more.

Tonight I walk this path

Remembering when the sky

Was beautiful.


(Published in Dissident Voice Magazine)

And once again,

I’m left shivering

In the cold.

The moon doesn’t shine as before

Shooting stars have disappeared

In the ocean of fallen hearts,

I try not to drown.

Desolation is only a word whispered.

How can you not fall

In love with emptiness?

For in the solitude

I’ve found my way home

Loneliness is beautiful.

Purple Dove

Graceful bunebune

On dancing wings,

Searching for a home

Away from this cold place

Where daydreams are silent

And midnight sun never shines

Chasing rainbows in the dark

Another day to her destiny

Sunsets in endless grey

Some days are drifting haze
Some days are glowing blaze
Some days are tides of life

Delicate wings carry her

Into the velvet, setting sun

Bunebune lies in twilight sleep

Dreaming purple color deep

Midnight sun will shine again

Be strong my love

Sacred purple dove!

Oh Poetess!

Oh poetess!

Let your heart be my abode.

If it’s frozen like ice,

I’ll warm it up with

The glow of my love and care.

If it is deep like the ocean

I’ll transform myself

Into a pearl to live there.

If it is barren,

I’ll plough and sow

Seeds of passion and mirth.

And if it is like a cave,

Dark and mysterious

I’ll enter as a ray of light.

Oh poetess!

Let me abide in your heart.

Eyeless Kin

mansions you have my uncles

money you have my brothers

shops you own my cousins

in your fancy cars you whizz

past me without stopping

to say hello

i wonder if you have eyes

to see that the blood in you

and the one that runs in me

are but the same

but it’s only water now

each man for his own

a world of eyeless kin

in the hot mosbi sun

waiting to catch a bus

in my small bag

i carry my dreams

winds don’t always blow

in the same direction

and one glorious day

i will whizz past you

like a stranger too.

Broken Butterfly

one day i embraced
a broken butterfly
with both of my hands
surrounded it
with a cocoon of love
to heal its delicate wings
until it could fly again
my beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly and I

she loves me

because i brought her

back to life

she had been

a caterpillar

in a cocoon

i drowned her out

and showed her

that she is a butterfly.

An Empty Shell

dad looked at him
up and down in disgust
mum said he wasn’t
what they had in mind
her world turned grey

her brown eyes long
to cry an endless river
every cell in her body
had died a thousand deaths

her suffocated lungs long
to inhale his sweet scent
and know that he’s around

her empty arms long
for his loving embrace
his love, his warmth

her aching heart longs
to be with the man she loves
every night she cries in her sleep
but she can’t be with him.

she’s only a sea shell
carried by the swirling ocean
washed upon a deserted island
an empty shell
an ocean without water
a rose without flowers
a sky without the moon
a life without love
happiness is just a dream.

Pacific Goddess

(Published in Spill Words)

Weary, dying sun,

Smiled, kissing the calm ocean

Adorned crested waves

Girl with golden hair

Watches the sunset retreat

Into liquid gold

Girl from the islands

Her eyes like sparkling sapphire

Her voice like spring rain

Her lips like velvet

Her hands like a soothing river

Her smile like sunshine

She is a goddess

Torturing me with her eyes

Pacific Aphrodite.

My Moonshine

My dear moonshine

Kiss me faithfully

Within your graceful light

My dear universe

Cradle me in your bosom

Of a million gentle stars

My dear sunshine

Save me from darkness

With your beckoning warmth

My dear lady

Captivate my heart

And mesmerize my soul.


welabana dancing

under the dim moonlight

twirling without a face

fireflies dance with her

she sings to herself

as the moon illuminates

her silhouettes

dawn approaches

in tranquil shadow

she fades away

into its embrace.


i kept searching

for my reflection

in your eyes

i kept hoping

to see that glow

in your eyes

i kept waiting

to see the love

in your eyes

but all i see

are dark clouds

hiding the sun

your heart

has been closed

and the key

lost somewhere

in the air

only silence remain

no words spoken

no more heart beat

i can sense that

we’re dying inside

so let’s just stop

hurting each other

with more lies

and say goodbye

let’s bury the past

with flowers and tears

and move on.

Bastard Child

I was born last night

During the karim leg

I stared at the grey mist

The first breath of dawn

Mother named me Boko

After my legendary ancestor

I was there without a father

Or whoever exactly.

I was born last night

Among many feasts

Spread in thin air

When I asked mother

She just shook her head

And said to me:

‘You’re the reflection

Of reality and truth

Be strong my son!’

Simple Pleasures

i love ordinary things

beautiful things

mirrored by the sun and moon

a little coffee

a little sunlight

a little music

a little poetry

midnight musings

under velvet skies

i drink from the moons rays

and listen to the silence

a little faith

a little hope

a little love

makes this world beautiful

simple pleasures of life.

Mountain Orchestra

(Published on PNG Attitude)

from the top and steady now

looking up while falling down

on these mountains, we dance

dramatize our fall from grace

cold misty mountain range

climb them all to reach the stage

where our love notes sound so sweet

where the cicadas sing as we sleep

bring the fire dancers, bring the tears

everything we lost over the years

start the thunder, beat the drums

all we know we must become

heartstrings won’t make us see

how they slayed our destiny

gdp forecasts can’t change our past

shooting stars that fell too fast

feel the garamut shake the ground

all the truth was never found

hear the sea gull as it cries

every tear for every lie

graceful dove sing your song

tell me where i went wrong

dim the stage lights to a glow

just enough to watch her go

looking back to see my birthplace

asking why there’s no warm embrace

counting stars to find the mean

you and me was just a dream.


words unspoken

clustered thoughts

black hearts,

and cold souls,

killing her inside

silence is beautiful



crying alone

frozen tears

stain her cheeks

never happy

yet never sad

just empty.

Cry Me A Rainbow

Cry me a rainbow

Show me your true colors

Let those tears flow

My gentle shoulder

Is yours to borrow

Maybe tomorrow

The sun will shine

You’re still mine.

A Yellow Leaf

a yellow leaf flutters

falls silently to the ground

from the majestic modawa

grandma is heart broken

she has grieved

for her lost forests

she has mourned

for her degraded land

she has despaired

for her polluted rivers

she has wept

for her dying corals

no one listened

and no one cared

we slashed down her forests

destroyed her animals

despoiled their habitats

and now grandma grieves

her tears brings rain and floods

her blood brings el nino

her anguish shakes the earth

and cause tsunamis

we flee for our dear lives

our home no more!

Escaping the Sea

wave after wave

her possessiveness

washed over me

her jealous tide

carried me out to open seas

i’m hanging on for dear life

i had given up hope

and was sinking fast

drowning under

dominating waves

i drifted around

and came within shore

more nagging waves

crashed over me

trying to pull me

back to the raging sea

i swam to the shore

now the sea is calm

tempting me to go back

feeling solid ground

i escape from the sea.


(Published in Crocodile Prize Anthology - 2016)

cold morning dew

from the misty daulo pass

kissed her strong feet
the raggiana’s sang their songs

of love when she was near

sun rises to brighten her day
orchids bowed their heads

spellbound by her beauty

her ancestors spirits smile
lost in a moment of tranquility

as she silently walks by.

she leaves a wake of calmness

that puts fierce warriors at ease

she wears the feathers

of the bird of paradise

as a crown.


daughter of nature

her spirit is so free.
i’ve never seen such beauty,

but she did not noticed me.

My Name is Boko

(Published on PNG Attitude)

My name is Boko

Son of the Earth

Great grandson of Nabwalega

Born under a village hut

Using herbs from the forest

In the ways of my ancestors

Rain drummed against the earth

And the wind whispered welcome

Nature embraced me warmly

Trapped between heaven and hell

Meandering through the jungle

I followed my ancestors’ spirits

Spells and chants were imparted

Waded through the twilight grove

And drank from the spirits well

I ate fruits of knowledge

Each fruit sweeter

Than the one before

I gathered the pearls

On Digalagala Island

Filled my mind with its wisdom

To save my people’s ailments

Recalling my ancestors words

I returned to my birth place

My people no respect

For our land and sea

I wept, the pain

Reverberating in my heart

While my soul floated

Above the ocean

The earth beneath

My feet trembled

Thunder roared

And lightning clashed

The spirits were not happy

I summoned the spirits

To relieve the maladies

And make the yams grow

I stopped the rain

And calmed the storm

I invoked healing

Supernatural powers

My name is Boko

Son of the Earth

Great grandson of Nabwalega

In the spirits voice I call

I am the envoy

To link two worlds.


Aigir: Traditional dish or cooking style

Ambai: Young lady or girl

Bagi: Traditional shell necklace

Buai: Betel nut

Bunebune: White dove

Bwabwale: Funeral feast

Bwebweso: Place of the dead in traditional folklore

Daiyo: Traditional dance

Dimdim: Expatriate or white man

Garamut: Traditional drum

Haus Tambaran: Parliament House

Hiri: Monsoon winds

Ísidou: Turtle meat pastry

Karim leg: Courting ceremony

Kumu: greens or leafy vegetables

Kumul: Bird of Paradise

Kundu: A traditional drum

Magani: Wallaby

Maski: Enough

Modawa: Rosewood tree

Mosbi: Port Moresby

Mumu: Traditional cooking style done in an earth oven

Oloto: Man or boy

Oya Tabu: Mt. Kilkerran on Fergusson Island

Pikinini: Child or children

Sagali: Traditional feast, celebration or party

Sailao: Sailing canoe

Sanguma: Evil spirit

Spak-Brus: Marijuana

Tarvurvur: Volcanic Mt. Tarvurvur in East New Britain

Welabana: Witch

About The Author

Jordan Dean was born on June 12, 1984 on Fergusson Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. He completed his primary and secondary education in Alotau, PNG. He has a degree in accounting and management.

Jordan has been writing as a hobby for over a decade. Several of his poems and short stories have been published in various international print and online platforms.

He currently works with the Papua New Guinea Science and Technology Secretariat in Port Moresby.

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