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A Taste Of My Thoughts

Another Turkeymas Day

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2017

Smashwords Edition 2017

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2017 Steve Lake

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Another Turkeymas Day

Copyright 11-16-2017

Steve Lake

Another year has passed

Since our words and sights have mixed with laughs

Like clockwork corporate greed reappears

And before thanksgiving I shed my tears

I try to set my sight and mind right

To prepare for turkey day and its delights

But encroaching into my ears

Xmas music already here

At each superstore not just one to blame

November 15th displays their shame

Forced to combine my holidays

I scream out Happy Turkeymas day!

So I make the best of their game

Even though their reasons are lame

Changing the words of their Xmas music to suit my day

Grandma got ran over by a turkey

My decorations are laid out in confusion

A mixture of both days combined

Santa's sleigh is pulled by some turkeys

With a manger slightly behind

It's all a little jerky

I laid my table out in fashion

Red velvet is the base spread

Topped with turkey plates

Served with universal bread

I sprinkle the table cloth with salt

Creating snow drifts between the silver I dropped

Cranberry sauce and gravy boats

Stuck in icy sheets not afloat in watery moat

All my guest are seated

Forks and knives in hand

I request their chant

To be heard across the land

One by one their voices grew

I turned the corner and they all knew

A 16 pound turkey all covered in lights

Within its cavity crammed full of Xmas delights

Upon the table the turkey took center piece

We gave thanks to God

We gave thanks to the turkey

Last but not least

We gave thanks to Santa Claus

So I began to carve the turkey

My knife sparked off the tensile within

Sparks turned into ambers

That is when the fires begins

My guest spilt their beverages

Laced with a 120 proof

The flames touched the ceiling

It all went up in a poof

A cry rang out from one drunken guest

Save the children first would be best

In the background Santa was on fire

Chanting Ho-Ho-Ho! His only desire

An hour has passed in just moments

I sit upon the curb gnawing on a turkey leg

The firemen are putting away their hoses

All my guest are leaving

My turkey day closes, Amen!

I dry my tears from my eyes

In clarity my house was reduced to a dollar ninety nine

But in the distance I hear a shout

Bringing a smile to my frowned mouth

Happy Turkeymas Day!

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